The Tweenage Rugrats In: "My Mother, The Jailbird"

By Brianna Blank

"Mom, where are we gonna go for my birthday party?" asked Kimi to her mom, Kira.

"It's up to you, sweetie. How about...a bowling party?" suggested Kira.

"Nah. I wanna have a change," said Kimi.

"A gymnastics party, like when you turned five?" suggested Kira.

"NO!!! Remember how Phil stuck the apple juice up his nose and then blew it all over the place?" said Kimi.

"I know!!!! A pool party!"

"Yes! We could rent the pool right next to the beach!!!" said Kira.

"This is gonna be the best birthday party ever!!!!!!" screamed Kimi as she ran out the door.

She called to Kira, "Mommy! I'm goin' to the store!"

"Kimi, where are you goin'?" asked Chuckie.

"Come on, Chuckie, I'll tell you while we go there!!!!" shouted Kimi in a rush.

She and Chuckie put on their rollerblades and skated to the beach.

"Well, my birthday party's gonna be here at the pool," said Kimi.

"Oh my god, Kimi! You're gonna be the most popular girl in school!" said Chuckie.

Samantha Shane overheard them.

"Why?" asked Samantha.

Kimi explained, "Well, Sam, I'm gonna have my birthday here at the pool! Also, my mom said that we can hire some of her old friends from Japan to make sushi!"

"Oh my gosh! Am I invited?" asked Samantha, shocked.

"Sure! Everyone is!" said Kimi. "We were just off to rent it and buy the invitations."

"Well, have a nice day, Kimi!" said Samantha.

"Well, bye!" said Chuckie.

They got everything from Mr. Hardy's Party Goods.

They rushed home.

"Yes! My birthday is in TWO DAYS!" said Kimi.

She wrote out all of her invitations, then sent them.

Everyone replied, saying that they can come.

Soon it was the day of the party. Kimi was sitting on the bench. Kira was setting up the snack table. Then, Kimi's friends arrived. They all jumped in at once which sent a huge splash coming out of the pool. Everyone was playing in the pool.

Later, some of the guests got hungry. They came out to the snack table. They each grabbed handfuls and drops of nachos and potato chips and cheese puffs were all over the ground. There were crumbs everywhere. Soon, peopple got thirsty so they ran over to the cooler and got cans of soda. When they were done, they threw the soda cans on the ground and continued to splash in the pool. Soon, cake and pizza arrived.

When the party was over, the pool was filled with snack and pizza crumbs, the walkways were filled with cans and food, and Kimi shouted suddenly, "MY PARTY WAS A DISASTER!"

She cried and ran under the bench. Soon Mr. Koyo, the owner of the pool and the lifeguard. came over to Kira and Kimi.

"You ruined pool. This take weeks to clean! See you in court!" said Mr. Koyo.

"Oh, no!" said Kimi.

Two days later in court...

"I hereby declare that with all the damage done to the pool, Kira Finster, you will be in jail for one month. Or, if you wish, you can pay restution for the damages caused," Judge Michael Brown said.

"How much will it cost?", said Kira?

"The damage has been estimated to be $2000, including estimated labor costs," said the judge.

"I don't have that much money," said Kira.

"Then, for the inability to pay restitution, I hereby sentence you to the county jail for one month; that is all," said Judge Michael Brown as he banged his gavel.

Kira and her family were in tears.

"I'm sorry, mom!" cried Kimi as she hugged her mother.

Chuckie came over and hugged both of them. Kira and Chaz kissed and they all said goodbye.

Mr. Koyo laughed.

To Be Continued

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