By Kacie Boskey

Illustrations by the author

It's been 4 months since the wolf attack. The Rugrats didn't want to go back. But their parents did not know anything about the wolf attack except from Angelica.

She told them everything that happened. The whole truth, too. Their parents thought it would be nice to go out camping. Unfortunely, they went to the same place as the wolf attack occured. This time, Spike wasn't with 'em. So, Tommy and the others began to worry.

Not too far away, a wolf was watching them.  But it wasn't the same wolf that Spike defeated. This wolf was female and was the mate of the wolf Spike fought! She had watched the whole fight and was furious! She wanted revenge. But, she couldn't.

Spike wasn't around. So, she decided to take revenge on the babies, Angelica, and their parents. This wolf's name was Zira. She also had a scar on the back of her head, neck, and back. It was purple. Her eyes were glowing red and her fur was entirely, expect the scar, was dark gray.Her nose was pure black. This wolf, along with her pack, had the ability to talk to humans and their kids.

Soon, camp was set. Chuckie asked, "What are we gonna do,Tommy?" For a moment, Tommy thought, "Yeah. I don't want to be here. This time, I don't know. I wish I knew, but I don't."

Angelica was with her mommy. "Mommy, I don't want to stay here. Even for a minute! You know that I told you about that wolf attack." Charlotte said, "Honey, there are no wolves around here." How wrong she was.
Kovu Vitani Nuka
Nearby, Zira was plotting a way to get revenge. Kovu, a wolf cub with reddish and green fur, was playing with his stepsister and stepbrother. Their names were Nuka and Vitani. Vitani's fur was purple and black. Nuka's fur was mainly orange. All the wolves in Zira's pack had a black nose. Except Vitani's; her nose was pink.

Meanwhile, it was lunch. Angelica was having soup. Dil and Tommy were having milk. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie were having baby food. Flavored carrot for Chuckie and banana flavored for the twins. As soon as they were done, they were put outside with Grandpa Lou. They began to discuss on what they should do. Even Dil remembered what happened.

"Maybe we can put him to sleep," Lil suggested. "No, I don't think that'd work. Maybe we could give him some food. Maybe he will leave us alone if we do," Phil exclaimed. "Whatever we do," Angelica butted in, "make sure it's a good plan." They finally thought they could just try avoiding going into the so familiar woods.

In the meantime, Zira had planned a plot. The perfect plot. "Kovu, Kovu, Kovu. Scar wasn't even his father. He just took him in," Nuka muttered. Scar was the mate of Zira, except Scar never really had a scar. "I could be a leader if she just give me a chance!", Nuka yelled at Vitani. Vitani scoffed and replied, "Yeah, right. Why don't you that to her?" "Yeah? Don't think I won't!" "Oh, yeah? Ha,ha,ha. Here's your chance." Nuka turned around and saw Zira, holding Kovu. "Hey mother, I was thinking. Since I am the oldest, maybe I should be king!", he asked. "What? Don't be a fool, Nuka!", Zira protested. "Ha,ha,ha. Just a thought."

As Zira took Kovu into the termite mound cave, Nuka muttered, "Chosen one." Zira dropped Kovu into his "bed". She said, "I now see the our glorious return to power!" "But I don't want...", Kovu tried to say. But he was cut off. "Hush!Hush, my little one. You must be exhausted."

Then she began to sing:

Sleep, my little Kovu. Let your dreams take wing.

One day when you're' big and strong, you will be a king.

Kovu, speaking, "Good-night." "Goodnight my little prince. Tommorrow, your training intensifies," she hissed.

Then she began to sing again:

I've been exiled, persucuted, left alone with no defense.

When I think of what that brute did, I get a little tense!

But I dream a dream so pretty, I don't feel so depressed.

Cause it sooths my inner kitty and it helps me get some rest.

The sound of those parents' dying gasp!

Their little kids squealing in my grasp!

Their friends' mournful cry. That's my lullabye.

Now the past I've tried forgetting and my foes I could forgive.

Trouble is I know it's petty, but I hate to let them live!

Nuka: So you found yourself somebody who will chase them up a tree?

Oh, the battle maybe bloody, but that kinda works for me.

The melody of angry growls,

the counterpoint of painful howls,

the symphoney of death, oh my!

That's my lullabye!

Scar is gone, but Zira's still around to love this little lad

'till he learns to be a killer, with a lust for being bad!

Nuka: Sleep, ya little termite! Uh, I mean precious little thing.

Vitani: One day when you're big and strong... You will be a king!

The pounding of the drums of war!The thrill of Kovu's mighty roar!

Nuka: The joy of vengeance!

Vitani: Testify!

I can hear the cheering.

Nuka and Vitani: Kovu, what a guy!

Payback time is nearing and then our flag will fly against a bloodred sky!

All wolves: That'!

The next morning, Tommy and Angelica were the first ones up. They knew what they were gonna do. They weren't letting themselves or their parents into the woods. They just hoped it'd work.Their parents soon woke up. Then the other babies. They were up and making some breakfast.

No more than a month later, they were still in the woods, camping. Kovu was now full grown."What is you destiny?", Zira asked him."I will avenge Scar." "Yes, what have I taught you?" "Those humans are the enemy," Zira asked, "And what must you do?"Kovu responded, "I must kill them!" A couple of wolves roared.

They went over to the cabin to attack. They wanted Kovu to attack the oldest kid, Angelica because she can talk to the adults. They didn't want that. When Didi noticed this, she warned everyone."Everybody, hide!", she cried. "Hold it,Deed.What's wrong?", Stu and Betty asked. "There are a pack of wolves headed this way! Vicious looking ones,too.", she exclaimed. The other adults looked horrified when they saw wolves headed toward their cabin. Of all the people, Angelica panicked the most. She ran out the back door, only to find a wolf standing in front of her! It was Kovu.

"You!'', he howled. Angelica ran right past him and into the woods.Soon, Charlotte found that her daughter ran off into the woods. "My baby!She's gone!", she yelled to the others. Tommy and the 4 other babies were shocked as well. They told Angelica to stay away from the woods.

Charlotted and Drew soon found Angelica on a bridge. The same bridge on which they found her 5 months ago. They gasped when they noticed Angelica was being backed over the edge by a wolf. Kovu. "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!", she screamed when she slipped over the edge. She clung on with only her hands. The wood was bending under her weight. The other adults could only stare. Charlotte and Drew kept on telling the others to save Angelica, but they said it was no use. The wolf was just too dangerous-looking.

Then, something happened. Before the wolf could stike Angelica, a little roar broke the silence."Roooaaaaarrrrrr!" A little dinosaur ran onto the bridge. It was a very young sauropod. He ran up to the wolf and,with his head, pushed the wolf away. Kovu didn't attempt to attack. Instead he ran off. After that, the dinosaur held his tail out to Angelica and yelled, "Grab my tail!" Angelica refused, "No way!" "You're gonna fall!", he yelled back. Just then, the wood Angelica was clinging onto gave way! Screaming, she grabbed his tail. But, Angelica's weight cause the little dinosaur to slip. Soon, he was hanging by his front feet. Then his toes. He continued to slip. He struggled to pull himself up, but it was useless.

Then, the wood gave way. The two screamed as they fell. Fortunately, a pterosaur rescued them from falling and flew away. Charlotte and the other adults and the babies cheered. This was broken short when another roar broke the silence again. Zira appeared! She went up to the dinosaur, roaring. In anger, she struck him. Then, she smiled evilly at Angelica.

Before Angelica could make a run for it, Zira swiftly put her left paw on her chest and pushed her down. "Out of the gene pool and into the food chain, my little one," Zira hissed. She lifted her right paw in an attempt to strike her. The little dinosaur appeared again. This time, he leaped at the wolf. They began to fight. Just then, the dinosaur was knocked on his back and near the edge. Zira lunged at him! Suddenly, the dinosaur flipped the wolf over the edge when he had the chance.

The other wolves were too frightened, so they ran back into the woods. Phil said, "That was really neat!" "What's your name?", Stu asked. "My name's Littlefoot.", Littlefoot responded. Littlefoot stayed there for a while. Then, a few weeks later, Stu said, "Okay. It's time to go home!" Everyone was packing. Littlefoot told them he couldn't go. He had to go back to the Great Valley. Finally, Littlefoot left. Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Angelica, Phil, and Lil and their mommies and daddies went home. Tommy looked out into the woods. He wondered if he'd ever see Littlefoot again.

The End

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