The Tweenage Rugrats In:
"Grandparent's Day"

By Jamey Greek

It was Friday afternoon at the Finster's house. When Chuckie and Kimi got home, they saw three cars parked in the driveway.

They knew that Sunday was Grandparent's Day celebration. In fact, Chuckie, Kimi, and all their friends plan on celebrating it, along with their parents and grandparents.

Kimi removed the house key from her purse and opened the door. As she entered, she suprisingly saw her Japanese grandparents, Koki and Kyoto.

"Grandma! Grandpa!" greeted Kimi.

Chuckie saw his grandparents on his dad's side, Shirley and Marvin. He hugged all four of them.

"I cannot wait for the Grandparent's Day celebration Sunday," Chuckie greeted Marvin.

"Yes, this is going to be wonderful!", Shirley said; "we thought you guys might be lonely with your parents working at the coffee house, so we decided to keep you guys company."

"Now that's very nice!", said Kimi.

Suddenly the phone rang. Kimi picked it up.

Hello? said Kimi

Kira said, "We're closing the shop in a little while; do you need anything?"

"Yes; some ice cream for tomorrow -- Cookies and Cream."

"Okay." replied Kira.

As Kimi chatted with Kira on the phone, Kimi and Chuckie's grandparents arrived.

Mom said Kimi both mine and chuckie's grandparents are here

"Okay, replied Kimi; "I'll see you all when I get home. Goodbye."

Then they hung up.

Later that night, all of the Finsters were eating dinner.

Chazz said, "We are going to have to work out some sleeping arrangements, as there is no way we could fit ten people in this house. Martha, Edward, there is no room for you; however, you can stay at the Great Eastern Hotel downtown, my treat. Koki, Kyoto, you two can have the guest bedroom; mom and dad, we just bought a couch that converts into a foldable bed so you two can sleep there."

"Son, those things are nothing but couches! They're uncomfortable!" said Marvin.

Chuckie said "Dad, I can sleep on the foldable couch while Grandma and Grandpa have my bed."

Chazz said, "I'm afraid your bed is too small for both Grandma and Grandpa. Dad, if it is uncomfortable for you, you can have the guest bedroom while Koki and Kyoto have the foldable bed."

Koki said, "We brought a portable bed with us so you two can sleep on that. We can set it up in Chuckie and Kimi's room."

"And I could at least have the foldable bed," said Chuckie.

"Great!" said Chazz

The portable bed was set up in Chuckie and Kimi's room for Marvin and Shirley to sleep on, while Koki and Kyoto slept in the guest bedroom.
Chuckie had the foldable bed.

The next morning, Chuckie and Kimi woke up and changed into their everyday clothes.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" said Kimi.

Anita was at the door.

Kimi said, "Grandma! What are you doing here this early? And where is grandpa?"

"Well," said Anita, "I came to help your mother with the food, and your grandfather is still at the house asleep -- he is sleeping in today."

Just then Anita went into the kitchen

Anita said, "Hello Kerima. I came here early to help you with the food and I am going to use what I learned in cooking class."

"Sure; go ahead," said Kira.

Marvin explained to Pierre, "Charles has lived here all his life; during his senior year in high school, I got a job offer in Cleveland, so I went up there and I was home weekends, and Shirley did not move up there with me until Charles graduated."

Pierre told Marvin, "Anita and I were working at the French Embassy in Washington, so my son attended high school there and graduated."

To Be Continued

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