Playing House

By Laura Radatz

Tommy and Dil were sitting in their playpen. Then, Angelica came over.

"Oh,boys,time to play house!", she said.

Tommy angrily said, "No way! We are sick of playing house with you! You always make Dil the dog, which he hates! And I hate having to be Fluffy and being forced to chase Dil, just like Fluffy chases Spike!".

"Well,ya have to do what I say!", Angelica said, before leaving.

Later, Chuckie,  Phil, Lil and Susie came over.

"Hi! What have you been doing?", asked Susie.

Tommy said, "Angelica makes us play house all the time.She makes me Fluffy and Dil Spike, which we both hate!"

"I know what you mean, Tommy; I always have to play house with my brothers and they make me be the baby!", said Susie.

"Why don't we play house with each other?", Phil asked.

"Yeah!" Lil and Susie agreed.

"That sounds like a nice safe game," Chuckie said.

So,Susie and Lil were Mommies, Tommy and Chuckie were daddies, Phil was the dog (which he loved because he'd get to have fleas), and Spike and Dil were the babies. Susie and Tommy had Baby Dil, and Lil and Chuckie had Baby Spikey.Then, they searched for dress up clothes. Susie and Lil wore some of Didi's old clothes,Tommy and Chuckie wore some of Stu's old clothes, Spike and Dil wore some of Dil's clothes (Spike just wore a diaper and a bonnet),and Phil wore Spike's collar. They put Baby Spikey and Baby Dil in the playpen and gave them each a rattle and a teething ring.Then, they started playing.They had a great time (except that Spike tore of his Diaper and totally wrecked the teething ring).

The End

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