The Tweenage Rugrats In, "Emica's Girls"

By Allie T.

It was the Jim Jr. Jr. High talent show. Angelica entered and was eager to win. Angelica, Samantha, and Susie were going to perform "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend". Angelica wore a sparkly white dress for diamonds, Samantha wore a sparkly blue dress for saphires, and Susie wore a sparkly red dress for rubies.

Angelica: Well were up next, you ready to go up?

Samantha: You know it!

Susie: We're gonna to win!

Harold was there as a talent show announcer.

Harold: Next we have 3 girls called The Precious Gems with Angelica Pickles, Samanatha Shane, and Susie Carmichael, singing Diamonds are a Girls Best Friends!

Chuckie: (whispering to Tommy) Samantha looks great doesn't she!

The Precious Gems sing their number.

After they're finished...

Harold: Our 1st place winner will win $500! And this magnificent trophy! And the winner is... The Precious Gems!

Angelica: Gimme that Harold! You like me you really like me!

Samantha: Yeah, we got 1st place!

Susie: Wow!

11 minutes after the show, a talent agent named Ricky came up to Angelica and Samantha and Susie. He offered them to do commercials and model in Teen Scene Magazine.

Samantha: We'll do it!

Susie: Well, if Emica's gonna be there, I'll do it!

Angelica: So you're saying we get to be famous?

Ricky: Why not, you guys won the show. Just come to United Studios tomorrow at 3:30.

At the studio, they went to a studio, where they did the very first Emica clothing line commercial.

Director: Lights, camera, action!

Filming started.

Angelica: (trying to memorize her lines) Look its Emica!

Samantha: Lets ask her about her new fashion line! Its going to be all the rage this year!

Susie:Hey Emica! Tell us about your new fashion line called Totally This and That!

Emica: Hey all you boys and girls out there! My new fashion line coming to a store near you! I'll see you at this location this weekend. Don't miss it!

All: See you there!

Angelica: Also be sure to get autographs from Emica!

Samantha: And to get your trendy wardrobe and wear it to Emica's next concert!

Susie: Yeah baby!

Director: And cut! Great everyone!

Two days after,

Emily: I saw the commercial! You guys were great!

Madison: Duh, of course they were great!

Ashley: Can I have your autographs?

Angelica: Of course you can have my autograph!

Samantha: Here Chuckie, you get the very first autograph of me!

Chuckie: Thanks!

Susie: Here my autograph Emily.

Timmy: So Angelica, wanna go out Saturday?

Angelica: Sure! Life as a star is great!

Timmy: So Angelica, whats it like to be famous?

Angelica: Its awsome, everyone wants MY autograph!

Timmy: So, do you think you can make me famous?

Angelica: Huh? What are you saying?

Timmy: The reason I asked you here is if you can make me famous! You didn't think I actually liked you?

Angelica: Well I did! So all this time you were just using me!

Timmy: Make me famous now!

Angelica: No!

Angelica ran out bursting into tears. She went to see Kimi.

Angelica: I don't know what to do, I mean I thought Timmy would really liked me!

Kimi: What about Dean? He's kinda cute.

Angelica: Nah, I'm just gonna be single. I gotta go! Samantha and Susie and Me have to do a fashion shoot at United Studios tomorrow! Oh, that reminds me, you can come and do the fashion shoot with us and do commercials and be the "Canary Diamond" in "The Precious Gems"!

Kimi: You'd really do that!

Angelica: Of course! I can pull a few strings, after all you did win second place at the talent show!

Kimi: Okay! See you there.

At United Studios...

Angelica: Ricky, I would like you to meet the newest member to the Precious Gems, Kimi Finster!

Ricky: Oh my aren't you just the cutest girl I've ever seen!

Kimi: So can I model with them?

Ricky: Sure! Just let me see your social security card. Welcome on the road to being a star!

Samantha: We're wearing Emica's new clothing line clothes! That's what they'll be filming us in.

Susie: Put this on! You have twenty minutes!

Twenty minutes later...

Director: Start taking the photos!


Ricky: Come back tomorrow... we're shooting two new commercials for Emica's clothing line!

Susie: What?

Samantha: But tomorrow we practice our next songs.

Angelica: And tomorrow night we're playing at the diner!

Kimi just kept quiet.

Ricky: I don't care! Your coming whether you guys like it or not!

All: We quit!

Kimi: I guess I quit too!

Ricky: (angrily) What?

Susie: Come Kimi we have a yellow sparkly dress for you.

Sunday night...

Angelica: Thanks for coming to hear us tonight!

The audience cheers.

Angelica: Now just sit back and relax to our newest song "Get Me More Jewels"!

The End

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