How To Reach Nickelodeon, AFRTS, YTV or VRAK.TV

(Above: From the Nick Europe industrial site; © 2002 Viacom.)
(Left & Background: Nick UK's after-hours test pattern, from sub-TV; © 2000 Viacom.)

This page lists the addresses of all versions of Nickelodeon, plus AFRTS (serving US military personnel abroad) and 2 Canadian children's channels, YTV (English) and VRAK.TV (French).

The Internet Archive

Past revisions of some sites are available to browse at The Internet Archive. Just look for those words, then follow the links.

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Newsgroup (Worldwide): (unofficial)

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United States:

(Above: The various brands of Nickelodeon. From an ad in the 6/15/1999 issue of The Hollywood Reporter; ©1999 Viacom.)


Nickelodeon / MTV Networks

1515 Broadway

New York, NY 10036

(Nick's sub-parent company; also home for Nick-At-Nite, TV Land, MTV, VH1, MTV2, CMT and TNN))

Nickelodeon Magazine

1633 Broadway

7th Floor

New York, NY 10019

(Address for Nickelodeon Magazine's editorial offices, NOT to be used for subscriptions.)


231 West Olive Avenue

Burbank, CA 91502

(West Coast Offices & Nicktoon Studios)

The Big Help

P.O. Box 929

New York, NY 10108

(Address for inquiries for "The Big Help".)


(Please note that this is an URL, not an E-mail address. For best results, use snail-mail instead.)


New York:

General Offices:

Voice: 1-212-258-7500

Fax: 1-212-258-7705

Big Help Hotline:

Voice: 1-212-846-4333

Talking With Kids
(for parents):

Toll Free

Los Angeles:

Voice: 1-818-736-3000

Orlando (Nick Studios):

Voice: 1-407-363-8500

(Please note that numbers starting with 1-212 (New York), 1-818 (Los Angeles) and 1-407 (Orlando) are toll calls outside those areas.)

Web Sites:

Network Sites:

Nick Online Your official source of Nick information, with guides, games, gifts and more. (provides teachers and instructors with educational materials tied in with various Nick shows and promotions. Also available here.)

Nick Jr. (official; features information and activities for preschoolers.)

TV Land Your home of classic TV. (Nick At Nite no longer has a website, though its schedules are available at the TV Land site.)

TV Land Canada (Canada's home of Classic TV; co-owned by Viacom and Craig Broadcasting.)

Nickelodeon Games & Sports (A channel featuring games & sports programming from Nickelodeon.)

Noggin (A commercial-free educational channel; especially recommended for those looking for Daria, Degrassi, Electric Company or old Sesame Street.)

Nicktoons TV (A new channel that features the Nicktoons library around-the-clock.)

Kids' Choice Awards Press Site (Open to the public.)

Everything Nick (Designed mainly for the broadcasting industry, but open to everyone -- features press releases and some special information about Nick and their channels. Watch out though -- while the press releases are fresh, info about the channel are a little dated. Also available here.)

CBS (Carries the Nick On CBS block every Saturday morning.)

(Left: Logo for Nick on CBS, from Nick.Com; ©2002 Viacom.)

Nickelodeon Bowling Party (Bowl the Nickelodeon way. (Site owned by AMF.))

MTV Networks (Website of Nick's sub-parent company; geared towards the TV industry. Not for the public; special password required.)

The Internet Archive:

Nick.Com (since 1996)
While Nick's website didn't open up to the non-AOL public until June 1997, its URL was active since as early as December 1996. However, was nothing but a plain page reminding curious browsers that it wasn't open yet. To see for yourself, click here.

In January 1997, the first real content appeared at Nick.Com, but it was only a site for Nick's internet tie-in, Natalie's Backseat Traveling Web Show.

In April 1997, an animated Nick.Com "coming soon" page appeared, with a separate link for Natalie's show.

And in June 1997, the first regular page opened at Nick.Com. Unfortunately, that first week was not archived, and those that were archived had much of their main graphics missing -- at the archive, text is top priority, while graphics was second priority. With Nick being graphics-intensive during the early days, much of their website is incomplete. (since 1998)

Everything Nick (since 2001; also check here)

Telemundo (since 1998) (Telemundo, owned by NBC, no longer carries Rugrats, but here's their archive anyway.)

Official Forum:


(Registration is required; click here to register (or go through the boards above), and make sure to fill ALL fields (even the non-required ones).)

Nickelodeon Magazine


(address below is for subscriptions only; send all comments to New York address above.)

P.O. Box 37214

Boone, IA 50037-2214

Web Site: (Web site for subscriptions to Nick Magazine. 18 or over only, please.)

Subscription Rates (1 year (10 issues; published monthly except January & June); "card" refers to those postcards inside the magazine used to subscribe to the magazine):
Country: 1 Year (with card): 1 Year (without card):
US $22.90 $19.97
(includes 7% GST)
US$32.90 US$28.00
Elsewhere US$33.90 US$28.00

Yes, the rates for the cards in the magazines are more expensive than the rates posted in the indicia (usually found in the magazine's back pages).

American Forces Radio & Television Service:

(formerly Armed Forces Radio & Television Service)

(Logo © American Forces Radio & Television Service.)


AFRTS Broadcast Center

Affiliate Relations Division

1363 Z Street, Bldg. 2730

March Air Reserve Base, CA 92518-2017


E-mail from here:


Voice: (909) 413-2236

(Please note that this is a toll call outside the Riverside, CA area.)

Web Sites:

Main AFRTS Site:

Schedules and programming info: (Also available here.)

The Internet Archive:

AFRTS (since 1999)

Latin America:

(Left: From Mundonick.Com; © 2002 Viacom. Top & Right: Banner ads © 1998, 2002 Viacom.)


US Address:


1111 Lincoln Rd.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


(Please note that this address is for Nick Latin America only; comments about the US Nickelodeon should be referred to the New York address (above).)

Mexican Address:


Apartado Postal 1-505

Código Postal 50091

Toluca, EDU MEX,


Argentina Address:


Casilla de Correo 4548

Correo Central 1000

Buenos Aires



E-Mail them through their website.

Web Sites:

Nickelodeon Latinoamerica

Nickelodeon Argentina (Artear S.A.) (Put out by Artear, which distributes Nickelodeon in Argentina; used mainly for marketing.)

The Internet Archive: (Since 1999) (Since 1999)

Great Britain:

(Banner ad © 2002 Viacom)

Snail Mail:


15-18 Rathbone Place

London W1T 1HU


(General Offices)

E-Mail: (New URL)


Voice: 020-7462-1162 (Local number in London area)

Fax: 020-7462-1100 (Local number in London area)

Web Sites:

Nick U.K.

(Official sites.)

Nick Jr (In Britain, Nick Jr. has a channel all to themselves.)

Nicktoons TV (Website for the British version of Nicktoons TV. Also available here. and here.)(New URL)

(Left: Nicktoons TV UK channel link graphic, from Nick.Co.UK; ©2002 Viacom.)

Nick Ireland (Coming soon.)

Nick Europe (An industrial site for Nick's European operations. Probably not for the public; special password required.)

The Internet Archive:

Nick UK (since 1996)

BBC (broadcasts Rugrats over-the-air in Britain.)


E-Mail from here:


Snail Mail:


PO Box 1234

Sydney, NSW 2001



Web Sites:

Nick Australia

(Contains show information, schedule and other fun stuff for Australian fans of Nick.) (The Australian Nick Jr. site. Also available here.)

Nickelodeon Central (A new Nickelodeon theme park, located at Dreamworld near Brisbane, Australia.)

The Internet Archive: (since 1998) (since 1996)


Web Site:


Web Site:

Middle East:



c/o Showtime

P.O. Box 61315

Dubai, UAE


Web Site:

(Part of  Showtime Arabia's site.)


Web Site:

Canada :


YTV logo is © by YTV Canada, Inc.


YTV Canada, Inc.

64 Jefferson St.

Unit 18

Toronto, ON M6K 3H3


General information:

Website contests / comments:

For more E-mail addresses, plus snail-mail addresses of your favorite shows, click here.

Web Sites:

YTV (Features in-depth information on YTV's shows, including Rugrats.)

YTV In Class (YTV's Cable In The Classroom service.)

YTV Publicity (Website of YTV's promotional department. Not for the public; special password required.)

Lois Walker's website (Official site of Lois Walker, creator and producer of various children's shows on Canadian television, including Tell-A-Tale Town & Take Part. Includes stories and activities children can enjoy.)

The Internet Archive:

YTV (since 1997)

VRAK.TV (formerly Canal Famille)



c/o Les Chaînes Télé Astral

2100, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

Bureau 700

Montréal, PQ H3H 2T3



Voice: (514) 939-3150

Fax: (514) 939-3151

(Please note that these are toll calls outside the Montreal area.)

Web Sites:


The Internet Archive:

Vrak.TV (since 2001)

Astral Media (since 1998)

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