The Search For Tommy: The missing scene from The Rugrats Movie

By Kacie Boskey

Hello. I thought the scene in The Rugrats Movie where Phil, Lil, and Chuckie save Tommy and Dil from the monkeys was too sudden. So, I wrote a fill-in:

It was storming out. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie were searching for the wizard. But, a tree almost crashed on them. "I don't know, you guys. If we find the lizard and Tommy doesn't, how's he ever going to get home?", Chuckie asked. "Why are you worried about him for? He's the one who was going to let you get 'eated' by a fish," Phil responded. "All he cares about is Baby Dil now," Lil said, joining her brother. "Yeah, well, somebody has to. Don't they?", Chuckie shot back at them.

Phil and Lil looked at Chuckie with a strange expression on their face. They didn't know why Chuckie wanted to find Tommy. Lil asked, "Why do you want to help Tommy. He didn't help you before. "

Chuckie thought for a minute, then responded, "Because I know why. He didn't help me because he was doing what a brother would do. "What?" "Help a brother or sister that's in trouble." Phil and Lil still weren't so sure about this.

They were still mad at Tommy for caring for Dil. "Lil, remember when Tommy asked you what you'd do if Phil was turned into a monkey?", Chuckie asked. "Yes," Lil said. "What he meant was that he knew you would help your brother." "So?", Phil and Lil wanted to know. "So, what's wrong with Tommy caring for his brother?" Chuckie said. Phil and Lil just looked at each other. They finally knew the reason Tommy wants to find Dil more than going to find the lizard.

"Phil?", Lil said to her brother. "What?" "Chuckie's right. Tommy is only doing what you and I would have done if one of us was in trouble." "Well, what do we do now?" Chuckie knew exactly what to do. "Let's go find Tommy and Dil," Phil and Lil agreed. The three went back. They looked everywhere, but Tommy was no where to be found.

They finally found them. The brothers were in a hollow tree. Dil was crying in fear of the storm. Tommy, who didn't noticed his friends, went into the tree. He began to sing a short lullaby :

Baby, please rest your head.

Soon we will be home in bed.

Until then, I will protect you like no other.

You're okay for a little brother.

Dil sniffled. He then gently grabbed Tommy's hand and cooed, "My Tomby." Tommy responded back, "My Dil." Now knowing the true meaning of brotherhood, Dil pulled the torn piece of blanket and pulled it over to Tommy. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie almost cried. Phil and Lil now felt bad about how they treated Dil. They decided that Dil wasn't really mean and naughty at all. Tommy was right. He is just a baby.

Dawn soon arrived. Suddenly, monkeys appeared. "Come on, Lil and Chuckie. Let's teach these monkeys a lesson." "Yeah." Phil and Lil took positions on either side of Tommy and Dil's tree. Chuckie hid in the bushes nearby with the Reptar Wagon.

to be continued in "The Rugrats Movie"

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