A Mommy For Christmas

By Laura Radatz

One day, when Tommy came over to Chuckie's house, he found Chuckie looking at a picture.

"What's that?", Tommy asked.

"It's a picture of my mommy," said Chuckie.

"Where is she now?", Tommy asked.

Chuckie said, " My daddy told me that she went away when I was real little. I don't have many memories of her. My daddy is nice, but sometimes I really wish I had a mommy. "

Not long after that, Chazz started dating. The first few dates were total disasters.

Then suddenly, while waiting in line to check out his Christmas gifts, Chazz found a woman who seemed just perfect for him. Her name was Melody, and she was in line, holding gifts for her own parents. When Melody met Chuckie, she like him right away, and he liked her.

A few months later, Chazz made an important announcement:

"Melody and I got engaged today," he said.

A year after that, Chazz & Melody married. Didi was the matron of honor, Charlotte and Lucy were the bridesmaids, Stu was the best man, Howard and Randy were the groomsmen, Susie was the flower girl, and most importantly, Chuckie was the ring bearer.

Chuckie was thankful that he finally had a mommy.

The End

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