Enjoy The Great Outdoors, Amelia Bedelia

By Dwayne Anderson

The Pickles and their friends arrived at Boris and Minka's cabin. Boris and Minka ran out to greet their daughter and her family and friends.

"Hi mom" said Didi. "Hi dad."

Everyone climbed out of the car.

"My goodness Stu" said Boris. "You look run down."

"Don't say that" said Stu. "Amelia Bedelia might just do that."

"Who?" asked Minka.

"Me," said Amelia Bedelia as she climbed out of the car.

"We came to give our kids a vacation" said Didi. "We couldn't bring them along on our own trip."

"Don't worry, Didula" said Boris. "They'll have a good time here."

The Rugrats listened to the grownups conversation.

"We're having a bacation!" said Tommy.

"Yay!" said Phil.

"What's a bacation?" asked Kimi.

Tommy said, "A vacation is where you go far, far away and do nothing but riding and looking."

Just then, the grownups picked up their children and carried them into the cabin.

"I'm going fishing" said Stu.

"I'll come with you" said Chas.

Drew and Howard went along with them.

"What's fishing?" asked Amelia Bedelia.

"It's when we go to the lake and catch fish" said Stu.

"Is it like catching a ball?" asked Amelia Bedelia.

Stu laughed. "Why don't you come with us?" he said.

"I would be glad to" said Amelia Bedelia.

She joined the four men out to the lake for fishing.

"Amelia Bedelia" said Stu. "Can you row a boat?"

"Of course!" said Amelia Bedelia.

She ran to the shore and found four boats. She pushed, and pulled, and soon the boats were rowed.

The guys laughed. Stu climbed into one of the boats and motioned for Drew, Chas, Howard, and Amelia Bedelia into the boat. He began to row the boat. Soon, the boat arrived in the center of the lake. Stu gave Amelia Bedelia a fishing rod.

"You use this to catch fish. Just select a spot to cast it and wait for a bite."

"Sure," said Amelia Bedelia. And she cast the rod into the lake.

The next thing Amelia Bedelia knew, she was left on the shore of the lake while the four men rowed back into the lake to continue fishing. She walked back to the cabin.

"Back so soon?" asked Didi.

"Why did Stu get so mad?" asked Amelia Bedelia. "I did what he told me to do."

"What were you supposed to do?" asked Betty.

"He told me to cast the rod" said Amelia Bedelia.

"We're planning a picnic under the stars" said Kira. "And we're going to sleep under them too."

Minka gave Amelia Bedelia a tablecloth. "Use this tablecloth for the table. Do run over it first with an iron."

"Okay," said Amelia Bedelia.

"While you're at it" said Boris. "Could you prepare a bowl of cut flowers?"

"I would be glad to" said Amelia Bedelia.

She took the tablecloth, and put it on the floor. She took the iron, and she ran all over that tablecloth.

Boris and the women looked at her with puzzled looks on their faces.

"Should I have taken my shoes off first?" asked Amelia Bedelia.

Everyone laughed, except Minka.

"Footprints all over my tablecloth! You have ruined it" she cried.

"Mom, don't worry about it" said Didi.

Amelia Bedelia turned toward the flower bowl. She took the scissors out of herpurse, and cut those flowers.

"What are you doing?" asked Boris.

"You told me to prepare a bowl of cut flowers" said Amelia Bedelia.

Everyone laughed, except Boris.

"Oh no!" he cried. "You have ruined them!"

Just then, the guys entered, carrying some fish.

"My, what a nice bunch of fish" said Amelia Bedelia.

"They should taste good" said Stu. "Please scale them, and ice them."

"Alright" said Amelia Bedelia.

Stu placed the fish on the counter.

"Come on everyone" he said. "Let's prepare for the picnic."

The grownups left, leaving Amelia Bedelia and the kids to themselves.

Amelia Bedelia had brought the cupcakes she had baked the previous night with her on this trip. All she needed to do was ice them. She mixed a little of this, and a little of that into a big pot. She stirred and tasted the icing.

"Just right" she said.

The kids watched her curiously.

"She sure knows how to cook" said Tommy.

"She's making something for us" said Chuckie.

"It smells delicious" said Phil.

"It looks tasty" said Lil.

"I hope it tastes better than the bugs we ate two yesterdays ago" said Kimi.

The kids returned to their games.

Just then, Kira opened the door and picked up Kimi.

"Wanna go for a swim in the lake kids?" she asked.

The kids followed her outside to the lake, leaving Amelia Bedelia to herself.

"The fish!" she said. "Stu said to scale them, and ice them."

She got the scales, and piled the fish on them.

"There. You just scale yourselves, while I wait ice my cakes."

And Amelia Bedelia iced her cakes.

"Those do look nice" she said. "And there's enough icing left, to ice the fish too!"

She picked up a fish by its tail. "I hope you have scaled long enough" she said.

She iced one side of the fish, then she iced the other side.

Meanwhile at the lake, the kids were playfully splashing each other as Kira watched from the shore. She had dressed the kids in their swimsuits and was lying on a beach chair in her swimsuit getting a tan.

Back at the cabin, Amelia Bedelia had finished icing the fish.

"That takes care of you!" she said.

She put the iced cakes and the iced fish on a plate. Then she began to cook the meal for the night. She fried some chicken, tossed potato salad, and orange juice.

Dusk was beginning to fall as Kira dried off the kids and dressed them up.

She put her regular clothes back on and returned to the cabin.

"It is time to get ready" she told Amelia Bedelia.

Kira and Amelia Bedelia joined the grownups and kids at the picnic table that everyone had worked hard to make. Stu and Boris had cut wood to make it.

Amelia Bedelia began to serve the meal. Everyone began to eat.

"This is delicious!" said Stu.

After the meal that Amelia Bedelia had cooked for everyone, she decided to serve the dessert. She went into the cabin and brought out the chocolates.

"That chocolate looks good" said Kira.

"Help yourself" said Amelia Bedelia.

Kira took one of the chocolates and bit it.

"What the...?" she cried. "This chocolate tastes like raw fish!"

"Fish?!" said a suprised Stu. "Amelia Bedelia, what did you do to the fish!"

"Iced them" said Amelia Bedelia.

Suddenly, Kira started laughing. Soon, everyone was laughing, including Stu.

After everyone finished eating the chocolates (except the iced fish), Stu turned to Amelia Bedelia.

"Let's roast some marshmallows" he said. "Amelia Bedelia, start a fire with pine cones, and put on some coffee."

"Sure thing, sir," said Amelia Bedelia.

She put pine cones into the fire pit. Then she waited for the fire to start. Nothing happened. Amelia Bedelia poured some coffee onto the pine cones. Nothing happened.

The kids were laughing hysterically.

Stu lit the fire with a match. Soon, everyone started to roast marshmallows.

The night skying was filling with stars.

"Amelia Bedelia, please get the sleeping bags for the children" said Didi.

"Right," said Amelia Bedelia.

She went into the car and brought out some shopping bags. She brought them to Didi.

"Please be quiet" she said. "They are sleeping."

Everyone started laughing.

"Would you also pitch the tent for the adults?" said Stu.

"Of course" said Amelia Bedelia.

She took the tent from the car, and she pitched it into some bushes.

"Why did you do that?" asked Stu.

"You told me to pitch the tent" said Amelia Bedelia.

Stu was getting frusterated and angry. "Oh go jump in the lake."

"Whatever you say, sir," said Amelia Bedelia. She walked toward the lake.

"Wait!" shout Stu. "I didn't really mean jump in the lake!"

But it was too late. Amelia Bedelia jumped into the lake.

"That looks like fun" said Kimi.

Kimi and the other rugrats ran to the edge of the lake, and jumped right in.

Later, when Amelia Bedelia and the kids climbed out of the lake, Stu pitched the tent and prepared the sleeping bags.

Just then, a car drove up. A man and woman came out.

"Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Rogers" said Amelia Bedelia.

"Mind if we join this camping trip?" asked Mr. Rogers.

"Of course not" said Didi.

"Thank you" said Mrs. Rogers.

The grownups prepared their children for bed and tucked them into the sleeping bags. They joined Mr. and Mrs. Rogers and Amelia Bedelia into the cabin. Angelica also came into the cabin since it was not yet her bedtime.

"Isn't she the bestest babysitter?" asked Chuckie.

"Sure Chuckie" said Tommy. "She's the bestest!"

"At least she didn't sit on us" said Lil.

"And she did lots of funny stuff" said Phil.

"What do you think Kimi?" asked Chuckie.

Kimi didn't say anything. She had fallen fast asleep.

Meanwhile, back in the cabin, the grownups sat in their chairs and on the sofa.

"Amelia Bedelia" said Mr. Rogers. "We're hungry. Please heat us a can of soup."

"Okay, sir," said Amelia Bedelia.

She went into the kitchen. She opened one of the cupboards and took out a can of soup. She put it into a pot. And Amelia Bedelia heated that can of soup.

A few minutes later, the metal on the can was so hot, the paper label caught fire. This caused  the tin to melt. Amelia slapped the lid on the pan to put it out. Then, she ladled the soup, along with the burnt pieces of paper and melted globs of tin, into the bowls for the Rogers.

"Soup is served," said Amelia Bedelia.

"Yech, what is this?", said Mr. Rogers.

Amelia responded with, "Umm, did I mention that charcoal and tin's good for you?"

The End

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