The Tweenage Rugrats In,
"Harry Potter, Foreign Exchange Student"

By Dwayne Anderson & Nicky Kozma

It was Monday morning at Jim Jr. Junior High School. The kids were sitting in their seats for Mrs. Guppy's science class.

Just as Mrs. Guppy was about to begin, Principal Jim Skinner came in. With him was an eighteen year old boy with black hair and glasses. On the boy's forehead, was a symbol which represented a lightning bolt.

"I have an announcement to make" said Principal Skinner. "We have a foreign exchange student who will be with us here for the next few weeks. He came here from jolly old England. Actually, he's in his late teens, but, due to domestic circumstances back home, he was lacking the education he needs. Hopefully, he'll be more smarter and wiser by the time he returns. I'm sure you'll all be so friendly to him during his stay. He'll be staying with us while one of our own students attend a secondary school in his place in England. I'm very sure that person will have a 'magical' time there. Carry on, class."

He told the new student to take the empty seat next to Tommy. Principal Skinner took his leave.

As usual, many of the kids didn't like new students, except for our favorite Rugrats.

"Nice glasses four eyes!" taunted a boy.

The new student outstretched his arms forth at the boy. To everyone's suprise, the boy was heaved upward onto the ceiling. After a few moments, the boy released his hands, causing his tormentor to fall to the floor.

"Now that's what I call being stuck on a ceiling" joked Phil.

"Sorry" said the newcomer. "Please don't tease me anymore."

"Why don't you tell us about yourself?" asked Mrs. Guppy.

"Certainly" said the boy. "My name is Harry Potter."

Tommy thinks, "Harry Potter...Haven't I met him before?"

We flash back about 10 years earlier when the Rugrats were really Rugrats.

Stu: I'm going to a invention convention. You're going to show how to feed a a little baby in school. Pop's fishing. Lulu's going to the elderly center. Chazz is going to his parents' house. And Kira is going on a short trip to Tokyo!

Didi: Don't worry I have found a babysitter. His name is Harry Potter.

Stu: I'll tell the kids.

Tommy passed his star ball to Chuckie when Stu speaks to him.

Stu: Guess what? You'll have a babysitter who's name is Harry Potter!

Stu returns to the kitchen.

Kimi: Wow! A hairy pot is going to babysit us.

Chuckie: That sounds scary.

Tommy: Aww don't worry a kid named Harry Potter is going to babysit.

Chuckie: But I'll still end up as baby guts and smushed glasses and brains!

Kimi: Aww don't worry Chuckie I've been babysitted a bazillion and I've never got smushered.

Soon, back in the kitchen...

Didi: Let's get things straight - I go now. Harry comes at 5:05 and you, Stu, go at 5:10. Bye kids!

Five minutes later, someone knocks on the door. Stu opens it -- it was Harry.

Harry: Hello sir, I am Harry Potter.

Stu: Hello, Harry. Let me show you the babies, there's Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, Kimi and Angelica.

Harry: Interesting.

Stu: The list of things for you to do are on the refrigerator, along with a list of emergency numbers if the need arises. I gotta go now; bye! Do good babysitting Harry!

Stu leaves. Harry talks to the Rugrats.

Harry: If your lucky enough I can teach you how to walk through walls and fly brooms.

Phil: You can talk to us?

Harry: Of course.

Since Harry can talk to animals he can talk to babies.

Harry: All right I will teach how to walk through walls first.

Lil: I'd rather walk through worms.

Harry: Sssshhhhhh.

Phil: 3...

Angelica: 2...

Tommy: 1...

Harry: Go! Walk through the walls! First lets walk through this wall in between the living room and kitchen.

The Rugrats walk through the walls into the kitchen. The Rugrats thought that it was neat.

Harry: Okay babies we are going to pass balls to each other but first lets learn how to fly!

Tommy: Wow!

Harry: First Chuckie goes.

Chuckie goes bumping all over the place.

Harry: Awning, stop sign, streetlight, flag, airplane, whoa! You hit the end of earth!


Harry: Okay now since you 2 are cousins I'm going to pair Tommy with Angelica while Chuck's with Kim...

Kimi: I like those nicknames.

Harry: ...and Phil with Lil.

Tommy whacks his ball through the net Chuckie almost whacked it but at the last second it slanted sideways completly missing the ball.

After a fine game of quidditch (which involves throwing and catching balls while the wizards fly around on brooms), everybody goes back into the house. Then, Harry puts on his Cloak of Invisibility.

Tommy: Where did Harry go?

Chuckie: Lets go inside quick before the growed ups find out.

Harry took off the invisiblity cloak and becomes visible again.

Harry: Good idea

Then, the parents got home. Harry hides all his magic stuff and acts like he was babysitting normally. The parents came in.

Didi: What a good babysitter you are!

Harry: It was nothing -- all in a days work.

Return to the present day at Jim Jr.

Tommy thinks again, "He was our babysitter? No way!"

"How did you do that to me?" asked the boy who called Harry "four eyes".

"I'm a wizard" said Harry. "That was my levitation spell, or as we wizards say, `Wingavinleviosa'."

"Do you know what happened to people like you in the past?!" said a boy. "We burned them at the stake!"

Harry pushed his hands forth. "Flipendo!"

The student's chair slid out from under him, causing him to fall to the floor.

Everyone laughed.

"Alright children, settle down" said Mrs. Guppy. "Harry, you may sit next to Tommy.

Harry sat down next to Tommy.

For the rest of the morning, many of the kids persecuted Harry, simply because he was the new guy and a wizard. One boy glued his desk shut, but Harry opened it by chanting "Alahamaria".

In history class, Mr. Dixon called Harry up to the front. He pulled down a map of the United States. He handed a ruler to Harry.

"Let's see how much you know about this country" said Mr. Dixon. "Point to Washington."

"Ok" said Harry. And he pointed the ruler at Washington, but instead, it was pointed into Missouri.

The kids laughed.

"What a geek!" laughed a boy.

"Harry, I believe the state of Washington is on the other coast" said Mr. Dixon.

"Oh right" said Harry, "that Washington."

And he pointed the ruler to Alaska. There were even more laughs.

Finally, after Harry completed his lesson, he chanted "Flipendo" to raise the map.

In the cafeteria. Harry was about to sit down at a table, when other kids deliberately pushed him away.

"You can't sit here new kid!" taunted a boy.

"What are you going to do about it?" laughed a girl.

"Easy" said Harry. He thrust his left arm forth. "Wingavinleviosa!"

The table lifted off the floor, and landed near Harry. He sat down. The Rugrats joined him.

To Be Continued

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