The Elevator

By Laura Radatz

One stormy day, Didi and Betty took Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Dil to the mall. BAM! CRASH! BANG! Thunder sounded. Lighting flashed across the sky, and rain poured down in sheets.

While shopping for some shoes, Didi & Betty sat the kids down. While they looked for shoes, the Rugrats have gone away, escaping into the mall's main concourse. They kept waking and walking until stopping at the elevator.

Lil asks Tommy: "What's that thing?"

Tommy responds, "I don't know, but people go up and down on it, and it goes ding each time the funny doors open."

"Looks like a fun ride! Let's go on it!", Phil requested.

The Rugrats got on the elevator. Phil, Lil, and Tommy stood on top of each other, and Tommy lifted Dil as high as he could. Dil pressed a button and the elevator closes its doors and starts moving. Suddenly, between floors, the power went out, and the elevator stopped with a huge jolt.

"What happened?", asked Lil.

"The ride must be over, but the doors aren't opening or making that dinging sound; I'll get us out," said Tommy.

Tommy used his screwdriver to open the elevator doors. However, they couldn't crawl on to one of the floors. Suddenly, Dil fell out of the elevator, but nobody noticed. Just then, Lil accidently hit the emergency button. People came running. In no time, the babies were free.

Didi heard the ringing from the shoe store. She then discovers that the Rugrats were gone.

"Oh no! Where's the kids?" Didi asked.

Just then, a mechanic spotted Dil, who was hanging on one of the cables connected to the elevator. He carefully got Dil out of the shaft and back in Didi's arms. Dil was covered with grease. A beautician at a beauty salon gave Dil a quick bath.

Then, the mall manager came to Didi and Betty and said: "I don't know how the elevator malfunctioned; probably some kind of power surge or something. To make up for it, please accept $100 each in mall dollars as our token of our apology."

"Thanks again for saving Dil's life," Didi said.

Did and Betty then took the Rugrats home.

Lil said, "That ride was no fun; it didn't do anything."

They then pass an escalator.

Phil said, "Look at that ride; it's some kind of stairs that you go up without walking!"

"Some other time," said Lil.

The End

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