The Tweenage Rugrats In,
"All Growed Up For Christmas"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was Friday, the last day of school before the Christmas holidays.

Tommy and Dil stood by the bus stop in the falling snow of the early morning, waiting for the bus.

Tommy: Man, is it cold.

Dil: It certainly is.

Chuckie and Kimi came up to the bus stop.

Chuckie: Hi guys.

Kimi: Cold enough for you?

Tommy and Dil: Oh yeah!

Kimi: They said it was going to be cold!

Tommy: But I didn't expect it to snow today.

Phil and Lil came up to the bus stop.

Phil and Lil: It is cold out here.

Susie and Angelica joined the others.

Angelica: Bus late again?

Susie: They're so slow in this weather.

Finally, the bus came driving up. The doors opened.

Grandpa: Hurry up kids. Today is the last day of school before the holidays, you don't want to be late!

The kids climbed onto the bus.

Grandpa: Seasons greetings sprouts!

Tommy: Seasons greetings to you grandpa!

The bus drove to school. Everyone climbed off the bus and entered the school, shaking the snow off their boots and taking off their coats, scarves, and mittons. They entered their classes.

Of course, since today was the last day of school, instead of learning, the kids spent the whole day practicing their lines and rehearsing for the Christmas pageant which would be on Christmas Eve. Everyone was going to be there, their parents, their friends, and their other relatives. Kimi even hoped that her friend Robin Banks would come.

After school, the bus drove everyone home.

Grandpa: Have a wonderful holiday kids!

As the kids entered their homes, their parents were just beginning to decorate the house. By early evening, the outside of the houses were decorated with plastic Santa's, christmas lights, wreaths on the tree, and all sorts of other decorations.

At the Pickles house, Stu and his wife were preparing the dining room for Christmas day. Their family and friends would all celebrate Christmas here, eat a big feast of turkey, and other Christmas delights, sing Christmas carols, and opening presents around the tree.

At the Finster house, Kira washed the dishes while Kimi dried them and put them away.

Kira: I can't wait till your Christmas Pageant Kimi.

Kimi didn't say anything.

Kira: Is something wrong?

Kimi: I was thinking about...well, I was wondering whether...

Kira: Yes?

Kimi: What is Christmas like back in Japan?

Kira: It's wonderful. It's nothing like christmas here in America. In Japan, there is a different kind of Santa. Some say he has eyes in the back of his head so children behave when he is around.

Kimi: And what else?

Kira: In Japan, Santa gives toys to the good children.

Kimi: And the bad children?

Kira: They get whipped.

Kimi gulped.

Kira: Don't worry Kimi. You've been really good this year.

Kimi: I have?

Kira: Of course, especially to your friend. Now what was his name?

Kimi: Robin Banks.

Kira: Oh right.

Kimi: So who's all coming to Tommy and Dil's house for Christmas?

Kira: Well, there's us, the DeVilles, the Carmichaels, the Pickles, my parents will be also be coming.

Just then, Chazz entered and hung some mistletoe over Kira's head. Kira laughed and kissed him.

At the DeVille house, Betty climbed a small ladder and finished decorating the outside of the house with colored lights. Howard wrapped up the presents, while Phil and Lil hung their stockings.

At the Carmichael house, Susie hung the stockings for her brothers and sister.

Randy was at work, designing a Christmas themed cartoon for the Dummy Bears.

At the other Pickle's house, Charlotte tended to some business over the phone with Jonathan while Drew finished decorating the tree.

Angelica: Why do we always have to put the star on last?

Drew: Well, it wouldn't be Christmas if we just put the star on first princess.

Angelica: Why couldn't we just put the star on the tree and then put the tree up?

Drew: Well, that's not how it works. Hand me another ornament.

Angelica gave her father another red ornament.

The next morning, the tweenage rugrats walked out of town to a large snowy hill and began to build snowmen, make angels in the snow, have snowball fights, and build snow structures. They spent the whole day there, returning at sunset to drink cups of hot chocolate with little marshmellows. They also spent a few hours rehearsing for their pageant.

When they finished, they decided to go out again into the snow. The sky was filled with falling snow which they caught on their tongues.

Dil: Needs sugar.

Tommy: Just two more nights left till Christmas. I can't wait!

Angelica: I hope I get a new Emica cd.

Chuckie: What about you Kimi? What do you want for Christmas?

Kimi thought and thought. But she couldn't think of anything.

Kimi: I don't know.

Just then, Didi called them into the house. A snowstorm was soon coming.

Phil: Looks like its going to be a white christmas!

The kids walked back into the house. Kimi still couldn't think of anything she wanted for Christmas.

Late that night, as everyone slept, Kimi sat at the Kitchen table writing.
Dear Santa,

I can't seem to think of anything I want this year. In fact, there is only one thing I want for Christmas. Please, give my friend Robin Banks a Christmas he'll always remember. After all, he's probably spent the last twenty of them all alone. I also hope he can see me in the Christmas Eve pageant and my solo.

Sincerely, Kimi

Next to her, was a small wrapped gift in golden paper with a pink ribbon that Kimi had wrapped herself. She stopped writing and went to bed.

The next day, they spent some time preparing for the pageant. By now, they were almost ready. All they needed was a little more practice and they would be ready.

Later that day, Kimi picked up the phone and dialed a number. The phone began to ring, shortly later, someone on the other line picked it up.

Robin: Hello, Robin Banks speaking.

Kimi: Hi Robin.

Robin: Oh hi Kimi. You excited about the holidays?

Kimi: Yep! My grandparents are coming from Japan for the holidays.

Robin: That's nice. This Christmas will be different for me this year.

Kimi: Why?

Robin: For the last twenty years, I have spent Christmas all alone in the forest. But this year, I'll be spending Christmas with my girlfriend from my younger years.

Kimi: Robin, I was wondering about somthing.

Robin: Yes?

Kimi: Tomorrow, is my school's Christmas pagaent. And I was wondering if you could come attend.

Robin: I'd love to!

Kimi: Great! I'll see you there Robin!

She hung up.

Chuckie: Who was that?

Kimi: That was Robin. He's going to come to our pageant!

Chuckie: Great!

Kimi: He hasn't had a Christmas like this in twenty years. I'm going to make this Christmas, the best Christmas ever for him!

Chuckie: Let's go practice some more!

Kimi: Ok. Wait till Robin sees me when I perform my solo!

Just then, the doorbell rang. Kira answered it.

Kira: Mom, dad! So good to see you!

Koki and Kyoto: Merry Christmas Kira!

Kira: You too.

Koki and Kyoto entered, taking off their winter clothes.

Kimi: Grandma! Grandpa!

Kyoto: Hey Kimi! How's my favorite granddaughter?

Kimi: I'm your only grandchild.

Kyoto: Oh right.

Koki: We brought you a present Kimi!

Koki handed Kimi a present wrapped in blue paper with red ribbons.

Kyoto: Don't open it until Christmas.

Kimi: I won't.

Kira: So glad you came. Tomorrow, Kimi and her friends will have a Christmas pageant at school.

Kyoto: We wouldn't miss it for the world!

The next day, at 8:30 p.m, everyone drove their cars to the school. The kids went backstage in the gymnasium and dressed into their costumes. Dil's class was putting on a play about the first Christmas. Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, and Lil were going to be singing with the rest of their class. Angelica, Susie and the rest of their class would be peforming a scene from "The Nutcracker Prince".

The grownups sat in chairs near the front row. Everyone had come, including Didi's parents, Chazz's parents, Kira's parents, Stu's father and step-mother, Phil and Lil's uncle Freddy, even Robin Banks and his girlfriend had come.

Grade 1 was performing first. A little boy was dressed up as Santa Clause.

Boy: Ho ho ho! I am Santa Claus. My real name is Chris Kringle. I give toys to all the children in the world.

Everyone applauded.

Several more children from each class performed. Dil's class put on a play about the nativity. Dil was one of the three wise men.

There was more applause.

The tweenage rugrats class was performing next. They wore red robes with green lining, holding a candle whose flame was a florescent light. A woman near the stage began to play the piano.

The Rugrats and their class began to sing:
Christmas tree, my christmas tree, lit up like the stars,

When I see my Christmas tree, lit up once before.

Christmas tree I'm certain, wherever I go,

It's Christmas, it's Christmas, and I'm going home.

Back in the audience...

Kira: (whisper) Kimi's solo is coming up!

Chazz: Great!

Koki: Here it comes!

Kyoto: She'll do great!

Back on stage, Kimi looked toward the pianist woman. The woman smiled and nodded her head.

Kimi turned back towards the audience, approached the front of the stage, and began to sing.
Christmas time means laughter, tobaggans in the snow,

Caroling together, with faces aglow.

Decorating the tree, and Santa's in the store,

And my merriest Christmas needs just one thing more.

Robin began clapping.

Robin: (quietly) That was beautiful!

Minutes later, the song ended. Everyone applauded, mostly from the rugrats parents, grandparents, friends, and their other relatives.

The pianist began to play another song. Twelve kids, including Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi stood in a line.

The pianist played, "On the 12 Days of Christmas", which the kids sang.

Everyone applauded at the end.

Angelica and Susie's class soon came up. A song from "The Nutcracker Prince" began to play. The two girls began to dance in their costumes with the rest of their class. One boy was dressed in a Russian military uniform like the nutcracker.

When the dance ended, everyone applauded.

Finally, at 10:30, the pageant ended. Each of the students in the twelve classes took their bows and left.

Stu: Great performance kids!

Tommy: Thanks dad.

Kira: We really enjoyed your solo Kimi.

Kimi: You did?

Chazz: Of course we did. Even Robin enjoyed your solo.

Kimi: Where is he anyway?

Kira: He already left. He should be at his apartment by now.

Chazz: Let's not bother him tonight. We'd better get to bed soon because Santa comes tonight.

The families returned home, left out milk and cookies for Santa, and eventually went to bed. The time read 10:30 p.m.

The next morning, everyone sat by the tree, opening their presents. Everyone got what they had wanted this year.

Kimi opened the present from her grandparents. Inside was a Japanese doll.

Kimi: It's beautiful grandpa.

Kyoto: Merry Christmas Kimi.

Kimi: You too grandpa.

Didi went into the kitchen to check on the turkey in the oven. Kira prepared the Christmas punch, Betty set the table, Charlotte lit the candles.

Tommy: This is the best Christmas I've ever had.

Kimi: And it just needs one more thing.

Kimi went upstairs to her room, opened her drawer and took out the present she had wrapped up several nights ago. Then, she put on her coat, mittens, and winter hat, and went outside into the falling snow.

Ten minutes later, Kimi entered a small motel-like building. She hung her coat, cap, and mittens on a nearby coat rack and checked a sign, which said, "Robin Banks - room 46". Kimi went to the fourth floor and knocked on the door for room 46.

Robin: Come in.

Kimi opened the door and went in.

Robin: Hey Kimi! Great pageant last night!

Kimi: You really enjoyed it?

Robin: Of course! My girlfriend just loved it too! Especially your solo.

Kimi: I have something for you Robin.

She gave him the present with gold paper and pink ribbon.

Robin: For me?

Kimi: Sure. Open it.

Robin opened the present. Inside was a framed picture of Kimi. She had signed her name on the lower right corner. It brought a smile to Robin's face.

Robin: It's beautiful Kimi.

Kimi: Hey, what are friends for?

Robin: I'll cherish this forever. This is the first present I've ever recieved in twenty years.

Kimi: Merry Christmas Robin.

Robin: You too Kimi.

Kimi couldn't help but smile. Her wish had come true. This indeed was a merry christmas both for her, and for her friend Robin Banks.

The End

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