Barnyard Bloogles

By Ryan Thomas

Randy Rooster crowed at the sun when it was dawn.

"Good morning, everyone," said Randy Rooster leaving his pen.

"Goodd morning, Randy," said Perry Pig eating from his trough.

"Good morning, Perry," said Chester Chicken dancing in the hay.

"Good morning, Chester, and get out of my hay now please," said Harold Horse eating the hay.

"Good morning, Harold" said Carol Cow making milk.

"Good morning, Carol," said Sunny Sheep trying to nit a sweater from his own wool.

"Good morning, Sunny," said Gary Goat trying to blow his own horns.

"Good morning, Gary," said Freddy Farmer comming out of the farmhouse.

"All the animals stopped what thay were doing and made a circle around Freddy Farmer.

"So, what should we do today?" asked Freddy Farmer.

"I was just making milk for our breakfast like I do every other morning until you came along and interupted me again," said Carol Cow.

"I want someone to ride on me around a track 15 times today," said Harold Horse.

"I want to go exploring in the forest," said Chester Chicken.

"I want to spend the day around the farm exercising," said Perry Pig.

"This grass is looking pretty long, so maybe I should just get on the tractor first thing after breakfast and cut it," said Freddy Farmer.

"I am the boss and owner around here and I guess I should have first pick on what we do," said Freddy Farmer.

"And I'll drive the tractor," said Freddy Farmer.

"I'll rake the grass from the bags once it is cut," said Perry Pig.

"I'll eat the grass once it is raked because it tastes just like hay to me," said Harold Horse.

"And I was planning to make that grass into a new sweater for me instead of having Harold Horse eat it," said Sunny Sheep.

"I'll guard the grass once it is bagged," said Gary Goat.

"And I'll just ride on the tractor with Freddy Farmer, then when he gets to forest, he can let me off there to explore around while he does the grass in the forest," said Chester Chicken.

"And I'll just stay here and watch," said Randy Rooster.

"Would anybody like some milk before we get started?" asked Carol Cow.

Freddy Farmer went over to the garage then he opened it then he took the tractor out of it.

Freddy Farmer closed the garage then he climbed on the tractor then he turned it on.

Freddy Farmer drove the tractor over to the stalls then he parked the tractor in front of the stalls.

Freddy Farmer got off the tractor then he went inside the stalls.

Carol Cow was standing behind the counter.

"I'll have one glass of milk to go please," said Freddy Farmer.

"Weel, at least one person wants milk this morning," said Carol Cow, taking some of the milk she made earlier then pooring a glass for Freddy Farmer.

Meanwhile, Harolld Horse got in line behind Freddy Farmer.

"Here you go and that will be five cents please," said Carol Cow, giving Freddy Farmer his milk.

Freddy Farmer paid Carol Cow then he left the stalls.

"I'll have one bale of hay please," said Harold Horse.

"Sorry, we don't have any," said Carol Cow.

Meanwhile outside the stalls, Freddy Farmer got back on the tractor, then he turned it back on and drove off. He drank his milk as he drove along. He drove over to the trough.

Freddy Farmer parked the tractor in front of the trough then he climbed off it.

Perry Pig was eating out of the trough.

"Okay, Perry Pig, the first bag of grass is ready to be raked," said Freddy Farmer.

Perry Pig stopped eating then he took a rake that was leaning against the trough.

Freddy Farmer took the bag of grass off the back of the tractor then Perry Pig raked all the grass out of the bag using the rake he just picked up.

When Perry Pig was finished raking he said, "Okay, Freddy Farmer, you can move on now because Randy Rooster told me he would come by later and pick up this raked grass."

Freddy Farmer got back on the tractor then he continued on. He drove over to the flower field. He parked the tracotr in the middle of the field then he climbed off.

Sunny Sheep was was in the flower field picking flowers.

"Hey, Sunny Sheep, who are you picking flowers for this time, me or Randy Rooster or Perry Pig?" asked Freddy Farmer.

"For nobody, Once I pick enough, I will try making a sweater out of them because I can't do it using my own wool," said Sunny Sheep.

"This flower field has so much grass that you can probably make a sweater out of that once I cut it and rake it," said Freddy Farmer.

"Okay, that sounds like a great idea to me," said Sunny Sheep.

Sunny Sheep threw away all the flowers he had picked then he took the grass bag off the back of the tractor so he could start making his grass sweater.

Freddy Farmer got back on the tracotr then he drove on.

Freddy Farmer drove over to the silo.

Freddy Farmer parked the tractor in front of the silo.

FreddyFamrer got off the tractor then he went inside the silo.

The silo was full of grain and hay.

Harold Horse was there eating all the hay.

"What are you doing here, Freddy Farmer?" asked Harold Horse.

"I am ready to rake the next bag of grass," said Freddy Farmer.

"And I thought you were suppose to save some hay for the rest of the animals and help me with the grass right now instead of eating all the hay," said Freddy Farmer.

"But hay is good for you and it is good for all horses too," said Harold Horse.

"Now, Harold Horse, I know how good and healthy hay is, but..." said Freddy Farmer.

Freddy Farmer left the silo while Harold Horse continued eating the hay.

"Now, I did everywhere else on this farm and the only place I have left to do is the forest then I am done," Freddy Farmer said to himself.

Freddy Farmer climbed back on the tractor then drove over to the forest.

When Freddy Farmer wa halfway to the forest, he saw Gary Goat.

Freddy Farmer stopped the tractor and turned it off.

Gary Goat walked over to the tractor.

"Good, I finally found someone to help me," Gary Goat said to himself.

"Oh, hi Freddy Farme, have you seen Harold Horse anywhere?" asked Gary Goat.

"Yeah, I was just talking to him in the silo," said Freddy Farmer.

"Okay, good, and if that Harold Horse is eating all thay hay I can give him a good beating," said Gary Goat to himself as he ran over to the silo.

Freddy Farmer turned the tractor back on then he continued to the forest.

Once Freddy Farmer was in the forest, he ran into Chester Chicken who was there exploring.

Freddy Farmer stopped the tractor then he turned it off.

"Chester Chicken, I thought the boundary line I set for you wasn't THIS far into the forest," said Freddy Farmer.

"But after exploring in this forest for days, I finaly discovered something for the first time ever," said Chester Chicken.

"Now listen to me, Chester Chicken, you will have to be watched by one of the other animals for the next two days then you won't be allowed to go anywhere in this forest for the next two weeks as punishment for crossing your boundary line," said Freddy Farmer.

"There can be wild animals of all different kinds living in this forest which really isn't safe for you," said Freddy Farmer.

"Come here and I will show you my first discovery," said Chester Chicken.

Freddy Farmer got off the tractor then he foolowed Chester Chicken.

Chester Chicken led Freddy Farmer behind a nearby oak tree.

A baby was hiding behind the oak tree.

"Now, this is my first discovery," said Chester Chicken pointing at the baby.

"Yeah, a lost baby, now hop on the tractor with me then we can drive up to the farm house and phone this baby's parents," said Freddy Farmer.

This is when Freddy Farmer notices that baby is Tommy Pickles from Rugrats.

"Wait a minute, Chester Chicken, you are not punished anymore because you did make a good discovery, this is Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, I watch the Rugrats on TV everyday," said Freddy Farmer.

"Now you hop on the tractor with me then we will ride up to the farmhouse where we will phone Stu and Didi to come get Tommy," said Freddy Farmer.

Just as Freddy Farmer and Chester Chicken were about to get on the tractor, Tommy started to cry.

Just as Freddy Farmer and Chester Chicken were about to stop the crying, Stu, Didi, Spike, and Grandpa came from around the corner.

"There you are, Tommy," said Didi picking Tommy up and holding him in her arms.

Tommy stopped crying.

"We have been looking all over this entire forest for you," said Didi.

"We were camping in this forest until that little Tommy snuck away from us like he always does in our TV show," said grandpa.

"And thank you for finding Tommy," said Didi.

"You are more than welcome and Chester Chicken is now allowed past his boundary line," said Freddy Farmer.

"Bye," said Didi as she, Tommy, Stu, Spike, and Grandpa headed back to their campsite.

"Okay, Chester Chicken, now all the grass is cut and we can now head back to the farm," saif Freddy Farmer.

Freddy Farmer and Chester Chicken climbed onto the tractor then Freddy

Farmer turned oon the tractor and drove back up to the farmhouse.

All the other animals were there waiting for them.

Freddy Farmer parked the tractor in front of the farmhouse then he and Chester Chicken got off the tractor.

Sunny Sheep was wearing a grass sweater.

Carol Cow was drinking a glass of milk.

Harold Horse was eating hay.

Gary Goat was playing a musical horn he had made out of some old twigs and branches.

"And I discovered Tommy Pickles from Rugrats except I just don't have him anymore," said Chester Chicken.

Freddy Farmer was raking grass.

It was now dusk so Randy Rooster said "Goodnight everyone!"

"Goodnigh, Randy Rooster," said Perry Pig.

Randy Rooster went back into his pen then he went to sleep for the night.

The End

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