Who Wants To Be A Millionaire -- Anyway?

by Sara Vivanco

Author's Note:

As I said before, Sarah is April Bagleyís character not mine. Sarah is Tommy and Dilís adopted sister, technically their cousin.

Kimi looked around the huge store. There were clothes everywhere! She and her best friend, Sarah were hiding in the clothes racks for a game of hide-and-seek. Tommy and Chuckie were Ďití.

"Found ya kimi!" Tommy announced with a huge grin. Kimi climbed from the clothes and motioned for Sarah to come out.

"Whereís Chuckie?" sarah asked.

At that moment, Chuckie came up, announcing that it was time to leave.

Didi and Kira came to the babies and picked them up with bags in there arms.

Kimi poked her head and saw dress-up clothes for her and Chuckie.

"The babies will look so cute at the party," Kira said.

"Iíve been looking foward to this since Stu mentioned it was a mansion! Finally, his inventions got us something! Too bad the DeVilles canít make it," Didi replied.

They all headed towards the food court and sat at a table.

Kimi turned to her friends and asked,

"whatís a man-song?"

"A man-song?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, thatís what youíre mommy said the party was at," Kimi answered.

"Maybe a man-song is a song a man sings," sarah suggested.

"It has to be a place or else it wouldnít be a party," Chuckie said.

Kimi face lit up.

"Maybe a man-song is a game! We have to find the song a man sings at the party!" she exclaimed.

The babies seemed to think that was a logical answer and started thinking about the party.

Kimi looked down at her feet. She wasnít wearing her normal cowgirl boots. She was wearing mary jane shoes and a similiar dress to the one she wore at the adoption party for her and Chuckie. Her pigtails were brushed back and she was wearing light blue scrunchies.

Chuckie was wearing a suit and black shoes. His hair still was the same.

Sarah had mary jane shoes also, and wore a light blue jumper and a purple shirt. Her two blonde braids were tied together in the back of her head in a bun.

Tommy wore shoes for once, and had on his normal diaper, along with the same shirt he wore at his grandparentsí wedding.

They were all in the van and stu drove up on a driveway. But it wasnít just any driveway. This one was big enough to fit a one story house on, if not bigger.

The rugrats gasped in amazment to see a huge mansion in front of them.

"Hey you guys! Donít forget about the man-song!" Kimi reminded her friends.

"What if we get lost?" Chuckie asked. "And something scary gets us? Like a ghost?"

"A ghost? Neat!" Kimi said.

Chuckie groaned as their parents picked them up and walked inside the mansion.

The rugrats stared at the huge room. Adults were all around dressed in fancy clothes.

"Can we eat afore we get the man-song?" Sarah asked, rubbing her stomach.

Tommy nodded and led the babies to a table.

They all crawled under the table to get away from the large crowd around it.

They all reached up and grabbed food. Kimi was trying to get bread rolls, but her hand accidently hit the punch bowl. the punch splashed all over a woman and man standing nearby.

The woman screamed and Kimi hurried to get away. Her friends followed her to tall stairs.

The rugrats scrambled up the stairs, and when they reached the top, Tommy said,

"Maybe we should look for the man-song."

They all agreed.

"Letís all split up," tommy said.

"Can we have partners? I donít wanna get losted in a scary place like this!" Chuckie said.

"Dibs on sarah!" Kimi exclaimed.

"dibs on Kimi!" Sarah said happily.

Tommy pointed to a room.

"Me and Chuckie will go there," He said. "You can go in the potty room over there."

Kimi and Sarah giggled.

Tommy and Chuckie went into the room.

Kimi and Sarah went in the bathroom.

"Give me a booster," Kimi said to Sarah. Sarah helped Kimi up to the light switch.

As soon as she turned the light on, Sarah dropped Kimi because she was so amazed.

This bathroom was huge and it had a jacuzzi!

Sarah and Kimi immediatly forgot about the "man-song" and went on playing with different things in the bathroom.

Kimi grabbed the end of the toilet paper and pulled it all around the bathroom. Sarah squirted toothpaste in a long trail.

The girls were giggling uncontrolably. Suddenly, Sarah heard footsteps from the stairs.

Kimi and Sarah ran from the bathroom.

A woman stepped inside and turned on the light. She shrieked and slipped on the toothpaste trail. It took her right into the jacuzzi.

Tommy and Chuckie had more luck.

They started by searching under the bed, then the closet. So far they found nothing.

Then suddenly, the boys heard a babyís voice. It sounded like it was coming from another room.

"Rebecca! Youíre not apposed ta touch my daddyís hundred dollar- uh, thing," the voice said.

"Címon Chuckie," Tommy said.

Chuckie sighed and muttered,

"Why canít I be with Phil aní Lil right now?"

They left the room and got closer to the voice. It led them to a door with a sign saying "Jakeís Room".

Tommy opened the door and saw two babies, a boy and girl, fighting over some object.

The babies seemed startled by Tommy and Chuckie in the doorway and dropped whatever they were holding.

"Now look what you did!" the boy said.

"Not now Jake!" the girl said. She turned to Tommy and Chuckie. "Hi! Iím Rebecca! Oh, this is my cousin Jake."

Jake wasnít half as cheerful as Rebecca and frowned.

"Whatíre you babies doing here? And who are you?" he asked rudely.

"Iím Tommy and this is Chuckie. Do you know where the man-song is?"

Rebecca and Jake gave Tommy a strange look. Chuckie stepped foward and explained about the man-song.

"Maybe we can help," Rebecca said.

After they left the bathroom, Kimi and Sarah had gone in a walk-in closet. Sarah pulled on the light string.

"Sure is big for a closet," she said. Kimi nodded in agreement as she looked around.

The closet reminded her of the store they were at that afternoon. Clothes everywhere!

"Hey Sarah!" Kimi called. "I look like a clown!"

Sarah turned and saw her friend. Kimi had put on adult shoes and was trying to walk in them.

Kimi tripped a few times. Sarah giggled and helped her up.

"We still gotta find the man-song," Sarah said.

"Maybe itís on those shells," Kimi said, pointing to shelves.

Sarah crouched down so Kimi could climb on her.

Before she got on Sarah, Kimi said,

"Donít let me fall again!"

Sarah held back a giggle. Kimi climbed on top of her.

"Itís too high!" Kimi said, reaching her arm as high as she could.

"Kimi! Youíre too heavy!" Sarah cried. She fell flat on the ground and Kimi landed on her.

"I told you not ta let me fall!" Kimi said.

"Where should we go first?" Tommy asked.

"Well, I never seed a man-song, but I know where thereís a buncha wierd looking stuff," Rebecca said.

She lead them to the bathroom Kimi and Sarah were in earlier.

Tommy turned the door knob.

The four babies all gasped as they saw the mess.

Chuckie sighed and at the same time, he and Tommy both said,

"Kimi and Sarah."

"Who?" Jake asked.

"Sarahís my sister," Tommy said.

"Kimiís mine," Chuckie said.

Rebecca shrugged.

"Where are they?" she asked.

"We donít know," Tommy and Chuckie said together.

Kimi and Sarah found another flight of stairs.

"Wow! Itís so high up!" Kimi gasped.

"Letís climb it!" sarah exclaimed.

As they got closer to the top, it got darker.

"Maybe Chuckie was right about the ghosts," Sarah whispered. She thought a moment. "Thatíd be neat!"

Kimi giggled.

"I wonder where Chuckie and Tommy are right now," she said.

"Maybe somewheres really fun," Sarah said.

They had finally reached the top of the stairs. Kimi crashed into Sarah.

"I canít sees anything!" Kimi complained.

"Whereís the light?" Sarah asked. After awhile, their eyes got used to the dark.

There was only one door on the floor.

Kimi reached for the doorknob. She turned it slowly. Inside the room, the light was already on. Boxes were piled up everywhere.

"Maybe the man-songís in here," Sarah said.

The two opened boxes that were on the ground. They threw everything out of each box.

Kimi grabbed a box from the bottom. Everything fell.

Sarah spotted a cd player right by Kimi.

"Neato!" Kimi exclaimed. She reached over to the cd player.

"How do you work it?" Sarah asked.

Kimi shrugged. Thatís when they heard it. Someone else was in the room.

"Whoís there?" a manís voice said. He seemed angry until he saw the people were two baby girls.

"Oh, itís just two babies," he said. Kimi and Sarah crawled over to him. The man placed them on his lap.

"You two are probably wondering why Iím up here by myself. First of all Iím Josh," the man said kindly. "Iím supposed to be downstairs with the rest of the adults. After all, I am the host." He sighed. "I have a son and neice the same age as you two."

Josh smiled.

"I just want this party to be different then the others. Not so fancy," he said. "Just something different."

Kimi and Sarah smiled and they picked up the cd player.

"Thatís it! I can play modern music! Thatís different!" Josh exclaimed.

He picked the girls up and laughed.

"I give up!" Jake said. "Thereís no man-song! Iím going downstairs to the party with my daddy!"

Tommy, Chuckie, and Rebecca hung their heads. They still wanted to look for the man-song but they checked everywhere and found nothing.

They all climbed down to the party.

"Jake, where is your daddy?" Rebecca asked.

Jake opened his mouth to say something, when Josh came down the stairs.

"Iím here! Iím here!" he anounced. He was carrying Kimi, Sarah, and the cd player.

Kira, Chazz, Stu, and Didi all came over.

Stu took Tommy and Sarah. Didi held Dil who was asleep. Kira picked up Chuckie and Chazz picked up Kimi.

"You must be the girlsí parents," Josh said. "They helped me a lot tonight. Whatíre their names?"

"This is Kimi," Chazz said.

"This is Sarah," Stu said.

"Well theyíre wonderful children. Now to play the music!"

Josh took out an Adam Smasher cd. Adam Smasher was a famous teen singer. The first song Josh played was ĎOh Adamí.

"This is the man-song!" Kimi exclaimed happily.

"Nope. Itís the boy-song," sarah said.

The six babies were under the table drinking their bottles. Outside they heard Britney Beersís famous song ĎUh-oh I did it againí.

"Hey you guys!" Jake said. "I call a toast for my four new friends!"

"I like toast!" Kimi exclaimed.

"Specially with butter!" Sarah said licking her lips.

"I like jelly betterer," Tommy said.

"I donít like toast a lot," Chuckie told everyone.

Rebecca and Jake laughed.

"A toast is a thank you to a friend or something," Rebecca explained.

"I still like toast," Kimi said.

"With butter," Sarah added.

Kimi looked up at the ceiling in her bed.

"That was fun," Chuckie said.

"I guess, but we didnít find the man-song. We found a boy-song by that Adam Smasher guy," Kimi said.

"Oh well. We made new friends right?" Chuckie said.

"Yeah. I never wanna live in a big house like that! Itís too big!" Kimi said.

Chuckie nodded.

"Asides," he said. "Weíd make terrible millionaires!"

The End

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