Dil's New Friend

By Laura Radatz

It was a gloomy day at the Pickles' house. Grandpa was off on a fishing trip, Stu was at an inventors convention, Spike was asleep, and Didi was busy taking care of Tommy, who was sick. Dil was very very bored. He tried to wake up Spike, but Spike had been kept up the entire night before by Stu and Didi who were taking turns staying up with Tommy who was spending the night throwing up. Lucky for Dil, he managed to sleep right through everything. Dil tried playing with his teddy bear, but that just didn't seem like fun. Disgusted, Dil threw the teddy bear into the open toy chest. It was lunch time, but his mommy was so busy with Tommy that she didn't notice the time and she didn't come out to fix Dil's lunch. Well, Dil was very hungry, so he crept into the kitchen, found an open jar of baby food, and tried to eat it. Unfortunately, most of the baby food ended up on Dil and not in his mouth. Didi came into the kitchen to fix herself some lunch. She saw Dil and sighed. She gave Dil a quick bath and put him back the playpen. Then, Dil tried to get his bottle, but he couldn't reach. He climbed on a chair and then onto the counter to get his bottle. Suddenly, he stepped on a whole bunch of dirty dishes, causing them to fall to the ground with an enormous crash. Didi came running. She put Dil back in the playpen and gave him a bottle. Just then, Didi noticed a moving van a couple of houses down. She took Dil and went outside. The new neighbors noticed Didi and Dil and said hello. They had a small baby girl who appeared to be Dil's age.

"What's her name?", Didi asked the baby's mother.

"April," replied the baby's mother.

"How old is she?," Didi asked.

"Three months," answered April's mom, Tiffanie.

"Dil is the exact same age!", Didi said.

"Say, would you mind looking after April while we move things into our new house?", Tiffanie asked.

"Not at all," answered Didi, as she took Dil and April back to their house and set them in the playpen.

April grabbed Tommy's ball and said: "Mine!"

Dil giggled, grabbed Tommy's train and said: "Mine!"

Dil had found a new friend at last.

The End

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