New Encounters

By Sara Vivanco

Authors Note: April Bagley is owner of Sarah who stars in ‘Cousin Sarah' and ‘Rugrats Down Under' (which have been removed from this site, at the request of that author). Sarah is Tommy and Dil's cousin, but in ‘Rugrats Down under', she becomes their sister. It'll explain more in the story. April won't mind if I use Sarah, will she?

Special thanks to my Dad.

Chapter 1

It was a cool night and the Rugrats were stargazing. Tommy was trying to figure out what the stars were.

"Maybe they're bugs," Lil suggested.

"Or lint," Phil said.

"Or glitters," Chuckie said.

Tommy shrugged. At that moment his adopted sister, Sarah ran up. Sarah was originally his cousin, but after her parents died, the Pickles adopted her. She was a lot like Kimi and the two girls were best friends. Sarah used to live in Australia, but she didn't have the accent. She had two blonde braids, and she wore the same pajamas as Kimi.

"Guys!" Sarah said. "Something's wrong with Kimi! She doesn't wanna play with me!"

The Rugrats ran to Kimi. She looked upset about something.

"Uh, Kimi do you wanna tell us what you think the stars are?" Tommy asked, trying to get Kimi to talk. She just hid her face and mumbled, "I don't cares!"

"What's wrong Kimi?" Lil asked.

Kimi didn't answer.

"You can tell us. We're your best friends," Sarah said.

Kimi sighed.

"Back in Paris," she began. "My old daddy used to take me outside at night. He said there was a special star for only me and him. Now my daddy's gone and I can't share it with nobody." She started crying softly.

Sarah and Tommy looked at each other. At the same time they said, "You can share it with me."

Kimi's face lit up and she hugged her friends.

"And me too!" Chuckie said as he joined his friends in the group hug.

"Us too!" Phil and Lil said. The twins joined.

"Imi! Imi!" Dil said trying to say Kimi.

Sarah broke free from her friends and picked Dil up. She handed him to Kimi. Kimi hugged him tight.

"What are you dumb babies doing?" Angelica asked.

"They're gonna share a star with me!" Kimi said. Angelica stared.

"I'm not even gonna ask," She said.

Martha Durmer parked her car in front of the Finster's home. She and her husband Edward stepped up to the porch. The Durmers were Chuckie's grandparents, on the side of his late mom, Melinda.

Edward knocked. Kira opened the door.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm Martha and this is Edward. We're Chazz's in-laws," Martha answered.

"Well, come in," Kira said.

The Durmers stepped in.

"Where's Charles?" Edward asked.

"Chazz!" Kira called. Chazz came down the stairs carrying Kimi and Chuckie. When he saw Martha and Edward he stopped short.

"Hello Charles! We have splendid news!" Martha said.

Chazz handed Kimi and Chuckie to Kira.

"And that is?" He asked.

"We've told all the relatives that we're having a reunion!" Martha said.

"So you're inviting me?"

"Well, no. We told them the reunion was here," Edward answered.

Chazz sighed. The Durmers always did things like these.

Chapter 2

"This is going to be a great reunion!" Kira said.

"What's a ‘union?" Kimi asked turning to her friends.

"A reunion, you dumb babies! A reunion is a party," Angelica said. She walked inside the Finster's house.

Before her was a baby. She had short brown hair in a headband, and wore a purple jumper with a dog on it.

Just what I need! More Babies! Angelica thought.

"Who are you?" Angelica asked.

"I'm Emmy Durmer, Chuckie's cousin. I never metted him afore," The baby answered. "Do you know if any other babies will be here?"

Angelica got an idea.

"Yeah, and they're all nice. Except for Kimi." Angelica pointed to her through the window.

"What's so wrong with Kimi?" Emmy asked.

"Well, she pushes the others down, and she bosses them around, and calls them names," Angelica said.

Emmy looked out the window.

"She seems nice to me," Emmy said.

"Sure she seems nice, but she isn't! Oh, by the way, I'm Angelica."

At that moment a plump woman came in and picked up Emmy.

"Come on sweetie," She said.

The plump woman, who was Emmy's mom, put Emmy down by the babies outside.

"Hi! I'm Emmy!" Emmy said. The babies introduced themselves. As soon as Kimi introduced herself, Emmy stuck her tongue out. Kimi stuck hers back.

Emmy noticed Dil and walked over to him.

"Aww. He's so cute!" She was about to hug him, when Kimi stepped in front.

"He doesn't like strangers!" She said. Kimi picked Dil up. "Isn't that right, Dilly?"

At that moment Dil hit her on the head with his rattle and laughed. Emmy laughed also.

"I guess he doesn't like you either!"

Kimi took a step foward. Tommy stepped between them and took Dil.

"Dil does that to everyone," He told Emmy.

"Oh," Emmy said in a quiet voice. Kimi stuck her tongue out. She grabbed Sarah's hand and turned away.

"Dummy!" Emmy called after her. Kimi let go of Sarah's hand and was now face to face with Emmy.

"Only Angelica can call me a dummy!" Kimi yelled.

"Oh, then I like Angelica!" Emmy yelled back. The girls yelled back and forth.

Kimi was steaming by now. She was so mad that she tackled Emmy to the ground.

"Should we stop them?" Lil asked.

"No, I think Kimi's winning!" Phil said.

Tommy, Sarah, and Chuckie grabbed the two girls. Sarah grabbed Kimi and Tommy and Chuckie grabbed Emmy.

"Calm down Kimi!" Sarah said.

"I can't Sarah! I think I gots a new emeny!"

Chapter 3

The babies all agreed to keep Kimi and Emmy away from each other. But at dinner, the two girls sat at the same table.

The backyard was crowded with people. Kimi sat next to Sarah and acted like nothing had happened. The girls shared their french fries as they always did.

"Do you wanna play aventure after this?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah!" Kimi said.

"I happen to be good at playing aventure," Emmy said.

"No one asked if you could play," Kimi snapped.

Sarah sighed. It reminded her of the time all the Rugrats went to Australia and Kimi met Sarah's old friend Annie. The two girls felt threatened of each other and gave each other a hard time. They didn't get along once. Sarah hoped Kimi would eventually be friends with Emmy.

"I can't believe I'm ‘alated to you!" Emmy said.

Kimi's eyes went huge.

"You mean I'm ‘alated to you?!" She said.

"Only leag'ly. I'm ‘alated to Chuckie by blood," Emmy said trying to sound smart.

"I don't care if I'm leag'ly ‘alated to you or blood ‘alated to you! In fact I don't even wanna be ‘alated to you!" Kimi said angrialy.

"You guys are like twins then! Like me and Phil!" Lil said forgetting the fact that the girls couldn't stand each other.

"No Lillian! They gotsta have the same birthday!" Phil said.

"When's you're guys birthday?" Tommy asked.

"Ap'il 23rd," Kimi said.

"You mean April. Well, my birthday is-" Emmy started to say. She gasped. "April 23rd."

"I don't wanna be twins with her! I wanna be twins with Sarah!" Kimi whined, pointing to Sarah.

"Well maybe you and Emmy can get along and be like Phil and Lil," Chuckie suggested. Emmy and Kimi looked at each other and back at Chuckie.

"No!" They shouted at the same time.

"I guess we can call you guys ‘the twins who hated each other'," Angelica said chuckling. Since that moment, Kimi and Emmy hated each other all the more.

Chapter 4

Alex and Madeline Evans were very strange people. They were Chazz's in-laws and they didn't like Chazz. They were stone-hearted people that hated kids. But for the strangest reason, they seemed to like Chuckie.

No one expected the Evans to come, espacially since they lived in England (although they were American) Since they did live so far away the Finsters invited them to stay the night. They also let Emmy and her mother stay, along with Sarah and Tommy.

Sarah got up from Kimi's bed. She walked over to Chuckie's bed where Tommy was sleeping.

"Tommy! I can't sleep! Emmy keeps kicking Kimi and Kimi keeps yelling at her," Sarah said, trying to keep her voice low. Tommy grunted.

"I've noticed," He said.

"Well, can you get up?" Sarah said. Tommy stretched and got up.

The two walked down the hall. They heard voices and decided to get close.

"What are they talking about?" Sarah asked. Tommy shrugged.

"We...Chuckie...take...him," was all they heard.

"Aren't those peoples the Evans?" Sarah asked.

"I think so," Tommy said. They got closer to the door but at that moment they heard Kimi scream.

Tommy sighed.


"Emmy! If you kick me one more time, I'll tackle you again!" Kimi yelled.

It was over an hour since Sarah and Tommy heard Kimi scream. They had gone back to bed but they hadn't slept thanks to Emmy and Kimi.

Chuckie was a heavy sleeper, but he couldn't even sleep.

Sarah layed in bed trying to figure out what the Evans were talking about.

All she knew was that it had something to do with Chuckie. She was lost in thought when she heard a scream from Emmy.

"Get her off me!" Emmy shrieked.

Sarah turned and saw Kimi wrestling Emmy. Tommy and Chuckie grabbed Kimi and yanked her off of Emmy. Kimi calmed down after awhile and slept with Sarah in the middle of her and Emmy.

Phil and Lil had just come over and everyone was just at breakfast.

Sarah was so tired, that her head dropped in her cereal. Tommy didn't even eat his cereal, he just slept in his high chair. Chuckie had slept a little more then them and managed to eat his breakfast.

"What's wrong with Sarah and Tommy?" Lil asked Chuckie.

"Long story," He said yawning. He pointed to Emmy and Kimi who were refusing to even look at each other.

Kimi kept on trying to get Sarah to talk.

"This breakfast sure is good, right Sarah?"

"Hmm." Sarah started to fall asleep.

"Sarah, why are you so tired?" Kimi asked.

Sarah shot her head up angrialy.

"Kimi!" She yelled in an annoyed voice.

Kimi got down from her highchair.

"C'mon Sarah!" she said. Sarah climbed down from her highchair and dropped her head.

"Sarah! Wake up!" Kimi said.

"Maybe Sarah wouldn't be so tired, if you let her sleep last night!" Emmy said.

"You were the one who kept on kicking me!" Kimi yelled.

Tommy opened his eyes.

"Not again," He mumbled to himself.

Chuckie got down, and pulled Kimi to the side.

"Kimi, can you please stop fighting with Emmy? Last night we couldn't sleep acause of you guys! We can't even have no more fun cause you'll always be fighting with her!" He said.

Kimi sighed.

"Okay, I'll try to be friends with her. But I'm not gonna be best friends ‘cuz Sarah's already my best friend," She said.

Chuckie was so relieved that he hugged Kimi and danced around.

Kimi walked over to Emmy. She took a deep breath.

"Um, hi Emmy. Well, uh," Kimi didn't know what to say.

Emmy put her hands on her hips.

"What do you want?" she said rudely.

Kimi looked back at her friends. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie did thumbs-up,

Sarah smiled and Tommy fell back asleep. Kimi wanted to make her friends happy, but she didn't want to be friends with Emmy. She couldn't find the right words to say.

"Well?" Emmy said.

"I think you're the one who made everyone upset with us!" Kimi found herself saying.

Why did I say that? she asked herself. It wouldn't have matter anyway. She doubted Emmy would listen, if she did apologize.

"Kimi, you're such a dummy! Everyone knows it's your fault!" Emmy shot back.

The two girls started fighting; again.

"I can't wait till Emmy leaves!" Kimi said to Sarah and Tommy.

Me either. Tommy thought.

The twins had left, and Chuckie was keeping Emmy company in his room.

"You guys gotta become friends! Tommy was sleeping in his cereal!" Sarah said.

"At least she's leaving today," Kimi said.

Thank you Bob! Tommy rejoiced in his mind. He liked Emmy, but he didn't like how she treated Kimi. Also he was tired of the girls arguing (like everyone else).

The plump lady and Kira walked in the living room.

"I think it would be great for you and Emmy to stay the week, Sophine," Kira said to the plump woman.

"Well, I guess I'll stay. But I don't have extra clothes for Emmy," said the plump lady (Who's name was oviously Sophine).

"That's okay. She can borrow Kimi's," Kira said.

Kimi didn't want this to be real. A whole week with Emmy! That would be torture for Kimi and her friends.

Chapter 5

The Evans had somehow managed to stay the week also. They said they wanted to get to know Chuckie and his friends. But, the Rugrats didn't want to get to know them. Alex and Madeline Evans were nasty people.

Everyone was at the Finster's house; the grwon-ups had coffee.

Angelica was bored and couldn't find anyway to make the babies miserable. They were having too much trouble with "The twins who hated each other".

Angelica walked in the hall by the door where the Evans were staying in. She discovered that the Evans were in the room.

"When can we do it?" Madeline said from inside.

"We'll do it soon enough," Alex said. "First we need Chuckie to be comfortable with us so he won't fuss."

"Then we can take him with us back home?" Madeline asked. "No. We need to find a new home. I already found a place in London. It should take about two weeks to drive across the country and then we'll take a plane from there,"Alex explained. "London? How did you manage that?"

Madeline asked confused. Angelica got closer to the door. She accidently pushed it open a little bit.

Madeline froze and stared at the door.

"Alex, what was that?" she asked.

Alex got up and walked to the door. When he saw Angelica he frowned.

"Little girl, you're not supposed to be here."

"Little girl?!" Angelica said.

"Leave," Alex said in a hoarse voice.

Angelica ran out of the hall, as fast as possible.

"Kimi you're so dumb!" Emmy said. "Reptar beats Robosnail after the ‘splosion!"

The two girls were fighting -again- and the Rugrats were tired of it. Sarah knew she had to stop them herself. She stood up.

"Why don't you leave Kimi alone?" she said.

"Why don't you stay out of this?" Emmy replied rudely.

"I don't gots to!" Sarah yelled.

"Yeah you do!"

"No I don't!"

"Yeah you do!"

"No I don't!"

The girls continued to fight.

"Phil, I think they're starting to take our repatation for fighting the most," Lil said.

"I like it better when you and Phil fighted better," Chuckie said.

Tommy shook his head.

"Don't tell me Sarah's gonna start fighting too," he mumbled.

"Okay, we won't," Phil said.

"You can't talk to Sarah like that!" Kimi yelled at Emmy.

"What'll you do? Tackle me?" Emmy said.

"Yeah!" Kimi yelled.

"In that case, Sarah's almost as dumb as you," Emmy said.

Kimi clenched her small fists together and tackled Emmy to the ground. Sarah actually helped Kimi. Tommy let the girls fight, because he was starting not to like Emmy either. Espacially after she called his own sister dumb. She was like an Angelica-in-training.

Chapter 6

Everyone was at the Pickles and the grown-ups were planning to spend the day out.

"Maybe we can get Pop to watch the kids," Stu suggested.

"No, he's going to that muesem with Lulu," Didi said.

"Maybe the Carmichels," Betty said.

"I can get Jonathan," Charlotte said, getting her cell phone out.

Alex and Madeline looked at each other and said at the same time,

"We can watch them."

"Don't you want to come with us?" Chazz asked.

"We want to get to know these adorable children!" Madeline said. She bent down to hug Dil, but he hit her on the head with his rattle.

"If you can handle them, then I guess you can watch them," Sophine said. She hugged Emmy good-bye.

After everyone left, Alex and Madeline went to the door.

"Where are you going?!" Angelica demanded.

"We're getting our things," Alex answered. "Then we're leaving," he added quietly.

They left and less then five minutes later, they were back with their things.

"What's going on?" Kimi asked Tommy nervously.

Tommy didn't answer.

Madeline walked over to the babies and picked Chuckie up.She headed for the door. "Alex! I'm ready!" She called. Sarah then knew what was going on. When the Rugrats went to Australia, Sarah had been kidknapped by her own natural relatives. The Rugrats had a huge adventure trying to rescue her and they suceeded. The people who had kidnapped her said they would watch the Rugrats too, and they just ran off with Sarah instead. Sarah jumped at Madeline and kicked her leg. Phil and Lil jumped at her arms, and Tommy jumped on her back.Dil hit her leg with the rattle.Angelica, Kimi, and Emmy worked together to try to get Chuckie free from Madeline's arms.

"Let go of him!" Angelica hollered.

"Alex! Help!"

Alex came over and locked all the babies (except Chuckie) in the basement.

The Evans ran out the door, jumped in their car, and started the engine. Chuckie was crying uncontrollably.

"Alex, something's wrong with the engine," Madeline said.

Alex went to see what the problem was.

"I'll have to get oil from inside," He said. He walked in the house, looking for oil.

"Let us out of here!" Angelica yelled pounding on the door.

Kimi was crying so hard that she couldn't do anything.

"It's gonna be okay," Sarah said hugging her friend.

"No it isn't! My onlyest brover's gone ‘cuz of those mean people!" Kimi cried.

"I gotta idea!" Tommy said. "Guys I need your help."

He went over to one of his dad's inventions that was covered with a cloth. He pulled the cloth off and the invention was none other then the Reptar wagon!

The Rugrats all pushed the Reptar wagon up the stairs and Tommy unlocked the door with his screwdriver.

Alex had just started the car up again, as soon as Tommy started the Reptar wagon.

"This is for Chuckie!" Kimi exclaimed.

Emmy didn't want to admit it, but she had a feeling that Angelica was lying about Kimi being mean. She then realized that she was the mean one.

I'm gonna be nicer to her. Emmy told herself. But right now they had a friend to save.

Chapter 7

"Where's our first stop?" Madeline asked as soon as they pulled from the driveway.

"Well, we can take the road on Route 87 and turn right. Then we can take a short cut through the woods and we'll stay there for the night. Then we can take Eastern Blvd. and turn on-"

"Alex!" Madeline yelled.

Alex turned red.

"In other words, our first stop will be in Cedric Woods," He said.

They just got out of the Pickles' driveway and were moving slowly.

Chuckie screamed as loud as possible, so then his friends could hear,

"They're taking me to Cedric Woods!"

Of course the adults didn't know what he was saying.

Back at the house the Rugrats had all heard this.

"That was Chuckie!" Kimi yelled. "Tommy, start the wagon!"

"Does anyone know where Cedric Woods is?" Emmy asked.

"I know!" Angelica said. "Guys, remember the woods that we got losted in when we first got Dil?"

"Yeah, I remember! That's where the wolf was!" Phil said.

Emmy, Sarah, and Kimi looked at each other. None of them had been in those woods before, because it happened before any of them had met the Rugrats.

"What are you talking ‘bout?" Kimi asked.

"Never mind," Tommy said.

Tommy started the wagon.

Susie was in front of her house and had seen the Evans take Chuckie but she didn't know why.

"What're you doing?' She shouted after the Reptar Wagon.

"We're saving Chuckie!" She heard Lil shout.

"In Cedmic woods!" Kimi yelled.

The Reptar wagon got smaller and disappeared down the street.

"Chuckie?' Susie said confused. Her expression changed to a worried one as she ran to tell her mom.

"Mommy!" She cried.

"What is it honey?" Lucy asked.

Susie explained everything.

"Oh my Gosh!" Lucy said. "I have to call Didi!"

She picked up a phone and punched in Didi's cell phone number.

Tommy made the wagon go as fast as possible. He expected to hear Chuckie shout ‘Slow down!'. But then he remembered; Chuckie was the reason they were even on this mission. They hit a large bump on the road.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Chuckie's voice echoed in everyone's mind.

"I miss my cousin!" Emmy said.

"Oh, be quiet! You hardly know ‘em!" Kimi yelled.

"Yuh, huh!" Emmy argued. "Member when Chuckie was keepin' me comp'ny and you were in the other room with Sarah and Tommy? Well, I gotted to know him then!"

Kimi started to say something, when the wagon turned sharply. Dil was about to fall out, but Sarah caught him.

"Hang on!" Tommy yelled.

"Tommy! Turn here!" Angelica said.

Tommy turned a little slower this time.

"Angelica, I don't see any woods," He said. At that moment, they all saw trees in the distance.

"Now do you see them?" Phil asked.

"Do ya think they're in Cedmic woods yet?" Kimi asked.

"Cedric woods," Emmy corrected in a less then nasty tone. She was trying her hardest to be nice to Kimi. Sure, she needed to work on it a little, but they were worse off when Kimi was tackling her.

Tommy turned to the woods. There was a big drop to the ground. It was so steep, that if you were driving by on the road, you would be lined up with the top of the trees.

"So, how're we ‘apposed to get down there?" Sarah asked.

"Easy, We don't," Phil said.

"You're not gonna give up are ya?" Kimi asked.

"Yeah, sure why not?" Lil said, shrugging.

Kimi rolled her eyes.

Chapter 8

The Rugrats were all trying to think of a way to get down to the woods.

"I know!" Kimi said. "We can take a branch from one of the trees and climb down the tree."

"That won't work!" Emmy said.

"I don't care!" Kimi said. She reached out for a branch.

"No!" Emmy shouted. She grabbed Kimi's strap.

"Let go of me!" Kimi yelled.

At that moment a huge truck came by.

"Watch out!" Tommy yelled.

The truck caused Emmy and Kimi to lose their balance. Kimi screamed and fell with Emmy by her. With quick thinking, Kimi grabbed to a rock that was sticking out from the side. Emmy clung onto her.

"Kimi!" Sarah shouted.

"Oh! They're gonna die!" Angelica cried.

"No they're not!" Tommy yelled.

"Actually, I think they are," Phil said.

"Phillip!" Lil said, elbowing him.

"Imi! Imi!" Dil said.

Kimi got an idea.

"We can climb down, using the rocks!" She told Emmy.

Emmy was scared but reached for a rock that was close to her. After the two climbed down, they told their friends to come. Sarah took a deep breath and went first.

"Sawa! Sawa!" Dil said.

When Sarah got down, Tommy realized something.

"Guys, how're we 'apposed ta get the Reptar Wagon down?" Tommy asked.

"Just keep it here," Angelica said. "We gotta climb lots a stuff and this can't be in the way."

So after everyone climbed down, they started to search for Chuckie.

"We're at Cedric woods already?" Madeline asked. "We can travel farther then this!"

They were in a different part of the woods then the Rugrats.

"We want to rest today," Alex said.

"Alex, I'm not sure about this," Madeline said nervously. "Won't they know it's us? I mean this isn't really planned out well. It's not like we can blame it on someone else."

Alex had never thought of that.

"Oh, please! They're not going to find us," Alex said.

Chucke started crying in Madeline's lap.

"Alex! Make him stop!" Madeline hollered.

The adults had all come back from their day out. Didi hadn't brought her cell phone with her, so she didn't get Lucy's call.

They had all walked in the door when Susie and Lucy burst through.

"Mrs. Pickles! Chuckie's in trouble and the babies went to save him in that Reptar Wagon!" Susie exclaimed.

"What?!" Didi hollered. "Where are they?"

"They told me that they're going to Cedric woods!" Susie answered.

"Stu, isn't that where-" Didi started.

"The kids got lost the last time!" Stu finished.

"I hope the wolf doesn't eat us," Lil said.

"We don't got Spike like last time!" Phil said.

The two both exchanged worried looks.

"No wolf is gonna eat us!" Tommy said.

The twins' expression didn't change.

"If you're that worried, I'll fight the wolf," Kimi said.

Everyone, except Kimi, burst into laughter.

"Well, I'm sorry for offerin'!" Kimi said.

"I'm sorry Kimi, it's just-" Tommy started. He started cracking up.

"Ya know Tommy, I don't only tackle Emmy," Kimi said darkly.

Tommy immediatly stopped laughing.

"Uh, sorry Kimi," he said.

"Know what we should do?" Kimi said.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"We should get a partner in case any of us gets losted. ‘Cuz I once sawed this show and they were in the woods and the mom said ‘Stick with your buddy'. So what do ya think?"

"I'm with you, Kimi!" Sarah said.

"I'm with Phillip!" Lil exclaimed.

"I'm with Angelica!" Emmy said.

"What? You're not gonna listen to princess pipsqueak's plan are ya?" Angelica said. She didn't want to be with Emmy because she was as fiesty and bossy as Angelica and that would cause prolems.

"I'm not princess pipqueak!" Kimi said.

"I'm gonna go with Chuck- uh, Dil," Tommy said. Once again, he forgot Chuckie wasn't there. He wanted to cry, he missed Chuckie so much, but he wanted to look like he was brave.

Chapter 9

It was around noon time. The air had gotten cooler and the sky got greyer.

A huge raindrop landed on Kimi's head. She stuck her hand out.

"Guys, it's raining," Kimi said.

"We know," Emmy said, who was already wet.

"I wish we bringed the wagon," Sarah said. "We wouldn't get wet."

Tommy hugged Dil.

"It's not so wet," he said. At that moment, rain started pouring down so hard, it was practically a waterfall from the sky.

"Oh, yeah Tommy," Angelica said in a sarcastic voice. "It's not so wet!"

"Go under that tree!" Lil said.

The Rugrats ran under the tree and fell asleep.

Kimi was with Chuckie playing a game.

"Chuckie, you're the bestest big brother ever!" Kimi said.

He smiled and all of a sudden he started walking away on a path.

"Chuckie! Come back!"

Kimi followed Chuckie, but the path started fading. In the distance, she saw Chuckie being taken by the Evans.

"Chuckie!" She called.

Everything in her backround started melting.

"Chuckie! Chuckie! Come back!" Kimi said.

"Kimi," said Chuckie's voice. "Kimi, Kimi." The voice started changing to Tommy's voice.

Kimi opened her eyes. She was leaned against a tree and it was still raining. It was all a dream.

"Kimi, you were talking in your sleep. Is anything wrong?" Tommy asked.

"No," Kimi said. "Is anyone else up?"

"No. I couldn't sleep," Tommy answered.

"Wanna know what's weird, Tommy?" Kimi said.


"Member when Sarah was kidlapped in Australia? Well, Sarah was my best friend, and your sister-"

"Well that's afore she was my sister," Tommy interupted.

" Yeah, and Sarah was your cousin, and now it's the other way around," Kimi said. " ‘Cept that Chuckie's my brother and he's not a girl."

"I miss Chuckie," Tommy said sadly.

"I do too," Kimi replied.

Tommy wanted to cry again, and this time he didn't stop himself. Kimi cried also. The two hugged and went back to sleep.

Police were at the Pickles, inspecting everything.

"When can we leave?" Didi asked.

"The roads to Cedric Woods are blocked from the storm," Stu told her.

"Maybe they're okay," Howard said. No one believed him.

"Oh, what if we never find them?" Kira said. She cried and hugged Chazz.

"Uh, don't worry Kira," Chazz said nervously.

Lightning struck. The Rugrats were all trying to avoid the raindrops. Kimi held Sarah's hand tighter then ever. The rain was thicker then before.

The wind whipped all their faces.

"Look out!" Tommy yelled. A tree was falling down towards them. They all ran different directions. Unfortuneatley, Kimi had tripped right in the trees path.

Out of nowhere, Emmy pushed Kimi out of the way. The girls landed flat in the mud as the rain started to die down. Everyone ran over to the two.

"Are you okay?" Tommy asked.

"I think," Kimi answered.

"Imi! Emby!" Dil said, laughing.

Sarah helped Kimi up.

"Hey Emmy," Kimi said. "You have something in your hair."

Emmy thought she was lying, until she felt something move.

"A worm!" She hollered.

"Mmm," Phil and Lil said. Phil grabbed the worm and ate it.

"I was going to eat that, Phillip!" Lil said.

"Eat?" Emmy said. Her face went a little green.

"Well, we can find more in the mud," Tommy said.

"More?" Emmy moaned.

"Yeah, more to eat," Sarah said.

"Don't you eat worms?" Kimi asked.

"I don't!" Angelica said.

"I'll try some," Emmy said. She picked up a fat worm and slurped it down.

"This is good!" She said. She picked up another worm, and then another.

"Hey Emmy, save some for us," Phil said.

"Guys, we should start lookin' for Chuckie," Sarah said. They all got up, except for Emmy.

"Emmy! Come on!" Lil said. Emmy was still eating worms.

"Emmy! Let's go!" Tommy said. Still, she kept eating.

"EMMY! We GOTSTA GO!!" Kimi hollered.

Emmy was startled and hurried to her feet.

"Uh, sorry ‘bout that," She said.

Chapter 10

The storm had ended and the roads were opened.The parents all got in their cars and drove to Cedric woods.

When they got there, Stu stopped short.

"The Reptar wagon!" Drew gasped.

Everyone rushed out of their cars. They all looked down at the drop to the ground and then to the wagon.

"You don't think-" Betty started. She couldn't say the words.

"Let's go down there," Stu said. He carefully climbed down the rocks.

"Be careful Stu!" Didi said.

The police had followed them and had just gotten out from their cars.

"What's that man doing?" one of the officers asked.

Stu put his feet on the ground and looked around. He couldn't find any trace of the rugrats.

Now, if it had been earlier, he would've seen their footprints, but the storm washed them away.

"Nothing!" Stu called up.

"Emmy," Kimi said. "Thanks for saving me before."

Emmy smiled. All the Rugrats were realieved. The girls were actually getting along!

Sarah however, was still mad at Emmy for calling her dumb.

"It's getting cold out here," Lil complained.

They all looked at the sky. It wasn't cloudy, but it was getting dark.

"We should make a place to sleep," Tommy said.

They all sat by a large tree and tried to sleep.

Chuckie looked up at the night sky. He saw the star that he shared with his friends and started crying.

Out of everyone, he was most worried about Kimi. If he was never rescued, who would be Kimi's older brother?

"Kimi," he said. "I hope you're looking at our star too right now."

He cried softly and fixed his eyes on the star the rest of the night.

Kimi looked up at the sky to her star. She thought of Chuckie the night that he said he would share the star with everyone. That brought her back to the first time they met in Paris.

Kimi felt terrible inside. Lately she hadn't been paying much attention to Chuckie. She was always playing with Sarah, and not that that was bad, it's just she hardly noticed Chuckie. Also since Emmy came, she was too busy fighting to pay attention to her brother.

"Chuckie, I'm sorry for all of this," Kimi whispered.

"Who're you talkin' to?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, no one," Kimi said.

"Was it like this when I was kidlapped?" Sarah asked.

"What do ya mean?" Kimi asked.

"Did you stay up and wonder if you were ever gonna get me back? Or talk to one of your friends when we were apposed to be sleeping?" Sarah answered.

"Yeah. It's like last time. How'd you know ‘bout the friend thing?" Kimi said.

"I pretended to sleep, but I heard you and Tommy talkin'," Sarah answered.

"Sarah, I feel really bad! I hardly pay any attention to Chuckie anymore, and now I'll never get to again!" Kimi cried.

"Don't say that! Of course you will!" Sarah said.

"Don't you get it? We'll never find Chuckie! Last time we knew the exact place where the bad people were, and this time we don't!" Kimi yelled.

"Kimi," Sarah said. "We will find Chuckie. We will."

Kimi hugged Sarah.

"If we don't, maybe Spike can be my big brother," She said. She saw Sarah look at her funny.

"Just kiddin'," Kimi said quickly.

All the Rugrats woke up. The sun had just risen and they started to look for Chuckie.

"I'm tired," Angelica complained.

"Be quiet! I'm tired too!" Emmy said.

"Do got anything to eat?" Angelica asked.

"Wait! I got somethin'!" Sarah said. She reached in her diaper and pulled out a reptar bar.

"This is the only thing," She said.

"We could always eat worms," Emmy said.

"Eat any more worms, you'll be fatter then Santa," Kimi said. Her friends all laughed.

"Well, worms are a good idea," Phil said.

"There's a mud puddle over there," Lil said. Lil, Phil, and Emmy walked over to it.

"I like Reptar bars better," Tommy said.

"Maybe we can find food on the trees," Kimi said.

Kimi, Sarah, Angelica, and Tommy started looking. Tommy spotted fruit in a high tree. He put Dil down and called his friends over.

"Give me a boost," He said.

Angelica was at the bottom, Sarah and Kimi were in the middle, and Tommy was at the top.

Tommy was just about to grab a fruit when Dil started shouting,

"Chuppy! Chuppy!"

"Chuckie's not here, Dil," Tommy told him.

Suddenly, they heard a familiar cry.

"Chuckie!" All his friends shouted.

Chapter 11

The Rugrats looked through the bushes. There was a car in the clearing and the people getting inside of it were none other then the Evans and Chuckie.

"Chuckie," Kimi said under her breath. She was about to step out to the clearing, when Tommy stopped her.

"Kimi, we can't give ourselves away!" he said.

"We're just gonna let them get away?" Kimi asked.

The car started up.

"Alex!" Madeline called from inside. "We forgot to pack the sleeping bag!"

Alex opened the back of the van and went to pack the sleeping bag. He was having trouble packing it though.

"We can sneak in the back!" Tommy said.

The rugrats tiptoed to the back of the van and climbed in. Madeline heard a grunt in the back. The babies buried themselves deep under the luggage.

"Alex, I heard something," Madeline said.

"Oh, it's nothing, Madeline," Alex said, putting the sleeping bag in the back of the truck. He slammed the back door hard.

As soon as the van started moving, Chuckie started crying louder then ever.

"Will you stop crying?" Madeline begged.

"No!" Chuckie said. The Evans gasped.

"He can talk!" Alex said.

"What else can you say?" Madeline asked Chuckie.

"No," Chuckie answered. He continued to cry. The only time he stopped was when he saw Kimi's cowgirl boots. He knew they were in the car, and he didn't want the Evans to find out. Chuckie cried even louder and harder then before.

"Will he ever stop?" Madeline complained.

That's my brother! Kimi thought happily.

The adults had been looking all night and they found nothing.

"Maybe they aren't in the woods," Sophine said. They had climbed back up from the woods and were in the middle of the road.

"Where else could they go?" Didi asked. "Besides, we'll find them. We have everyone looking for them."

A van past them at that moment.

"See. I bet those people are looking for them right now," Didi said smiling. She didn't know it, but those people weren't looking for the children they had them!

"Alex, why don't we take a plane instead of driving across the country?" Madeline asked.

"We don't have enough money," Alex replied.

"Alex, why are we even doing this? I mean, we hate kids and this one never shuts up. If we get caught, it'll be over a whiny brat," Madeline said.

Chuckie started crying.

"I have a confession to make," Alex said. "We're only doing this because I have to cover up for some lie I told."

"What lie was that?"

"My boss was going to fire me, I told my boss, that I had a kid, and he let me keep my job. He always had a soft spot for kids," Alex said. "He
said he wanted to see Chuckie, and if he liked him, he'd want to see a lot more."

"What?! We're giving up our perfectly good life for a stupid lie? Alex, you really need to get a brain!" Madeline yelled.

"I'm sorry, but we can't turn back now," Alex said.

"Well can you at least turn for a bathroom stop?"

Alex turned the car to a restauant and got out.

"We might as well get breakfast here," he said.

"Should we take Chuckie in?" Madeline asked.

"No. It's too risky," Alex said. "Leave him in here."

After the Evans got out, Chuckie climbed over his seat to the back of the van.

"Kimi!" He said. Kimi popped out from the luggage and hugged him tight.

All his friends got out and hugged him.

"Chuckie, I'm sorry all this stuff happened to you," Kimi said.

"We thought we'd never see you again!" Tommy said.

"Chuppy! Chuppy!" Dil said.

"Emmy and Kimi are friends now!" Lil said.

"A tree almost falled on Kimi!" Phil said.

"We missed you so much!" Sarah said.

"I guess I did too," Angelica said quietly.

"I ate a worm!" Emmy exclaimed happily.

They all started talking at once. Chuckie looked out the window.

"Those creepy peoples are comin'!" he said.

The Rugrats buried themselves in the luggage and Chuckie rushed to the front seat. Madeline handed Chuckie a donut to eat.

"Do you want a donut, Alex?" She asked.

"No. I already had a cinnamon roll," Alex answered.

Madeline placed the bag of donuts on the floor. Chuckie reached for it.

"Want another donut?" Madeline asked Chuckie. She picked up the bag and handed Chuckie a donut. Instead, Chuckie grabbed the bag, and threw it in the back of the van. Madeline groaned.

The Rugrats reached for the donuts that Chuckie threw and ate them.

Madeline heard chewing sounds. She looked at Chuckie. He wasn't eating anything.

"Alex, I really do hear something!" She said. Alex heard it to but was trying hard to ignore it.

"It's nothing," Alex said.

Chapter 12

The Evans had been driving all day and stopped at a hotel for the night.

"If we can't afford plane tickets, how can we afford to stay in a hotel?" Madeline asked.

"This is a cheap hotel!" Alex argued.

He went to the back of the van to get the luggage. Chuckie was nervous that his friends would be found. He jumped out of Madeline's arms and ran to Alex. He reached up for Alex to hold him.

"Not now Chuckie!" Alex said. Chuckie tried everything to distract him, but nothing would work.

Finally, Chuckie gave up. He covered his hands over his eyes as Alex opened the back door. Luckily, the Rugrats had crawled under the sleeping bags, and the Evans didn't need them. Alex grabbed a duffle bag and didn't even notice the Rugrats.

Madeline picked up Chuckie and walked in the hotel. Alex followed. When they left, the Rugrats climbed out from the luggage.

"If I spent another minute in there, I prob'ly wouldn't be able to breath!" Emmy said.

"Well, you can breathe now, so be quiet," Sarah snapped. The babies all groaned.

"Sarah, we just got over Kimi fighting," Tommy said. "Please be friends."

"Only if she says sorry!" Sarah said.

"I'm sorry for being mean. It's just Angelica told me-" Emmy started.

The babies looked angrialy at Angelica.

"Angelica, what esackly did you tell Emmy?" Tommy asked.

"Uh, well, I-I uh," Angelica started.

"She told me Kimi was mean to everyone. I don't like people being mean to me, so I was mean before you could be," Emmy explained.

"Kimi's not mean!" Sarah said.

"She's mean to you maybe, but not to everyone," Phil said. Lil elbowed Phil again.

"Kimi's one of the nicest babies we ever knowed! Why'd you lie to Emmy?" Tommy asked.

Angelica blushed.

"It's not my fault you babies are so dumb!" She said.

"Bad Yucky!" Dil said.

"Angelica, you ruined everything! I coulda had fun with Emmy but instead you made us emenies!" Kimi said angrialy.

"Angelica, you have to say you're sorry!" Emmy said.

"No I don't! I-" Angelica saw all the babies glare at her. She took a deep breath.

"Ok, I'm sorry. I just wanted to make a little fun, that's all."

"Well, I don't think me tackling Emmy is very fun!" Kimi yelled.

"Yeah! You know how strong this girl is?" Emmy said.

The adults called a search party through out the town.

"If we don't find the kids I don't know what I'll do!" Didi cried.

"Didi, stop worrying. We'll find them sooner or later," Lucy said.

"The whole town's looking for them!" Kira said.

Still, Didi couldn't be encouraged. What if she never saw her children again? Then what would happen?

Chuckie stared at the dark ceiling. If it hadn't been for Alex's stupid lie, he would probably be in his own bed right now with Kimi on the other side of the room. He missed hearing Kimi's small snores and he missed her waking him up each morning by either jumping on his bed, or talking loudly. He couldn't even look at his star tonight since he was inside.

At least he knew where the Rugrats were. He just hoped they had a plan.

Kimi fell asleep after awhile. When she was sleeping, she had the same dream as she did before, only this time it had an ending.

Kimi was calling for Chuckie, as she did in the dream she had earlier. Instead of Chuckie repeating her name though, she ran up to him and saw him going in an airport. She ran inside and kicked the Evans' legs and got Chuckie out of Madeline's arms. The two hugged and then Kimi woke up.

"Oh, Chuckie, I miss you so much," she whispered. She looked outside the car window. The sun had risen. She knew the Evans would be in the car soon.

Kimi woke all her friends up.

"Guys, the Evans are coming soon," she told them.

The Rugrats buried themselves once again in the luggage.

"I don't care Alex! We're going to the airport today! Yesterday I was bored out of my mind! I also got carsick!" Madeline yelled.

"Fine, we'll drive to the airport today," Alex said. "Get Chuckie."

Madeline woke Chuckie up and carried him out the door.

They went in the car and started it up.

"Which way's the airport?" Alex asked.

Airport? My dream was right! Kimi thought.

Chapter 13

Susie felt helpless. Her mom had told her to stay home, but she wanted to help her friends.

Here she was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels, when she could be looking for her friends. Susie decided to sneak out. It was the only way.

She walked carefully, hoping her brothers and sister wouldn't notice. As she reached for the doorknob, she heard her sister on the phone.

"So then he said, that I said, that you said that- I'll call you back." Alisa hung up her cell phone.

"Where are you going?" Alisa asked Susie.

"Uh, nowhere," Susie lied.

"Listen, I'm supposed to be watching you, so don't blow it. Mom and Dad are starting to trust me," Alisa said.

"I don't care! Chuckie's in trouble!" Susie blurted.

"You were trying to sneak out weren't you? Well, Mom's taking care of it so stay inside," Alisa replied. She dialed her friend's number, but then saw Susie's sad face.

"Susie, maybe there's a reason you have to stay home. Maybe something will happen here that'll help your baby friends." Alisa turned to her phone. "Oh hi Kate. Uh-huh." She walked off.

"Maybe Alisa's right," Susie said to herself. "Maybe I will help somehow."

The Evans parked their van in front of the airport. Alex went to the back of the van.

"This is it guys," Tommy said. Alex opened the back door and screamed.

"Alex! What's wrong?" Madeline cried.

"Those other babies!" Alex said.

"What are you talking- Oh my gosh! How'd they get there?" Madeline screamed. Kimi jumped out first at Madeline and got her brother free.

"Get off of her you little pipsqueak!" Alex yelled. Angelica was losing her temper. Only she could call Kimi that!

The babies started kicking the Evans.

"Just get inside!" Alex yelled. Madeline snatched Chuckie and ran in the airport.

"I'll take care of you babies," Alex said.

"What about me? I'm no baby!" Angelica said from behind him. Alex turned and Angelica kicked him hard in the shin.

"Devilles! Stay here! The rest of you, get Chuckie!" Angelica demanded.

Kimi, Sarah, Emmy, Tommy, and Dil, carried by sarah, ran inside.

"This one's for Chuckie!" Angelica cried as she tackled Alex. Alex laid on the ground.

"Oh, and this one's for calling Kimi a pipsqueak!" Angelica landed right on his stomach. The twins hit him on the head. People nearby had seen the whole thing and they were all cheering.

In the airport it was just the same. Tommy got Chuckie free, and Sarah kicked Madeline in the shin. Dil hit Madeline's foot a few times. Emmy and Kimi had jumped up and started pulling her hair. She swung them off.

"You little brats!" She hollered.

The babies all looked at each other, smiled slyly, and nodded. At the same time they all tackled Madeline.

"I don't care if I get arrested! I just want them off of me!" Madeline cried.

Other people nearby gasped and like the ones outside, they were cheering.

People who worked at the airport tried to get the babies off Madeline, but they refused to let go.

People were gathered around her to see if she was okay. Alex ran through the doors, with Angelica and the twins still clinging on to him.

"Next time, if I say anything about kidnapping, talk me out of it!" He yelled without thinking.

"Kidnapping?" said a woman. People started talking at once.

"Call the police!" One person said.

"And the news reporters!"

Madeline dusted herself off.

"Way to go," She whispered to Alex.

Some of the people picked up the Rugrats. Kimi hugged Chuckie.

"Aww," everyone said.

It wasn't long until the police came, along with news reporters.

Angelica explained the whole thing. For the first time, she didn't mention herself alot.

Alex and Madeline didn't try to deny it, they knew they were already caught. As the Evans were being taken away, Kimi whispered into

Angelica's ear. Angelica tapped Alex.

"Kimi here, wants me to tell you that you're terrible at kidlapping and she hopes you spend the rest of your life in prisom," She said.

"How can you understand her? Oh, never mind," Madeline said.

Chapter 14

Susie was starting to doubt Alisa's words. She sat on the couch and flipped on the TV. As she was switching the channels, she could've sworn she saw Kimi and Chuckie. She quickly changed back to that channel. It was the news and a reporter was standing in front of an airport.

"Just a half an hour ago, these children were on the ground, fighting Madeline and Alex Evans.The children had tracked them down to find their kidnapped friend, Chuckie Finster. Today was a remarkable day indeed for Nevada," the reporter said.

Susie gasped. They were a state over from California! Susie sprung up from the couch.

"Alisa! Alisa! They're on the news! And they're in Nevada!" She exclaimed.

"Nevada? That's a state over!" Alisa said. "Omigosh!" She saw the Rugrats on the TV.

"I have to call Mom!" Alisa said. She quickly dialed her mom's cell phone number.

"Mom, we found them! They're on TV!" She yelled excitdly to the phone.

It wasn't long until the adults all arrived at the Carmichel's. Didi fainted when she saw her children on the news.

"Kimi! Chuckie!" Kira exclaimed. She hugged Chazz.

"Look Drew! Angelica's talking now!" Charlotte said.

"My mommy's really worried prob'ly. Can you take us home news reporter guy?" Angelica asked.

"Well, in case your mommy's watching this, she can call the airport. The number's 444-555-6666," The reporter answered.

Charlotte dialed the number immediatly.

"You were right Alisa!" Susie hugged her sister.

The Rugrats had been home for only ten minutes. It was noon time and Stu was planning a huge celebration for the day.

The babies all played in the Pickles' living room.

"We can play kingdom. The girls are the princesses and the boys are princes. And I'm the prettifulest of all the princesses," Emmy said.

"No Emmy. We're all the same pretty," Kimi argued.

"Kimi, I'm the prettiest no matter what!" Emmy yelled.

Sarah smiled. This was more like it. But then again, she didn't want them tackling each other.

"Okay, listen. You're the prettiest but the rest of us are the smartest," Kimi said. Emmy didn't like others to be smarter then her.

"How bout we're all the same smartness and prettiness," She said.

The Rugrats all took a deep breath of relief. They had nothing to worry about. Emmy and Kimi made peace, Chuckie was back, and they were on the news. What could be better?

Sarah felt a feeling she wasn't familiar with: jealousy. Kimi and Emmy seemed to be having such a good time together.

As the others played, Sarah sat down by herself. Finally, Kimi noticed.

"What's a matter?" She asked, putting her arm around her.

"You're having so much fun with your new friend, and you forgetted me!" Sarah cried.

"How can I forget you? Asides, I gotted Emmy a best friend already."

"Who?" Sarah asked.

"Lil," Kimi replied with a smile.

Sarah got up and hugged Kimi. The girls walked to their friends and started playing.

Stu had invited practically the whole town to the celebration. The McNulty boys came, and Angelica left the babies to play with them.

The Rugrats were still playing kingdom.

"I know!" Kimi said. "Angelica can be the dragon!"

"She won't wanna play with us," Emmy said.

Kimi smiled slyly.

"Watch this," she said. Kimi walked over to where Angelica was standing. When she made sure Angelica wasn't looking, she grabbed Cynthia.

She ran off to her friends.

"She should be coming any minute," Kimi said smiling.

Angelica was talking with Timmy McNulty.

"So I was thinking, if you'd like to see Cynthia," She said.

"No thanks," Timmy said. He walked off.

"No one ‘preciates Cynthia anymore," Angelica grumbled. "Hey, where is Cynthia?" She didn't need an answer.

"Kimi Finster!!!!!"

"Okay guys, she's coming. ‘Magine her as a dragon," Kimi said. The Rugrats all ran away from Angelica until Kimi surrendered Cynthia.

"Ya know pipsqueak, one of these days you'll go too far," Angelica growled.

"Don't call her pipsqueak. Asides, you owe us for making us two emenies," Emmy said.

"Fine I'll let you off this time," Angelica replied.

It was night, and everyone was still at the Pickles' house. Lil whispered into Emmy's ear. The girls giggled.

"I'm glad Emmy has a best friend now," Kimi said.

"Me too," Tommy said.

"Kimi, maybe Emmy can share our star," Chuckie suggested.

"I'll ask her," Phil said. He walked over to Emmy.

"Wanna share Kimi's star?"

"Huh?" Emmy asked.

Lil explained everything.

"If it's okay with Kimi," Emmy said.

"It is," Sarah said from behind them.

"Kimi! I'm gonna share your star!" Emmy announced. "Which one is it?"

All the Rugrats, even Dil, pointed to the star.

Chapter 15

It was the next morning, and Emmy was leaving for her home.

"How far away are you?" Kimi asked.

"I live a bajillion hours away I think," Emmy answered. Really she lived only about two hours away.

Emmy hugged Kimi. She walked to Chuckie.

"Promise not to get kidlapped again?"

Chuckie smiled.

"I'll try," he answered. Emmy hugged Chuckie as well. She turned to Tommy.

"Sorry for giving you all a hard time with Kimi," She said.

"Don't worry 'bout it. It's Angelica's fault," Tommy said with a grin. Emmy hugged him. She went to Phil and hugged him. She hugged Dil also. Last she hugged Lil. Lil just became her best friend the previous day and now she was leaving.

"You and Phil are still gonna like worms when I come back, right?" Emmy asked.

"YEAH!!!" Lil exclaimed.

Sophine picked Emmy up and got in her car. Emmy had a sad smile on.

"Bye Emmy!" All the Rugrats sang in a chorus. They all waved good-bye. Kimi ran into the street and waved wildly. Emmy waved back as the car got farther away. Finally, it disappeared.

Kimi turned to her friends. Emmy wasn't gone. She was just going away for awhile. Soon, she'd be back and things would get better. They just had to wait for awhile. Then they'd be back together, the way it was supposed to be.

The End


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