"Angelica's Wish"

By Lola Youngdahl & "DillyKimi"

It was a sunny day at Angelica's house. She was designing a room for Cynthia.

"Has anyone my seen special, limited edition, all-the-way-from-England, teacup? It's missing from my set, said Charlotte.

"No honey," said Drew.

"Mommy! Mommy! Come quick! I need to show you something", screamed Angelica from her bedroom.

"I'm coming I'm coming," said Charlotte.

She rushed up to Angelica's room.

"What's the matter, sweetie?"

"Nothing's the matter, mommy. Look at Cynthia's room. This is her bed (which was a Cynthia bed she got at the store), and this is her bath tub. I colored it pink cause I didn't like the color and..."

Charlotte screamed.

"Mommy I'm not finished! You'rer not supposed to scream!," said Angelica.

Drew came running up.

"What's the matter honey?"

Drew saw that the Cynthia bath tub was really Charlotte's blue, special, limited edition, all the way from England, teacup, now colored pink by Angelica.

"Angelica!" screamed Charlotte.

"What mommy? Did I do something wrong?," said Angelica sweetly.

"You did something very wrong Angelica! You colored mommy's special, limited edition, all the way from England, teacup," said Charlotte, trying to tell Angelica what she did.

"Oh! what does that mean?""

It means that you wrecked something of mommy's that she loves very much. Like if I wrecked your Cynthia," said Charlotte.

"Mommy! don't wreck Cynthia," said Angelica.

"I won't wreck your Cynthia, but let's just get to the point. Why did you color mommy's teacup?"

"Because I wanna sister. I was thinking if I wrecked something of yours I would get you a brother or sister," said Angelica.

Later, It was Christmas eve at Finster's household; all the babies were in the playpen.

"Tommy why are we all dress-ups?" asked Kimi. "I don't know," said Tommy.

"No dumb babies, it's kissmas eved," said Angelica.

"What are you wishing for Angelica?" asked Lil.

"I'm not telling! What's you dummies wishing for?"

"I'm wishing to go to the moon," said Tommy.

"I'm wishing for a Superthing deluxe set," said Kimi.

"Were wishing for Reptar to be our friend and he could come and play at our house," said Phil.

"I'm wishing not to be scared," said Chuckie.

"Angelica, how do you know your wish is going to come true?" said Chuckie. "

"'Cause were going to see Santa and... "

"And..." said Chuckie.

"Even my mommy says so," Angelica said, as she walked over to her mommy.

"Mommy Mommy!"

"What is it, sweetie?"

"If you make a wish, will it always come true?"

But Charlotte didn't answer Angelica. She was preocuppied, talking to Didi.

Later that evening, the Rugrats' parents took them to the mall to see Santa. All the babies were standing in line wating for Santa to grant their wish.

"I can't wait to see Santa," said Phil.

"Me either," said Tommy.

"Tommy, Dil, it's your turn," said Didi.

"What would you like, you young boys?" asked Santa.

Tommy shown Santa a picture of the moon, and Dil show his picture of a binky.

Santa gave them each a candy cane and then they ran off.

"Kimi, Chuckie, it's your turn," said Kira.

Chuckie shows Santa a picture of him being scared, then Kimi shows Santa her Superthing.

Then, Angelica got to go. She hopped on Santa's lap.

"What would you like young lady?" asked Santa.

"A new ... SISTER!" replied Angelica.

"What will we do?" said Drew.

"I don't know," said Charlotte.

Later, back at the Finster's...

"Angelica, come here!" Tommy called suddenly.

"What is it?" Angelica asked.

"Mommy's gonna let us watch Pinicolio!" said Kimi.

"You dumb babies, it's Pinochio!" Angelica said.

"Kids, ready for the movie?" Kira asked suddenly.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Chuckie and Kimi's mommy!" said Angelica.

So Kira popped the video into the VCR and hit the play button. Angelica wasn't interested in watching the movie, so she played with Cynthia instead.

But then, suddenly, she heard this song:

When you wish upon a star,
makes no difference who you are,
anything your heart dezires
will come to you!

Like a bolt out of the blue,
fate steps in and sees you through,
anything your heart dezires
will come to you!

I know how to make my wish come true!" said Angelica suddenly.

"How?" asked Tommy.

"I gotta wish upon a star!" said Angelica.

"Our mommy says that if you wish upon a falling star, your wish will come true for sure!" said Lil.

That night, after everyone had gone to bed, Angelica got up again. She carefully climbed out of Chuckie's bed (she, Tommy, Phil, Lil, and Chuckie were sharing the bed. Kimi and Dil were sharing the crib). Then she walked over to Chuckie and Kimi's bedroom window. She waited, and then suddenly, she saw it. A falling star.

"I wish I had a baby sister!" Angelica whispered.

Then she went back to bed.

The next morning, the Rugrats woke up to the sound of Kira's cheerful voice saying, "Merry Christmas, sleepyheads! I think Santa brought something for all of you!"

Needless to say, the Rugrats were all out of bed and down the stairs in seconds (well, except for Dil. Kira had to carry him downstairs).

They all began exclaiming over the gifts.

"A night light! Now I don't have to be ascared of the dark anymore!" Chuckie cheered.

"A giant talking Reptar!" Phil exclaimed.

"A rocket shimp! Now I can go to the moon!" said Tommy. (of course, the Rocket Ship was only a toy that Tommy could sit in and pretend to fly. Stu had invented it.)

"A dolly!" Lil exclaimed.

"A superthing deluxe set!" cheered Kimi (Kimi didn't know it, but Chaz had made the superthing deluxe set (with a little help from Stu). He knew that Kimi's natrual father had made Superthing, so there wasn't actually a such thing as Superthing deluxe set, since Superthing was an orginal).

"Tebby!" Dil squealed. (Dil didn't know it, but the teddy was really special. Tommy was afraid Dil wouldn't get much of anything besides pacifiers, bottles, and diapers. So, early that morning, he had crept downstairs and set the teddy by Dil's pile of gifts. What was so special, though, was that it was Tommy's own teddy bear, the one he'd had since he was born.)

Even Spike, Fifi, Spiffy, and Sparky were extra happy that morning (The Pickles' had brought Spike and Spiffy with them to the Finsters). They ran around, barking happily, playing with their new toys and chewing on their new bones.

"May I have everyone's attention please?" Charlotte said suddenly.

In an instant, all eyes were upon Charlotte, even the dogs'.

"I just wanted to tell you guys that Drew and I have some very special news," said Charlotte.

Most of the grown-ups didn't catch on (natrually, the babies, Angelica, and he dogs had absoutly no idea what was going on), but Didi knew in an instant what the news was.

"Charlotte, you and Drew are expecting another baby, aren't you?" she said.

"How did you guess so quickly?" asked Charlotte.

"Easy. I was the one making this announcement last Christmas!" said Didi.

The dogs immediately went back to their gifts.

Evidently the idea of a new baby didn't faze them.

"Angelica, what's going on?" asked Tommy.

"I'm gonna have a baby sister!" said Angelica happily.

Tommy didn't say anything, but he knew Angelica might be in for a surprise.

Then, one morning, nine months later, Angelica woke up and found Tommy beside her in bed. At first she didn't know what was going on, but when Dil woke up crying, she knew she was at Tommy and Dil's house.

At breakfast, Didi explained to her that her parents were at the hospital because it was time for the baby to be born.

Right after breakfast, the phone rang. Didi jumped up to answer it. She talked for awhile and then hung up.

"Angelica, you're a big sister!" she announced.

"Oh, boy! When can I see her?" Angelica asked.

Didi said, "We're going to go to the hospital just as soon as I tell uncle Stu the news, but....."

Angelica interupted her, "Well, hurry up!"

So Didi found Stu and told him the news.

Then they loaded Angelica, Tommy, and Dil into the car and headed for the hospital.

"I can't wait to see the new baby! I bet she's beautiful, just like me, and when she gets older we can play with Cynthia together, and she can help me take care of Fluffy!" Angelica said.

Didi said, "Um, I'm sure you'll have fun with the new baby, Angelica, but...."

Angelica interupted her again: "And we can be princesses together and play house and have teapartys!"

At that moment, they finally arrived at the hospital. Angelica ran ahead of the group, talking excitedly the whole time. Didi quickly grabbed her.

"Angelica, you've got to stay with us! Otherwise you'll get lost!" Didi said.

She and Stu lead Angelica and Tommy down the hall (Dil was riding on Stu's shoulders) until the reached Charlotte's room.

Didi knocked on the door.

"Come in!" called Drew's voice.

Didi opened the door....and nearly collided with a nurse!

"Oops! Sorry!" Didi said.

Angelica ran to Charlotte.

Angelica said, "I'm finally a big sister! I have a baby sister! I can teach her how to act cute, and how to get cookies, and how to be a princess, and...."

"Angelica, slow down!" said Drew.

Then Charlotte said, "Angelica, you are a big sister, but you have a baby brother. His name is Andrew."

"What? But I wished for a baby sister! I wished upon a shooting star and everything!" said Angelica.

Then she burst into tears.

Finally, she had to leave with Stu, Didi, Tommy, and Dil.

"I can't believe it! I wished for a baby sister, and what did I get? A baby brother!" Angelica yelled.

The Pickles' were home again and Angelica was supposed to be playing with Tommy and Dil.

"Angelica, I know you wanted a sister, but you know, brothers aren't so bad. I have one, and he's the bestest brother a baby could ever have!" said Tommy.

Dil smiled and giggled.

"But I can't do anything with a brother!" protested Angelica.

"Sure you can! Look at all the things Dilly and me do together! We play Reptars, we play with Spike and Spiffy, we play in the sandbox, and I'm even teaching him how to 'scape from playpens and cribs!" said Tommy.

The very next day, Charlotte and Andrew came home from the hospital and Angelica also came home. Charlotte set Andrew in his bouncy chair in the playpen next to Angelica, and then she and Drew began to talk about all the wonderful things he would do.

"I wonder what his first word will be?" Charlotte wondered.

Just then, Andrew looked at Angelica and said, "Angieca!"

Angelica smiled.

"Even though I wished for a baby sister, I'm glad I got you instead!" she said.

The End

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