The Tweenage Rugrats In:
"The Return Of The Junkfood Kid"

By Brianna Blank, Birch Griesse & Dwayne Anderson

The kids in Mrs. Guppie's class waited for her arrival. She was coming today. The class didn't know who she was. All they knew was that a new student was coming.

Soon, the intercom beeped.

"Mrs. Guppie?" asked Principal Skinner.

"Yes?'' asked Mrs. Guppie.

"Belinda is here for you!" said Skinner.

A second later, a tall girl, Kimi's size, with curly blonde hair stepped into the room.

"She sorta looks familiar," said Tommy, to Chuckie.

She walked over to the empty desk next to Kimi, between Chuckie, Tommy, and Lil's desks.

"Oh, my god, is that you Tommy? Chuckie?" astoundedly said Belinda.

"Belinda? From the playground?" quietly screamed Tommy.

"Wow!" said Chuckie.

"Hey, who are you?" asked Belinda to Kimi.

"I'm Kimi Finster, Chuckie's sister," said Kimi.

"Oooh, that's strange! When I met Chuckie he didn't have a sister!" said a confused Belinda.

Kimi explained, "That's because I'm accually his stepsister. We met in Paris and our parents got married. Even Tommy has a brother! Dil!"

"Cool! Let's go to my house later!" said Belinda.

Later, at Belinda's house...

"Linda! Come here! Oh, who are your friends?" asked Belinda's mother, Kara. She looked just like Belinda, only older.

"Mommy, I want you to meet Tommy and Chuckie," said Belinda.

"Oh my gosh, these are the Tommy and Chuckie that you had just made out their names! Those were the fifth and sixth words you have ever said!" said Kara wiping tears from her eyes.

Kara said, "Tommy, Chuckie, you can come over any time you ever want!"

While Kara was crying, Belinda motioned them up to her room. It was pink.

"It's very,," said Chuckie.

"Oh, Chuck! You never really liked my stuff!" said Belinda, fishing out candy for them.

She gave them each a piece of a chocolate bar.

"Um, thanks!" said Tommy. They stuffed their mouths with candy.

Soon, Kara came up and told Tommy and Chuckie that they had to go home now. Tommy and Chuckie could tell that she was still teary. But they walked out, Belinda waving at them.

"That Tommy is something else," said Belinda to herself.

When Tommy and Chuckie were walking home, Tommy suddenly said, "Belinda's cute."

Chuckie stopped walking and glared at Tommy who was blushing.

"Tommy, what did you say?" asked a confused Chuckie.

"She's cute! I'm gonna ask her if she wants to go to the movies tommorow. Then we can go and have fun!" said Tommy.

"Like a date?" asked Chuckie.

"Exactly," said Tommy.

The next day Tommy dressed in his good clothes. At breakfast he ate slowly as not to spill any cereal down his front. Didi looked over her newspaper at Tommy.

"You sure are dressed up today," she said, "What's the occasion?"

"Oh, nothing," Tommy replied.

On the bus Tommy sat down in his usual seat, next to Chuckie and Kimi. Kimi and his other friends asked him about his nice clothes. But
Chuckie knew. Tommy explained about Belinda and how he planned to ask her out at lunch period today. Just as Tommy was done explaining,
the bus stopped and Belinda got on. Tommy smiled at her.

"Chuckie, please go sit next to Kimi," Tommy whispered. Chuckie got up and Kimi moved over, giving him a place to sit.

"Here, you can sit next to me, Belinda," Tommy offered.

"Thanks, Tommy," Belinda replied, slipping into the seat where Chuckie had been sitting. They both sat quietly for a while, then they turned to
face each other and said at the same time,

"I was wondering if..."

"You first," Belinda said politely.

"No, you first," Tommy insisted.

"Well," Belinda said sheepishly, "I was hoping, maybe, that you might want to see a movie with me."

"That's just what I was thinking!" Tommy told her, "What a cowinkidink!"

"A what?" Belinda asked.

"A coincidence," Tommy explained a little embarrassed. Belinda just giggled.

"How about Friday night?" Tommy suggested.

"That sounds great," said Belinda, "We'll meet at the theater at 8PM, OK?"

"OK," Tommy agreed. The rest of the day Tommy had trouble paying attention in class. His mind kept straying to 8PM. It was Thursday. In just one day, he would be at the movies with Belinda, eating popcorn and Raisinets. He would buy the tickets. He should probably take her to a horror movie, so that she could hold his hand if she was scared. Or something like that. He'd read about it in a book.

"Tommy!" snapped Mrs. Bora, the rugrats math teacher, "Were you paying attention?"

"Oh, uh, yeah whatever," Tommy said absent-mindedly.

"What did I just say?" asked Mrs. Bora.

"Uh, something about, uh, fractions?" Tommy guessed.

"No, we are talking about geometry. I suggest you will want to pay attention if you want a good grade on the test tomorrow!" Mrs. Bora advised
him. Tommy just nodded.

That afternoon, right after Tommy got home from school, Tonya called. Tonya was Tommy's girlfriend. Tommy picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hello Tommy, this is Tonya. I just wanted to know if you could come to my boy-girl party tomorrow night at from seven till ten. It's going to be
so fun. We're going to watch movies eat popcorn, stay up late, dance, play at the park and anything else we can think of. Can you come?"

"Uh, no, I uh, I've got, uh, to go somewhere with my parents. Sorry, that sounds like a lot of fun," Tommy lied.

"Oh, all right," Tonya groaned. Then she hung up. On Friday at 8PM, Tommy met Belinda at the theater. Tommy bought two tickets for "Ghost II". Belinda and Tommy bought popcorn, candy, and a big soda to share. Then they entered the theater and watched the movie. At the really scary parts, Belinda grabbed Tommy's hand or hugged him tight. After the movie, Tommy went home and slept. It had been a good day.

The next morning, Tonya called Tommy.

"Hello?" Tommy said.

"Tommy!" Tonya said. She sounded like she was about to cry, "You lied to me! I know what you were doing last night! How could you Tommy?"

"Uh, I don't know what your talking about!" Tommy fibbed.

"Oh, don't play dumb," Tonya sobbed angirly, "I saw you go into the movies with that... that... other girl! I'm your girlfriend! How could you do this to me? We're through!"

Tonya slammed the phone down on the hook.

Tommy walked sadly to his room. He flopped down on his bed. What was he supposed to do now? He gotten himself out of countless predicaments when he was younger, but now he didn't know what do. How could he choose between Belinda and Tonya? Why did everythingf have to go so wrong? He crawled up under the covers and slept.

He woke up again at noon. Didi was maked cheese sandwiches for lunch. Tommy's empty tummy growled. He hadn't had breakfast. Tommy
pulled himself out of bed and walked downstairs. Just as he had sat down with his sandwich, there was a knock on the door. Didi went to answer
it. A few seconds later, Belinda walked in and sat down.

"I'm sorry," she said, "About last night."

"What do you mean?" Tommy asked.

"Tonya called me asked me what I was doing with you," she explained, "I didn't know you already had a girlfriend. I'm sorry."

"No it's all my fault," Tommy said, "I told her I couldn't come to her party because I had something I had to do with my parents."

"Oh, well, I have to go now," Belinda said. Tommy could tell she was disappointed.

Shortly after Belinda left, Tommy stood and went out to the front hall. He wasn't very hungry now. He opened the door and went outside.

As he walked down the street, he thought about the past when he and Belinda first met. She had terrorized the park, until he popped a bubble of gum into her face. She came back the next day, most of her hair cut away, now she was chewing on a carrot stick.

Tommy knew that in order to get his life back on track, he would have to tell Belinda that they shouldn't hang out anymore.

On the way home, he met Belinda.

"Tommy, I gotta tell you something" she said.

"I got something to tell you too" said Tommy.

"Tommy, I've decided what's best for both of us."

"Me too."

"I think we should stop getting together."

"Really? I was going to tell you that!"

"Tommy, I'm sorry about the past few days. I'm sorry I broke your life apart. That's why I don't think we should hang out anymore. Buy hey, we can still be friends, can't we?"

"Ok Belinda. Agreed. We can still be friends. And only that."

After a short talk with Belinda, Tommy arrived home.

As he entered, his mother said to him, "Tommy, some girl called for you today. I think her name was Tonya."

Tommy rushed into the kitchen, took the phone, and dialed Tonya.

"Hello?" asked Tonya's voice.

"Hello" said Tommy.

"Tommy! Am I glad to hear you!"

"I thought we broke up."

"Tommy, Belinda told me the whole thing. Apparently, you two were just hanging out as friends. I'm sorry I got mad at you."

"And I'm sorry I lied to you Tonya."

"I'm sorry too. Am I still your girlfriend?"

"Yes. I promise I'll never lie to you again. And as for Belinda, me and her agreed that we can still be friends, but never hang out."

"I know. Belinda already told me."

Tommy and Tonya talked for quite some time before they hung up.

On Monday, Tommy woke up earlier and went to school with his friends. He sat down at his desk. He paid attention to the teacher.

And finally, that night, he made up not going to the dance with Tonya, by taking her to the school dance.

And as for Belinda, she and Tommy, remained friends, even though they never hung out again.

The End

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