The Tweenage Rugrats In: "School Play"

By Brianna Blank, Steve Mindykowski & Birch Griesse

One morning, the Rugrats are in drama class at their junior high school. They are in the auditorium, where the class is being held today.

Mrs. Parsons, the drama teacher, said, "Today we will be doing auditions for the school play, 'Puppy Love'. The story is about a girl and a boy who live next door to Gregory Matthews, Carrie Smith and Lenny Simpson. They all get in fights and then, three puppies are born: Barky, Poochie and Clancy. The puppies love each other, but the owners hate each other. What'll happen? I have the scripts here, for those of you who are interested."

"I wanna be Carrie!" said Angelica to Samantha.

"That's who I wanted to be!" said Samantha to Angelica.

"I wanna be Poochie!" said Phil.

"I wanna be Clancy!" said Lil.

"I guess I'll be Barky," said Kimi.

"But Kimi, according to the script, Barky is a boy dog!" said Chuckie.

"Oh, well," said Kimi.

"I wanna be Greg!" said Dil.

"And I wanna be Lenny!" said Tommy. "

Alright, if you wanna be either Gregory, Lenny, or Carrie, come here!" said Mrs. Parsons. "Okay, I have Tommy, Chuckie, Samantha, Angelica, Dil, Carey, Mandi, Mike, Rick, Kyle, Brian, and Simone. Allright; now, Carrie people come here! Okay, Samantha's interested. Samantha! Grab a script and act out scene 2 for me!"

Samantha ran onto the stage and did her best acting.

"Oh, Lenny, does Gregory really have to move in next door? Soon, we'll be getting into so many fights, it ain't gonna be pretty!"

Mrs. Parsons said, "Very good, Samantha! You barely looked at your script! Good girl. Next, Angelica! Same thing."

"Oh, Lenny, Gregory really have to move Um, how did I do?" said Angelica, confused.

"Okay, Angelica, let's move on," said Mrs. Parsons. "Carey! Come up!"

It went on like that all until Simone finished. Then the Lennys went up. Tommy was obviously the best. The Gregs went up and Chuckie and Dil were good.

Then Mrs. Parsons called up, "Clancys, Barkys, and Poochies come here!"

Kimi went up. Her voice was beatiful. Mrs. Parsons wrote her down as advanced. Phil and Lil passed.

"I hope I got a good part," Kimi said.

The Rugrats went up to the bulletin board the next day to find out what parts they got.

"The part of Geregory will be played by: Chuckie?" read Dil.

"Way to go, Chuckeroo!" said Tommy.

"I knew you could do it!" said Kimi.

"Aw, don't feel bad, Dil," said Chuckie. "Stuff like that always happens to me."

A smile came to Dil's face.

"Wahoo! I got Clancy!" cried Lil.

"And I got Poochie!" shouted Phil. They danced around a few times.

"Dil Pickles... Pickles, Dil... a ha! I'm Barky!" said Dil.

"But if you're Barky, who am I?" asked Kimi.

She down the list and found her name under Carrie.

"Oh my gosh!" Kimi shouted as she danced around.

Soon, Angelica and Samantha came rushing towards the bulletin board. They looked under Carrie and found Kimi;s name under "Carrie".

"What? She didn't even try out!" Samantha screamed.

"We're housemaids!" screamed Angelica.

Angelica and Samantha started crying on the wall.

Soon, the person they both liked, Chris, was standing in front of them.

"What babies," he said to his friend Travis.

They both walked down to class, laughing hysterically.

Angelica and Samantha watched Travis and Chris walk off laughing.

"You know, I guess it is pretty stupid to cry just because we didn’t get the part we wanted," Angelica said.

"You’re right," Samantha agreed, "it’s not that big of a deal. We’ll just tell the acting teacher that we don’t want to be housemaids. Maybe we can be costume designers instead."

"Good idea." Angelica and Samantha told the acting teacher that they didn’t want to be housemaids and they would rather be costume designers. She told them that that would be fine. She told them that they should come see her after school each Wednesday and Thursday. Later, the rugrats sat in Tommy’s room practicing their lines.

"Oh, look at that cute dog!" Kimi read, "Come here puppy!"

"Hey, that’s my dog Carrie! Don’t you dare touch it unless you want to pay the medical bills!" Tommy snapped.

"Oh, is it sick?" Kimi asked.

"No, but it will be if you get your cooties all over it!" Tommy retorted.

"Well, then you can’t touch my dog either!" Kimi shot back.

Phil and Lil, the puppies, started walking toward each other and sniffing. Tommy and Kimi pulled on pretend leashes and the dogs stopped, whimpering sadly.

"Good job!" said Dil.

That Thursday, Angelica and Samantha went to the acting teacher’s room to design the costumes. They carried bags of clothes and old Halloween costumes, which they proceeded to dump on the table. Samantha and Angelica rummaged through the pile, looking for anything interesting. Samantha pulled something out of the pile.

"Here’s a headband with puppy ears on it!" Samantha showed it to Angelica. Angelica pulled a furry suit out of the pile.

"And here’s my dog costume from Halloween a couple of years ago," She said.

"Do you think Carrie should wear a pink top or a blue top? With a green skirt or a purple skirt?" Samantha asked.

"Wait, I’ve got a great idea!" Angelica cried, "Let’s make Carrie, er, Kimi a totally hideous costume that she would never wear!"

"Why?" Samantha asked.

"Because she took our part! Maybe if we make her a really ugly looking costume, she’ll back down, and one of us will get to be Carrie!"

"Great idea!" Samantha cried.

That night, Phil awoke suddenly with a stomachache. He jumped out of bed and ran toward the bathroom. Betty heard him and got out of bed.

"What’s wrong Phil?" she asked.

"I threw up!" Phil told her.

The next day, Betty told the acting teacher that Phil might not be able to be in the play.

"That’s all right," the teacher told her, "We’ll just use his backup." But it wasn’t all right with Phil. He wanted to be in the play.

To Be Continued

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