The Rugrats' Crazy Fairy Tale

By Carolina Hernandez T.

One day, the babies were playing outiside with the ball. Suddenly they heard a 
loud voice:
-HIII! DUMB BABIES!!!- It was Angelica's voice- GUESS WHAT?
-What?-said the others
-I went to the library  yesterday and it's the greatest place on the world, there's a 
lady who tells fairy tales all the day!.
-So what?- said Phil.
-That's what we are going to play about today!, we're going to create a fairy tale
-Cool!-said Lil-Are there any princesses?
-And knights?-said Tommy
-And....dragons?-asked Chuckie 
-Yes!, and they eat little babies like you!
-In that case, don't count with me, Dragons are scary!!
-Oh, come on Chuckie, we can pretend there are no dragons if you want-said 
-Ummm, OK, I'll play too!.
-Cool!-said the others
-Less talking and more action, let's go-said Angelica- I'll start the tale, and then you 
-OK-said the other babies.
Angelica began:

"Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Angelica..."

-I knew that!-said Lil
-Why are you interrupting me dumb baby!!-said an angry Angelica
-You are always a beautiful princess, why can't I be one?
-Because you are disgusting, besides I'm the pretiest girl here.
-Well, Lil is nicer-said Tommy
-Yes, and she is never mad at us, just like a princess-said Chuckie
-What do you know!! YOU ARE BABIES!! You make me so mad, that I wish I coul 
turn you into dust!!.
-Did you listen to that! She talked like a witch!-said Phil
-YEah!, maybe you should be the witch!!-said Lil
-One more word and you'll pray you haven't open your big mouth!!-said Angelica.
-I think I should be the princess this time!
-No you won't!-said Angelica
-I have an idea, why don't we vote for that?- said Tommy
-I agree. said Lil
-We either- said the others
-What do you say Angelica?-said Tommy
-ummmm....well, OK.-said Angelica
-So, I vote for Lil
-Me too!
-and me!
-So it's 3 against 0 Angelica, Lil wins!-said Chuckie
-GRRRR, OK, I'm on a good mood today, but I'll be a beautiful witch.
-Great! I'll be a princess this time!
-Now that we are ready, why don't you continue Angelica?-said Tommy.
-OK, so....

"Once upon a time there was a princess named Lil, who lived on a castle with 
her stupid frog brother named Phil and...!"

-Cool-said Phil
-Shut up!, well..
"On the castle lived also a beautiful queen named Angelica, who had magic 
powers, she used them for the good of the town. One day Lil was playing 
outside and broke Queen Angelica's beautiful doll Cynthia because Lil was 
dumb. Angelica was so mad (with reason of course) that she decided to put a 
spell on her: on her second birthday she would be hit by a star ball on the 
head, making her to fall asleep forever! JE JE JE".

-That's not fair Angelica- said Lil
-Yeah it's scary-said Chuckie.
-What do you know? This is a great story!!
-I think that your turn is over Angelica , I'll continue the story-said Lil-so...

"Angelica put that horrible spell on Lil, but there was a way to save the 
princess: A small baby should find a magic blankie, find the princess (after 
defeating a dragon), put the blankie over her and the spell would be 

-That's too difficult and scary!-said Chuckie
-Do you prefer a kiss?-said Lil
-Hmmm, I think the blankie is better.

-"But Lil's frog brother Phil didn't wan't her to fall asleep forever, so he sent 
her (when Angelica was sleeping so she wouldn't know) to a forest with a 
group of babies named the "Warfs". The leader was "Baldy", other was 
"Scaredy", other was "Wormy" and the last one was "Tiny"...they looked 
after Lil for a whole year"

-That's a lot of time- said Tommy-
-I think you are right, "Baldy"- said Angelica, who inmediately noticed who were 
each of the boys on the story.

-"But Angelica soon discovered what happened and searched for Lil 
everywere, under her bed, on the closet and even on her toy box. then she 
made Phil confess what happened by making him laugh with tickles"

-Oh no!, Lil's gonna be in trouble!!-said Chuckie.

-"When Angelica found Lil, she waited for the perfect moment: One day the 
"Warfs" went to the park and Lil stayed at home, playing with her doll
when Angelica (disguised as one of the warfs, "Scaredy") appeared and said 
-Um, hi Lil!
- Hi Scaredy, I thought you would be in the park with the others
-Yes, I was but Baldy forgot his star ball here and I came here for it, while 
Baldy and Wormy search for worms for today's lunch.
-That sounds great, I'll make a mud pie too!
-(Yuck!) Well, I guess I'll go inside to find that ball"

-MMMMM, this story is making me feel hungry!-said Phil.
-We'll eat later Philip!!-said Lil-so where was I?...

"Angelica went for the ball and Lil stayed outside playing with her doll. A few 
minutes later Angelica came out and asked Lil to play with her (this was her 
-Ummm, I have an idea Lil, why don't we play a little with the ball, before I 
return with the others?
-I don't know Scaredy, I don't think that's such a good idea
-Hey Lil, I'm suposed to say that!, come on it'll be nice, and that way we are 
givng the others more time to find worms.
-But that's not your ball, it's Baldy's.
-He won't mind, come on...
-I don't know...
-PLAY WITH ME DUMB BABY!!...I mean, please.
-Ummm, OK.
So Angelica (as Scaredy) and Lil began to play, but then Angelica took the 
ball and when Lil was not watching, she threw the ball to Lil's head. When 
she got hit, she fall asleep..."

-Oh No!, Lil is in big trouble!! I don't like this story anymore!!-said Chuckie.
-Don't worry Chuckie, remember that Lil can be saved by a baby- said Tommy.
-You are right!, but that kid must pass through lots of scary situations...Wait a 
minute! I could help him by making the story not so dangerous for him!, so it's my 
-But don't spoil it Finster!- said Angelica.
-Ok, here I go....

"So, Lil was asleep when the "Warfs" returned:
-Oh no! The spell is now working!-said the REAL Scaredy.
-So, there won't be no mud pie today?-said Wormy.
-We have to do something! Let's save her!-said Baldy.
-We can´t do that-said Scaredy- we are only "Warfs".
-Da Da Gu Gu- said Tiny.
-Well, the truth is that I'm not a "Warf" I'm a real people, but I'm so small and 
my head is so big that people laughed at me the whole time, so I came here 
to live with you.-said Baldy.
- So, what are you waiting for?, save my sis... I mean Lil Baldy!.-said Wormy
-Well, Baldy's not my real name either, it's Tommy.
-Umm guys, I have something to confess too- said Scaredy- I'm not a warf 

-What are you making Finster!! You are making this story a confession session, I 
knew you would spoil this story!!-said Angelica.
-Come on Angelica, let him finish-said Lil.
-OK, continue Finster, let's see how nuch can you spoil MY story.
-So, where was I....That's it, Scaredy was also telling that he wasn't a warf either...

"-So what are you?-said Tommy- A real people like me?
-No, I'm a wizard, and my real name is Chuckie the Godfather."

-Oh brother, this is stupid!-said Angelica

"-ANd why are you here?-said Wormy
-People made fun at me because of my red hair, so I came here.
-So two of us are not real warfs- said Wormy, then he looked at Tiny and 
said- and what are you?, a teddy bear?.
-Da Da-said Tiny
-So, don't be scared Tommy, I'll help you find the blankie, I'll be your 
"Godfather"-said Chuckie the Godfather.
-Thank you Chuckie the...., can I just call you Chuckie?, it's shorter-said 
-As you wish- said Chuckie."

-I think it would be better to call him "Finster the stupid"- said Angelica

"So Tommy, the small boy with a big head, and Chuckie, the wizard, began 
their journey to find that blankie. Wormy and Tiny stayed to look after Lil.
Tommy and Chuckie followed a special road, the one made of blue bricks. 
They followed the blue road for a long time until they found a candy house. 
They were so hungry that they ate the whole garden, then they continue their 
journey, found the blankie, put it on Lil, she wake up and eveybody lived 
happily ever after, the END".

-If you think I'll accept that stupid ending forget it FInster!-said Angelica- I think is 
time for that dumb baby and the stupid wizard to have some trouble, so I'll 
-But Angelica....-said the others
-SHUT UP!-said Angelica-so....

"Tommy and Chuckie found a candy house- wait a minute, a Cookie House 
would be better!- they were so hungry that they ate the whole cookie garden- 
and then they fell asleep. What they didn't know is that the beautiful Queen 
Angelica was inside, and she wasn't going to let Tommy  find the blankie. So, 
she took him to her castle and made him work for her all the day, picking up 
her toys, eating her vegetables and other disgusting jobs. She even changed 
Tommy's name to "Cindertommy", he couldn't escape because the castle 
was locked.
One day, Angelica went to a party on a castle, far away from her home. She 
had lots of fun there and was the pretiest girl there. Her dress was beautiful 
(but not as beautiful as her) and everybody admired her. Then she went 
home and lived happily ever after. And Lil never woke up. And Tommy spent 
his whole life as my servant. The End."

-That's not a good ending either- said Tommy- the bad queen never wins.
-Well on this story does - said Angelica.
-I don't like it- said Tommy
-we neither- said the twins at the same time.
- Neither do I- said Chuckie- I'll change it, because you do that first to me.
- Don't you dare spoil it again Finster!!- said Angelica- make a good story this 
-OK, here I go....

"So, One day Angelica went to that party, and was the pretiest girl there, and 
everybody admired her. Meanwhile, Tommy was on the Queen's castle, on 
her room, cleaning a mess Angelica made with Clay-Doh. Suddenly, Chuckie 
the God father appeared!.
-There you are Tommy!- said Chuckie- I've been looking for you 
-Angelica kidnapped me while we were sleeping, and locked me here. Now I 
have to be her servant forever.
-Don't worry, I've come here to save you.
-Great! Now, lets get out of here and continue our search.
-Well, we have a little problem, Tommy.
-Which problem?
-Queen Angelica stole my map, without it we can't find the magic blankie.
-OK, let's look for it.
-The problem is that Angelica has it with her, we have to make her drop it and 
I've got a plan.
-Really, what is this plan?.
-Well, you are going to that party, and then you have to impress Queen 
Angelica and make her dance with you. Then at midnight she'll remember it's 
bedtime and she'll run home, droping the map on the stairway.
-That's a good plan Chuckie, but there are 3 problems.
-Which are?
-First of all she'll never dance with me, if she sees me she'll turn me into 
dust. Second, she'll never dance with a "dumb baby". And last but not least, I 
can't dance Chuckie, I can barely walk!!.
-But I'm a wizard and I'll help you, now close your eyes.
So Chuckie put a spell on Tommy, when he opened his eyes and looked at a 
mirrow he was surprised: It was him indeed, but he looked older (like 
Angelica) so she wouldn´t recognize him. When Chuckie asked him to dance, 
he did it easily.
-Chuckie this is great! Let's go!.
-But remember this Tommy, Angelica MUST leave the castle at midnight, 
because 20 seconds later you'll be a baby again.
-No problem! I'll remember that.
So Chuckie (the great wizard) took a potato and transform it on a racing car 
(it was late for the party, horses would be too slow) and sent Tommy to the 
When he arrived Angelica was sitting on a chair, looking quite mad. She was 
angry because all the party's guests were babies and nobody would dance 
with her..."

-So why was the beautiful Queen still at that stupid baby party?!-said Angelica- I'm 
sure She'd have better things to do!!.
-Let me continue- said Chuckie-....

"So, as I was saying, Angelica was sitting there, when Tommy arrived. When 
she saw him, she felt very happy: finally a big boy to dance with!."

-NOW THAT'S STUPID, FINSTER!!- said Angelica- I wouldn't dance with Tommy 
even if he was 10 years old, although I like bigger boys.
-But Angelica- said Chuckie- The Queen didn't recognize him.
-Who couldn't recognize Tommy, Finster?!- said Angelica- look at his big, bald 
head with that big mouth!!.
-Hey Angelica stop that!- said Tommy- my head is not that big.
-Please, Please!- said Chuckie- let me continue!...

" Chuckie was so smart on his spell that Angelica couldn´t recognize 
Tommy, his head was smaller and he even had hair... but that's not the point 
Tommy asked her to dance and she accepted. They danced for 20 minutes 
(even with the racing car he arrived late). Suddenly it was midnight and 
Tommy said:
-mmmm Queen Angelica, I think it's time to go home...
-No it's not, I'm having a great time with you Tony (Tommy changed his 
-But, it's bedtime, your mom and dad will be angry with you!.
- Oh, don't worry, they let me go to bed when I want to.
Chuckie didn't spect that, so 20 seconds later, Tony became Tommy again. 
When Angelica saw him she got really mad!!.
-So it's YOU!!, I've been dancing with a baby all this time!! Now you are going 
to pay!! I'll turn you into dust!!.
Tommy didn't say anything, he just began to run, with Angelica pursuing 
him. She was getting very close. At the stairway she droped the map (she 
didn't notice that) and Chuckie recovered it.
Angelica pursued Tommy for hours, they ran through cities, towns, near the 
mountains and near the sea until they reached the end of the world!."

-ANd how is the end of the World, Chuckie?- asked Tommy.
- Well, there's nothing there besides a huge canyon that never ends. If you fall from 
there you'll be falling forever!.
-Now that story is improving!- said Angelica- continue.

"Well, Tommy didn't see the canyon and soon he fell!:
-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!- he yelled as he was falling
-Good bye, dummy!- said Queen Angelica- JE JE JE........"

-HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!- said Chuckie- What am I doing?, now I've done this story 
really scary. I have to do something!, I'll change that part!!.
-No you won't!!- said Angelica- not now that the story is getting better. Now Tommy 
will become as flat as a hot-cake when he reaches the bottom (if there's a bottom) 
and the Queen will be happy forever!!.
-NOO!, Please let me do something!- said Chuckie- Oh, forgive me Tommy! I'm 
sorry I made you fall!!!.
-Come on Chuckie, it's just a story- said Tommy- Don't worry, I'm OK.
-And your turn is over- said Angelica- who's next?
-I'm next- said Phil, as he began his part of the story:

"Well, as Chuckie said, Tommy fell from the canyon. As he was falling he 
thought that it was all over for him. But suddenly, a shadow appeared, 
grabbed Tommy's feet and rescued him.
-Hey, who are you?- said Tommy- where are you taking me...ZZZZZ.
He couldn't finish what he was saying because something put him to sleep 
(he was also very tired after escaping from Angelica).
When he woke up, he found himself on a cool house, it was made of mud. 
there were worms, frogs, snakes and all that kind of cool animals everywere. 
He got up and went to the door, suddenly he "heared" a voice:
-I'm glad you are finally awake!
Tommy turned and saw a baby, he was sitting on a chair next to the crib 
where Tommy was sleeping before. He wore green clothes (green was his 
favorite color) and had a bowl full of worms for lunch.
- Who are you?- said Tommy- are you the one who saved me from the 
- My name's Philip Pan!- said the boy- and yes, I'm the one who saved you."

-Oh, brother! Now this!-said Angelica- I'll have to write this: Never let a baby tell a 
-Let my brother continue Angelica- said Lil- continue Philip

"- thank you!- said Tommy- I owe you one. But where are we?
-Why do you want to know that?- said Philip Pan
- Because I need to get out of here soon to continue my search.
- Well dude, you are far away from your world. This is No-Land, a place where 
the babies never grow to become big mean kids and where you can find lots 
of worms to eat.
- But...but, I need to return to my world, it's important!.
- Too bad, I thought you'd be happy to stay here forever with us- said Philip 
Pan- What are you looking for?
- A magic blankie, I need it to break a spell that Queen Angelica put over 
Princess Lil.
- Don't worry pal, you've found the perfect baby to help you!, I know where is 
that magic blankie.
- Really?, please take me to it!.
- I'll take you, but first you need to do me a favor.
- Whataever you want!.
- OK, You know Queen Angelica, don't you?
- Do you know her too?
- Yes, before she was a Queen, she was the captain of a ship that arrived 
here 100 years ago. The crew of that ship were evil kids who liked to squash 
the worms before we, the babies, could eat them. We fought against them 
and kicked Captain Angelica out of No-Land. But the other kids are still here 
making trouble. The only way to get rid of them is with Captain Angelica's 
magic whistle. You have to help me get that whistle.
- Forget it!- said Tommy- I won't dance with Angelica again!.
- What are you talking about?- asked Philip Pan.
-Ummm, nothing- said Tommy- what do you want me to do?
- You are good with the screwdriver, aren't you?
-Yes, I think so. I use it to escape from the playpens.
- Ok, here's what we are going to do:
My friends and I are going to pay a visit to Captain Angelica. When she sees 
me, she'll pursue me.
-But why would she pursue you, Philip Pan?
- Well, during the fight I told you about before, I cut one of Angelica's 
Pigtails, haven't you noticed that she's always covering her hair with a 
- Yes, but that's because she's a queen!.
- No, you are wrong!. She does that to hide what I did to her. Because of that 
we also call her Captain One-Pigtail...."

-You are going to pay for that Phil!!- said Angelica- How do you dare  mess with my 
beautiful hair!!.
-Come on Angelica, hair is not that important- said Tommy
-What do you know, Tommy?, you don't have any hair!!.
- I think we should let Phil finish his story- said Chuckie
- Ok- said Phil...

"So, as I was saying Tommy - said Philip Pan- Angelica will pursue me, I'll 
take her to a far place for a fight. Meanwhile, you'll go to the castle, find the 
chest where Captain One-Pigtail hides the whistle and open it with your 
screwdriver. Then you return with us and blow the whistle. And it'll be over. 
Are you in?.
- Sure, count with me.
- Well I can't count, but that's OK, so let's go!!... wait we are forgeting 
- What is it?
- Captain Angelica's castle is filled with big mean kids!
- That's true, how could I forget that?
- Don't worry, first we are going to see Tinker-Dil.
- Who?
- He's my little friend. I could have asked him to open the chest at Angelica's 
castle but right now he's sick. Come on!.
So Philip Pan and Tommy went to see Tinker-Dil. He was a tiny baby who had 
magical powers. When they arrived, Tinker-Dil was on his tiny crib, sneezing. 
Everytime he sneezed, snot came from his nose. But this was a magical snot.
- Hello Tinker-Dil -said Philip Pan- how's your cold?.
- Tommy, this is Tinker-Dil.
- Hello!
- Da Da Da
- Hey, Philip Pan- said Tommy- how's Tinker-Dil going to help us?
- With his snot of course!- said Philip Pan- I'll put some of it on you head and 
you'll become "invisidible"."

-That's disgusting!!- said Angelica- I've heard that story Phil, and it wasn't snot 
what Tinker-Dil had, it was fairy powder!!.
- I prefer snot- said Phil.
- Yeah, it's cooler- said Lil.
- Continue Phil- said Tommy, as he was yawning- or we won't be able to finish the 
fairy tale before our nap time.

"So, Philip Pan took some of Tinker-Dil's snot and put it over Tommy's head. 
But it didn't work.
-Am I "invidisible" now?- asked Tommy
- Ummm, no- said Philip Pan- I wonder what happened?.
- Da Da, Mine! Mine!- said Tinker-Dil, pointing at a teddy bear.
- That's right Tinker-Dil!- said Philip Pan- Tommy, you have to think about the 
one thing you'd wish to have right now with you.
- MMMM- said Tommy- I think it's the magic blankie, if I had it I'd go with 
Princess Lil and wake her up. Then I could return home and take a bottle, I'm 
As Tommy talked, he began to disapear, and soon Philip Pan couldn't see 
- It worked!- said Philip Pan- let's go.
So Philip-Pan and Tommy left Tinker-Dil's house and went to Captain One-
Pigtail's castle.
-Now you wait here Tommy- said Philip Pan- when you see us leaving the 
castle go and do your part.
Philip Pan went to Angelica's castle. She was on the garden playing with her 
new doll house. Suddenly she heard Philip Pan's voice:
-Hey One-Pigtail up here!!.
- It's you Philip Pan!!, now you are going to pay for what you did to me!, I'll 
turn you into dust!!.
One-Pigtail pursued Philip Pan and soon both left the Castle. Tommy went to 
the castle and searched for the whistle.
Meanwhile Philip Pan took Angelica to an island in the middle of the ocean. 
They fought for hours, feathers were flying everywhere...."

-FEATHERS?- said the others
- Yes, it was a pillows battle!- said Phil- so...

"Other babies (called the "Lost Babies") helped Philip Pan, they threw mud 
pies, pillows, dolls, everything. But there were also the big mean kids (called 
"The Squashers") who were stronger than the babies. 
-HA HA HA!- laughed One-Pigtail- your game is over Philip Pan!, my 
squashers are stronger than your dumb babies!!.
Philip Pan really thought it was his end, but suddenly he "heared" a noise:
-"Kids it's time to go home!! it's bedtime!"- said many voices.
The big kids were frightened as they recognized their mommy's and daddy's 
voices, and they rushed home. They left the island and never came back.
-What's going on?- said One-Pigtail- come back you chickens!!.
-I think the game is over for you One-Pigtail!- said Philip Pan.
-Bu-bu-but, what happened, where did all those mommies and daddies came 
- The magic whistle called them!- said Philip Pan.
- You mean, the one I took from you on that battle?- said One-Pigtail 
surprised- but how, who did it?
- I did it Queen Angelica!- said a voice.
Queen Angelica turned around but she didn't see anything.
- Who said that?- she said very angry- let me see you on this rig....
As she was talking, gradually appeared a baby. She got really mad when she 
realized who was this baby.
- I can't believe it!- said Angelica- you dumb baby!! you are supposed to be 
falling in the end of the world!!.
- Philip Pan saved me- said Tommy.
- Now this time I'll make you dust!!- said Angelica really angry.
But Philip Pan took Angelica and locked her on a room filled with worms.
- You'll stay here until we find the magic blankie One-Pigtail- said Philip Pan.
- Yuck! Worms! Let me get out of here! You are gonna pay for this!!
- Come on Tommy, let's go to the place where the magic blankie is.
Philip Pan took Tommy to a cave in the middle of the jungle, when they 
arrived Philip Pan said:
-OK Tommy I'll leave you here, the magic blankie is inside this cave. but 
before you enter I must warn you.
- Inside this cave there are a lot of treasures, gold, jewels, all that stuff. You 
can't touch any of these treasures or you'll be punished.
- OK Philip Pan, I won't touch anything besides the blankie.
- Well, thank you Tommy. Good Bye!!.
- Good Bye!!.
So Tommy went to the cave, found the blankie, woke Lil up and they lived 
happily ever after The End.And Angelica stayed at the worm room forever"

-That's also a stupid ending Philip De Ville!!- said Angelica- You can't leave the 
beautiful Queen on a room filled with worms, it's time for a change on this story!!!.
-But Angelica- said the others
-SHUT UP!!!!...well where were we:

" When that dumb baby Philip Pan left Tommy, he entered the cave. 
Meanwhile the beautiful Queen Angelica managed to escape from the room 
with her magic powers. She turned Philip Pan into a worm.."

-Cool!- said Phil

"...and went to the cave where Tommy was. When she arrived she had 
already thought on a revenge against that dumb bald baby. 
Meanwhile Tommy was inside the cave, looking for the blankie. He went 
through rooms filled with gold, diamonds, all the stuff a Queen like Angelica 
deserves. But he was a dumb baby and didn't pay atention to that stuff. Soon 
he found the blankie (it was soft and blue and had a duck pattern) and 
returned to the entrance of the cave.
But, just before he reached the exit, he saw a BOTTLE!. Angelica the smart 
Queen made it appear, she knew that a dumb, hungry baby like Tommy 
wouldn't resist to the temptation of a bottle full of milk.
And she was right, Tommy was so hungry that when he saw the bottle he ran 
to it and took it..
- A bottle!- he said- that's good because I'm so hun.....AAAAAAAAA!.
He couldn't finish that phrase or even taste the milk because he began to feel 
really bad. He didn't respect the rules of the cave (don't touch anything 
besides the blankie) and he was punished: He was turned into a wooden doll. 
-HA HA HA- said Angelica as loud as she could so Tommy could hear her- 
now you are over!!, you'll never rescue Lil as a doll.
-Watch me- said the dumb doll really mad.
He began to run, but he was very slow. He ran for months, until he reached 
the Warfs house.
-I'm home- he said happily- Don't worry Lil I'll wake you up!.
But suddenly a DRAGON appeared!! (remember it was the other thing 
Tommy should do to wake up Lil). He was mean and green and wasn't happy.
Tommy tried to escape, but his wooden legs didn't help him, soon the 
Dragon reached him!.
He took Tommy and ate him!!. This was Tommy the dumb doll's end!!."

-But what about Chuckie the Godfather?- said Chuckie- he could defeat the 
-Well Finster you are wrong- said Angelica- and that's because when Queen 
Angelica made Tommy fall into the canyon at the end of the world, she 
returned to the castle and saw Finster the Stupid waiting for his friend. 
Queen Angelica turned him into a mirrow who had to say everyday how 
beautiful the Queen was. So he couldn't help Tommy!. 

- That means this time Tommy is doomed!!- said Chuckie- this tale is scary! the 
bad witch is going to win!!.
- No she won't!- said Tommy-I haven't told you my part of the story:

"So, Tommy was eaten by the dragon. But it wasn't a dragon, it was 

-Cool!- said the twins
-But Tommy- said Chuckie- that means Reptar is bad!.
- No, he's not- said Tommy- and here's why:

"Reptar thought Tommy was a blue pill. He had a tummy-ache. So he thought 
that if he took a pill he'd feel better.
Meanwhile Tommy reached Reptar's stomach, and soon found out the 
reason of Reptar's tummy-ache: Reptar had eaten so much that the food was 
stuck on his stomach. The only way to unblock the stomach was by presing 
a button on the top of the stomach. Tommy was so small that he couldn't 
reach it. He sat down on a meatball that was floating near him and started to 
-Now I'll never get out of here!!. Look at me sitting over a piece of food I have 
never tasted!!.
But he was wrong because he had already tasted meatballs, so it was a lie. 
His nose grew a little.
-What happened to me!- said Tommy scared- now my nose is growing 
because I said I've never tasted this stuff...wait a minute! I'm lying!  I've 
already tasted this stuff. So if I lie, my nose will grow. I'll make a test: I'm 4 
years old!.
And just as Tommy thought, his nose grew. 
-I've got an idea- he said- I hope it works: I don't want to rescue Lil, I hate 
Chuckie the Godfather, I have hair, Angelica is a good girl, I hate dogs!.
As he lied, his nose grew more and more until it reached the button. He 
pressed it and the food wen't away. He took a spaguetti and used it  as a rope 
to climb into Reptars mouth and soon he was outside.
-Now I feel alright!- said Reptar. He looked at Tommy, who was standing over 
his nose and said: Thank you so much little Pill.
-My name is Tommy.
But Angelica was near and when she saw Tommy she got really mad!
-I'm sick of you Tommy!, I won't let you resuce that dumb princess!. 
Angelica was so mad that she threw magic shots to Tommy, he ran as fast as 
he could but Angelica was flying on a broom and was faster. Reptar saw that 
Tommy was in danger and made the first thing he could think about: He took 
the Warf's house and threw it to Angelica. The House fell over her. This was 
the witch's end!!."

-YEAAAHHHH!!- said the other babies- the witch is gone!
- No she's not!- said Angelica.
-SHut Up!- said the other babies.

"So Tommy went into the house and put the magic blankie over Lil:
-I hope this works- he said.
Suddenly Lil started to move and soon she was awake!.
-Where am I?- she said- the spell is broken!! Thank you so much. Who are 
-My name is Tommy, but you used to know me as Baldy, one of the warfs.
-But, what happened to you?, you are a doll!.
-Angelica did this to me, but don't worry. I'm sure I'll get used to the life as a 
They left the house, so Lil could meet Reptar, but as Tommy left the house 
he tripped with something and fell.
-Tommy are you alright?- asked Lil
-Yes, I just tripped with...what is this?.
He tripped with Angelica's feet. they were wearing a pair of beautiful socks.
-These are Queen Angelica's socks- said Lil.
-She won't mind if i use them- said Tommy- my feet are hurting a lot, I've 
traveled a lot barefoot.
And when he put on the socks a huge lightning appeared, for a moment no 
body could see anything. When everything turned back to normal, Tommy 
-What happened?
-Tommy!-said Lil.
-Why are you looking at me like that?
-You are not a doll anymore! You are a baby again!.
So this is what happened: when Tommy took Angelica's socks all her evil 
spells were broken. Chuckie the GodFather and Philip Pan went back to 
They all had a big party and lived happily ever after! THE END".

-Da Da- said Dil
-Sorry I forgot you Dil!-said Tommy- And Tinker-dil got better from his cold!.
-That's not the way fairy tales end Tommy!!- said Angelica- Fairy Tales usually end 
with a wedding!!.
-Are you nuts Angelica?-said Chuckie- Tommy and Princess Lil are babies! they 
couldn't get married.
-Well, let's say that when they grew up they got married.
-I prefer my ending- said Tommy.
-I like both of them!- said Lil- but I liked more being the princess this time!.
- And I'm hungry- said Phil- let's go for a worm!.
- This was a good story after all Angelica- said Chuckie- when will we create 
another one?.
-In your dreams!- said Angelica- that's what I get for playing with a bunch of dumb 


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