The Tweeenage Rugrats In, "Return To Paris"

By Sara Vivanco

Chapter 1: To Paris We Shall Go

It was a normal afternoon at the Pickles, and our favorite Rugrats were playing soccer.

"Prepare to lose!" Kimi said to Tommy who was on the opposite team.

She kicked the ball to Dil, who kicked it to Lil. Lil was just about to make a goal, when they heard a loud cheer from Tommy's dad.

"Did your dad win the lottery?" Phil asked.

"I don't think so," Tommy said looking confused.

They went inside to see what was going on.

"What's wrong Mr. Pickles?" Chuckie asked.

"If anything was wrong dad wouldn't be cheering," Dil snapped.

"Quit being a pest, Dil," Lil said annoyed.

Dil hated when people talked to him like that. It made him feel like everyone thought he was a baby.

"Well," Stu began. "It just so happens that a business in France, accepted one of my latest inventions. The boss invited me to Paris along with my family and friends!"

The Rugrats started cheering, with Kimi cheering the loudest. She couldn't wait to be back in her original home.

"When are we going!?" She asked very excited.

"Well, we'll be leaving about a week before your birthday Kimi, and we'll be staying for two weeks," Stu answered.

"I'm gonna celebrate my birthday in Paris! ! !" Kimi exclaimed.

"Maybe we can meet Coco and see what new pathetic job she got," Tommy said.

"Who's Coco?" Phil and Lil said at same time. They didn't remember who she was.

"She's the woman who tried to marry my dad," Chuckie explained.

"I can't wait till we go!" Dil said.

The gang were all ready for their trip to Paris. Angelica was almost as excited as Kimi. Probably because she wanted to meet new boys!" Do you have your things?" Tommy asked Dil.

"Yes!" He answered.

All the Rugrats were now at the airport, ready to board the plane.

"Let's go guys!" Tommy said.

Chapter 2: Jealousy

Kimi suddenly felt a pang of jealousy when Tommy said "Let's go guys!" . He sounded adventurous when he said that. He'd always been the leader and he did a good job at it too.

She wished that for once she could be the leader. Whenever she did lead them, they just got into trouble.

Also something had been bothering her for weeks. One day she had to use the phone , but when she picked it up Chuckie had been using it. She had only heard a few words which were "I know! Kimi's so annoying!"

That's why Kimi didn't want to sit next to Chuckie on the plane. Instead she sat next to Dil. Out of all her friends Dil was the one she had the least contact with. But there was no one else. Besides Dil wasn't the worst person to be with. Maybe she could find something to talk about.

"Kimi, do you have my GameDude?" Chuckie asked after a half hour on the plane.

"Chuckie why would I, of all people, have your GameDude?" Kimi answered.

"Just wondering," He said back.

Kimi and Dil both laughed. After that they started talking more. It even turned out that they both felt the same about being the youngest in the family. She decided that the trip to Paris wouldn't be so bad after all.

The plane finally landed. Lil cheered while Phil complained about the food. Kimi and Dil walked off the plane talking.

"You defiantly don't want Miss Earnheart next year!" Tommy heard Kimi say.

"Wow, I guess Kimi and Dil are getting along," Lil said.

"Yeah, I, uh, guess," Tommy said looking confused. Kimi didn't normally talk with Dil. He was happy that Kimi was talking with Dil, but for some reason he felt jealous.

Tommy caught up with the two and walked beside them. He decided to ignore the jealousy and get ready for the sights in Paris.

Kimi barely noticed Tommy walking beside her and Dil. She barely even noticed where she was going. That's why she stumbled into a man carrying a heavy box. It landed on his foot and he howled really loud. Kimi covered her mouth with her hand and said," I-I-I'm s-o sorry! I-I had no idea! I-"

"Kimi you're such a klutz!" Angelica cut her off.

"No, she isn't! And if she is, at least she doesn't act like a zombie when she meets a boy!" Dil yelled.

Phil, Lil, and Chuckie all snickered. Once again Tommy felt jealous.

Chapter 3: Confessions and Blackmail

Everyone walked in the hotel and looked around.

"I guess we should decide where we should sleep," Kira said.

It turned out the boys got a bigger room than the girls because there were more of them. The boys' room had four beds, but the girls only had two. Kimi and Lil instantly decided to share a bed, both not wanting to get stuck with Angelica.

They had arrived in Paris late so the only thing the Rugrats got to see was the hotel rooms. It wasn't long until they had to get to bed. Angelica (who had been bored) knew that Kimi and Lil would be up all night, so she had a plan to listen in on their conversations even if she fell asleep. She got a tape recorder and pressed the record button right before she fell asleep.

"Kimi! Will you please stop talking about Dil!?" Lil said angrily.

She wanted to talk about something else, besides Dil!" Okay, I'm sorry! We'll talk about something else," Kimi said to her annoyed friend. But before they changed the subject, Lil had a question.

"Do you like Dil or something?"

Kimi thought about this. No, she didn't like Dil but she did like someone else. Could she trust Lil?

"Lil I have a confession to make. I don't like Dil but I like-"

Kimi stopped to make sure Angelica was asleep, and said quietly," Tommy. "

Lil shrieked with delight.

"You have to promise not to tell ANYONE!" Kimi said before Lil could say anything.

"Promise!" Lil said. After that they did a handshake and went to sleep.

Little did Kimi know, that Angelica's tape recorder was on.

Angelica made sure nobody was in the room when she pressed play on her tape recorder. She soon got bored because nothing interesting was being said. She was just about to leave when she heard "I like-". She listened in on the conversation and was happy that she finally had an advantage over Kimi. One that her friends couldn't save her from.

The Rugrats were all at a nice restaurant. They had been sightseeing all day and had stopped for lunch. The problem was, everything was in french so, Kira had to read the menu to them. Kimi sat between Phil and Dil.

"Everything's in french!" Phil complained.

"Duh! We're in France!" Lil said.

" Well that solves all my problems!" Phil said sarcastically.

Angelica suddenly asked "Can I use the bathroom?"

"Of course dear," said Charlotte who was on the phone.

Angelica walked passed Kimi and motioned for her to follow. Kimi said she had to use the bathroom and followed Angelica.

"So, What's up?" Kimi asked.

"You like Tommy, That's what's up!"

Angelica responded. Kimi turned red and without denying it, she yelled, "How'd you find out!?"

"I had my tape recorder on last night, and if you don't want Tommy to hear it, then you'll do whatever I say!"

There was no way out of this.

"Fine, I'll do it but just not on my birthday!"

They shook on it and went back to their friends. To Kimi's surprise a girl her age was at the table. She had short brown hair, with some tucked behind her ears. On top she wore a french hat.

"Kimi," Kira said, "This is your penpal, Henriette. "

Kimi looked at the shy-looking girl. She had known this girl Henriette back when she used to live in Paris. She felt like beating herself up, for not writing her penpal for a long time. She hugged Henriette and introduced her friends.

"I think your friends seem nice," Henriette said with a cute french accent.

"Why don't you stay?" Kimi asked.

"All right, but is it OK if Édouard joins us?" She said.

Kimi nodded her head and Henriette sat next to her. Suddenly a boy the same age as Henriette, walked to the table. He had a french hat on too, and messy brown hair.

"That's my brother," Henriette explained.

"Who are your friends, Henriette?" the boy asked. His accent sounded more American then french.

"Édouard!" Kimi called. She remembered this boy from ten years ago. He'd always liked to annoy the girls when they were little. She gave Édouard a small hug.

"Kimi! Long time no see!" Édouard said.

Édouard sat next to Lil, who seemed absent minded. The same went for Phil when he saw Henriette.

"We have a little sister we adopted from Australia that's the same age as Dil," Édouard said once he met everyone. Dil suddenly got interested. He wanted a friend his own age.

Kimi looked over at Phil who seemed to forget who he was.

"Phil, are you okay?" Kimi asked a little worried.

"What? Oh, yeah, whatever," he responded.

That's when Kimi and all the other Rugrats knew. Phil liked Henriette!

It was getting darker but the Rugrats didn't care. Kimi was about to go to the fountain, when Angelica called to her.

"Oh, Kimi! Get me a drink," Angelica ordered.

"Yes, your highness," Kimi said angrily under her breath.

She got Angelica a drink, when suddenly she heard a familiar voice.

She couldn't remember where she heard it before.

She heard the grown-ups gasp, and her mom saying "Madame LaBouche!"

Chapter 4: Coco Returns

"Coco?" all the Rugrats said together.

"Hey, Tommy we can finally see what new pathetic job she got," Dil whispered.

Kimi stepped in front of all the Rugrats and said "What job do you have now, Coco?"

Coco didn't notice Kimi was behind her and was startled by her voice.

She turned to see Kira, Chazz, and everyone else looking at her. She suddenly noticed Angelica and snapped "Well, if it isn't the little traitor!"

Angelica smiled proudly as Coco turned to leave.

"You didn't answer my question," Kimi said.

"Kimi! Please!" Kira protested.

"Children should be seen, not heard!" Coco yelled.

"We're not children! We're Preteens!" Phil said.

Then he and Chuckie exchanged high fives. Coco stormed off.

When she left Henriette said "Hey! I know Coco! She works for my Dad!"

"Where does your dad work?" Kimi asked.

"He's the new president for Euroreptarland and Coco is the garbage lady!" All the Rugrats burst into laughter. Angelica laughed the loudest.

The next day was like the day before. Only this time Henriette and Édouard brought there little adopted sister Hannah along. She had two messy blonde braids and an Australian accent. Dil and Hannah instantly became friends.

They stayed out late like the day before. While everyone else enjoyed the sights, Kimi was stuck serving Angelica. Finally Lil noticed.

"Kimi why are you serving Angelica?"

Kimi explained everything and for once Lil couldn't save her from this one.

"Let's put it this way, Kimi, you're doomed!"

Kimi groaned the next time Angelica called her.

Dil and Hannah had been talking all evening. Hannah had even showed Dil her secret spot that was in a tree. They were talking in the tree, when they heard Coco LaBouche's voice. It was followed by another voice. The two both got closer to the voices.

"We will kidnap one of Curie's brats and then we will demand money!" Coco said.

"Isn't that called a ransom?" said a voice that belonged to Jean-Claude.

"Curie? That's me las' name! The' must mean me Father!" Hannah said nervously to Dil.

"Stay here Hannah!" Dil said bravely. He got down from the tree.

Then suddenly a voice behind him said "Well, well, what do we have here?"

Chapter 5: Kimi To The Rescue

Dil turned around to see Coco and Jean-Claude. He gulped but managed to say "Leave Hannah alone!"

"Hannah?" Coco said in confusion.

Dil wished a million times he hadn't said that.

"So, Hannah is with you," Coco said looking around for her.

Coco knew that Hannah was one of Mr. Curie's children.

"Hey, mate! You leave me friend 'lone!" Hannah called from the tree.

Dil wished that she hadn't said that.

Jean-Claude reached for the brave girl and he tied a cloth around her mouth. Then he did the same for Dil. He tied their hands and brought them to a truck.

Coco and Jean-Claude got in the truck and drove off.

Tommy was the first to notice Dil was gone. He was going to ask him if he wanted a soda but he couldn't find him.

"Dil! Dil where are you?" He called.

There was no answer.

Kimi came over to him.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Dil's gone!" He told her in a worried tone. Lil gasped. Phil looked around and said "Maybe he's hiding. "

"Yeah, maybe," Chuckie said.

He looked so nervous that Kimi forgot that she was mad at him.

"Hannah's missing too!" Édouard called.

"Don't worry," Henriette said. "She was probably showing Dil her 'secret' tree. "

"Let's check," Lil said.

Édouard and Henriette lead them to the tree but know one was there.

"What are we gonna do?" Lil said near tears.

"Mom's gonna freak!" Tommy exclaimed.

"I'll get the grown-ups," Chuckie said. Tommy nodded and Chuckie rushed to the parents.

"Guys! Let's look around some more!" Kimi said trying to sound brave. They looked around, but they found nothing.

"They're lost!" Lil said in tears.

"No they're not!" Henriette said, though she had to agree with Lil.

Kimi looked at all her friends.

She had to do something to help them. But what?

Dil looked at Hannah who was holding back tears. He was wondering if they'd ever get out.

He struggled a bit with the cloth, until he finally managed to take it off. He used his teeth to untie his hands. He went over to help Hannah but before

he could the back doors of the truck swung open.

It wasn't long before Chuckie returned with the parents. Betty and Howard had rushed to the nearest phone to call the police. Didi was busy crying
to do anything. Kimi noticed another man and woman, and guessed they were Henriette's parent's.

"Everyone pull yourselves together!" Angelica shouted, though no one listened to her.

When the police came Chazz drove the Rugrats back to the hotel. The adults stayed to help out. But before they left, Kimi picked up a familiar looking earring she found on the ground. This might be the only clue, she thought.

At night, Kimi couldn't sleep. She lay awake thinking about Dil. She missed him alot. She got up and went to the balcany. She wasn't surprised to see Tommy there.

"Can't sleep either?" Kimi said.

"No," he answered plainly. Kimi looked into the sky and said," I'm gonna do it Tommy. "

"Do what?" He asked.

"I'm gonna find Dil myself. "

Chapter 6: The First Clue

Tommy looked at Kimi with a puzzled face.

"Kimi how are you gonna do that? The grown-ups-"

"Have no idea where Dil and Hannah are," Kimi interrupted. "But, I do. "

Tommy suddenly got more hope.

"What's your idea?"

Kimi pulled out an earring.

"Recognize this?"

Tommy examined the earring. He had seen it on someone before but he couldn't remember who. He shrugged.

"It belongs to Coco!" Kimi told him.

"Henriette and Édouard might know where she lives!"

"Let's go get the others!" Tommy exclaimed.

Dil looked in horror to see Jean-Claude. This was his chance to get away, but he couldn't leave Hannah. It wouldn't matter anyway. Jean-Claude had retied him. Now his only hope was his friends to save him.

"Chuckie, wake up ," Tommy said shaking him gently.

"Hmm, What?" He said. He stretched and got out of bed.

"We know where Dil is!" Kimi told him.

"You do?"

"I found Coco's earring in the same spot of Hannah's tree," Kimi explained. Phil and Lil were already up and ready to go.

"C'mon, Chuckie! Get ready!" Phil said.

"Can't we just tell the grown-ups where Dil is?" Chuckie asked.

"We can't! We don't know where they are right now!" Kimi said.

Chuckie eventually got ready to go. Kimi called Henriette and Édouard, to come over. It turned out Henriette had seen Coco's place once before. Lil wrote a note to the adults so they wouldn't worry as much. When Édouard and Henriette arrived they were all about to leave when Angelica stopped them.

"Where are you going?" She said.

Kimi explained everything.

"Count me in!" Angelica said.

Some of them were suprised.

"What? Dil is my cousin, ya know," She said to them.

"Well, let's get going," Henriette said. "I brought bikes over. "

Henriette and Édouard wheeled over four, two seater bikes. She paired them all into partners. Lil went with Édouard, Phil went with Henriette, Kimi went with Tommy, and Chuckie went with Angelica.

They had just started when Henriette gasped.

"What's wrong?" Phil asked.

"I forgot where Coco's house is!" She answered.

"What?!" Angelica yelled.

"The only thing I know is that it's on the other side of the city!" Henriette said.

"Does Édouard remember where it is?" Chuckie asked.

"No," He replied sadly. "I never went there. "

"Well, we know that they're on the other side of the city," Kimi said, not wanting to give up.

"Hello! We're in Paris remember!" Lil said. "We'll never make it!"

"We have to!" Tommy said.

They rode off in search of Coco's house.

Chapter 7: In The Dark Room

Jean-Claude untied Hannah and Dil and pushed them in a dark room. He locked the door so they couldn't escape.

Dil heard Hannah crying softly.

"Don't worry, we'll get out," He said trying to encourage her.

"It's not tha'. It's just the' will get me father's money and we'll be poor!"

After a while she calmed down and they were both bored.

"Why'd you father come 'ere in the first place?" Hannah said just to make a conversation.

"A company accepted one of his inventions and he got invited to Paris," Dil answered.

"I thin' me father's comp'ny was the one to accept you father's 'ventions. Was the bosses las' name Curie?"

"Yeah, I think," Dil said. "Hey isn't that your dad?"

"Yep," Hannah said proudly. Her smile dropped. "I hope we get outta 'ere. "

"I'm sure we can find a way, somehow. "Dil said. Hannah couldn't help but believe him. They didn't know it, but there friends were on their way to save them.

Meanwhile, on the street, Kimi peddled as fast as she could.

They were all going one direction, although they didn't know EXACTLY where they were going.

Kimi wanted to stop, but she knew she had to keep going.

Suddenly her bike hit something.

She and Tommy flew off the bike and crashed to the ground.

Lil and Édouard crashed into the beat up bike and so on. Soon everyone was on the ground, their bikes broken.

While everyone got up, Kimi stayed on the ground.

She felt terrible. If she had just waited until the grown-ups returned they wouldn't be here right now.

She felt tears roll down her cheeks.

"Kimi, what's wrong?" Lil asked.

"Yeah, c'mon. Get up," Phil said.

But Kimi just sat there.

"Guys, it's my fault we're even here," She said. "I guess I was just trying to look for adventure. "

Then she said a little more quieter," And also to be the leader for once. "She turned to Chuckie and said a little angrily," After all I am just an annoying little sister. "

Chuckie looked embaressed and said," Kimi, I didn't mean it that way. I was mad at you. But the truth is that your the best sister ever, and I'm not just saying that. "

Kimi smiled at Chuckie. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Tommy smiling at her.

"C'mon! We can't do this with out'cha," He said.

Kimi got up and dusted herself off.

"Ya know he's right," Henriette said.

"Okay, enough 'you can do it' stuff. I'll move on. But there is a problem. Our bikes are trashed!" Kimi pointed out.

"That's why God invented feet," Édouard said. Angelica groaned.

"We'll never find Coco's house," She said not wanting to walk.

Suddenly Kimi heard a voice saying," Kimi, go right. "

Chapter 8: Voices

Kimi froze instantly. "Kimi go right."

There it was again. Kimi heard this voice before, but she didn't know where. She tried to remember. Then suddenly she saw an image in her mind. It was a man holding a baby girl, who was next to Kira. The baby girl, Kimi realized, was her! Could the man be her father? Then the man in the
scene spoke. It sounded like the voice. Then she knew, that it was her father.

"Guys let's turn right," Kimi told everyone.

"Huh?" Everyone responded.

"Just follow me," She said. Everyone obeyed her though they were confused.

The voice told Kimi the directions and she payed close attention.

"We should be at Coco's soon," Kimi told them.

All of a sudden the voice faded. Kimi wanted to scream for her dad, but then her friends would think that she was crazy.

"Dad! Come back! I need you!", Kimi thought.

"No, You don't need me now," said the voice. "When you need help I'll help you, but you can do this on your own."

"Kimi, why'd ya stop?" Henriette asked.

"C'mon, I think we're here," Kimi said. They all stopped in front of a house. They all had to admit that it was a better house for Coco, then expected. Édouard was about to knock when Tommy stopped him.

"Édouard, we can't just come in. We need a reason to be here," He said.

Suddenly Henriette spotted someone with chocolates in a fancy box. She ran up to the person, shoved money in his face and grabbed the chocolates.

Everyone stared at her like she was crazy.

"Here Kimi. Give this to Coco and say that your sorry for the other day and she'll let us in for sure!" Henriette explained.

Kimi took the chocolates and knocked on the door.

It opened slightly. Coco's face appeared. She turned pale and started to close the door. But Kimi stopped it with her foot.

"Hi, Madame LaBouche," Kimi said in her sweetest voice. "Listen, I'm sorry about the other day, and I wanted to make it up to you. So I got you some chocolates. "

She handed Coco the chocolates, and Coco started to close the door again.

But Kimi stopped it with her foot again. Lil stood next to her and said," Madame LaBouche, you don't understand. You see, it's a custom in America to let someone in your house and let them check out your house, after you apoligize to them. "

The rest were all holding back laughs from Lil's funny lie.

Coco thought about this offer. If she let them in the house, she could lock them in with Dil and Hannah and get more ransoms. She smiled micheviously and said," Sure, come in."

Chapter 9: In Coco's House

The rugrats entered. The inside of the house looked even bigger and better than the outside.

"Have a seat," Coco said. "I'll be right back. " She ran off to get Jean-Claude.

When she left everyone burst out laughing and started exchaning high fives.

"Lil! That was genius!" Édouard said after he calmed down.

"I guess I'm a natrual!" She said.

"Guys," Chuckie said nervously. "I don't think Coco just let us in because of Lil's fib. What if she locks us up too?"

"Finster's right," Angelica said. "What if that's why she let us in?"

Tommy snapped his fingers.

"I've got it!" He said. "In case she comes back to get us and stuff, we can split up in pairs and look for Dil and Hannah. That way, Coco will have to find us one at a time!"

"Great idea!" Kimi comented. Then she asked," Who's gonna be my partner?"

"How about we all have the same partners that we did on the bike," Phil suggested.

Everyone agreed with him and got up.

"Remember, we're this is for Hannah and Dil," Henriette reminded them.

Lil and Édouard were both confused. Where were they? They had checked every door they passed, but no Dil or Hannah.

Suddenly Lil opened another door. It turned out that it was just the kitchen. Lil had just closed the door when, Édouard went in and picked up a cell phone that was on the counter.

" What's that for?" Lil asked confused.

"In case we get locked in a room or something, I can call the police," He explained. Lil gave him a high five, and they looked for Dil and Hannah some more.

Phil and Henriette had decided to look in the living room for clues.

"I can't find anything!" Henriette complained.

It was the same for Phil. Suddenly he spotted a note. He picked it up and read:

Want to see your brats again? Leave 50,000 Euros in the hole of the park's biggest tree, tommorow at 6:00AM.

"Henriette! Look at this!" Phil called.

"I found proof!"

Henriette came over and grabbed the note. She gasped.

"I knew she was the one!" Henriette said angrially.

"Come on!" Phil said. "We gotta tell the others!"

"How many rooms are there in one house?" Kimi said.

"I know!" Tommy agreed. "The house looks small but it has like, a million rooms!"

Suddenly Kimi spotted stairs leading to a basement.

"Let's go down there," She said, motioning him to follow.

They walked down the stairs and saw a door. Tommy tried to open the door but it was locked.

"I have an idea," Kimi said. She took one of her hair clips and used it as a key. To her surprise it opened.

"Tommy! Kimi!" Dil said in suprise.

Tommy and Kimi rushed over to him and Hannah. Kimi hugged Hannah so tight that she couldn't brake free if she tried. Suddenly they heard a slam.

They turned to see the door was shut tight. Hannah rushed to the door and tried to open it, but it was stuck.

"Guys! We're stuck in 'ere!" She said in a panicked voice.

Chuckie looked around nervously.

"What if we never find Dil?" He asked Angelica.

"Put a sock in it Finster!" She snapped horrified at the idea. "We'll find Dil even if it kills us!"

Chuckie gulped and was more scared then normal. Every noise made him jump.

"Calm down already!" Angelica said annoyed.

"I can't help it! I-"

"Finster! Behind you!"

Chuckie turned to see Coco behind him. He gasped as she grabbed him.

"Let go of him!" Angelica yelled.

She was getting ready to kick Coco in the shin when someone grabbed her shoulder. She turned and saw Jean-Claude.

"Uh, oh!"

Jean-Claude dragged the two to the basement door. He took out a key and unlocked the door. He shouted something in French when he saw Tommy and Kimi.

Chapter 10: Kimi To The Rescue, Again

Hannah screamed.

"What 'er you doing 'ere?!" She said, her heart thumping.

Jean-Claude pushed Angelica and Chuckie in the dark room, and once more, he locked the door.

All was quiet. They only thing you could here was Hannah's heavy breathing.

"Calm down Hannah!" Dil said after awhile.

"But, we never gonna get outta 'ere!" She said.

"Yes we will!" Kimi said. "Besides, Phil, Lil, and everyone else can still help us!"

Suddenly the door opened. Édouard, Lil, Phil, and Henriette stumbled inside, after Jean-Claude pushed them.

Everyone looked at Kimi.

"You just had to say it, didn't you?" Angelica said annoyed.

"Don't worry guys!" Édouard said. "I have a cell phone!"

Édouard took the cell phone out and gasped. It was broke in half!" It got crushed when that man threw me in here!" Édouard said, seeing some of them staring angrialy at him.

"We're stuck!" Chuckie yelled.

Then Tommy, being the leader of the gang, said bravely," Guys, we'll find a way! This house is old so it might have doors or something!"

"I think he's been watching too much TV," Lil whispered to Henriette. Henriette giggled.

"Guys!" Dil said. "He could be right!"

Tommy and Dil started searching for any way out. Soon everyone joined them. Finally Phil spotted a tiny door.

"Guys! Help me open this!"

They all came over and helped him open the door. It looked like only one person could fit in it. They were all getting ready to go through the door when Tommy stopped them.

"Guys, I think only one of us should go. That way if Coco comes back or something, she won't notice if one person's gone. "

Then they all took a vote on who should go. Everyone, except for Kimi, voted for Tommy.

He was just about to enter the door, when he saw Kimi looking at him in a jealous way. He stopped.

"Guys," He said. "I think Kimi should go. She's the one who got us here in the first place. "

Kimi's face lit up. Everyone didn't really care who went so they accepted it.

Kimi crawled through.

Dad! I need your help! Kimi thought.

She waited for the voice but nothing came. I guess I can do this on my own.

Suddenly she saw lights from cars.

It was still night time. She shivered but managed to get up and move on.

Chapter 11: Rescued

Kimi dusted herself off. She was just about to head to the hotel, when suddenly she realized something.

She was on the other side of Paris, and to top it all off it was dark!

Dad! Please! They're depending on me! Help!

Once again the voice didn't answer.

Maybe I was imagineing it! Kimi thought, starting to doubt that it ever was her father.

Suddenly, something caught her eye. A phone booth! Kimi rushed over to it and took money out of her pocket. It wasn't much, but it would do! She punched in her mom's cell phone number.

Back at the hotel, Kira's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Mom! This is Kimi! I'm-"

"Kimi! Are you okay?! Is everyone with you?"

Kimi heard a lot of commotion in the backround.

"Mom! Listen to me! They're all safe! It's a complicated story, but to make a long story short, Coco kidknapped Dil and Hannah!"

Kira gasped.

"Tell me where you are!" Kira said, wanting to see her daughter and son once more.

Kimi told Kira the address of Coco's house and they hung up.

Kimi looked down the road. Nothing. She got up and paced a little bit, then sat back down.

Suddenly she saw Coco staring out the window , looking at her in surprise.

It wasn't long until Jean-Claude came out and grabbed her.

Kimi was strong and fast, but she was so worn out, that she wasn't ready for this.

When he brought her inside, she kicked him hard in the shin, managing to be set free.

She went down the stairs and opened the door to the dark room.

Everyone's face lit up. Suddenly they heard sirens.

Everyone turned to Kimi and she smiled proudly.

She motioned for them to follow.

Coco gasped and yelled," Get back down there you brats!"

"Make us!" Dil snapped.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Coco turned pale.

Henriette rushed to the door before anyone could stop her and opened it.

"Oh," She said a sweet voice. "Hello Mr. Policeman. What's that? Oh, of COURSE you can come in!"

Coco turned paler then a ghost as the policemen and the parents stepped in.

"This young girl here claims that you kidknapped Hannah Curie, and Dil Pickles. Is that true?" One of the policemen said.

"No! I-I was uh, just serving them milk and cookies! The young girl here likes to pull pranks," Coco stammered. "And if I did kidknap them, then what proof do you have?"

Phil stepped forward and showed her the note.

"This proof. "

Everyone felt like giving Phil a big hug.

"Coco? Why would you give us milk and cookies at 1:00AM anyway?" Dil pointed out.

"Let's face it you're terrible when it comes to lies!" Angelica said.

"Unlike you," Lil said to just herself.

"I'm sorry ma'm, but I'm gonna have to place you under arrest," Another policeman said, taking handcuffs from his pockets.

Coco pointed at Jean-Claude and yelled," It was his fault! I was framed!"

Jean-Claude looked astonished that she would turn her back on him.

"My fault?!" He said angrialy. "You wrote the ransom note!"

They shot things back and forth, trying to get the other one in trouble.

"They're starting to sound like us!" Phil said. Lil nodded in agreement.

Finally the policemen handcuffed both of them and brought them to the police car. The other policemen drove everyone home.

The grown ups had a celebration and Kimi explained everything. She made sure to include everyone in the explaination.

The Curies had gone home and the Rugrats were in bed. Kimi had never felt better to be in a comfortable bed before. At last she could rest!

Chapter 12: More Confessions

Kimi lied on the bed. She felt like it was a special day. Suddenly she remembered. Tommorow was her birthday! She sat up. It was light outside.
She made sure not to wake up Lil and went out to the balcony. Everyone was still asleep even though it was 10:00AM.

She took in a deep breath and thought about the night before.

She was just glad it was over.

Suddenly she saw Tommy walking towards her. He stood next to her, and said nothing for awhile. Finally he said," Well, tommorow you turn 12. "

"Yeah," She said. Kimi noticed that Tommy wanted to tell her something.

"Kimi," He said. "Yesterday and all, well, you were really brave. You normally get us into trouble with your ideas, but you really impressed us. I guess we never gave you a chance before. "

Kimi was just about to thank him, when Angelica called her name.

Kimi had completely forgotten about the tape recorder!

She needed a plan to get out of this mess.

She heard a voice suddenly. But it wasn't her father's. It was her own!

Kimi! It said. Just tell Tommy the truth!

I can't! I'll look like a idiot! Kimi argued with the voice.

But somehow the voice won.

"Tommy," She started out nervously. "I have to uh, tell you something."

"What's that?"

"I uh, well um, I guess I sort've um," Kimi couldn't finish. She sounded stupid.

"What is it Kimi?" Tommy said again.

"I LIKE YOU! SATISFIED!?" She found herself blurting out.

She then turned so red that you could've mistaken her for a ripe tomato.

Kimi turned away, to embaressed to say anything.

Tommy looked like she'd slapped him in the face.

"Y-You like me?" He asked as though he couldn't believe it.

She nodded.

"But Kimi, you never acted like it before," He said wanting to know the whole story.

"I'm good at keeping secerets. Besides, I don't get all mindless around boys like Angelica!" Kimi answered.

"Kimi, I thought you liked Dil. "

"DIL!?" Kimi said, shocked by the idea.

"Okay, maybe not," Tommy said.

Suddenly Angelica called Kimi again.

"Kimi! Get over here! Now!"

Tommy looked at Kimi.

She got up and walked to Angelica.

"Kimi get my Emica CD! Now!" Angelica demanded.

"Get it yourself!" Kimi snapped.

"You better do it or else I'll tell Tommy!"

Kimi smiled and said," He already knows! So there!"

She stuck her tounge out.

"And, if you don't want your parents to know about what you did, then be nicer to us!" Kimi added.

Angelica looked in astonishment. Kimi had just outsmarted her!

Chapter 13: Kimi's Ultimate Birthday

Kimi opened her eyes. Lil was hovered over her , smiling.

"Happy birthday!" She said excitedly.

"Lil!" Kimi groaned, although she was excited herself.

"Hurry up!" Lil said, pulling Kimi's hand. "Henriette, Édouard and Hannah are coming in two hours!"

Kimi got dressed and ate breakfast quietly. Tommy sat across from her. They had both silently agreed to keep Kimi's seceret quiet for as long as possible. They didn't want to get teased or anything.

"Tommy?" Kimi asked.


"You know what I said yesterday about the uh, well you know. That moment never happened!" Kimi said.

"Got it. "Tommy agreed.

The Curies all had arrived at the hotel. It was a great evening for Kimi. The kids all played games outside until it got dark.

"Kimi! It's time for cake!" Chazz called.

Everyone went inside and started singing 'Happy Birthday'.

"I want a BIG slice of cake!" Hannah said excitedly.

"Me too!" Dil exclaimed.

"You'll all get equal slices!" Édouard said, laughing.

"Except for Me. I get the biggest slice!" Kimi told everyone. They all laughed and ate cake.

Unfortunetly, Kimi didn't get the biggest slice but she could care less.

A while later she opened presents. She got a basketball from Phil and Lil, an Emica bucket hat from Angelica, a video game from Dil, an Emica CD from Tommy, and a french hat from Hannah and Édouard. Henriette gave a separate gift to Kimi.

"This is for Lil also," She said handing Kimi a small box. Kimi took the box and opened it. Lil hovered over to see what it was. Inside were two handmade bracelets.

"They're friendship bracelets," Henriette explained. Lil was speechless, but Kimi had plenty of words.

"You're one of my best friends ever!" She said hugging Henriette. Lil also hugged her. Kimi thanked everyone for the gifts.

"Henriette, Hannah, and Édouard! It's time to leave!" called Mrs. Curie.

The kids all groaned.

"Can't they sleep over?" Phil asked.

"Yeah! This is the best time I ever had!" Chuckie said.

The adults talked it over and they agreed.

Everyone cheered.

This is the best Birthday I ever had! Kimi thought.

Chapter 14: Au Revoir

The Rugrats were at the airport saying their last good-byes to the Curies.

"I'll miss you," Kimi said to Henriette.

She hugged her and Hannah. Lil hugged them too.

All the guys patted Édouard on the back.

"Gonna miss ya, bro," Phil said. They said their last good-byes to everyone. Even Angelica said good-bye, and to everyone's suprise she started to cry.

They got on the plane and waved to their new friends (For Kimi it's her old friends).

Kimi stared out the plane window not saying a word. In fact no one had said that much since they left. Dil sat next to Kimi.

"I'm gonna miss Hannah," Dil said.

"Yeah, me too. She was spunky," Kimi said in a small voice.

"I promised to write her," Dil said. Kimi smiled and let her eyes drop.

"Wake up," Tommy said pushing Kimi lightly.

"Are we in America?" Kimi asked sleepily.

Tommy nodded his head.

"Home sweet home," Kimi said to herself.

Chapter 15: A Letter From Henriette

Kimi poked her head in the mail box. She saw a letter for her. It was from Henriette!

She called all her friends over.

After they got there, they gathered around her.

"Dear Kimi," Kimi read. "I've missed you so much. Is everyone okay? I hope so. Hannah told me to write that she sent Dil a letter yesterday. "

Dil's face lit up. Kimi continued to read.

"Édouard is still his annoying old self. He also misses you guys. This is going to be a short letter, but to make up for it, I have great news! My mom said if it was okay with you, me and my siblings could visit you in America! Isn't that great news? I was so excited, I couldn't sleep. I send my love to you. Your friend, Henriette."

The Rugrats all cheered.

"I can't believe they're gonna come!" Kimi exclaimed.

"We don't know for sure if they're coming," Chuckie said.

"Who cares? Our parents will say yes for sure!" Lil said. She high-fived Phil.

Kimi put her arms around Dil and Tommy. Chuckie, Lil, and Phil joined and they did a group hug.

Kimi felt like nothing could go wrong. Her parents had said yes to Henriette, Édouard, and Hannah coming. It was a few months after their
adventure in Paris. Kimi was at the airport waiting for the Curies.

She could hardly hold herself still.

"The plane landed!" Tommy exclaimed.

The Rugrats all did a group hug. Susie and Angelica were there also.

Kimi looked around for her French friends.

Finally she spotted them.

"Over here!" Kimi called.

After everyone was reunited, Kimi smiled and said," Let the party begin!"

The End

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