Angelica Learns A Lesson

By Laura Radatz

One beautiful sunny day, Angelica had just woken up and ran into her mommy and daddy's room.

"Morning, Mommy! Morning Daddy!", she cried.

"Morning Angel!", said Drew.

"Morning Sweetie! " said Charlotte.

Just then, Fluffy came into the room.

"How's the most beautifulist kitty in the whole widest world?", Angelica said.

Fluffy purred and rubbed against her leg.

Angelica left the room.

"Drew, I don't feel so well," said Charlotte.

So, they dropped Angelica off at Tommy's house and went to the doctor.

"Yucky! Yucky!" said Dil when he saw Angelica.

Finally, Charlotte and Drew came back. At the same time, Betty, Howard, and Chaz had come to pick up Phil, Lil, and Chuckie.

"I have an announcement to make," said Charlotte.

Everyone looked at her.

"I'm pregnant!" Charlotte said.

"Congratulations!", said everyone else, except for Angelica and the babies.

"We've got to celebrate!" Didi said.

"Lets go out for dinner," suggested Stu.

They left the kids with Grandpa, who immediatetly fell asleep.

"Angelica, why are you so mad?", Tommy asked.

"My mommy and daddy have always given me all the attention. When mommy's new baby comes, I'll be like chopped slivers," Angelica said.

Nine Months Later

Angelica, Charlotte and Drew were in the living one afternoon, when suddenly Charlotte grabbed her stomach while in pain.

"Drew! The baby is coming!", she yelled.

Drew immediately helped Charlotte and Angelica into the car. They dropped Angelica off at Tommy's house. When they arrived at the hospital, Dr. Carmichael was already waiting for them.

"Didi called to tell me you were on your way, " she said.

Charlotte was rushed to a room.

Twenty minutes later, Charlotte was cradling a beautiful baby girl. Drew called there relatives and friends and told them the news.

"What is her name?", asked Dr. Carmichael.

"Trixie May Pickles," said Charlotte.

Then, the other grown-ups and their kids arrived.

"She's beautiful!", Didi said.

"Angelica, would you come here please?", asked Charlotte.

Angelica walked over to Charlotte.

"Angelica, this is your sister Trixie," said Charlotte.

Angelica began to cry.

"Why Angel, what's the matter?", Charlotte asked.

"You and daddy are going to forget all about me now," sobbed Angelica.

"Oh, Angelica sweetie, we would never forget you," Charlotte assured her.

Then Didi picked up Angelica.

"Angelica, remember when Dil was born? Uncle Stu and I didn't forget about Tommy," said Didi.

Later, when the kids were at Tommy's house, Angelica was still crying.

Tommy walked to her and said, "Angelica, I felt the same way you do now when Dil was born. I thought my mommy and daddy had forgotten about me and didn't love me anymore. That wasn't true though. New babies just need lots and lots of attention, that's all."

Angelica then realised that Tommy was right.

The End

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