Rugrats Fan Fiction & Art

By popular demand, I am now inviting Rugrats fans anywhere to send their stories and pictures to me; the best ones will be presented here on this site. Sorry, there's no prizes or anything, just the satisfaction of having your stuff seen and read by a worldwide audience.

The Rules

For Fiction:

1. Send all stories in regular text format only.

2. No plagiarism; in other words, all stories must be original and not used before in the series, the movie, the magazine or the comic strip.

3. I have the right to check and correct spelling, grammar and puncuation before posting your story, as well as editing or changing anything that might seem inappropriate.

4. Due to the volume of such stories I'm receiving lately, I also have a right to either edit or refuse any story that shows a Rugrats character, or a character developed for the story, either dying, in grave danger, or having a past that changed their lives (such as a dead parent). Remember -- this is Rugrats, not an "ABC Afterschool Special".

For Art:

1. Send all art as an E-Mail attachment.

2. Any format is welcome, but I prefer .GIF or .JPG formats. If the art is in .BMP or .DIB, please either zip them first using PKZip or Winzip, or convert them to .GIF or .JPG, as the internet isn't too friendly with  .BMP & .DIB files.

For Both:

1. Keep all material "G"-rated; no gore, profanity or pornography.

2. If you want me to print your full name and the city where you live, please ask your mom & dad for permission first.

3. This is NOT Nickelodeon, YTV or Klasky-Csupo; anything you send to me will not reach them. If you have anything intended for Nick or YTV, click here. For Klasky-Csupo, click here.

4. You can use diferent characters from other series or movies; even invent your own. However, anything you submit must follow the rules.

5. I have the right to determine which stories or artwork will appear here, so don't be disappointed if you don't hear from me or if you don't see it here.

6. Remember, no prizes will be awarded; the best ones will see their stuff here.

7. Any material that does not follow these rules is subject to editing or rejection.

8. I will accept material featuring the original Rugrats, the tweenage version, and the Angelica / Susie preschool version.

9. Also, this is ongoing; no deadlines. But, as usual, "For best results, send before midnight!"

If you've read the rules completely and if you're ready to send in your stuff, send it in.

Special Challenge:

Glenn Byrnes issued a special challenge to Rugrats fans:

Here is a challenge for all you Rugrats fan-fic writers. Please feel free to write the adventures of the Rugrats during the movie as they desperatley travel the world in the Reptar wagon while trying to find their way home. The only rule I'm making about this is that if they go by sea, the raft should be big enough to carry both the wagon and Spike.

Thank you, and good writing.

Also, don't forget that the usual fan-fic rules apply.

Can You Fix "Loose Ends"?

"Loose Ends" are fan-fiction stories that are "to be continued", but never were, due to the fact that either the original authors abandoned them, or chose not to continue them. This is where you, the other fans, come in. In the list below, look for the asterisk ( * ) besides the title; this symbolises stories with "loose ends". Then, submit what you think the story's continuation should be.

Fan Fiction

# = indicates that artwork is also included in the story.

* = indicates a story with "loose ends" (see above).

"Tommy's Scar", by Kacie Boskey: Tommy has a nasty run-in with a broken glass.

* "Rugrats In Space Promo", by Isiah Miller: The Rugrats go into space in search for someone special.

"Tommy's New Sibling", by Laura Radatz: Another look at the events leading to Dil's birth.

"Dil's First Month at Home", by Laura Radatz: What happened during the days immediately after Dil's birth.

"Revenge", by Kacie Boskey: The gang goes camping in the woods, but the wolves plot revenge. To quote Ryan Mead, "A Rugrats / Lion King II : Simba's Pride crossover, with the evil lions from Simba's Pride taking on the form of the wolves in The Rugrats Movie."

"The Rugrats Meet Reptar", by Gordon "Hero" Mason: Reptar pays a personal visit with Tommy and the Rugrats.

* "The Babies That Floated Off Into Space", by Peter Heardgahna: The Rugrats get kidnapped by aliens, with their fate in YOUR hands.

"The Morph", by Kacie Boskey: The Rugrats gain powers to morph into various animals. Ryan Mead says, "Rugrats meets The Land Before Time meets Animorphs."

"Mind The Rugrats,  Mr. Bean", by yours truly, Steve Mindykowski: The adults call on Mr. Bean to babysit the Rugrats.

"A Rugrats Poem", by Peter Heardghana: The Rugrats wax poetically.

"Another Rugrats Poem", by Peter Heardghana: More poetic pleasures.

"The Search For Tommy: The missing scene from The Rugrats Movie", by Kacie Boskey

"Favorites & Rejects", by Laura Radatz: Tommy's afraid that he's the reject while Dil's the favorite.

# "Beast Wars", by Kacie Boskey: The Rugrats do battle with the gray wolf once more; only this time, it's a cyborg.

"Barnyard Bloogles", by Ryan Thomas: Not much Rugrats in it, but it's a farm story you'll enjoy.

"The Rugrats Adventure", by Peter Heardgahna: The Rugrats go on an adventure at the beach.

"Reptar Saves The Day", by Kacie Boskey: The Rugrats' adventure with Reptar.

"Playing House", by Laura Radatz: The Rugrats play house.

"Rugrats Meet CatDog", by Kacie Boskey: The Rugrat stumble into another dimension to meet CatDog.

"Pinchsitter II", by "Chuckie Finster": Daria Morgendorffer babysits the Rugrats.

"The Pickles Move Away", by Laura Radatz: What if the Pickles move from their neighborhood?

"Phil or Lil", by anonymous: Which twin is better -- Phil or Lil?

# "The Animal Spell", by Kacie Boskey: An evil spell turned the Rugrats into animals.

* "Sick Betty", by Laura Radatz: Why Betty is constantly getting sick.

"Three's A Crowd", by "Sarah": Didi has another baby.

"Angelica Learns A Lesson", by Laura Radatz: Charlotte has a baby.

"All Dogs, and Spike, Go To Heaven", by Kacie Boskey: Spike dies and joins the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" dogs, and later, ends up in San Francisco. But will he be back? By the way, he talks and sings, too.

"Dil's Emergency", by Laura Radatz: Dil is rushed to the hospital.

"Dil's Adventure", by Laura Radatz: Dil explores the basement.

* "A Fire At The Pickles' House", by Laura Radatz & Birch Griesse: Tommy's house is on fire.

"Dil's New Friend", by Laura Radatz: New neighbors move  into the Pickles' neighborhood.

"Tommy Is Sick", by Laura Radatz: Tommy is rushed to the hospital.

"Broken Leg", by Laura Radatz: Didi is rushed to the hospital.

"The Elevator", by Laura Radatz: The Rugrats are trapped on an elevator at a mall.

"The Great Pokemon Fight", by Kacie Boskey: Can they catch them all?

# "Here Come The Clones", by Kacie Boskey: The Rugrats do battle in the "Beast Wars".

"The Rugrats' Crazy Fairy Tale", by Carolina Hernandez T.: Various popular fairy tales get the Rugrats treatment.

* "All Dogs, and Spike, Go Beyond Heaven -- The Cybertron Mission", by Kacie Boskey: The "All Dogs" gang & Spike go to a planet inhabited by robots.

 "A Mommy For Christmas", by Laura Radatz: Chuckie wishes for a new mom for Christmas.

"Kitten Companions", by Laura Radatz: Chowder, Susie's cat, has kittens.

"A Very Thornberry Adventure", by Laura Radatz: Eliza  talks to the Rugrats.

"Tommy & Dil's New Grandmother", by Laura Radatz, An old woman becomes Grandpa's wife, and a part of Tommy & Dil's life.

"Hey Hey! We're The Rugrats!", by Birch Griesse and Julian Thomas: the Rugrats start a rock band.

 * # "Rugrats -- As Told By Ginger", by Jessie G., Kamaria Broussard & Nicky Kozma: Ginger babysits the Rugrats.

"Tommy's Change", by Matt Hawthorne & Birch Griese: Tommy becomes a girl after eating a strange worm.

"Keep An Eye On The Rugrats, Amelia Bedelia", By Dwayne Anderson: The Pickles hire Amelia Bedelia to watch the Rugrats.

"Drive Safely, Amelia Bedelia", By Dwayne Anderson: Amelia Bedelia "drives" the Pickles crazy.

"Enjoy The Great Outdoors, Amelia Bedelia", By Dwayne Anderson: The Rugrats gang roughs it at Boris & Minka's cabin.

"Father's Day", by Dwayne Anderson: The Rugrats celebrate Father's day, but what about the fatherless Kimi?

"The Man From Melmac", by Dwayne Anderson: A certain intergalactic TV star pays a visit to see the Rugrats.

"Guess Who, That's Who", by Dwayne Anderson: The tweenage Rugrats see The Guess Who in concert.

"I'm Reptar, From Canmore", by Dwayne Anderson: Thanksgiving with the Rugrats becomes a farce -- "Air Farce", that is.

"The Family Way", by Dwayne Anderson: Kira's parents pay a visit.

"It Takes A Thief", by Dwayne Anderson: A kid with a shady past comes into Kimi's life.

"The Heist", by Dwayne Anderson: Kimi's friend's old friends rob a museum.

"All's Fair In Love and War", by Dwayne Anderson: Someone falls in love with the tweenage Phil.

"Whiz Quiz", by Dwayne Anderson: The tweenage Rugrats appear on a game show.

"The Crystal Ball", by Dwayne Anderson & Birch Griesse: The tweenage Rugrats see the future.

"Anger Management", by Kamaria Broussard: Stu gets angry with Lulu over the things she does.

"A Tommy Poem", by Birch Griesse.

"The Money Episode", by Dwayne Anderson: Never get your financial advice from the "Air Farce".

"Camp Out", by Birch Griesse & Dwayne Anderson: The tweenage Rugrats go camping in the Rockies.

* "The Popular Party", by Birch Griesse: Chuckie & Kimi are invited to a party.

"Chuckie's Flashback", by Laura Radatz: Chuckie remebers a time with his old mother, Melinda.

"The Tweenage Rugrats -- As Told By Ginger", by Allie: Our tweenagers attend Ginger's school.

*  "Christmas In Japan", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats spend Christmas with Kira's folks in Japan.

 "All Growed Up For Christmas", by Dwayne Anderson: The tweenage Rugrats get ready for a Christmas pagent.

"The Fight", by Dwayne Anderson: The tweenage Chuckie gets involved in a fight.

* #  "Rugrats SquarePants", by Nicky Kozma: The Rugrats visit SpongeBob SquarePants.

"The Contest", by Birch Griesse: The tweenagers participate in a songwriting contest.

"The Rugrats' Millenium", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats are warped ahead 1000 years into the future.

"Kimi's Weakest Link", by Dwayne Anderson: Kimi's grandparents pay a visit -- and they want to control her life.

* "Recess For Rugrats", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: The Rugrats find themselves at Third Street School.

* "Hey, Rugrats!", by Dwayne Anderson: The Rugrats visit (Hey) Arnold and the gang.

"Party Poopers", by Birch Griesse: Kimi's grandparents invade her life again, just in time for her birthday.

"Etiquette School", by Dwayne Anderson, Birch Griesse & Jamey Greek: Kimi's grandparents enroll her in etiquette school.

*  "...And Big Sister Makes Three", by Laura Radatz & "DillyKimi": Chuckie visits his unknown grandparents -- and his unknown big sister.

"A Really Green Christmas", by David Davis: The tweenage Rugrats go to Ireland for Christmas.

* "How To Be A Princess", by Birch Griesse: Angelica learns that being a princess is hard work.

* "Prime Time Rugrats", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats -- live and in concert.

* "Foreign Exchange", by Birch Griesse: Kimi goes to Paris on a Foreign Exchange mission.

"Return To Paris", by Sara Vivanco: The tweenagers return to Paris, only to find out that Coco is out to get them.

"Subsitute Principal", by Dwayne Anderson, Birch Griesse & Steve Mindykowski: Another principal subs for the regular one.

"Memories Of A Way We Were", by Birch Griesse: Kira looks through her mementoes.

"Macho Man", by Dwayne Anderson: A TV talk show helps Howard shed his wimpy image.

"Don't You Forget About Me", by Dwayne Anderson: Kimi's grandparents have important news about her natural father.

* "Meet The Grandparents", by Dwayne Anderson, Jamey Greek & Birch Griesse: The DeVilles go to Dallas to introduce Phil & Lil to their grandparents.

"New Encounters", by Sara Vivanco: The Rugrats are kidnapped following a family reunion.

* "More New Encounters", by Dwayne Anderson: Ten years later, at another family reunion, Kira's in-laws inferfere with things.

"Mother's Day -- The Untold Story", by Dwayne Anderson: Chuckie remembers Melinda.

* "Back To The Old Country", by Birch Griesse & Nicky Kozma: The tweenagers go roughing it at Boris and Minka's wilderness cabins.

"Angelica's Important Message", by Dwayne Anderson: Angelica becomes a commercial spokesperson.

* "Earthquake", by Dwayne Anderson, Birch Griesse, Jamey Greek & Steve Mindykowski: The Rugrats endure an earthquake.

* "Hurricane", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats endure a hurricane on a cruise to Hawaii.

* "Camp Coyote", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats go to summer camp.

* "Fair Exchange", by Dwayne Anderson: Pepper Ann visits the Rugrats' school.

* "The Social Club", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats are the servants at Timmy's pool party.

* "The Future Takes Five", by Dwayne Anderson & Birch Griesse: The Rugrats take a "closer" look at the future.

"Save The Park", by Dwayne Anderson: The Tweenage Rugrats save their local park from a greedy mall developer.

"Status Quo", by Dwayne Anderson: Kimi finds a diamond necklace at the beach, which gets her into an exclusive club.

"Aqua World", by Birch Griesse: The Rugrats go to a water park.

"Kimi's Curfew", by Arasin Hughes: Kimi goes to the mall.

"Dancing Kimi", by Dwayne Anderson and Birch Griesse: Kimi's parents enroll her in ballet lessons.

* "Close To My Heart", by "DillyKimi", Dwayne Anderson & Birch Griesse: Chuckie's allergies causes an asthma attack.

"Storm Warning", by Dwayne Anderson: A tornado strikes Aunt T's farm.

* "Boarding School", by Birch Griesse, Jamey Greek & Dwayne Anderson: Kimi's grandparents send both Kimi & Chuckie to separate boarding schools far, far away.

* "The Whiz Quiz Losers' Tournament", by Jamey Greek, Steve Mindykowski & Dwayne Anderson: The Rugrats go back on the "Whiz Quiz" show.

* "Angelica's Summer Job", by Birch Griesse: Angelica writes in her diary about her job experience.

* "Substitute Dude", by Dwayne Anderson: A familiar face from the past is now a substitute teacher.

"Deep, Deep Trouble", by Dwayne Anderson, Steve Mindykowski, Birch Griesse, Brianna Blank and Jamey Greek: Kimi goes to jail.

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire -- Anyway?", by Sara Vivanco: The Rugrats look for a mansion.

"Dil The Black Sheep", by Arasin Hughes: Stu accuses Dil of breaking one of his inventions.

* "Just Slightly Ahead Of Their Time", by Dwayne Anderson: With Stu's new time machine, the tweenage Rugrats go 1000 years into the future -- and another TV series.

* "The Wedding", by Jamey Greek & Birch Griesse: Chuckie's cousin gets married.

"I'm Still Reptar, From Canmore", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: The Rugrats return to Canada.

* "Harry Potter, Foreign Exchange Student", by Dwayne Anderson & Nicky Kozma: As an exchange student, Harry becomes a student at the Rugrats' school.

* "Boat Ride", by Jamey Greek & Birch Griesse: The Rugrats go on a boat ride at a lake.

* "My Mother, The Jailbird", by Brianna Blank: Kira goes to jail after Kimi and her friends excessively littered.

"The Prom", by Arasin Hughes & Dwayne Anderson: The tweenage Rugrats go to the Junior Prom.

# "Meet The Simpsons", by Roderick Sloan & Steve Mindykowski: The Rugrats go to Springfield.

* "Grandparent's Day", by Jamey Greek: The Rugrats' grandparents come for Grandparent's Day.

* "Clued In", by Dwayne Anderson: The Rugrats play a real-life game of "Clue".

* "Miss Popularity", by Birch Griesse: Kimi becomes one of the "popular" girls.

# "I Am Not The Big Bad Wolf", by Kacie Boskey: The "real" story behind the grey wolf's fight with Spike (from The Rugrats Movie).

* "Kimi's Dream", by Dwayne Anderson & Birch Griesse: Kimi's grandparents find a way to bring back Kimi's natural father -- with Stu's help.

"The Return Of The Junk Food Kid", by Brianna Blank, Birch Griesse & Dwayne Anderson: An old friend returns to Tommy & Chuckie's lives.

"Rugrats of the Roundtable", by Dwayne Anderson: Dil dreams that he and his tweenage Rugrat friends are knights.

"Coco's Wedding, Again", by Dwayne Anderson: Coco invitres the gang over for another wedding they won't forget.

"Angelica's Wish", by Lola Youngdahl & "DillyKimi": Angelica wishes for a new sister.

"And Now... These Messages", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: The Rugrats appear in a series of candy commercials.

"The Return Of The Living Fear", by Dwayne Anderson, Steve Mindykowski, Birch Griesse and "Agent DC": The insane juvenile hall warden returns to haunt Kimi and her family.

* "The Return Of The Living Fear -- Dark Four Version", by Dwayne Anderson, Steve Mindykowski, Birch Griesse and "Agent DC": By special request, the above story takes a different direction.

# "Meet Nicky", by Jerry Schuller: The Rugrats meet a handicapped baby at a day care center. An actual, though rejected, script.

"Emica's Girls", by Allie T.: Angelica and her friends won a special prize at a talent show -- an appearance in a commercial with Emica.

* "Metal-Mouth Angelica", by Arasin Hughes & Steve Mindykowski: Angelica gets braces.

"Daredevil Kimi", by "DillyKimi": At the insistance of a new friend, Kimi tries some dangerous stunts.

* "School Play", by Brianna Blank, Steve Mindykowski & Birch Griesse: The Rugrats vie for roles in a school play.

* "The Even More Mysterious Mrs. Friend", by Birch Griesse: Stu invents a "Mr. Friend" for girls, and introduces her alongside a new-improved "Mr. Friend".

"Son Of The Living Fear", by Dwayne Anderson, Steve Mindykowski & Jamey Greek: Kimi goes to reform school.

* "The Proper Life For The Perfect Twins", by Birch Griesse: Betty and Winnie exchange their twins.

* "Still All Growed Up For Christmas", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: Howard's sister comes over for the holidays.

"The Amazing Spider-Boy", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: A spider bite turns Chuckie into a super hero.

"Descendent Of The Living Fear", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: A ghost comes to haunt the Rugrats.

"Back To School Nightmare", by Dwayne Anderson: A criminal helps solve a crime of another criminal.

"All Star Secrets", by Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski: The Rugrats appear on a talk show.

* "Let's Box", by Dwayne Anderson: A former boxer shows Kimi how to box.

Fan Art:

By Kacie Boskey:

Spike's Mom, Jasmine

Spike's Father, Max


Spike the Hero

The Grey Wolf

The Grey Wolf II


Spike II

Siri, The Clouded Leopard

By Laura Radatz:

Tommy & Dil

Baby Angelica

By Chris Painter:

 Chuckie is an Oklahoma State fan I

 Chuckie is an Oklahoma State fan II -- the license plate

By Matt Hawthorne:

Celebrating its 4th anniversary on the web

Tommy Retelling His Adventures

The Rugrats Go To Niagara Falls

By "Kiddy Cute":


By Jessie G.:

Tweenage Kimi

Thanks for 5 Years

By Alisa:

Kimi Laughing

Baby Kimi

Tweenage Kimi

By Dean Hall:

And The Winner Is...

By Terry Wilson:

The Chuckie-mobile
(a 2002 Ford Focus, adorned with Rugrats logos and Chuckie's face)

By Birch Griesse:




Wayne Fults' Reptar Wagon

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