Wayne Fults' Reptar Wagon

Wayne Fults of Texas has made a working Reptar Wagon for his son, who's an avid Rugrats fan. Here's his brief description of his Reptar Wagon:

Hi! My name is Wayne Fults. My son, Dustin, is a big fan of Nickelodeon; he has most of the movies and half of the toys. I like watching the cartoons with my son. We like the Rugrats and Catdog the most. Dustin's favorite one is the Rugrats. I took a go-cart and made a Reptar Wagon out of it. It looks just like the one in the movies. My son loves it. Here are some pictures of the Reptar. It has an am / fm cassette radio, lights for the eyes, red lights for the nose, and a 5 hp. motor. I spent three years building it, and spent about four thousand dollars to build it, along with alot of help from friends.

And now, here are the pictures of that Reptar Wagon, courtesy of Wayne Fults:
This is the left front diagonal view.

This is the right front diagonal view.

This is the right side view.

This is the right back diagonal view.

This is the left back diagonal view.

This is the front-on view.

The Reptar Wagon is powered with a small gasoline engine, which is located in the rear.

Here's another look at that engine.

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