Hey Hey! We're The Rugrats!

By Birch Griesse and Julian Thomas

Hello. My name is Tommy. Let me talk you about the time we started a rock and roll band. It's like that rock and roll band that came from North of The Border, but with one exception...us!

It was sunny day and we were playing outside. I asked Chuckie, "What should we do now?"

He said, "I don't know."

"Let's bang on pots!" Lil said.

"No, lets play tag!" said Phil. "

"Pots!" "Tag!" "Pots!" "Tag!"

I said, "Guys!  let's play tag first!"

Phil stuck his tongue out at Lil.

"Okay Lil, you win. Pots."

We went inside. I took a pot and started banging it.

Chuckie said, "That was good, Tommy!"

I said "Thanks." Then I did it again; this time Lil clicked spoons in the background.

"Wow!" said Phil.

We bowed. We then celebrated. And then, Susie and Angelica came along.

Susie said, "Very nice, Tommy and Lil."

But Angelica said "you babies are so dumb with your band. What you need is a singer like me."

I said "Why do you think that Angelica?"

Angelica explained, "Well, you see Tommy every band needs a singer."

We agreed. We played again. This time everyone played something. Angelica sang:

(To the tune of 'America the Beautiful')

"Oh beautiful, for spaceship eyes
are golden waves of hair.
And purple dresses majity,
above the doted tiiights!
Angelica, Angelica
dog get away from me!
And crown my head with princess crown
from Cynthia to shining Cynthia!"

"Wow I like our band," I said.

"Yeah!" said Chuckie.

"That was great!" said Lil.

"I think so too," said an old friend of ours...

"Deeeeeann! " Angelica exclaimed.

She ran over to him, and hugged him.

"Could you help us?" asked Phil.

"Sure!" said Dean.

They played again, Dean twanging his guitar.

"Great, I think we're ready to play for the beanels!" I said.

"Right." said Susie.

We went outside and set up a stage.

"We need band costumes, and a name." said Dean.

"Let's be the Reptars!" said Lil

"No, the Phils!" said Phil.

"Uh, uh! We're the 'Lils'!", said Lil.

"Phils!" "Lils!" "Phils!" "Lils!"

"I don't think either of those fit, let's be 'The Rugrats'! " I said.

"Ok" Dean agreed. So, we looked for costumes. We soon found some. We then performed. Everyone liked it. Even out mommy and daddies, who were outside, taking pictures. And Grandpa was out there too, recording on his old recording machine for our first wrecker! As for us, we put on a great show!

(To the tune of "The Monkees' Theme")

Here we come, crawlin in the yard!
Getting funny looks from, oh, near and far!

Hey hey! We're The Rugrats!
And we like ratting around!
We're too busy cryin'
To have them put us down!

We're trying to be friendly!
Oh, come on and join us to play!
We're the young generation!
And we are here to stay!

Hey hey! We're The Rugrats!
Come, now, don't you frown!
You guys better get ready!
The Rugrats' comin' to your town!

The End

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