A Very Thornberry Adventure

By Laura Radatz

(The Wild Thornberrys is another Klasky-Csupo Nicktoon, about filmakers for a TV series about wildlife, with their kids always near them, wherever they go.)

Tommy Pickles and his family and friends were camping at Yosemite National Park. They brought their pets with them.

Chuckie saw something amazing. He told Tommy, "Tommy, look at Spike and Fluffy!"

Throughout history, cats & dogs have been natural enemies. However, Spike and Fluffy were playing with each other!

Didi was tending to Dil; she said to him, "There you go, sweetie."

Chazz recommended going on a hike.The other grownups agreed.

" Pop, could you watch the kids?" Stu asked.

"Sure thing," said Grandpa.

The adults soon left. Grandpa then turned on the television and changed the channel to a local CBS station, which is currently playing an episode of "Nigel Thornberry's Animal World". The episode that day was about koalas on the Australian outback.

Grandpa then started to tell his ripping yarn: "Back when Stu was fifteen years old, I left them with my wife, God bless her soul, and took off on vacation to the Land Down Under. When I got there, I was greeted by a kangaroo the size of The Incredible Hulk! It tried to... kick me, and then... I... fought... back..."

Grandpa then fell asleep. This gave Tommy and the Rugrats an opportunity to run away, in their usual manner.

"Lets go 'sploring! " said Tommy.

So, the babies set out. They crawled through the forest. They kept crawling and crawling until they came to a clearing. They found some sort of all-terrain RV called a ComVee, which sat there. Then, the ComVee door opened, and a man and a woman walked out of the ComVee. Unknown to them that the woman was Marianne Thornberry, the filmmaker for the T.V. show the family made. The man was Marianne's husband, Nigel. He was the host of the show . Debbie, their sixteen year old daughter had gone off to bath in a hot spring, and Eliza, their twelve year old daughter was still in the ComVee. The Thornberrys are back in the states, to shoot a documentary about wildlife in America's national parks.

Marianne said, "Bye girls! Eliza, it's your turn to watch Donnie."

Chuckie pointed at Nigel and said, "That man looks kind of like my daddy."

Chuckie was right; Nigel looked somewhat like his father -- he had spikey red hair and a red moustasche.

Just then, the ComVee door opened again. Eliza, her adopted brother, Donnie and her pet chimp, Darwin, walked out. Soon afterward, they spotted the Rugrats.

"Hello, I'm Eliza," she introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Tommy and this is Chuckie and Phil and Lil and my baby brother Dil."

Eliza asked, "What are you doing out here by yourself? Are you lost?"

Tommy answered, "No; we're just 'sploring the gate outdoors."

Eliza introduced the Rugrats to Donnie and Darwin. Then, she asked: "Wanna know a secret?"

'Yeah!", the Rugrats answered.

Eliza continued:"I can talk to animals! And I'll show you how, on one condition -- don't tell anyone; otherwise, I'll lose this special gift."

Eliza can understand what the Rugrats are saying, as her special ability to communicate with animals extends to human babies, as well. Luckily, her secret is safe, as anything the Rugrats say to the grownups, comes out only in gibberish.

Eliza called Darwin out of the Comvee, and spoke to him.

After seeing Eliza conversing with Darwin, Tommy commented, "Wow! You really can talk to animals. I wish I had a gift like that. Then I could talk to that Darwin, too!"

Lil said, "Yeah! Then we can all talk like Darwins!"

"Well, maybe you could get a gift like that; follow me," said Eliza.

She walked the Rugrats to the shaman who have given her the special power to talk to animals.  The shaman, whose name is "Gab", is happening to be at Yosemite, planning a special lecture at the ski lodge to members of the American Medical Association about the benefits of wild plants as medicine. Eliza introduced the Rugrats to Gab, mentioning that they would like what she got.

Gab said, "Well, okay, but I am growing very old, and after giving this gift and speaking to these pharmacists, I'm retiring. I rather be holding a putter at the country club than holding this old stick."

Gab picked up his magic stick, but his hands shook so much, that the stick fell to the ground and broke, sending up bands of color.

Gab said, "Sorry, I got a touch of Arthritis. If anyone can find me some Aspirin and duct tape..."

Gab turned around and was surprised that Eliza and the Rugrats all turned into grizzly bears.

"Let's fix this old stick and try it again," said Gab.

Then, while Gab does his thing, someone watching the Cartoon Network in the lodge accidentally turned the TV up too loud, and the voices from the TV got mixed up in Gab's spell. Eliza and the Rugrats were still bears, but Eliza now looked like Yogi Bear, and the Rugrats were all Boo-Boos.

Eliza said, "You still messed up, but we are now smarter than the average bear."

Gab then said, "Who else? Yogi Bear. Just a moment, please..."

Gab went to the lodge and said to the people, "Will you keep it quiet in here? I'm working on something important!"

Gab then went back outside to Yogi and the Boo-Boos. He said, "And now, without further interruptions..."

Gab did his spell again. This time, everyone gotten the ability to talk to animals, and humans.

Darwin then came over. In his chimp voice, he said, "Where are you?"

Tommy said, "We can understand Darwin talk! He said, 'Where are you'!"

"Amazing!", said Phil.

"Um, Eliza?" Chuckie suddenly asked.

"Yeah?" Eliza said.

"We're losted," Chuckie said.

"We're doomed!" said Phil and Lil.

"Relax! I'll take you back to my place for now," said Eliza.

Darwin tugged on Eliza's sleeve.

"Eliza, I don't think this is a good idea. I mean, what will your parents say?" he said.

Eliza smiled and said, "Oh, I don't think they'll mind."

A few minutes after Eliza, Donnie, Darwin, and the Rugrats had arrived at Eliza's campsite, Nigel, Marianne, and Debbie came back. For the first time, Tommy and his friends and brother noticed that Marianne's stomach was very big and round.

"HELP!  She's a giant!" Chuckie yelled.

Dil thought the same thing and began to cry.

"Eliza, what is going on?" Marianne asked.

Eliza quickly explained.

Then she turned to the Rugrats and said, "Don't be scared. My mom's not a giant. Her stomach is big and round because she and dad are expecting a baby!"

"Baby!" Dil squealed.

"I just hope the baby doesn't cry all the time, like Dilly did when he was just borned," Tommy said.

Dil giggled and said, "Tomby!"

Just then, Didi and Stu came flying into the clearing, followed by Betty, Howard, and Chazz.

"Tommy, Dil, thank heavens!" Didi exclaimed.

Marianne quickly introduced herself and her family, and explained the situation. Didi introduced her friends and family, and thanked Eliza for taking such good care of the babies.

Shortly afterward, both families left Yosemite. The Pickles, Devilles, and Finsters headed back home, and the Thornberrys headed to their next assignment, the Galapagos Islands, to film a documentary on the legendary turtles.

After the Rugrats had been home for quite some time, they recieved a letter from Marianne, saying that she and Nigel now had a new baby daughter named Sophie Nigella. She also said how pleased she was to have met them on their trip to Yosemite.

The End

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