The Tweenage Rugrats In:
"Descendent Of The Living Fear"

By Dwayne Anderson & Steve Mindykowski

It was Friday afternoon. Our favorite Rugrats would be heading back to school on Monday.

At the mall, the Rugrats were doing some last-minute back to school shopping. They needed to buy some pencils, pens, and paper.

"It's not fair!" said Angelica. "This summer went by too fast! And next Monday, we have to go back to school!"

"I like school" said Tommy as he took a package of paper of a shelf.

"Then why don't you live in it?!" said Angelica.

"If I could, I would" said Tommy.

"Boy, this summer certainly has been fun!" said Chuckie. "But it's too bad that it'll soon be over."

"And then it will be back to being targeted by bullies who pick on the smart kids" said Tommy.

"So, what are you pre-teens all going to be doing this weekend?" asked Angelica.

"Well, we've got to finish our preparations for going back to school" said Phil.

"And tonight, I'm spending the night with my grandma and grandpa" said Kimi.

"I just wish we could go on just one more adventure before school starts" said Tommy.

"Be careful what you wish for" said Susie. "It just may come true."

Suddenly, Tommy heard a voice.

"Hey Pickles!"

"Uh oh" said Tommy.

A small group of eighth graders approached him.

"What do you guys want?" asked Tommy.

"We want you to do something that no one else would dare to do!" said one of the bullies.

"Like what?" asked Tommy.

"All you have to do is spend the night at the abandoned mansion in the forest!"

"But people say that place is haunted!" said Tommy.

"What's the matter? Are you chicken?"

"No, not really."

"Well good! You wanna be cool like us? Then do it! We dare you! See you tomorrow!"

The bullies left.

"Tommy, you don't have to do it!" said Lil.

"But...they dared me!" said Tommy. "What else can I do? Do you want everyone in school to think I'm chicken? Think of what that could do to my reputation! Guys, tonight, I'm going to that mansion!"

The other Rugrats looked at each other and shrugged.

Later, after supper, Kimi put some of her clothes into a suitcase. Her grandparents Pierre and Anita would be coming to pick her up soon.

Meanwhile, Tommy was making preparations for his stay at the haunted mansion. He was taking his flashlight and a camera with a timer. He needed the camera to get proof that he actually went to the mansion.

As Kimi finished packing her suitcase, a carhorn was heard outside.

"Kimi, your grandparents are here!" Kira called. "Don't keep them waiting!"

"I'm coming!" said Kimi as she closed her suitcase. Then she ran downstairs and out the front door.

Later that night, after everyone had gone to sleep, Tommy took his flashlight and the camera. Then, he quietly snuck out of the house, taking his house key with him.

He began to walk down the street towards the forest, when suddenly he heard a voice behind him.


He turned, to see his friends. Kimi was the only one missing.

"We're coming with you" said Susie.

"What? Are you guys crazy? Only I was dared!"

"Hey, they didn't say anything about you going alone" said Dil.

"That's true I guess" said Tommy. "Ok, let's go!"

And they continued down the street towards the forest.

Meanwhile, at the LeClerc mansion, Kimi was just falling asleep. She wondered what her friends were doing now? She also wondered if Tommy was still going to take his dare.

A little later, the other Rugrats were in the forest, making their way through the trees, guided by the light in Tommy's flashlight.

Finally, they came to an open clearing. Before them stood a large mansion resembling a castle.

"Is it true this place is haunted?" asked Chuckie.

"We'll never know until we enter" said Tommy.

"I heard that this place was once owned by a former German governor of Bavaria centuries ago!" said Susie.

"Let's just go ok" said Tommy.

As they approached the mansion, they felt something run down their spine.

"I'm scared Tommy!" said Chuckie.

"You're always scared Chuckie!" said Angelica. "What a fraidy cat!"

They climbed up the steps leading to the front door.

Tommy reached forth and turned the knob.

Opening it, the Rugrats saw a large darkened room with twin stairways to the next floor. Several dusty paintings hung on the walls. Unlit candles hung on the walls. Spiders awaited their dinner in their spiderwebs.

Using his flashlight, Tommy led the others upstairs to the next floor. The floor creaked under their feet.

As they reached the top of the steps, something appeared on the wall in front of them.

Chuckie yelped with fright.

Staring at the Rugrats from the wall, was a set of eyes. After a few seconds, they disappeared.

"I don't like this place!" said Chuckie. "Uh uh! No way!"

"Don't be such a sissy Chuckie!" said Phil.

"But you guys saw what happened!" said Chuckie. "This place really is haunted!"

Tommy found another set of stairs leading to the highest level of the mansion.

He climbed up them, with the others behind him.

Soon, they came to a corridor with a door at the end. Slowly, they made their way across until they reached it. Tommy opened it.

Inside, was the largest room yet. The windows were partially covered with red satin curtains, allowing the moonlight to enter. A red carpet was on the floor, leading to the front of the room. On both sides at the front, was a bookshelf with numerous books. In the center, was a large portrait of a man.

Since there was enough light here, Tommy turned off his flashlight.

They walked down the carpet to the front of the room.

Standing before them, was a large portrait, taller than a man. In the portrait, was a middle aged man with brown hair and hazel eyes. He wore a black and green robe on his body and a red cape around the back of his body and head. On his feet were black leather boots. His eyes seemed to be gazing to his left

Written on the lower part of the portrait's frame were two words.

"Helmut Benedict"

"This must be the man who governed Bavaria in medieval times!" said Susie.

"Ok" said Tommy, "let's take the picture and find a place to sleep!"

"We could always go home and sleep" said Chuckie. "After all, they'll never know!"

Tommy put his fingers on his chin. "Yeah, you may be right" he said. "For now, let's take the picture. All of us have to be in it."

The others stood before the portrait and turned to Tommy.

Tommy began to set the timer on the camera. As he did, he gazed at the portrait again.

He stopped. Something wasn't right. He noticed that the eyes seemed to be now staring at him.

"Tommy?" asked Chuckie.

Tommy closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened them again, the eyes of the portrait were looking to the left again.

"Sorry" he said. "I thought I saw something."

He set the timer on the camera and placed it upon a pedestal. Then he joined his friends.

"Say cheese" he said.

"Cheese!" said the Rugrats.

There was a flash as the camera took the picture.

"Ok guys" said Tommy. "Let's go home before our parents find out!"

He took his camera and flashlight and walked out of the room with the others following him.

They made it back home without any incident. They climbed into their own beds after undressing.

The next morning, Tommy awoke and took the developed photo out of his camera.

He looked at it with satisfication. He now had the proof that he had been in the mansion.

Suddenly, he stopped. Upon closer examination, he noticed that the eyes of the man in the portrait were looking down at the Rugrats.

"That's very odd!" he said to himself.

A little later, he was walking down the street with his friends, when he met the bullies again.

"Hey Pickles, how was your stay in the mansion?"

"Pretty good" said Tommy. "And here's the proof that we were there!"

He showed them the photograph.

The bullies took a look and it. Then they screamed and ran away.

Tommy and the others looked puzzled.

"What was that about?" asked Lil.

"I think it has something to do with the guy in that portrait" said Tommy. "Last night, I thought I saw the eyes move!"

"That's ridiculous!" said Angelica. "Pictures do not move!"

"If you bend them, they certainly do!" said Dil.

"Guys, I think the mansion really was haunted. First there were the eyes in that wall, and now there's something odd about this portrait" said Tommy. "I think we should do some research on this Helmut Benedict. But first, we need to find Kimi!"

"You guys can do whatever you want" said Angelica. "For now, I'm going shopping with Samantha."

A little later, while Chuckie was watching television in the living room, the front door opened. In came Kimi.

"That was a great sleepover!" she said. "I slept in a king sized bed and ate a wonderful breakfast!"

"Kimi" said Chuckie, "Tommy wishes to see you as soon as possible."

A little later, the Rugrats were gathered together. Angelica was at the mall.

Tommy showed the picture to Kimi.

"You guys actually took the dare seriously?" she asked.

"Yes" said Tommy. "And when we showed this picture to those bullies, they ran away almost as if they had seen a ghost!"

"Who is that guy in that portrait?" asked Kimi.

"According to what we saw on the frame, Helmut Benedict!" said Chuckie.

"A Benedict?" said Kimi. "Tell me you're just kidding."

"We're not" said Tommy. "It's the truth!"

"He looks kind of like Robert Benedict" said Kimi, "only his hair is brown, and he doesn't have a goatee on his chin."

"We're going to the library later. Wanna join us?"

"Sure ok!" said Kimi.

A little later, the kids were at the library researching Helmut.

"You have to look up a person's last name when researching him" said Tommy.

Kimi took volume "B" of the encyclopedia.

Each of the kids sat down around a table as Kimi flipped through the pages, until she finally found what they were looking for.

"Here it is guys!" she said. "Helmut Benedict!"

"Read Kimi" said Tommy.

"Whoa, check this out!" said Kimi. "The Benedicts originally came from Germany in the fourteenth century!"

"Alot of bad people came from Germany, including Adolf Hitler and two emperors named William" said Susie.

Kimi continued to read.

"Helmut Benedict was born in 1505 and died in 1610."

"A hundred and five years old?" asked Dil. "Whoa, he really hung in there!"

"It wasn't old age that made him kick the bucket" said Kimi. "He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn, quartered, and finally guillotined."

"Ouch!" said Phil. "That's gotta hurt!"

"He was governor of Bavaria, but he terrorized the people by abusing his power. People called him the 'Living Fear' because he could bring your worst fears and nightmares to life!"

"Was he a sorcerer?" asked Tommy.

"Yes" said Kimi. "He was a powerful warlock."

"But he's now the unliving fear" Dil.

"He also went by other names" said Kimi. "Helmut the Carpathian, Helmut the Cruel, Helmut the torturer, Helmut the Despised, and Helmut the Unholy."

"Strange" said Tommy. "This all sounds familiar to me."

"He was also known as the Scourge of Carpathia and the sorrow of Moldavia" said Kimi.

"Wait a minute" said Tommy, "this sounds alot like Vigo!"

"Who?" asked the other Rugrats.

"Haven't you guys seen Ghostbusters II?" asked Tommy.

"No" said the other Rugrats.

"Well I have" said Tommy. "This Helmut is just like Vigo!"

"There's more here guys" said Kimi. "Before Helmut was guillotined to finally kick the bucket, his last words were `Death is but a doorway, time is but a window. I'll be back!'"

"Yep" said Tommy, "this is alot like Vigo the Carpathian from the move Ghostbusters II."

"And they say that Helmut is said to haunt the mansion where he stayed during the summer."

"I think it has something to do with that portrait" said Tommy. "I saw the eyes move. And in the picture I took, the eyes are in a different position than when we first saw it! It's almost as if there's a living presence inside that portrait!"

"Don't forget the eyes in the wall" said Chuckie. "That gave me quite a scare!"

"I'll bet no one ever entered that mansion for years" said Phil. "Until last night that is!"

"Guys, I want you all to take me to this mansion" said Kimi. "If you all saw it, I wanna see it too!"

"Ok" said Tommy. "Tonight, we're going back to the mansion! And we're going to get to the bottom of this mystery!"

That night, the kids finished their preparations.

"Going back?" asked Angelica.

"Yes" said Tommy. "Wanna come too?"

"I'm not going back there!" said Angelica. "I've had enough scares for one summer already!"

"Suit yourself" said Tommy as he and the others left.

Angelica went back into her house and sat down to watch television.

Later, the kids arrived at the mansion.

"Here we are Kimi" said Tommy. "Now let's go!"

The kids walked up the stairs to the front entrance.

Meanwhile, back at the Pickles household, Angelica turned off the television. She was bored. She wanted to do something exciting.

Then she heard the grownups talking in the kitchen.

"Does anybody know where the kids have gone?" asked Stu.

"Kids come and go all the time" said Drew. "At least Angelica is still here."

"But where did the other kids go?" asked Didi. "It's already past their curfew!"

"Angelica must know something" said Drew. "If she doesn't tell us where the kids went to, I don't know where to turn."

Then Angelica got an idea. An awful idea.

Angelica went into the kitchen where the grownups were.

"Mom? Dad?"

"Not now Angelica, we're in the middle of a crisis" said Charlotte. "I'm also in the middle of an important business deal!" She returned to speaking into her cellphone.

The grownups went back to talking.

"Ok" Angelica said to herself, "I never thought it would come to this, but here goes! I'll get their attention guaranteed.

"I'm expecting a hundred and fifty babies!" she said.

At once, the grownups stopped talking.

"I'm going to have to put you on hold Johnathon" said Charlotte. She hung up.

"What was that Angelica?" asked Drew.

"I'm just kidding" said Angelica. "But now that I got your attention. Perhaps you'd like to know where the others went off to."

"Where?" asked Drew.

Back at the mansion, the kids entered the room where they had seen the portrait of Helmut Benedict.

"Here it is Kimi" said Tommy. "See it to believe it!"

The kids stood before the portrait.

"Take a look at this guys" said Tommy as he took out the picture he had taken the previous night. "In this picture, the eyes are looking down at us."

The kids looked at the photograph. Then they looked at the portrait.

The eyes were looking to the left.

"Something fishy going on here" said Phil.

Kimi took the picture and looked at it some more. Her friends gazed at the portrait.

Then suddenly, they saw something.

The eyes of the portrait turned to face the Rugrats.

"What the...?" said Chuckie.

The right corner of the man's mouth was pulled down into a frown.

"That's very strange!" said Susie.

"What?" asked Kimi as she looked up.

"Kimi! The eyes! The mouth! They move!" said Tommy.

Kimi looked up at the portrait.

The eyes were facing to the left and the mouth had moved to its normal position.

"I don't see anything" she said.

"But Kimi, we saw it! Didn't you?" asked Lil.

Kimi's friends looked at her.

"No" said Kimi. "You should understand. I do not believe in the supernatural. But most of all, I..."

But then, Kimi saw something that the others didn't. Helmut faded out of the portrait.

"Aye aye aye aye aye!" she said, he eyes open with terror.

The others turned to the portrait. They gasped.

"He's gone!" said Tommy.

"Where did he go?" asked Dil.

Suddenly, a dark red ball of light appeared. Minature bolts of lightning began to flash from it. A pink cloud of smoke appeared.

The kids watched, awestruck as something began to take shape.

When the clouds cleared, a man stood where they had been before, his eyes focusing on the Rugrats.

The kids could not believe who it was. It was the man from the portrait!

Helmut Benedict!

"Death was nothing but a doorway! But time is now a window!" he said. "I'm back!"

"It's Helmut!" cried Chuckie.

"Run!" cried Tommy.

The kids turned and ran out of the room, closing the door behind them. They ran down the stairs and entered the first room when saw, shutting the door behind them.

They wiped the sweat of their foreheads.

"We should be safe for now" said Tommy.

Suddenly, the knob began to turn slowly.

"What now?!" cried Dil.

"Over there!" said Tommy. "Hide!"

The kids ran to the nearby window and hid behind the red curtains.

The door opened. In came Helmut.

The kids waited, filled with terror.

Helmut approached the window and outstretched his arms. The curtains opened, revealing the kids.

"Uh oh" said Chuckie.

Helmut grinned an evil grin.

"Run!" cried Tommy.

Once again, the kids ran. They dashed out the door and ran downstairs to the front door.

Tommy opened the door. "Hurry!" he said.

One by one, the kids ran outside, Kimi being last, shutting the door behind her.

As they ran down the stairs, the door suddenly opened. Red lightning bolts burst out and enveloped Kimi in their energy. However, she felt no pain. Unfortunately, she was being pulled back into the mansion.

The others turned.

"Kimi!" cried Chuckie.

"Save yourselves!" Kimi cried as she was pulled back into the mansion, the door closing behind her.

Chuckie ran at the door and tried to open it, but it was locked.

Back in the mansion, Helmut zapped Kimi with a bolt of red energy. The next thing Kimi knew, she couldn't move.

"I have awaited this night when I would return!" he said. "I'm so weak, I need to possess a body to regain my strength."

"A body?" asked Kimi.

"Yes!" said Helmut with an evil smile. "Yours!"

"Me and my big mouth" said Kimi.

Back outside, Chuckie's friends grabbed him and pulled him back.

"We can't help her!" said Tommy. "We have to get out of here now!"

The kids pulled Chuckie down the stairs and stopped to rest.

"What are we going to do now?" asked Susie.

Suddenly, the light of several flashlights enveloped them.

"Kids?!" asked a voice.

The Rugrats looked. Coming into the opening were their parents.

"What are you kids doing out here?" asked Stu.

"How did you find us?" asked Tommy.

"Angelica told us" said Drew.

"Angelica!" the Rugrats said angrily.

"What?" asked Angelica with a look of surprise on her face.

"You kids had us worried sick" said Stu. "We're taking you home now."

"Wait a second!" said Chazz. "Where's Kimi?!"

Back inside the mansion, Helmut seized Kimi and lifted her up.

"Now we become one!" he said.

"Uh oh" Kimi said to herself. "I don't like the sound of that!"

Helmut transformed himself into mist and entered Kimi's body. When he completely disappeared, Kimi was dropped to the floor.

The door opened.

"Kimi?!" said a voice.

It was Kira.

She picked up the motionless form of her daughter.

A little later, the kids were all in the Pickle's household, except for Kimi who was at the Finster's house.

"Just what were you kids doing there anyway?" asked Stu.

Tommy told everyone the whole story, starting with the bullies daring him to enter the mansion.

When he finally finished, Stu said, "kids, we never wanted to tell you this, but the mansion in the forest was where a tyrant ruled this state centuries ago."

"We know" said Tommy. "And he came back to life!"

"That's ridiculous" said Drew.

"And now, Kimi is unconcious" said Kira.

"You kids should be ashamed of yourself" said Stu. "As of now, you are all grounded! Understood?!"

"Yes Mr. Pickles" said the kids with a moan.

The next morning, the families all went off to church. Kimi however was still unconcious. Pierre and Anita had decided to keep watch over her.

Later today, there would be a big banquet at the church. It was the minister's birthday today. Even though the kids were grounded, their parents had allowed them to attend later. As part of their punishment, the kids had to help prepare the banquet.

It took all morning and much of the afternoon, but finally, the preparations were complete.

Meanwhile, at the Finster household, Pierre and Anita were standing by the bed where Kimi lay, still in her clothes from last night.

Just then, Kimi opened her eyes.

"Kimi! You're awake!" said Pierre.

"I thought you would never awaken!" said Anita.

Suddenly, there was a blast of red energy from Kimi's eyes, sending Pierre and Anita flying back.

Kimi stood from her bed. Suddenly, she was encased in pink smoke. When it cleared, she was now dressed in a black robe, black leather boots, and a red cape around the back of her head and body.

"Witless mortals, I am Helmut Benedict! Begone!"

A little later, Chuckie and his friends, along with Chazz and Kira, went off to the Finster household to check on Kimi. But when they arrived, Pierre and Anita ran out the front door to meet them.

"Kerima, you're not going to believe this!" said Pierre. "But Kimi's gone berserk! She rose from her bed, her clothes changed, and she did not speak with her own voice!"

"She proclaimed herself Helmut Benedict!" said Anita. "She blasted us back with this red energy and flew out the door!"

"Uh oh" said Tommy.

"I guess we owe you kids an apology" said Stu. "But what are we going to do now?"

Suddenly, a small crowd of people ran down the street past the house.

"Run for your lives everyone!" cried a man. "Helmut the Carpathian is back!"

"We've got to find Kimi!" Chuckie said to his friends. "Let's go!"

The kids ran off down the street.

"Kids, get back here!" said Chazz

The kids ran down the street. Up ahead, they saw Kimi, dressed like Helmut.

"Weaklings!" they heard Helmut's voice through Kimi's mouth. "Fear my wrath! I'm back!"

"There she is!" said Chuckie.

Kimi jumped up into the air and flew off towards the church.

"She's heading for the church!" said Tommy. "Let's go!"

They ran down the street, following Kimi.

"Look" said a man in the churchyard as he pointed up. "What's that up in the sky?"

"It's a bird!" said a woman.

"It's a plane!" said a man.

"It's..." said a man.

Suddenly, Kimi landed on the ground.

"A girl?" finished the man.

"Wrong answer!" Kimi said. "I am Helmut Benedict! Bow down to your master!"

"Helmut?" asked a man. "Oh no! He's back!"

The crowd panicked and drew back.

Red energy bolts shot out of Kimi's eyes and hit the ground near an obese high class woman. A man appeared before her.

"Roses are red, violets are blue" he said, "in the countryside lady, they have cows that look like you!"

"How rude!" said the woman.

The man disappeared.

Kimi spun around like a tornado, then began to spin around the churchyard. People dove for cover as the table and all the food went flying around.

Kimi stopped spinning and laughed evilly.

Suddenly, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned.

"Get out of my sister's body Helmut!" said Chuckie. And he tackled Kimi.

The other Rugrats tackled her.

"Get off of me!" said Helmut's voice. "You cannot resist me!"

Minister Fernando saw what was happening. He rushed forth to the kids.

Kimi stood, sending her friends flying.

Fernando seized his chance. He grabbed Kimi.

"Leave this girl Helmut! Go now you fiend! Come out of this girl! Come out now!"

Suddenly, Kimi jerked her head back. Mist came out of her mouth and began to form something.

When all the mist was taken from her body, she collapsed. Her clothes returned to her trademark, shirt, skirt, and shoes.

The mist changed into Helmut Benedict.

"I live again!" he said. "From now on, I rule the world! I am now fully strengthened thanks to this kid. Anyone who wishes to challenge my power, come to my mansion!"

He changed into a ball or red light and flew off towards his palace.

Kimi awoke and stood.

"What just happened here?" she asked.

"You were possessed by a fiend" said Fernando.

"I was?" asked Kimi. "I don't remember anything."

Kimi's friends stood.

"Kimi, you're back to normal!" said Chuckie. "Are you?"

"I think so" said Kimi.

"She'll be fine" said Fernando. "But for now, you kids must go stop Helmut!"

"But how?" asked Susie.

"Helmut is pure evil" said Fernando. "He strengthens from your fears, but if you face him with courage, you can weaken him. But to truly destroy him, you need something to combat his evil."

"It's just like in Ghostbusters II" said Tommy. "What we need is something to overcome Helmut's power. We need...a symbol!"

"Like what?" asked Angelica.

"Here" said Fernando as he removed his necklace which had a holy silver cross on it. "Take this kids" he said as he gave it to Tommy. "It will be of great help!"

"Thanks!" said Tommy. "Come on guys, let's go get Helmut!"

"Yeah!" said the others.

As the sun neared the end of its descent into the late afternoon sky, they burst through the doors of the mansion and ran upstairs to where they had first seen Helmut.

"Show yourself Helmut!" said Kimi.

There was a flash of red light at the front of the room. There stood Helmut.

"Impressive kids" he said. "But you cannot match up to the power of Helmut Benedict!"

"Wanna bet?" asked Tommy.

Helmut laughed. "Now see the true power of the `Living Fear'!"

Red energy beams burst from his eyes and hit the floor near the Rugrats.

Before each of them appeared something.

In front of Tommy, stood Mrs. Guppy.

"Tommy Pickles!" she said. "You haven't been doing your homework! You get an `F'!"

Before Chuckie appeared Jason, the bully from seventh grade.

"Let's have lunch together" he said. "Tonight's specialty is a red hot knuckle sandwich!"

Standing before Lil was a clone of Phil.

"I never liked you as a sister Lil!" said the Phil clone.

Before Phil stood a clone of Lil.

"You're disgusting Phillup!" she said.

In front of Susie was a police officer.

"Young lady, no blacks are allowed here!" he said.

Standing before Dil was a clone of Angelica.

"You're such a baby Dil!" she said.

In front of Angelica were several men dressed in suits.

"Your dad is late on his taxes!" they said. "Tell him to pay up or we'll throw you on the street!"

And finally, before Kimi was a man she knew too well.

"You're a worthless little brat Kimi" said Robert Benedict.

"What's happening?" asked Susie.

"He's using our worst fears against us!" said Tommy. "Remember what the reverend said? If we face him with courage, we can beat him!"

He said to Mrs. Guppy. "Mrs. Guppy, you can't give me an `F', school hasn't even started yet!"

"Really?" asked Mrs. Guppy. "Oh sorry, I didn't know."

She disappeared.

"I got something for you Jason!" said Chuckie. "Want a Hurts Donut?"

"Sure!" said Jason.

Chuckie grabbed Jason's nose and pulled and pinched.

"Yeow!" cried Jason.

"Hurts, don't it?" asked Chuckie."Get it?"

Jason disappeared.

Lil said to the Phil clone, "my brother loves me! So you're not my brother!"

The Phil clone looked surprised. Then he disappeared.

"You used to be disgusting too Lil" said Phil to the Lil clone. "In fact, is that a cockroach up your leg?"

The Lil clone screamed, danced around trying to get rid of the cockroach that didn't exist, and disappeared.

"I'm not a baby Angelica!" said Dil to the Angelica clone. "I'll be just as tall as everybody else soon!"

The Angelica clone disappeared.

"I'll have you know officer that blacks are equal to whites" said Susie. "The fifties are over!"

The racist police officer disappeared.

"My dad already paid his taxes this year!" said Angelica. "Now get lost!"

The IRS agents disappeared.

"And as for you Robert" said Kimi, "you can't hurt me anymore, you're dead!"

Robert Benedict look quite surprised. Then he disappeared.

"We did it!" said Tommy.

"How could you?!" said Helmut angrily. "You're gonna pay for this!"

"It's over Helmut" said Kimi. "We're not afraid of you!"

Suddenly, Helmut's head began to jerk in all directions.

"What's happening?" asked Lil.

"He's weakening!" said Tommy. "Now let's finish the job!"

They charged at Helmut.

"Insolent children! To the great Helmut Benedict, you are nothing but insects!"

Red lightning bolts shot out of his eyes and zapped the Rugrats.

"Hey's what's going on?!" said Kimi. "I can't move!"

"None of us can!" said Chuckie. "Although we can move our arms!"

Helmut laughed. "Did you actually think you could stand a chance against the almighty Helmut Benedict? I thought not!"

"Hey wait a minute!" said Tommy. "I can move!"

Helmut looked quite shocked.

"It appears that this cross Fernando gave me has made me immune to his powers!" said Tommy. He held up the necklace. It began to sparkle.

Helmut covered his eyes. "What is that light?!" he said.

"You did it Tommy!" said Lil. "We can move again!"

"He's weakened by the light!" said Dil.

"Tommy, now!" said Kimi.

Tommy ran at Helmut, brandishing the necklace.

Helmut uncovered his eyes and set his sights on Tommy.


Tommy threw the necklace around Helmut's neck.

Bright light began to sparkle around him.

"What the...?"

But before Helmut could finish, there was an explosion of holy light which proceeded to enter his body.

"Aargh! What have you done to me?!" he said.

Suddenly, to the surprise of the Rugrats, something began to happen.

Helmut noticed with horror that his body was beginning to turn into stone.

"No!" he said. "You'll not have me! My power cannot die! I will not be vanquished by you! Curse you...!"

But before he could finish, Helmut was completely turned into stone, silencing him.

Tommy removed the necklace.

"We did it guys!" he said. "Now let's make sure he never comes back!"

They pushed the statue to one of the windows. Then, they pushed again, sending the statue crashing through the window and down to the ground below where it smashed into pieces. They slowly crumbled into dust and disappeared.

"We did it!" said Tommy.

As they left the mansion, they were greeted by a huge crowd of people who cheered.

"Thanks to you children" said the mayor, "our town is safe and Helmut's legacy is gone forever. Now all that's left is to burn down this cursed place!"

The kids watched as several grownups set fire to the mansion, one of whom was Fernando. Soon, it was engulfed in flames.

For the next half hour, everyone watched as the mansion burned. Finally, it had completely burned to ashes.

"Well guys" said Dil, "that was one good show."

"This has been the best adventure ever!" said Tommy.

"What a way to end summer!" said Phil.

"You can say that again!" said Susie.

"We saved the world and became heroes!" said Kimi. "But best of all, we've ended the nightmares of the Benedict family line!"

"Who could have asked for anything more?" aked Angelica.

"I can't wait for school to start" said Lil. "Then we can tell everyone about what a great summer this has been!"

"To tell you the truth guys" said Chuckie, "this has been the best summer ever!"

"Let's go home guys" said Tommy. "Tonight, we shall sleep well!"

As the Rugrats walked home, Tommy asked, "so guys, what adventures await us on our first day of school?"

"We'll see Tommy" said Kimi. "After all, tomorrow is another day."

The Rugrats continued to walk home, listening to the howls of wolves, the hootings of owls, the songs of crickets, and the lights of the stars and the moon shining down upon them.

The End

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