The Tweenage Rugrats In: "Kimi's Curfew"

By Arasin Hughes

It is an early summer morning and Kimi wanted to go to the mall.

"Mom! I'm Going to the mall! " Kimi said happily.

" Be sure that you're back by 1:00," Kira said

"But, mom Chuckie has no curfew at all!", Kimi whined.

"He is older and he's with friends who I know about, not like your friends, and It's also 10:00," Kira argued.

"I'm going to be with Lil, Susie, and Angelica in case you need to know. Can I borrow $20. 00 for the mall today?", Kimi asked.

"No! Money doesn't grow on trees. And anyway, if those ears become pierced, You will be grounded!" Chazz said when he heard the argument.

"Don't you know what today is?" Kimi asked real surprised.

"Yes! A day that we should be nice to one another," Kira said angrily.

"I have to get my ears pierced or else I won't be considered cool! ! " Kimi cried.

"You are not going to get those ears pierced and that is final! And by the way, you are not allowed to get any of that candy shop sour stuff because I said so!" Kira said

Kimi left slamming the door and walking to the mall.

"Hmm, I guess their parents said that they couldn't come. Maybe they though that I wasn't coming," Kimi said to herself. Kimi looked and looked, but she could not find them, and all she bought was a book from the bookstore. Kimi decided to go home.

Kimi opened the door to her house when she walked into her living room and everyone shouted, "Surprise!" It was her birthday.

"You remembered?" Kimi asked politely.

''Of course! We wouldn't miss you're birthay for the world! "Chazz and Kira said.

Next Kimi opened up her gifts. She read a note on a small box her parents gave to her it said, "Kimi you now have our permission to get your ears pierced. This gift is for after you can take your earrings out." Kimi opened the box and found a pair of blue dangling earrings!

The End

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