Kitten Companions

By Laura Radatz

"Spike! Spike!", cried Dil Pickles.

Spike came running, and gave Dil a lick. Dil giggled and gave Spike a lick.

Tommy called Spike; "Spike! Here Boy!"  Spike ran off; Dil cried.

Didi came running and asked, "Are you hungry?", then took Dil inside to give him a bottle.

Tommy knew that Dil wasn't hungry, though; he knew that Dil was sad because Spike couldn't play with him. Sharing Spike was more work then Tommy had thought it would be.

That night, Tommy lay awake for a long time, thinking about how hard it was to share Spike.

The next morning, Phil, Lil and Chuckie came over. Tommy talks about his troubles; he said:

"Guys, sharing Spike is harder than I thought. I want to play with Spike, but so does Dil. Yesterday, Dil wanted to play with Spike, and I did too. I called Spike, and Spike came over to me, and Dil started cryin. What do you think I should do?"

"Well, I don't know Tommy, but we aren't gonna be Dil's doggies again," said Phil.

Chuckie looked like he might cry.

"Chuckie, whats wrong?", Tommy asked.

Chuckie responded, "I haven't had a pet... since Meville, my pet bug, died."

Angelica then came in by surprise and said, "Well, I'm glad I don't have to share Fluffy! Who would want to have Fluffy for a pet?"

Chuckie recalled his past moments with Fluffy: "She's so mean. I 'member when I babysitted for her. She wasn't nice at all. I'd rather have a nice pet, like Spike."

"That dumb dog? All he does is eat and sleep," said Angelica.

Susie then came in and said: "Spike's a nice dog! It's not true that all he does is eat and sleep. He plays with Tommy and Dil, burries bones, and does lots of other stuff, so leave him alone, Angelica!"

Disgusted, Angelica stormed into the house.

Susue, however, has pet problems of her own, problems that may be serious to her cat, Chowder.

"Susie, why are lookin so sad?", asked Tommy.

Susie explained, "Something is wrong with Chowder, you guys. He seems really sick. We're all very worried about him. He doesn't want to eat, and he keeps getting fatter and fatter. Mommy put him on a diet of something called Skinny Kitty, but it doesn't seem to be working." said Susie.

Didi then approached to the Rugrats with happy news for Susie: "Susie! Your mommy is on the phone! She just took Chowder to the vet, and she has some good news!"

Susie ran into the house.

A few minutes later, she ran back out again, and gave the good news to the Rugrats: "Guys, I just talked to mommy. She took Chowder to the vet, and it turns out that Chowder is a not a he, he's a she, and she just had babies!"

The Rugrats cheered.

"Yeah, the kittens were born at the vet's, just a few minutes ago, " said Susie.

Didi came to Susie and said: "Hi Kids! Say, did Susie tell you the news?"

Susie responded: "Yes, I did tell them, Mrs. Pickles."

Didi then went on: "Well, I've decided that if Susie's mommy and daddy decide to give the kittens away, Dil can have one. I've been noticing that it's been hard for you and Dil to share Spike, Tommy, so I've decided that Dil should have a pet of his own. After all, Spike is really your dog, Tommy. we got him as a gift for you a few days after you first came home. I just hope Spike gets used to the new cat, as it seems that he doesn't get along with Fluffy very well. And by the way, Chuckie, your daddy says you can have a kitten, too. It turns out he's not allergic to cats after all; he has hay fever. And Phil and Lil, your mommy and daddy have decided that cats aren't so bad after all."

To Be Continued

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