The Tweenage Rugrats in: "The Popular Party"

By Birch Griesse

It was a typical Saturday morning at the Finster's house. Chuckie went out to get the mail then entered the house again.

"Hey, Kimi there's a letter for us!" he called to his sister, Kimi.

Kimi snatched the letter from him and opened it. She pulled out a card. "Your Invited" was printed on the front. Kimi opened the card, which had the following:
Consider yourself/selves lucky. You are being invited to Hannah Hanna's boy/girl dance party. Congratulations: Kimi and Chuckie.

Time: 6:00 next Sat.

Place: First mansion, 4811 Private Pecan Rd

Wear your best clothes and, if possible, bring a date. My party will be a blast, so don't pass up you chance. See you soon.

"Wow!" Kimi exclaimed, "We're being invited to HANNAH HANNA'S party!"

"Neat!" Chuckie cried.

"Mom," Kimi called, "can we invite Phil, and Lil, and Tommy, and, Dil over?"

"Sure," Kira answered.


"Hannah Hanna actually invited us to her party!" Kimi exclaimed.

"We got an invitation too," Lil announced.

"So, did we," Tommy told them. For a second they just sat looking at each other. They all cheered at once. Just then Chuckie thought of something.

"Guys, I can't dance," he said. "and what'll I wear?"

"I hadn't thought of that," Tommy said.

"I know someone who can help us," Lil told them, "she helped us before, and she can help us now."

"Who?" Dil asked.

"Susie!" Lil cried. The Rugrats ran to Susie's house.

"Susie, Susie, Susie!" they cried. They told Susie their problem. Susie thought for a moment.

"When is the party?" she finally asked.

"Next Saturday," Phil informed her.

"OK, we'll start with dance lessons," Susie sighed.

They worked for hours until it was time for the Rugrats to leave. As they walked out the door, Susie called after them,

"Meet me tomorrow."

The Rugrats visited Susie every day until the party, and when that day finally came the Rugrats were at Susie's house bright and early so she could help them get ready.

"OK, time to find something for you all to wear."

Susie set to work getting the Rugrats ready for the party. By six o'clock that night, the Rugrats were absolutely they looked their best. Susie's parents drove them to the mansion and let them out outside the door. The Rugrats entered the mansion.

To Be Continued

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