The Rugrats Meet Reptar

By Gordon Mason

Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil were in the playpen at Tommy's house playing with their toys while Stu was in the basement working on another one of his strange inventions.

"What could my dad be inbenting now?" asked Tommy.

"Hopefully nothing scary," siad Chuckie.

"Maybe it's a big bunch of bugs," said Lil.

"No way," said Phil, "Maybe it's a big bunch of mud."

"You dumb babies," said a voice. Angelica came into the room. "That is not the big event of the day. The big event of the day is that Reptar is comming to town. It is not the cute, cuddly, loveable, green Reptar, it is the really mean Reptar! He is going to eat you! He doesn't eat grown-ups like me; he only eats... babies!" Angelica ran out of the room laughing.

"Oh no," said Tommy, "Did you hear that guys? Reptar is coming to eat us."

"I'm scared," said Chuckie.

"We better think of a plan fast," said Tommy.

The doorbell rang. Didi went to answer it. It was Reptar.

"Are you Didi Pictures?" asked Reptar.

"That's Pickles," said Didi.

"Right," said Reptar. "Do you have kids, especially BABIES?" Reptar sounded a little excited as he said the word "babies". "I just love entertaining BABIES."

"That's kind of you, "said Didi. "I have four babies here right now. They are in that playpen over there."

Angelica ran into the room. "It is now time to get eaten," she said to the babies. Angelica left the room.

"You have been picked as one of my nine houses in your city to do a personal show at, " said Reptar.

"Follow me," said Didi. Reptar followed Didi over to the playpen.

"Okay kids," said Didi. "Reptar is here to give you your own personal show. Enjoy!"

Didi left the room then she went into the kitchen. Stu was standing in the kitchen holding a strange looking trap. It was very big. He just came up from the basement.

"Hey Deed, check out my new invention," said Stu.

"Okay dear," said Didi.

"It's the world's first big-bug trap," said Stu.

"That's nice dear," said Didi.

"How it works is you put a cardboard house or some kind of cardboard building over it that says "Bugs' House" or something on it then you set it up in the garden or somewhere then voila, it is ready for action," said Stu. "This will be very good for out in the garden.Now we will no longer have to worry about those bugs eating all our plants and vegetables."

"That's very nice dear," said Didi.

"Honest," said Stu, "You will really like it. Now we can say 'Goodbye bugs!' This trap is so big that it can trap up to 250 bugs at a time."

"Yeah, nice," said Didi. "Now do you know that Reptar is here? He is giving the kdis their first personal show."

"Oh no," Tommy said to the other babies. "It's too late. We're gonna get eaten."

"I'm now really scared," said Chuckie.

"Ah what's the matter little one?" asked Reptar pointing at Chuckie. "You look scared."

While nobody was looking, Tommy reached into his diaper and took out the screwdriver. Just as he was about to unlock the playpen, Reptar took the screwdriver away from Tommy.

"No no no," said Reptar, "You musn't play with daddy's toys."

Reptar took a ball from the back of the playpen and gave it to Tommy.

"Play with your own toys. Thy're safer to play with. Another safe point kids is to brush your teeth at least three times a day."

"I'll bet he wants us to brush our teeth as much as possible so we'll taste really yummy when he eats us," said Tommy.

Tommy just threw the ball at Reptar hoping he could knock him out. He missed. The ball landed on the floor next to Reptar. Reptar picked up the ball then he gave it back to Tommy.

"It isn't nice to hurt your friends," said Reptar. "Now play with safe toys."

"Safe toys," said Chuckie, "I'll bet ya next he'll make us play with scary toys."

"You might be right, Chuckie," said Tommy.

"Now let's do some juggling," said Reptar. Reptar reached into his bag and took out three juggling balls. He started to juggle them. All of a sudden, the lock broke off the playpen then it fell off. The playpen gate flew open. Reptar was so busy concentrating on his juggling that the babies quickly snuck through the gate and out of the room.

Just as the babies were leaving the room, Reptar loooked and saw them leaving. "Don't leave," said Reptar. "I'm not done yet. We still have lots more fun stuff to do. Plus, it isn't safe to be outside your playpen while no grown-ups are watching you."

Reptar ran after the babies. Once the babies were in the hallway, they decided to split up. Phil and Lil ran one way down the hall while Tommy and Chuckie ran the other way. Reptar stopped at the door.

"Which two should I go after?" Reptar asked himself. He had to make a quick decision before all four babies were gone.

Reptar finally decided which two babies to go after. Just as he was about to go after them, he felt someone biteing him. He looked behind him and saw that it was Spike.

"Doggy no!," screamed Reptar.

Spike contnues to bite Reptar then he started to grawl at him.

"Nice doggy," said Reptar.

Reptar quickly reached into his bag and took out a dog bone. It had a face painted on it, but anything to get rid of a mean dog. He could risk losing one act in his show if he had to. Reptar gave Spike the bone. Spike ate the bone, but continued to bite Reptar.

"Somebody help me," screamed Reptar. "Pleaee help me! Why aren't the parents of the kids I entertain around when I need them?"

Meanwhile, Phil and Lil finally got to the end of the hall.

"Now what do we do?" asked Lil.

"I don't know," said Phil. "Which way do we go now is the question."

Phil ran into the door on their right while Lil ran into the door on their left. Phil found himself in a dumb old bathroom. He ran out of it and into the room that Lil ran into. They were now in a small room. Angelica was there playing with Cynthia.

"So are you wittle babies afraid of the big mean scary Reptar?" asked Angelica.

"Yes we are," said Lil. "Do you have any suggestions on what we can do to stop him."

"Maybe he would like some cookies," said Angelica. "If you give him enough that might make him so full that he won't want to eat you.

Sneak into the kitchen and take all the cookies you can find then bring them all back here then we will go from here."

Phil and Lil ran down the hall to the kitchen then they went inside the kitchen. Not one grown-up was ther.

"The toast is clear," said Lil.

"I see the cookies," said Phil. "They are on top of that cupboard over there."

"Now, how do we get up there?" asked Lil.

Meanwhile, Spike was still biting Reptar. Eventually, Spike managed to bite Reptar out of his costume. It was just Leo, a man in a Reptar costume. Before Spike started biting Leo again, he ran down the hall towards the kitchen. Spike managed to pick up the Reptar costume and put it on himself. He ran down the hall after Leo.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Phil and Lil were still deciding how to get on top of the cupboard to get the cookies.

"I just thought of something," said Lil. "You know how Tommy always opens the drawers and we climb up them to get on top of the cupboard."

"Yeah so," said Phil.

"Maybe we can try that," said Lil.

They opened the drawers. They started to climb up them. When they were half way up, Leo came into the room.

"Oh no you kids," said Leo. "Get down from there. That isn't the safest place to be. This is why you should either be in your playpen or supervised when outside your playpen."

"Who is that mean man?" asked Lil.

"I don't know," said Phil.

"But he doesn't belong here," said Lil.

"I know he doesn't," said Phil. "If only our mommies and daddies were here right now."

"Yeah," said Lil. "There is a mean Reptar running around the house right now as well as a mean man. Shouldn't Spike at least be around right now, he got to be around here somewhere?"

"Well, at least I found two of the babies I was entertaining," Leo said to himself.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie made it to their end of the hall. They were now at the back door. They ran through the backdoor and out into the backyard. Stu was in the garden setting up his big-bug trap. Didi was standing next to him.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" asked Didi.

"Of course it will," said Stu.

"Hey look Chuckie," said Tommy. "That must be my dad's new invention over there. I believe I just heard him say that it was a big-bug trap. It looks big enough to trap Reptar."

"But how will we get him in there?" asked Chuckie.

Stu was finally finished setting up the big-bug trap. He put a big cardboard house over it.

"There now, all finished Deed," said Stu. "Now, how do you like it?"

"That's nice dear," said Didi.

"But wait until you see it in action," said Stu.

Stu and Didi went back inside the house.

Tommy looked and saw a small beach ball over in the sand box.

"I got an idea," said Tommy.

Tommy and Chuckie ran over to the sand box. They took the beach ball then they ran over to the Big-Bug trap. They set the beach ball

in the door of the cardboard house then they hid behind the cardboard house.

A few mintues later, Spike came running out of the house in the Reptar costume. Tommy and Chuckie thought that he was Reptar. Spike saw the cardboard house. He wondered what was in there. He decided to take a look. He ran over to the cardboard house then he went inside it. He got caught in the trap.

Tommy and Chickie heard the noise of the trap trapping Spike.

"Alright, we caught him," said Tommy. "We caught Reptar."

"Now what are we going to do with him?" asked Chuckie.

"I don't know," said Tommy. "We got to decides that."

Meanwhile, Stu and Didi heard the noise of the trap trapping Spike from inside the house.

"Alright Deed," said Stu happily. "I caught a bug, I caught a bug, I finally caught a bug. See, I told you it would work."

"That's very nice dear," said Didi.

Stu and Didi ran back out into the backyard. That is when they saw

that the trap caught Spike. They too thought that Spike was Reptar.

"How did you get in there," Stu asked Spike. "Did you know you

aren't suppose to be here? You are suppose to be entertaining the kids." "Woof!" said Spike.

"Get real," said Stu.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Phil and Lil finally made it to the top of the cupboard. Just as they were about to grab the cookies, Leo grabbed them.

"No no no, kids," said Leo. "You shouldn't start with the cookies. They are to be eaten after the main courses, not before."

The man looked out the window and saw Spike in the Reptar costume stuck in the trap. He saw Stu trying to get him out of there. He saw Didi standing next to him.

"There's my costume," Leo said to himself. "It's in the playhouse in the backyard."

The man ran out the door at the back of the kitchen that went into the backyard.

"What's a costume?," asked Lil as the man carried she and Phil outside.

"I don't know," said Phil. "Do you know?"

"Nope," said Lil.

Once they were outside, Leo ran over to the trap.

"Hey, hey, hey," yelled Leo as he ran over to the trap. "What do you think you are doing?"

"What are you doing here?" Stu asked Leo.

Leo put down Phil and Lil.

"I was suppose to entertain som kids until all of a sudden, some mangy mutt ripped off my costume and there it is right here," said Leo.

"Woof, woof," said Spike. He started to lick the ground from where he was trapped.

Phil and Lil went behind the trap. They found Tommy and Chuckie back there.

"Do you have any idea who that mean man is?" asked Lil.

"I have no idea," said Tommy.

"We were gonna get some cookies for Reptar until that mean man stopped us," said Lil.

"Cookies," said Tommy. "Why give him cookies, he is trying to eat us?"

"Angelica told us that giving him cookies would make him too full to eat us," said Lil.

"Whatever you do, don't go in that playhouse," said Tommy. "My dad's new invention is in there. It is a bug trap and we managed to trap Reptar in it. You won't have to worry about giving him cookies now that we trapped him."

Phil and Lil now felt relieved.

"Wait one second," said Tommy. "Who told you about the cookie idea?"

"Angelica," Phil and Lil both said at the same time.

"Angelica," said Tommy. "That's it. I think that she tricked you so she could have the cookies. I think she was just making it up about Reptar eating us. I think he is the cute, cuddly loveable Reptar and he came here to put on a show for us which we ruined because of tha mean old Angelica. That must be why my dad is trying to get him out of the trap."

Stu finally got Spike out of the trap. Before Stu could take the costume off Spike, Spike ran into the costume.

"Here boy," called Stu. "Come here Spike."

Meanwhile, once Spike was inside the house, he found himself in the kitchen. He ran out of the kitchen then down the hall then into the room that Angelica was in. She was still there playing with Cynthia.

Spike tried to lick Angelica.

"I only made it up," screamed Angelica. "It is real. He can also eat me too."

Angelica ran out of the room then down to the other end of the hall then out into the backyard.

"Reptar's gonna eat me," screamed Angelica.

"Calm down dear, "said Stu. "He's not gonna eat you."

"Now I guess it's your turn to be entertained," Leo said to Angelica.

Angelica started to scream even harder. Didi took her inside. Didi came back out a few minutes later.

"Fine fine fine then," said Leo. "You can have my costume.

Maybe it will fit one of the babies some day. I have tons of Reptar costumes back at the theatre that I work at. But one last thing before I go to my next personal show, here is a small present for you."

Leo reached into his pocket and gave each of the babies a free pass to see "Reptar On Ice" the next week.

Leo said goodbye to everyone then he went out front to his car then he left to go to his next personal show.

"Maybe having a personal show for the kids wasn't a good idea," said Didi to Stu. "I think taking them to see 'Reptar On Ice' is a much better idea."

"And I don't think this bug trap is such a good idea either," said Stu. "I think I'm gonna toss this thing then build a bunch of small bug traps that you can put small cardboard houses on as well as small trails of bug food leading to them. Bug traps that can only hold one bug at a time."

"I think that is a good idea," said Didi.

"Tommy," said Lil. "Do you know what a costume is?"

"You know, I'm afraid I don't," said Tommy. "And I am glad that Reptar didn't eat us."

"That's good to hear," said Chuckie.

"Now, I can't wait to go see him on ice next week," said Tommy.

"Wait Stu" said Didi. "That man forgot to give us a free pass for Angelica. She would probably want to see 'Reptar On Ice' too, or would that be to scary for her?"

Meanwhile, Spike finally managed to get the Reptar costume off himself and he was very happy.


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