Father's Day

By Dwayne Anderson

It was a bright sunny day in Paris. In a small house on one of Paris' smallest streets, Kimi was playing in her playpen with Superthing, her favorite doll. Just then, a handsome young frenchman walked in, opened the playpen, and took Kimi out. He carried her outside to where her mother, Kira was waiting.

Kira: So how is mommy's little girl today?

Man: Just fine honey. After all, she's only six months old.

They got into the car and drove to the Eiffel Tower. Kimi's father placed her before the Eiffel tower, took out some paint brushes, a canvas, and began to paint.

Kira: Your best work yet honey. No doubt about it.

Man: You think this is my best work?

Kira: Well, next to that Superthing doll you made for her.

When the man finished painting, he picked up Kimi and showed her his new masterpiece. Of course, this was all a dream Kimi was having. She woke up just as the sun was starting to rise. It was the beginning of a new day. It was Father's Day. She noticed her mother and stepfather looking down at her with smiles on their faces as she lay in her crib.

Kira: Wake up Kimi. Today is a special day.

Chazz walked over to the bed where his son Chuckie was sleeping.

Chazz: Hi little guy. Wake up. Time for breakfast.

Kimi playfully giggled as her mother picked her up. Chazz helped Chuckie out of bed. The two grownups dressed their children and went into the kitchen for breakfast. Fifi was waiting in the kitchen. As Chazz entered, he sneezed. After all, he was allergic to cats and dogs. But he didn't mind. It was nice to have a dog around the house. After breakfast, Chazz and Kira left their son and daughter in their playpen and went upstairs to their bedroom.

Chazz: It's been over a year since last Mother's day.

Kira: What was special about last Mother's day?

Chazz: That was when Chuckie found the box of his mother's mementos.

Kira: Can you show me?

Chazz took out a small wooden box from his closet and opened it.

Chazz: My late wife Melinda was an expert at gardening. She grew all the plants and flowers in our backyard.

He took out some pictures. He flipped through them, telling his second wife about each one.

Chazz: This one was taken on our wedding day, this one when Chuckie was one month old, and this one was taken shortly before her death.

Kira: Interesting.

Chazz: And here are her gardening spades and her diary. She kept a diary when she was in the hospital. The last entry she wrote was a poem for Chuckie.

Kira: How did you and Melinda meet?

Chazz: She was selling flowers at an organic show. I took one look at her and passed out. It turned out I was allergic to some of the plants she was selling. She gave me CPR and we were married a few weeks later.

Kira was fascinated by Chazz's story. She went over to the closet and took out another wooden box. This one was larger than the box with Melinda's mementos.

Chazz: What's in there?

Kira: Some mementos of Kimi's late father.

Kira opened the box and took out some paintbrushes, some photos, and some paintings.

Kira: My late husband was a talented artist. Even though he was from Paris, he came to Tokyo to study Japenese Art. We met in University. He courted me for a year before we were married. We moved to Paris after the honeymoon. Several years later, his parents began pressuring us to have children. When Kimi was born, my husband would paint pictures of her whenever he had the chance. He even made that Superthing doll for her. He accidentally dipped one of the doll's arms in purple paint.

She took out a painting of a six month old girl standing before the Eiffel Tower.

Chazz: Is that Kimi?

Kira: Yes.

Chazz: She looks so cute.

She replaced the painting back in the box.

Kira: That was the last painting he made. He died a few weeks later from a heart attack.

Chazz: Oh, that's too bad.

Kira closed the box.

Kira: I'll bring these to the Pickles household and show them to the other parents. After all, it is Father's day. It's the least I can do for my late husband. They should know about Kimi's father. Although I'll have to wait till Kimi is older till I show these to her.

Meanwhile, back downstairs in their playpen, Chuckie was playing ball with Wawa, while Kimi was playing with Superthing. Kira and Chazz entered the room.

Chazz: Ready to go see your friends little guy?

Chazz and Kira picked up their children, took them outside, put them in the car and drove them to the Pickles residence. They walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened.

Didi: Hi Charles. Hi Kira. Happy Father's Day. Stu's working on something for his father. Pop's back went out again last night.

Chazz: What will you be doing for your father Didi?

Didi: I'm taking dad to the opera.

From the kitchen, came a cracking sound.

Grandpa: Konflabbed back! I've been having these back pains for the last fifteen days!

Lulu: Don't worry sweetcakes. Your younger son is working on another of his inventions which will help your back pains.

Grandpa: I want something to kill these pains, not to help them!

Chuckie and Kimi giggled.

Didi: You can put Chuckie and Kimi outside. Tommy and Dil are in the backyard.

Chazz and Kira walked into the living room, opened the back door and walked to the sandbox where Tommy and Dil were playing.

Chazz: Look who's here little guy. It's your little friends.

Chazz and Kira placed Chuckie and Kimi in the sandbox.

Kira: Have fun kids.

Chazz and Kira re-entered the house to join Didi for tea.

Chuckie, Kimi, and Tommy began to make sand castles.

Tommy: My mommy says it's Father's day today.

Kimi: What's Father's day?

Chuckie: It's like Mother's day, only its for our dads.

Kimi: I never heard of Father's day or Mother's day before.

Just then, the doorbell rang. When Didi answered it, Betty and Howard were standing on the front steps carrying Phil and Lil.

Didi: Hi Betty. Hi Howard.

Betty: So Didi, where's that Einstein husband of yours?

Didi: Downstairs in the basement working on something for Pop's back.

From the kitchen came another cracking sound.

Grandpa: There it goes again! And it's barely been fifteen minutes!

Phil and Lil giggled.

Howard: You mind if we put our kids with the others?

Didi: Of course not. They're in the sandbox outside.

Betty: No problem. We'll just leave the pups outside while I go see what I can do about Lou's back. After all, most of Stu's inventions never work.

Betty and Howard walked out into the backyard and placed the twins in the sandbox.

Betty: Now you two pups have fun with your friends.

Betty and Howard re-entered the house to join the other grownups.

Lil: Hello guys!

Tommy: Hi Phil! Hi Lil!

Chuckie: Happy Father's Day!

Phil: What's that?

Chuckie: It's a day for our daddies.

Phil and Lil: Oh.

Phil's attention was attracted to a fat juicy worm.

Phil: Hey, looks like its time for lunch!

He pulled the worm out of the ground. Just as he was about to eat it, Lil grabbed it.

Lil: I saw it first Phillip!

Phil: No I saw it first Lillian!

Lil: I did!

Phil: No, I did.

Back inside the house in the living room, the grown-ups were drinking tea and chatting.

Didi: I noticed that you brought in a large wooden box Kira.

Kira: Yes I know.

Howard: What's in it?

Chazz: Some mementos of Kimi's late father.

Betty: Kira, you never told us you were widowed!

Kira: I know, and I'm sorry I didn't.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Chazz: I'll get it.

He walked to the front door and opened it. Outside stood Charlotte and Angelica.

Chazz: Hi Charlotte. Hi Angelica.

Angelica: Hi Mr Chuckie's dad!

Chazz: Where's Drew?

Charlotte: He had to do some work at the office. Which gave me enough time to bake him a cake for Father's day.

Angelica: Mommy decorated it with me for daddy!

Chazz: How nice. The kids are outside playing Angelica. Why don't you go join your little friends?

Angelica rushed into the house, through the living room, and outside to the sandbox.

Angelica: Hi babies!

The Rugrats looked up from their sand castles.

Tommy: Oh hi Angelica.

Chuckie: We were just talking about Father's day.

Phil: Our daddies are going to throw a party.

Angelica: Don't you babies know anything? Father's day is when all the kids give presents to their daddies.

Lil: What are you giving your daddy?

Angelica: Mommy baked a cake and decorated it with me!

Kimi: She used you to decorate the cake? How come you're still standing here?


Angelica: You dumb babies! She used a picture of me to decorate the cake!

Dil: Yucky!


Kimi giggled.

Tommy: Dil, what should we give daddy for Father's day?

In response, Dil slobbered over one of his toys.

Tommy: I suppose we could give him that if we don't find anything.

Kimi took Superthing out of her pocket.

Kimi: What should we get daddy for Father's day Superthing?

As expected, Superthing didn't answer.

Angelica: You can't get him anything Kimi.

Kimi: Why not?

Angelica: Because Mr. Chuckie's dad is your step-ped daddy.

Kimi: So?

Angelica: So Mr. Chuckie's dad is not your real daddy.

Kimi: So?

Angelica: Father's day is only for real daddies. And you don't have one!

Tommy: Don't listen to her Kimi!

Chuckie: Yeah! Don't listen to anything Angelica says.

Angelica: Fine. Just don't come crying to me when it happens.

Kimi: When what happens?

Angelica: Ever heard of this one kid in this town who gave his step-ped father a present on Father's day?

Kimi: Never.

Angelica: He gave his step-ped daddy a flower from his late daddy's garden, and his step-ped daddy got mad and threw him onto the street.

Kimi: Why?

Angelica: Because the flower reminded the boy of his real daddy and his step-ped daddy thought that his step-ped son didn't like him anymore.

Tommy: That's not true Angelica!

Angelica: Sure it is! So if I was you Kimi, I wouldn't even bother getting your step-ped daddy a present. Well, see you later.

Angelica skipped away.

Tommy: Don't listen to her Kimi.

Chuckie: Yeah! Angelica never tells the truth.

Just then, the doorbell rang. When Didi opened it, Lucy and Susie were standing on the front steps.

Didi: Hi Lucy. The kids are in the backyard playing.

Susie: Thank you Mrs. Pickles.

Susie walked into the house, through the living room, and outside to the sandbox.

Susie: Hi guys.

Kimi: (sadly) Hi Susie.

Susie: What's wrong with Kimi?

Chuckie: Angelica says Father's day is only for real daddies. And my daddy is her step-ped daddy so he doesn't count as a real daddy.

Susie: That's just not true.

Kimi: It's not?

Susie: Of course not. Step-ped daddies count as dads too. Father's day is for all the kids to get presents for their dads, and step-ped dads.

Tommy: What are you giving your daddy?

Susie: Mommy and I made a Father's day card with the Dummi Bears.

Lucy: Susie! Can you come here, please?

Susie: Coming mom.

She re-entered the house. Inside, she confronted Angelica.

Susie: Angelica! Have you been telling mean stuff to Kimi?

Angelica: Those dumb babies will believe anything!

Susie: How could you be so cruel to Kimi? Don't you have any feelings?

Angelica: Of course. My hands do all that!


Meanwhile, back outside the house...

Tommy: Come on guys, lets go look for presents for our dads!

Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi stood and began to search for presents. Dil stayed in the sandbox.

Back inside the house, Kira finished showing everyone the mementos of her late husband. She closed the box. Just then, Stu entered.

Didi: How's your invention coming Stu?

Stu: Still needs work.

Just then, the doorbell rang. When Didi answered it, Boris entered.

Didi: Hi dad. Happy Father's Day.

Boris: Your brother and his wife Elaine have the tickets for the opera. Hurry up or we'll miss it.

Didi turned to the living room.

Didi: I'm going out. I'll be back before supper.

Stu: Have fun Didi.

Didi joined her father, brother, and sister-in-law in the car and drove off to the theatre.

Back outside, Phil and Lil were digging in the sand. They uncovered a pair of tweesers.

Lil: Remember when we buried this several months ago Phillip?

Phil: Yeah. It would make a great present for daddy.

Tommy found a smooth round rock.

Chuckie turned to the big tree behind the sandbox.

Chuckie: That tree is starting to grow apples. Come on guys, give me a boost.

Tommy, Phil, and Lil climbed on top of each other. Chuckie climbed on top. He managed to pick off one of the apples before his friends lost their balance and fell down. Kimi found a flower bush with roses.

Kimi: These roses would make a great present for my step-ped daddy.

She gripped one of the roses. Suddenly, she felt a sharp thorn prick her fingers. She released her hand from the rose.

Kimi: Ouch!

She noticed that blood was beginning to slowly drip from her finger. Back inside the house, Chazz and Kira were discussing their plans for the day when suddenly, they heard a little girl crying.

Chazz: That sounds like Kimi.

Kira stood and walked to the window. She gasped at what she saw.

Kira: It is Kimi!

Kira and Chazz rushed outside to Kimi's side. Kimi was still crying. Kira picked up her sobbing daughter.

Kira: Oh my, that's a nasty cut.

Chazz: It looks like she tried to pick one of the roses.

Kimi's sobs became snifles as her mother carried her into the house and upstairs to the bathroom. She opened the cupboard and took out some iodine and bandages.

Kira: Hold still, this may sting a little.

She rubbed some iodine on Kimi's cut and bandaged it.

Kira: Such a brave little girl.

Just then, Chazz entered, carrying Dil.

Chazz: Dil needs a diaper change. So how's daddy's little girl?

Kira: She's ok. Let's put her back outside with the other kids.

Kira put Kimi back in the sandbox outside while Chazz changed Dil's diaper. She walked back into the house just as Chazz walked outside with Dil and placed him back in the sandbox. He walked back into the house.

Chuckie: You ok Kimi?

Kimi: Yeah. But I didn't get a rose for daddy.

Tommy, Phil, and Lil returned to the sandbox.

Kimi: What did you guys get?

Tommy: I found this smooth rock.

Chuckie: I picked an apple from that tree.

Phil: I found the pair of tweasers that me and Lillian buried some months ago.

Lil: I found it Phillip!

Phil: No, I did Lilian!

Chuckie: You both found it.

Phil and Lil: Oh.

Tommy: Let's wait before we go home before we give the daddies our presents.

Kimi: Let's go inside and play!

They stood and entered the house. Hours later, as night fell, the doorbell rang. Angelica answered it.

Angelica: Hi daddy!

Drew: Hi princess. Where's your mommy?

Charlotte entered, talking to Jonathan on her cell phone.

Charlotte: Hold on Jonathan, I need to say happy Father's day to my husband.

She turned off her cell phone.

Charlotte: Hi honey. Happy Father's day.

Drew: Same to you honey and to our beautiful princess.

Angelica: Be right back with your present!

She walked into the kitchen. Just then, the door opened. Didi, her brother Bob, Elaine, and Boris were back.

Didi: Sorry we're late everyone.

Boris: Why waste fifty dollars on an opera when you can watch one on television for free?

Didi: Hi Drew. Where are the kids?

Drew: I don't know. I just got here.

Angelica entered, carrying the cake for her dad.

Angelica: Happy Father's day daddy!

Drew: Is that for me? Thank you princess.

Charlotte: I baked it.

Drew: And you too honey.

Suddenly, an explosion was heard. It seemed to come from downstairs.

Stu appeared a few minutes later, covered in black soot.

Stu: There goes Pop's present.

Drew: Same thing happens to all your inventions.

Stu sat on the couch in the living room.

Stu: I'm a failure. I can't even make one invention work properly.

Drew: I can't argue with that.

Tommy walked in, pushing Dil's carriage.

Stu: Hey champ! Happy Father's day.

Tommy presented the rock to his dad.

Stu: A rock? For me?

Suddenly, Stu had an idea.

Stu: Forget the invention! This rock is just what I need! It's smooth and round! Perfect for pop's back!

He took the rock and went into the kitchen.

Stu: Here Pop. Use this on your back.

Lou took the rock and started to rub his back with it.

Grandpa: Wow! I feel better already!

Lulu: So how's your invention Stu?

Grandpa: It doesn't matter. This invention's great!

Stu: Not mine dad. Tommy gave it to me for a Father's day present.

Grandpa: A free present? Back in my days, we would spend fifteen dollars on a Father's day present.

Back in the living room, Phil and Lil tugged on their dad's pants. He looked up from his newspaper at his children, only to notice them presenting him with a pair of tweesers.

Howard: Where did you kids find this? I've been looking all over for it for months!

He picked up his children in his arms.

Howard: What great kids I have! They found my tweesers!

Betty: Time to go Howard.

Howard: Coming.

Howard stood up, carrying his children and the tweasers and followed his wife to the car outside. Chazz and Kira were next to leave with Chuckie and Kimi. Chuckie had decided to wait until he got home before giving his daddy his present. Kira also brought the box containing the mementos of her late husband. As Chazz drove home under a full moon, Chuckie noticed a tear dropping down Kimi's face.

Chuckie: What's wrong Kimi?

Kimi: I didn't get daddy a present.

Chuckie: You can try getting one at home

Kimi: (cheerfully) Ok.

Back home, Chazz was reading the evening paper when he felt a tug on his pants. He looked down and noticed Chuckie presenting him with the apple.

Chazz: How nice. What a delicious apple Chuckie. Did you pick this apple yourself?

Chuckie: No.

Chazz laughed.

Chazz: You probably received help from your friends.

Chazz's mother, Shirley came into the living room, carrying a pan of cooling chocolate chip cookies.

Shirley: Have some cookies Chuckie. They're just right.

Chuckie helped himself to some cookies.

Chazz's father, Marvin came into the living room and sat in his favorite chair.

Marvin: Happy Father's day son. And to your son and step-daughter too.

Shirley: I wish we could have had more children so we could have more grandchildren.

Chazz: Speaking of my step-daughter, where's Kimi?

Kira entered the room. It appeared that she was looking for something.

Kira: Chazz, Have you seen Kimi?

Chazz: Not since we got home.

Marvin: We must find her!

Chuckie and the grownups began to search the house for Kimi.

While all this was happening, Kimi was out in the backyard under a starry night sky. She noticed a flower bush planted by Chuckie's late mother. She remembered what Angelica had said about kids who gave their step-ped daddies presents getting thrown onto the street.

Kimi: I have to believe my friends! I have to prove Angelica wrong!

She picked a bunch of flowers, remembering to avoid the thorny rose bushes.

Kimi: No prickly things on these.

She walked back into the house through the porch door just as Chuckie and the grownups entered.

Chazz: There you are Kimi! We've been looking for you!

Kira: We were so worried.

Kimi advanced toward her step-daddy and presented him with the flowers. Chazz hesitated to speak.

Chazz: Is that for me?

He gently took the flowers from Kimi.

Chazz: Thank you Kimi. These flowers are beautiful.

He picked up Kimi.

Chazz: My late wife planted these flowers. They make a great Father's day present Kimi. Thank you.

He put the flowers into a vase.

Kira: Time for bed Kimi. You too Chuckie.

She led the kids to their room, dressed them, and tucked them in before turning out the light.

Kira: Sweet dreams.

She closed the door.

Kimi couldn't sleep. She had seen her mother carrying a strange wooden box into the house and putting it into the closet in the main hall of the house. She wanted to know what was inside. She climbed out of her crib.

Kira had left the door ajar when she closed it. Kimi easily opened the door, climbed down the stairs to the main hall and opened the closet. Lying on the floor, was the box.

Kimi: Oh, wow neato!

Inside were paintbrushes, a canvas, some paintings, and photographs. She picked up one of the photographs and gasped. The man in the photo looked just like the man in her dream last night.

Back upstairs, in their bedroom, Chazz and Kira were preparing for bed.

Kira: It was so thoughtful of Kimi to get you those flowers.

Chazz: It sure was. They were planted by Melinda. They reminded me of her the moment Kimi gave them to me.

Kira: Maybe we should check on her. She could have cut herself on those thorn bushes just like earlier today.

Chazz: Good idea.

Chazz and Kira put on their slippers and went into their children's bedroom.

Chazz: Oh no! She's gone!

Kira: We must look for her.

The checked the bathroom, the broom closet, the attic, and finally, came into the main hall.

Kira: Oh no! She found the box!

Kimi turned to her parents.

Kira: What are we going to do Chazz?

Chazz remembered how stunned he was when Chuckie found the box of his late mother's mementos. He put his hand on Kira's shoulder.

Chazz: Kira, maybe you should consider sharing these things with Kimi right away.

Kira: But what if she doesn't understand what I tell her?

Chazz: She'll understand one day. I felt the same way when Chuckie found Melinda's things. It really put me on the spot, until Didi encouraged me to share the items with Chuckie.

Kira picked up the box in one arm and Kimi with the other. She went into the living room, turned on the lamp, and sat on the couch.

She opened the box. With Kimi seated on her lap, she took out a photograph of the man.

Kira: Kimi, this is your father.

Kimi was stunned.

Kira: I wanted to wait till you were older to show you these, but since you found the box, I guess I should tell you now.

She took out the paintbrushes and the canvas.

Kira: And these are his paintbrushes. This is his canvas.

Kimi was puzzled.

Kira: Your daddy was a talented artist Kimi. He loved you so much that he would take every chance to paint a portrait of you.

She took out a painting of a six month old girl standing before the Eiffel Tower. Kimi recognized it from her dream.

Kira: This is the last painting he made before he died.

Next, she took out a photograph of a three month old girl playing with a doll that resembled Superthing. She was sitting on the lap of her daddy.

Kira: Your daddy made Superthing for you Kimi. In the future Kimi, when you have children of your own, you may pass it on to them. Kimi stared at the photo.

Kimi: Dada?

Kira: That's right Kimi, that's your...

Kira stopped in midsentence.

Kira: Chazz! Come quick!

Chazz ran into the room.

Chazz: What is it?

Kira: It's Kimi! She said her first word.

Kimi: Dada?

Chazz excitedly picked up Kimi.

Chazz: That's right Kimi. You may call me your dad even though I am your step father.

Kimi: Dada.

Kira: Let's get her back to bed.

Chazz and Kira walked back upstairs to where Chuckie was still fast asleep. They placed Kimi in her crib. Kira bent over and kissed her daughter.

Kira: Mommy is so proud of you Kimi. Sweet Dreams.

Kira and Chazz closed the door behind them.

Chazz: This is the best Father's day ever. Both our children can talk.

Kira: And that's the best present of all.

Chazz: I'll go tell my parents the good news.

Kira: I'll phone my parents.

Chazz went into his parents room to tell them the good news. Kira went downstairs to the kitchen, picked up the phone, and called her parents.

Kira: Hi dad. Happy Father's Day. I also called to tell you that Kimi just said her first word.

Back upstairs in her room, Kimi soon fell fast asleep holding Superthing  close to her. The next day, at the Pickles household, Kira and Chazz were telling Stu,  Didi, Howard, Betty, Charlotte, and Drew the good news.

Didi: Glad you decided to share those things with Kimi.

Kira: She looked at the picture and said "Dada".

Chazz: The best Father's Day ever! Although the flowers from Melinda's garden that she gave were great, her first word was the best present any father could get on Father's day.

Howard: That just leaves Tommy, Dil, Phil, and Lil to say their first words.

Stu: Well that won't be for a little while. My Father's day present from Tommy cured Pop's back.

Grandpa: It certainly did.

Betty: What was it?

Stu: A rock.

Everyone laughed.

Howard: Phil and Lil gave me my old tweasers that they found.

Chazz: Chuckie picked me an apple.

Drew: Charlotte and Angelica baked me a cake.

Charlotte: I baked it. Angelica helped me decorate it.

Outside, Kimi told her friends the good news.

Phil: You can talk just like Chuckie now!

Kimi: That's not all! Angelica was wrong. I do have a real daddy! And he's up there watching me from heaband!

Chuckie: Hey! Maybe my mom and your dad are friends up there and will have  kids of their own!

Kimi: Maybe.

Tommy: I think daddy really likes our present. Right Dil?

Dil: Yucky!

Lil: Dad liked mine.

Phil: You mean ours Lillian!

Lil: Oh.

Just then the grownups came out.

Chazz approached the sandbox.

Chazz: How's daddy's little girl?

Kimi stood and reached her arms upward toward her stepfather.

Kimi: Dada!

Chazz picked up Kimi.

Chazz: That's right Kimi. Let's go over to our house. We can show the kids Kimi's father.

The grownups picked up their children and carried them outside to their cars where they drove off to the Finsters house.

"Happy Father's Day!"

The End

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