The Tweenage Rugrats In,
"Mother's Day -- The Untold Story"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was Mother's Day. At the Finster's household, Chazz was looking through his mementos. Had Melinda still been alive, Chuckie would have given her roses from her garden. The garden was in full bloom this month.

He remembered when he had met Melinda. She was selling organic flowers at a florist sale in the park...

Chazz is walking through the park when he comes to an attractive redhead selling organic flowers.

"Hi" she said, "would you like some of these beautiful flowers to decorate your home?"

Chazz looked at all the pretty flowers. He also looked at Melinda. She was extremely beautiful with her red hair flowing in the wind. He couldn't speak or even breathe. The reason why was because he was alergic to some of the plants she was selling. He passed out, unconscious.

He awoke a few minutes later. Melinda had given him CPR.

"Was that a kiss?" he asked.

"Of course not Chazz" she said.

"How did you know my name?"

"Your id fell out of your wallet."

Chazz fondly remembered that day. It didn't take long for romance to spark between them. He remembered their first date...

"Chazz, you're so quiet. You haven't said a word."

"Ummm, well, hello."

"Cause I was really hoping we could talk and stuff."

"Ummm, well, ok."

"I haven't seen you for twenty years. Remember back in high school how I used to tease you?"

"Ummm, yes."

"Chazz, I only teased you because I liked you."

Chazz was speechless. Then he fainted.

Chazz had always been shy around girls, especially a knockout like Melinda...

"It's awfully nice of you to invite me to your place Melinda. I hope your parents will like me."

"Of course they will. Why wouldn't they? What could go wrong?"

To make a long story short, everything went wrong. Chazz spilled his water, sneezed wine into the face of Edward, Melinda's father, he even accidentally destroyed the aquarium where Martha kept her prized fish.

Edward and Marth took an instant disliking to Chazz. Melinda's sister, Isabelle however liked Chazz despite his clumsiness.

Back to today, Chuckie walked in.

"Hi dad hows it going?" asked Chuckie as he entered.

"Just fine son" said Chazz. "I'm just looking through my mementos."

Chazz took another photo. It was the day he and Melinda got married. They had just gotten engaged a few days before. Chazz remembered that day.

"Chuckie, you wanna know about the day I married your mother?"

"Sure ok" said Chuckie.

Chazz told Chuckie about the time he married Melinda...

"Are you nuts Melinda?!" demanded Edward. "You can't marry that klutz! The last time he came here, he cost us hundreds of dollars to get a new aquarium and new fish!"

"But dad!" protested Melinda.

"Melinda, you go out there and you tell Chazz that the wedding is off!"

"But dad, I love Chazz! I wanna spend the rest of my life with him!"

"Daddy" said Isabelle, "it isn't right to make Melinda choose between us and her true love!"

"Isabelle's right daddy!" said Melinda. "How could you?!"

She ran out of the room crying.

Back to today...

"Ok" said Chazz, "so maybe her parents didn't consent, so instead, with Isabelle's help, we eloped. It was a happy wedding ceremony."

"Can you tell me a story with me in it?" asked Chuckie.

"Why sure!" said Chazz. I remembered it as if it was yesterday...

"Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Finster, it's a boy!" said the doctor.

The doctor gave Melinda a blue towel wrapped around a newborn baby boy.

"He's got my red hair!" said Melinda.

"Mine too!" said Chazz.

"What are we going to call him?" asked Melinda.

"Gee, I don't know."

"How about I name him after his father?"

"Charles. That's perfect! I always like a kid named 'Chuckie'."

Several months later...

"Chazz, I don't feel so good. Take me to the hospital."

A few weeks later...

Melinda lay in her bed at the hospital writing in her diary. She was writing a poem for Chuckie. A few hours later, she closed her eyes, and never woke up.

Today, Chazz dabs his eyes which have tears in them.

"I'd better put these away for now" he said. "Although those memories will always live on."

He put the mementoes away.

Upstairs, Kira and Kimi were looking through another box of mementoes. On the bed were some roses from the garden that Chazz, Chuckie, and Kimi had given her.

"Mom, who's this girl?"

"That's me when I was fifteen."

"Who's this handsome guy with his arm around you?"

"Kimi, that's your dad. That's when we were young."

"I thought you were born a grownup mom."

Kira laughed. Then she and Kimi looked through the mementoes some more.

The End

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