The Tweenage Rugrats In "Recess For Rugrats"

By Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski

It was Friday morning. The kids were preparing for another day of school. They waited by the bus stop for the bus to arrive.

The bus finally arrived and opened its doors. The Rugrats climbed on and the bus began to drive to school.

"Uh oh" said Lou, "we're almost out of fuel. I'd better stop for gas."

He stopped the bus at a gas station and climbed out.

"I have to go to the bathroom" said Dil.

"So do I!" said Chuckie.

The rugrats went into the gas station and into the bathroom. A little later, they came out and boarded the bus again.

"Ummm, is this the right bus?" asked Tommy. "The kids look different."

"Hey, you're right!" said Lil.

"Better sit down" said the bus driver.

"Hey" said Tommy, "you're not my grandpa!"

"Of course not kid" said the busdriver. "Now sit down!"

The rugrats sat on different seats. The bus drove off towards school, only instead of City School Board on the bus, the name on it had was instead "Third Street School".

The rugrats climbed off the bus.

"Oh no!" said Susie, "we got on the wrong bus!"

"We're going to be late for school!" cried Chuckie.

The bus drove off into the distance.

"Oh great!" said Angelica, "now what?"

"You there!" called a voice.

The rugrats stood still. An elderly obese woman in a yellow polka dotted dress came over to them.

"I haven't seen you here before" said the woman. "You must be new here. I'm Muriel Finster, the playground supervisor."

"Miss Finster?" thought Chuckie and Kimi. "Are we related?"

The bell rang.

"Get in the school!" said Muriel. "If you're late, you get detention!"

Muriel walked off towards the school.

"I don't like this place" said Dil.

"That was a mean old lady" said Kimi.

"I heard that!" said Muriel.

"Well" said Tommy, "we'll just have to go here for the day."

The Rugrats went into the school and into a classroom.

"Oh hi" said the teacher. "You must be new here."

"Actually" said Kimi, "we're only here because we took the wrong bus."

Everyone laughed.

"I'm Mrs. Grotke" said the teacher. "I'll be the teacher for you today. You may sit down once we prepare your desks."

After Hank the janitor brought in eight desks, the Rugrats sat down.

"Well this is another fine mess you got me into" said Angelica. "If you hadn't had to stop to go to the bathroom, we'd be at the right school!"

"No talking in class" said Mrs. Grotke.

The first class was long and hard for the class. Since the rugrats were new, they had to recieve last week's assigntments.

Finally, the bell rang for recess. The kids rushed outside to play.

Outside, they met a group of six kids about Dil's age from their classroom.

"You must be the new kids" said the boy wearing a red hat on his head.

"Who are you?" asked Tommy.

"I'm Theodore Juniour Dedweiler. But everyone calls me T.J.."

"I'm Vince Lesalle" said the african american boy.

"I'm Gretchen Grundler" said the girl wearing glasses.

"I'm Mikey Blumburg" said the fat kid.

"I'm Ashley Spinelli" said the girl wearing a brown touque on her head. "But you can call me Spinelli."

"And I'm Gus Griswald" said the boy wearing glasses.

"Nice to meet you" said Tommy. "This is Dil, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, Lil, Susie, and Angelica."

"Pleased to meet you all" said Mikey. "The more, the merrier."

"Let us give you a tour of the playground" said T.J.. "But first, you'll have to see king Bob before you can play on the playground."

A little later, everyone was gathered by the jungle gym. Atop it, stood the rugrats, their six new friends, and a boy weaing a crown.

"I king Bob grant the eight new kids rights to the playground!"

Everyone cheered.

Soon, T.J. and his friends gave the Rugrats a tour of the playground.

"That over there is the Ashley's clubhouse. Those two over there are the diggers. There's Hustler kid selling maps of the teacher's houses, Guru kid giving out advice, and Randall as always being a snoop" said T.J. as he pointed to several different people.

The bell rang. Recess was over.

"When's next recess" asked Kimi.

"According to the time on my watch" said Gretchen, "one hour. At this school, we get alot of recesses. It's the school board's rule."

One hour later, at the next recess, the kids spent some time with their new friends.

"When we were kids" said Chuckie, "we had an idol named Reptar."

"Me too!" said Mikey. "Only my idol was a green dragon wearing blue shorts named Bonky."

"But now" said Tommy, "we have a new idol. And her name is Emica!"

"We'd like to go to one of her concerts if she's that great!" said T.J..

"She's great alright" said Angelica as she put her Emica cd into her mini cd player. A song began to play.

"Music is so good for the soul" said Mikey.

"That's good music" said Gus.

"No Rock and Roll?" asked Spinelli.

"It's teen rap" said Angelica.

"Well that's acceptable then" said Spinelli.

"Will you take us to one of her concerts sometime?" asked Gus.

"Sure!" said Phil. "After all, we may only just met today, but already, we're friends!"

"I wanna sing on stage with her!" said Mikey.

Suddenly, a shadow covered the kids.

"Young lady, no music allowed from home!" said Muriel. "Hand it over!"

Angelica turned off her cd player and gave it to Muriel.

"And the cd!" said Muriel.

"Darn!" said Angelica as she handed over the cd.

"Good work Randall" said Muriel as she handed him a chocolate chip cookie.

"Here's a cookie."

"Thanks Miss Finster" said Randall. He ate it and walked away.

"And as for you young lady" said Muriel, "you'll get no recess for the rest of the day. Inside!"

Angelica stood and walked into the school.

"Let this be a lesson to you kids!" said Muriel.

"Miss Finster, Miss Finster!" cried Randall, "the diggers are digging on the blackboard!"

"Coming" said Muriel. She walked away.

"Oh man, this whomps!" said T.J..

"Whomps?" asked Chuckie.

"It's my favorite phrase" said T.J.. "Feel free to use it anytime."

"Thanks" said Dil.

A little later, the kids were playing kickball against a group of older  kids, led by a boy named Lawson.

As always, Vince kicked a home run.

"Yay!" cheered everyone as he stepped on home plate.

Chuckie was up next. He kicked the ball as Lawson rolled it to him. Unfortunately for Lawson, the ball hit him in the stomache.

"Yeow!" he cried.

"Oops" said Chuckie.

Lawson stomped over to Chuckie. "I don't like you Chuckie!" he said. "You hurt me, so I'm going to hurt you!"

"Hey back off!" said Kimi as she joined her brother's side.

"Or you'll what?" asked Lawson, "you'll beat me?"

"I'm not going to beat you" said Kimi.

"Phew" sighed Lawson.

"I'm gonna whomp you!" said Kimi. She tackled Lawson to the ground.

"Yay!" cheered the kids.

Suddenly, someone grabbed Kimi's shoulder.

"Well, well, well" said Muriel. "Fighting on the kickball field. You're coming with me young lady! No recess for the rest of the day!"

Everyone gasped.

Muriel forced Kimi into the school.

"Oh man, that really whomps!" said T.J..

The bell rang for class.

"Let's get back at Miss Finster for that!" said Spinelli.

"How?" asked Tommy. "What could we do?"

"How about I introduce her to my good friend Madame Fist?!" said Spinelli as she clenched her hand forth in a fist.

"Please don't Spinelli!" cried Mikey. "Violence only makes things worse!"

"Relax guys" said T.J.. "I have a plan!"

A little later, Gretchen and Tommy finished wiring up a machine Gretchen had built. Next to it was Principal Prickly's microphone.

"Ok, it's ready!" said Gretchen.

Lil picked up the microphone. "I'm going to enjoy this!" she said.

She turned on the microphone after Gretchen finished setting the voice box on the machine for Miss Finster's voice.

"Attention Students" said Lil. Her voice sounded like Miss Finster's voice. The students on the playground looked up at the speakers near the school.

Phil began to giggle.

"This is Muriel Finster talking" said Lil. "I feel like a darn fool, denying the right to recess to some of your students. With that in mind, I would like to revoke detentions that I made the rest of the day. I also want to apologize for being a mean playground supervisor, taking away your recess priviledges and your stuff from home. Man I feel so ashamed of myself, I could just cry. To make up for it, I'll punish myself -- I want you all to ignore me no matter what I say for the rest of the day!"

Everyone cheered. Lil's friends began to laugh.

Suddenly, a shadow stood over the kids.

Muriel stood over them, frowning, with her arms crossed.

"Why Miss Finster" said Lil, "what a suprise."

A little later, the kids found themselves in the same room where Angelica and Kimi had been put. They were to spend each of the remaining recesses in this room.

"That was a good prank guys" said Susie. "Too bad we lost our recess."

"Well at least we're with our friends" said Phil. "But now we can't have any recess!"

"Kids without recess" said Mikey, "it's too horrible for words!"

"When dad finds out about this, he's going to go bolistic!" said Gus.

"I don't know about you guys" said T.J., "but one thing is for certain. This really whomps!"

After school, the Rugrats and, shall we say, the Recess bunch, start walking home from school.

They were passing by a 7-Eleven when Tommy said, "Can we stop here a second? I have to call my folks."

Tommy walked to a pay phone, plunked a quarter into the slot, and called home.

Stu answered the phone -- "Hello?"

Tommy: "It's me, Tommy."

Stu: "What do you want?"

Tommy: "You never believed what happened today -- grandpa stopped at a gas station to get gas. We got out of the bus to use the bathroom. We got back on the bus, but it was the wrong bus -- it took us to the Third Street School across town."

Stu: "Where are you?"

Tommy: "At the 7-Eleven at the corner of 4th Street and D."

Stu: "Be right there."

Tommy tells the others, "My dad will be here in a few minutes to pick us up."

Mikey asks Tommy, "What does your dad do for a living?"

Tommy responded, "He's an inventor -- he makes a lot of cool things."

Gretchen said, "You must have a terrific pop -- I must see what he does."

"Sure. Wanna come over, you guys?", asked Tommy.

The Recess Bunch said "Yeah!"

Soon enough, Stu came by in the mini-van. All the kids got inside. Stu, then, drove off.

A few minutes later, they all arrived at Tommy's house. They came in.

Tommy introduced the grown-ups to the Recess bunch.

Tommy: "You already met my dad, so here's my mom, Didi. She's a teacher."

Didi: "Hi, kids."

Recessers: "Hi, Mrs. Pickles."

Tommy: "And meet my Grandpa. He's a school bus driver. We wouldn't have even come to your school if he didn't stop for gas."

Grandpa: "I didn't know the school bus yard had their own gas pumps! I almost got fired today for losing you sprats!"

Tommy: "And this is my dog, Spike. He's ninety years old -- thirteen to you and me."

Gus: "Has he always been fat?"

Tommy: "No... he's getting old, I guess."

Kimi: "What time is it?"

Mikey: "4:10."

Kimi: "I'm missing my favorite game show. Wanna watch?"

The kids agreed.

The kids then go to watch "The Price Is Right". Yes, it's normally seen at 11PM ET, 10PM CT, but it's seen at 4PM where the Rugrats live. (Please no nitpicking -- this is only a work of fiction. -- SM)

About fifty minutes later, they saw a big $50,000 win in the Showcase, which included a Mercedes Benz and a trip to Germany. Bob Barker closed the show in his usual manner: "Bob Barker saying help control the pet population -- have your pet spayed and neutered. Goodbye everybody."

Kimi said, "Love that Price Is Right. I've been watching the show every day since 'Happy Gilmore', where Bob Barker had a fight with Adam Sandler. I couldn't stop laughing for weeks. I didn't know he still had a lot of punch in him."

Chuckie asked the Recess gang, "I have an idea! Why don't you spend the day at our school. This way, you fourth graders can see what middle school is all about."

Gretchen answered, "Great! I'll have Principal Prickly talk to the principal at your school to arrange this. But one thing -- what school do you go to?"

Tommy replied, "We go to Jim Jr. Junior High. And in case you're wondering, our principal's name is Jim Skinner III, the son of Jim Skinner Jr., the former superintendent of the city school board, which the middle school is named after."

T.J. asked, "Is your principal Skinner related to the other principal Skinner in Springfield?"

Chuckie answered, "Yes -- Jim Skinner is the cousin of Seymour Skinner. As a matter of fact, Jim looks just like him, except that he's not yellow. I wonder why everyone in Springfield has yellow skin. Must be from the nuclear power plant and the pollution."

"It's a date! We'll have our Principal Prickly talk to your Principal Skinner," said Spinelli

Mikey then spoke, "We get to be junior high students for a day! That'll be a great experience."

"I'll be great alright! See how fun middle school can be, as it has no recess!", Angelica replied, then cackled.

A little later, the Recess gang was invited to stay for dinner with the Pickles.

They ate fries, fish sticks, and shrimp.

"This is a great meal Mrs. Pickles" said Vince.

"The staff at the cafeteria at our school doesn't cook this good" said Gus.

"We are what we eat" said Mikey.

"Hey everybody, look!" said TJ as he held up his plate for everyone to see. "Now my supper whomps!"

The kids burst into laughter. TJ had assembled the word "whomps" on his  plate.

The grownups however weren't amused.

"I don't get it" said Stu.

"It's my favorite word" said TJ, "I made it up. It has lots of meanings."

"Such as?" asked Stu.

A little later, after supper, TJ and the rest of the gang and the tweenage rugrats were in the living room. The grownups sat on the couch. Everyone was playing a game that explores the various definitions of "whomp".

TJ held up a card that read "Cool".

Vince put on sunglasses. "I like wearing sunglasses" he said. "They make me look really whompy."

TJ changed the card to "Strength".

"I got into a fight with a boy named Lawson today" said Kimi. "I not only creamed him, I whomped him!"

TJ changed the card to "Self Defense".

Angelica said to Tommy, "give me your lunch money!"

Tommy got into a defensive pose. "Stand back or I'm going to have to open up a can of whomp!"

Angelica backed up.

TJ changed the card to "Suck".

"Phil, you suck at math!" said Lil.

"And Lil, you whomp at sports!" said Phil.

"Whomp sure has lots of definitions" said Stu.

A little later, Stu was in the basement working on one of his inventions.

Gretchen came down to the basement.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked.

"Not at all" said Stu. "I can't seem to get this gizmo working. It even has a battery in it, but it still won't work."

Gretchen took the screwdriver and opened the back panel of the gizmo. She turned a screw slightly, causing the gizmo to whir.

Stu was amazed. "You fixed it!" he said.

"It always helps to know where to turn" said Gretchen. (rimshot)

Just then, Spinelli came down to the basement.

"Hurry up Gretchen! Our new friends are taking us to an Emica concert now!"

"Coming!" said Gretchen.

A little later, the kids were waiting in line for the concert.

"It looks like we aren't the only ones from our school going to the concert" said Gus.

Sure enough, Muriel Finster, Randall, Principal Prickly, the Ashleys, King Bob and his followers, Guru kid, Cornchip Girl, Hustler Kid, and other kids were in line.

"Anybody but the Ashley's!" said Vince.

"What's wrong with the Ashley's?" asked Tommy.

"We call them the evillettes because they are so self centered, selfish, and always try to change the playground. They even think they're the best kids on the playground" said Gus.

"Once, they rated everybody, breaking up friendships all over the  playground" said Mikey. "They don't believe in equality like the rest of us."

"Watch this!" said Spinelli.

She took out a five dollar bill and put it on the ground.

"Hey Ashley's!" she cried, "did any of you drop a five dollar bill?"

"Ooooh!" said the Ashley's. "Sc..."

"Scandalous!" said Spinelli. "Jinxed!"

Spinelli and her friends laughed.

"Now they can't talk until someone mentions their names" said Spinelli as she picked her money back up.

"Tender" said TJ.

A little later, the kids were cheering as Emica performed on stage.

"Now who would like to sing on stage for a while?" asked Emica.

"Pick me!" called Mikey.

"Ok, come on up!" said Emica.

Everyone cheered as Mikey climbed up to the stage.

Emica gave Mikey the microphone. "Show everyone what you're made of" she said.

"Sing whatever you want."

Mikey smiled at the audience. He cleared his throat and began to sing a french opera.

To everyone's suprise, Mikey sang with the voice of Robert Goulet, a Canadian singer with a deep, operatic voice.

"Wow, he sings good!" said Kimi.

"Now that's singing!" said Lil.

"He's even better than me!" said Angelica.

Soon Mikey began to sing, "I'm Called Little Buttercup".

"Isn't he great everyone?" asked Emica.

Everyone cheered with a frenzy.

Emica and her band began to play a song, which Mikey sang.

"I'm going to go tell Principal Prickly about our plans" said TJ. "We'll be going to your school the following Monday!"

On that Monday, the Recess gang arrived at the Jim Jr. school. They got off the bus at the front entrance, where they are greeted by principal Skinner:

"Hello, I'm principal James T. Skinner, the principal of this fine school. Today, as special students, I'll show you what it takes to be a middle school student."

The principal escorted the students inside to the administration office.

Principal Skinner said, "Students, this is Rob Barker, the assistant principal."

"Wow! You're that Price Is Right guy!", said TJ.

"That's BOB Barker, the game show host; I am ROB Barker, the assistant principal," said Rob Barker.

"And here's Scott Martin, the dean of students," said principal Skinner.

Gus said to Scott, "That would make you Dean Martin."

Scott laughed nervously, and said quietly to the principal, "Now you know why I hate this job."

"Now meet the school's secretary, Mary Potter," said the principal.

Gretchen said, "That's a magical name."

Mary sighs.

Principal Skinner says, "Today, you kids will be following the same schedule as Tommy Pickles, one of the best students in school, which I trust you already met."

Tommy, with hall pass in hand, came into the office.

"Yes, principal Skinner?", said Tommy.

The principal said, "Tommy, here are the Third Street kids. Today, they'll be joining you in your classes. Just show them the ropes. And if they give any trouble or if you need help, call me."

"Sure," said Tommy.

Tommy then talked to the Recessers as they walked.

"Okay, you guys. The first class that I have is English. You'll like my teacher, Mr. London."

Vince said, "London. English. Must be a real expert."

They arrived in English class. Tommy returned his hall pass to Mr. London.

Tommy then introduced the Recessers to Mr. London.

"Mr. London, here are the Third Street 4th graders visiting us today: T.J. Dedweiler, Vince Lesalle, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumburg, Ashley Spinelli -- call her 'Spinelli' -- and Gus Griswald."

Mr. London said, "My, what fine chaps you are visiting our fine school today. please have a seat over there."

The Recessers sit in desks along the wall.

Mr. London then continued to teach his class.

To Be Continued

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