The Animal Spell

By Kacie Boskey

Illustrations by the author

In a deep cavern, not far from the Pickles' home, lived a vicious, magic-powered wolf named Luja. Luja was the sister of Zira. She was light gray with brownish-green paws, tail, and mouth. Her eyes were golden yellow, not red.

She, at one time, was at N. I. M. H. There, she absorbed magic powers. Luja decided to do something about the kids. She decided to put a spell on them. A spell almost impossible to cure.

The Rugrats were all 1 year older. Didi wanted to go to the bridge. The same bridge on which they found their kids. They decided to go in an hour.

"Where are we going, Tommy?", Dil asked.

Tommy replied, "I don't know, Dil."

Chuckie was worried about the wolf. Angelica told him that Spike took care of him. But, Chuckie somehow knew something was wrong.

In the meantime, Luja was going off to the bridge.

"I'll make those kids pay. I'm going to do what Zira could not have done,"  she roared.

Bushes have grown on one side of the bridge. She hid there until the kids arrived.

The Rugrats and their parents got to the bridge. Spike was taken with them. Drew and Stu went down to fish. Didi and Betty worked to make a tent. About an hour later, Spike was missing. What they didn't know was that Luja had taken hostage of Spike. Soon, she took Tommy's 'sponsitility (his pocket watch) as a trap.

"I'll look over here," Phil said.
Suddenly, a friendly-looking brown dog appeared.  

"My name's Luja. I have powers. I can get Spike," she gently said.

"You can?", Dil said.

"Sure. But I only do it for a deal. A little spell for Spike and Tommy's 'sponsitility."

Lil and Angelica quickly told Tommy. He was shocked and ran up to Luja. They sooned agreed.

"Okay. Now, you can go and find Spike. He's over there. A few miles north in a small cavern," Luja declared.

"Okay," Tommy said.

He then told her, " Uh, I need my 'sponsitility to find him."

"Oh, really?", Luja said eagerly.

She walked up to Tommy, with his friends and little brother behind him. She said that she would give him his 'sponsitility. She held out her paw as to shake. Tommy held out his hand. But as his hand was grabbed by Luja to shake, she started laughing evilly. Tommy's watch appeared, but it looked like a fat string. It violently wrapped itself around Tommy's neck.

"Guess the cat's out of the bag, eh? Ha, ha, ha!!!" , Luja yelled, in her own deep voice and wolf body.

"You tricked me!", Tommy growled.

Tommy lunged at Luja. She swiftly put two of her claws together, forming small, green sparks. Suddenly, Tommy's watch tightened around his neck and choked him. He fell back on the floor.

"Tommy!", the other kids yelled.

Luja said, "Now, you be a good little kiddie and go get Spike!"

Tommy ran to find Spike. They came back soon. But as soon as Spike and Tommy were on the bridge, Luja casted her spell on the kids. A swirling, green wind appeared. It went around the kids. They screamed as they went around in circles. Tommy, Dil, and the others came out as animals!

"I'm a wolf!", Tommy screamed as he looked at his hands that were now black-clawed paws. Angelica was a lynx cub.  Lil was an eagle. Dil was now an Archaeopteryx. Phil was a fierce-looking velociraptor. And Chuckie was a red fox.

Luja ran off into the woods. Tommy and his friends were worried. They're parents were missing and they're stuck as animals.  Suddenly, a dog named Kiara appeared.

She said, "There is a cure for the animal spell. You must venture into the heart of the cliffy woods. There, in a cave, you'll find a white-red flower. You must eat a tiny bite. But. . . . you must eat them before the sunset on the third day. Otherwise, your stuck like this for life."

She returned to the woods.

"Three days?", Chuckie asked.

"Yeah, three days," Angelica responded.

The kids started off into the woods. They had no idea how to get there, but they went anyway. Hours went by. Soon, they were only a few miles. Lil and Dil were scouting from the sky. Suddenly, Lil and Dil flew down and warned that another dinosaur was coming. Indeed, a Megaraptor appeared.  The kids screamed. They turned and ran. They were only a few feet in front of the beast. They soon came to a cliff and were trapped! Tommy leaped at the raptor. He got him pinned down. But the raptor placed its clawed hand on him and thrust Tommy to the ground. He growled and pushed Tommy's stomach.

"Hey, leave him alone!", Angelica snapped and lunged at the Megaraptor.

The animal saw this and swiped his hand and struck Angelica.,She screamed as she fell back. The raptor lost interest in Tommy and took off after Angelica. Dil flew in and attacked the creature's eyes. It fell back and almost fell off the bridge. He grabbed Dil and forced him to the ground.  He raised his claws to strike and kill Dil.

"Tommy!", Dil yelled.

"Dil!", Tommy yelled.

He ran up to the raptor and pounced. They soon rolled off the cliff. They tumbled and rolled violently down the rocky surface.

"Tommy!" , Chuckie cried.

"Tommy!", Dil yelled.

Tommy grabbed onto an edge and strungled to pull himself up. But,  it was no use. The Megaraptor walked up to him, snarling angrilly.

"I'm coming, Tommy!", Phil yelled.

He leaped down. Just before the raptor could strike Tommy, Phil leaped at him. He wrestled with the raptor. The beast fell off. Phil turned and helped Tommy back up. The friends continued to find the cave. They soon found it.

"Well, here it is," Lil said.

They were about to grab the flower when Luja appeared.

"Oh, no you don't!", she bellowed.

Chuckie ran up to fight the wolf. Inspired by this, everyone ran in. Despite this,  Luja grabbed the flower. Chuckie snapped it back.

"Which do you want. The flower or your friends?", Luja asked.

Chuckie looked back. Luja was now a giant and was threatening to injure the others. Chuckie growled and ran up and bit Luja's paw.  She screamed in pain and lifted her paw, letting Tommy and his friends to escape. Luja grabbed Chuckie and through him across the cave. He crashed into a wall and blacked out. Phil ran up to Chuckie and tried to wake him up. Dil saw Tommy with the flower.

"Where are you going?", Dil asked.

"Trust me, Dil, I have a plan," Tommy said.

Tommy ran up to the roof of the cave. Luja soon followed.  She cornered Tommy. He was about to eat some of the flower.

"Err!" Tommy choked as his watch was again tightened around his neck. He then saw a chance. He backed up to the edge. Below was a rapid river.

" Here wolfie, wolfie. Oh, I like your spirit. Oops!", Tommy joked as he pretended to drop the flower down to the river.

Luja smiled evilly and curiously. Then, Tommy jumped backwards, falling down to the river, and yelled.

"Hope you can dog-paddle! Huh? Tommy!" , Luja screamed as she fell down with him. Then, Luja was gone.

Meanwhile, Chuckie awoke. Angelica, Lil, Phil, and Dil were around him.

"Where's Tommy?", he asked.

Everyone looked at him sadly.  

Dil said, "He's. . . . . . he's gone."

"Gone?", Chuckie said.

"Yes. I saw him fall off and into the river with Luja," Dil replied tearfully.

"Oh, Tommy. This time, he really is gone," Chuckie said.

"No, he's not!", said a familiar voice.

Everyone turned around and saw Tommy. He was human again!

"Tommy! You're alive?", Dil and Lil asked.

"Yep. Now you guys must eat this," he announced.

In a flash, they all turned back into humans. They started back to the bridge. They made it just in time.

"There you are. You guys gave us such a scare," Stu said.

Within hours, they all left home. Tommy and the others hoped this would never happen again.

And it didn't.

The End

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