The Tweenage Rugrats In: "The Wedding"

By Jamey Greek & Birch Griesse

It was a Friday evening at Chuckie and Kimi's house. The Finsters had just finished eating dinner. While Chazz and Kira did the dishes, Chuckie and Kimi were watching TV.

Then, the phone rang. Chazz answered it.

"Hello?", Chazz said.

"Hello Chazz? This is Isabelle. I called to tell you that Lily is engaged to Robert, her boyfriend for six years, and I want Chuckie and Kimi to be in the wedding."

"Lily is getting married?!", asked Chazz suprisingly. "That young?"

"Well yes," replied Isabelle. "Robert is four years older than Lily, so we let her get married at seventeen."

Chazz said, "Alright then, Chuckie and Kimi can be in the wedding."

Isabelle said, "Great. I gotta go now; Lily and I have some planning to do for the wedding. Goodbye."

"Bye," said Chazz.

"Who's that?", asked Kira .

"Isabelle," replied Chazz. "She said that Lily was getting married and she wants both Chuckie and Kimi to be in the wedding."

Later, Chazz and Kira told Chuckie and Kimi the news. Kimi was excited.

"I'm going to be a bridesmaid?!", Kimi said, happily. "Yes! I have never been in a wedding before! This is my first time!"

However, Chuckie was nervous.

"Dad," said Chuckie, "Lily is my cousin. I love her, but I am a little nervous about being in a wedding. And besides, isn't Lily too young to get married at seventeen?"

Kimi said, "Most kids get married at seventeen and right out of high school! In fact, I was thinking about doing it with Ken a few years from now!"

"I don't know about that," Chazz replied. "And Chuckie, you'll do just fine, because when I married your mother, I was more nervous than you are, so when you get married, you could get nervous."

"Well," replied Chuckie, "I will be wearing a tuxedo, and the tie might be choking me a bit."

"Well," said Chazz, "Maybe we can buy the tux a size too big, and tie the tie loosely."

"OK," said Chuckie nervously.

Meanwhile, at Tommy & Dil's house, the grownups were talking.

Chazz said, "Chuckie is a little to nervous to be in the wedding; also, I would say that Lily is a bit too young to get married at the age of

"Nonsense!", exclaimed Grandpa; "my sister got married at seventeen and not much bad happened!"

Stu said, "I was in a couple of weddings and I wore a tuxedo and the tie choked me a bit."

Later, the Rugrats talk some more about the wedding.

Chuckie said, "You guys, I am a little too nervous to be in a wedding, I mean the tuxedo will be too tight, and it will be hot and everything!"

Tommy said, "Well Chuckie, after the wedding there will be a reception with cake and all. Don't you remember when we went to my Uncle Ben's

"Yes I do, Tommy, and we chased after that wedding cake too! But back then we did not realize that it was for afterwards.", said Chuckie.

Far away in Florida, where the wedding was to take place, Lily was making preparations. The wedding would be in five weeks. It was to take place on a large cruise boat. Her mother had booked the boat for a one-hour cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Right now she was trying on her pure white wedding dress. It sparkled, and she had silver trimming and gold ribbons than shone bright.

"Oh, mother, this dress is perfect! I must have this dress!" Lily exclaimed.

‘Then you will, you will, dear!" her mother answered. They spoke as if they were playing Romeo and Juliet in front of a thousand people.

"Oh, thank you mother! Now let us go and select a cake!"

"Yes!" Isabelle cried.

So they hurried off to the bakery. When they got there, Lily ran about inspecting cakes.

"I want this one mother!" Lily called.

She was staring at a huge four-layer cake with each layer elevated above the other on plastic plates held up with small plastic pillars. The bottom layer was chocolate, the second, vanilla, the third, carrot cake, and the last, strawberry. Each layer was edged with a slightly different decorative white border, and had flowers (except the top layer), of different colors and varieties. The bottom cake had blue bluebells, the second, yellow daffodils, and the third, pink roses. The very top layer had the traditional small bride and groom figures standing under a white arch decorated with flowers.

Lily said, "Oh, that cake is beautiful! I love it! What a perfect selection, Lily! Let's purchase it immediately and pick it up the day of the wedding!"

"Sure!" her mother agreed.

They pointed the cake out to the salesperson and he told them they could pick it up the day before the wedding, but they would have to pay now. So Isabelle paid for the cake and they hurried home to prepare to meet Robert at his house for dinner.

"Oh, Mother!" Lily cried in frustration when they got home, "What shall I wear? Shall it be the red dress? Or the green one? Perhaps the purple? Or blue?"

"Lily, dear, just let me look upon you in each one, and I shall tell which of them I think looks the best on you," Isabelle instructed.

"Yes, that is what I shall do! Oh, thank you Mother, what a marvelous idea! You shall see the red one first!" Lily called from her bedroom.

Soon, they had decided on a bright red dress with no sleeves that went just above her knees. It was covered in red sequins. Her shoes were tall and gold. She wore diamond earrings and a lot of make-up. Her mother pulled her hair into a bun and tied it with a golden ribbon.

Then, Lily drove off to Robert’s house.

When she got home, Isabelle greeted her at the doorway.

"How was your dinner, Lily, dear?" she asked.

"It was not very good," Lily admitted.

"Why not?" Isabelle wanted to know.

"We had an argument," Lily explained.

"Well, don’t worry, dear, you’ve had plenty of arguments before, and none that you haven’t overcome," Isabelle comforted her.

"You are right. One small disagreement will not separate us," Lily said.

On the week of the wedding, the Finsters arrived in Florida. They had to arrive early to make it to the practice wedding and the Ladies’ Luncheon, where all of the girls and women invited to the wedding would attend.

The family would be staying in a condominium, as would all of the other guests, though not all in the same room. When they arrived, they saw the complex had three large pools (two outside, one inside), and two huge Jacuzzis (one inside, one outside).

When they entered their condo, they started looking around. In the bathroom was a large bathtub with jets. It was a lot like a Jacuzzi. All of the beds had a tv in front of them, and so did the couch!

Chuckie and Kimi loved it! The first thing the two did after unpacking all of their luggage was change into their bathing suits and head straight to the pools.

First they went to the outside pool that was closest to their condo. One end of the pool was three feet deep, and 12 feet deep in the deepest part. There was also a diving board and a rope swing.

Another, smaller, concrete wall, painted the same way, stood nearby. They jumped in and swam to the first concrete wall, which they proceeded to climb straight over. Then they went down the water slide several times. Then they headed to the diving board. There was a high dive and a low dive. Kimi spent most of her time of the high dive, while Chuckie, having a fear of heights, preferred the low dive. After a while, they left the diving boards for the rope swing. It hung from a bar that was attached to a tall wooden post. The two had never seen a rope swing at a swimming pool before. They had visited several lakes that had ropes dangling from trees that the children swung into the lake from, but never at a swimming pool. And that was probably why the line was so long. About half of the kids at the pool were in line for the rope swing.

Kimi and Chuckie waited and waited and waited. Finally Kimi’s turn came. She grabbed the rope swing, took a few steps backwards then ran and jumped into the air, still hold the rope. She sailed high above the water, then let go of the rope swing. As she fell, she flipped once and performed a perfect dive, straight into the pool. Then she swam back.

Chuckie was already holding the rope. He smiled at his sister.

As Kimi walked back, people kept asking her, "How did you do that?"

She would reply, "Lots of practice."

The swung on the rope swing for the rest of the time, until they heard Chas calling them for supper.

The week passed quickly, and two days before the wedding it was time for the Ladies’ Luncheon.

Kira and Kimi were preparing to go to the luncheon, which would be in thirty minutes.

Kimi thought that the Luncheon was very boring. They talked with a bunch of family and Lily and Isabelle’s friends.

Then they had the food. The waitresses served things like lobster and, which Kimi thought was disgusting. She did eat some watermelon and strawberries from the fruit plate, and a couple of rolls, and, of course, desert, but that was it.

After the Luncheon they drove home right away, and Kimi changed out of her dress and into her swimming suit and she and Chuckie went down to the pool again.

The next day was the practice wedding. It would be held on the boat also, but none of the decorations had been set up yet, and there was no cake and no guests.

Kimi was had on a long, bright blue, none sleeved dress with a white ribbon tied around the middle and lacy white gloves and a white hat. She was a junior bridesmaid, and Chuckie was the ringbearer. He wore a plain black tux, and a red tie. They ran through wedding a few times and nothing exciting happened. Everything went just right.

Then, the day of the actual wedding came. Everyone dressed up fancy and went over to the boat. The cake was on one side of the boat, but the wedding was to take place on the other side. The boat had a small stage in the front where Robert was supposed to be standing. But he wasn’t there. The guests, Lily, the bridesmaids, Kimi, Chuckie, and everyone else at the wedding waited for him to arrive. They waited for hours and hours for him to show up, but he didn’t. Everyone began to panic.

To Be Continued

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