Prime Time Babies

By Birch Griesse

The babies were playing in the playpen at the Pickles' house. They were playing 'TV' with a big box that had a hole cut in the bottom and was sitting on its side. 'TV' was a game in which the rugrats took turns doing different television shows of their own. The box was the TV. At the moment, Kimi was doing a show with Dil.  

"Hello, babies and gendermen!" she said, "And welcome to the 'Really Fun Show for Kids Watch'! I'm your hosterest with the mosterest, Kimi Finster, and this is my fun baby 'sissy-ant, Dilly Pickles! Say hi Dilly!" Dil giggled and blew a raspberry at the audience.

"Firstest of all on my really fun show, we're gonna something fun! We're gonna, uh, sing a song! It's calleded, uh it's, um, Fun!"

"I didn't know there wassed a song calleded 'Um Fun'," Chuckie whispered to Tommy, giggling. Tommy laughed quietly at his friend's joke.

Kimi then proceeded to sing her song.

Oh, fun is fun and my show's fun!

So we'll have lotsa fun, till I'm done!

And we'll play games

And learnses names!

Cause we're gonna do fun stuffs

And, uh, now, um, I think I singed enoughs!

"And that was the fun song! 'The Really Fun Show For Kidses to Watch' will be back after this 'mercial break from the nicely babieses that sells stuffs!" Kimi said. She dragged Dil, in his Kangaroo baby walker, out of the box as Phil and Lil rushed in to do a commercial.

"Are you havin' problemses with buggies?" Lil asked the viewers, "Are you finding dirt in places in your house that you don't want it?Is there yucky green and brown stuffs on the wallses and ground in your housie? If you sayed yes to some of these questionses, you need Phillip! Phillip is a really gross baby who is airy-namicly designeded to eat all dirty stuffs in your house. He'll leave it all sparkly-clean and prettiful! But hurry and buy him, 'cause theirs only one in the whole 'atire wildses world! The price to getses Phillip is lotsa yummy buggies and dirtses and mud and bellibutton lint. He can be buyeded at my house any time, cause I don't want him anymore."

"Hey!" Phil cried angrily as he and Lil hurried out of the box. Kimi and Dil re-entered the TV quickly to continue their really fun show. "Now back to the 'Kids Watching It Fun Show'! Or was it the 'Fun Show Watcheded by Kids'? Or the 'Kids Watching Show of Fun Stuff'? Oh, never mind that right now," Kimi said, "Anyway, as you all should 'member, 'afore the 'mercial, we singed the Fun song.

Now you gets to share your own songses! Does anyone of guyses haveses a song? I picks ... Chuckie Finster, from my house -- After all, he is my brother!"

"M-me?" Chuckie stammered.

"Come on up!" Kimi told her older brother. Chuckie stood up and walked into the box-TV.

"Now, sing us a song," Kimi instructed him.

"I donno, Kimi," Chuckie worried.

"Don't worry, Chuckie, you'll do great," Kimi reassured him.

"Yeah, come on Chuckie," Tommy urged.

"OK," Chuckie reluctantly agreed, "But you gots to promise you won't laugh or anything like that, 'acause I'm not a really good singerer."

"We promise," the babies all agreed in unison.

"OK," said Chuckie, "This song is calleded 'Ascareded'."

Sometimes I get ascared of things

Like monsters and dragons with scary wings,

And at night the shadows might look like ghosts

Why they do nobody knows.

Sometimes they scare me in my bed.

Is it just me or is that a goblin's head?

I thought I saw a witch on a broom

Flying real scarily around my room.

I tell myself they're just shadows, that's all

Light making scary monsters on my wall.

And that is how I try to fight the fright

And that's how I spend each and every very scary night.

Chuckie bowed and the babies clapped loudly.

"That was really good, Chuckie," Phil applauded.

"Uh, thanks," Chuckie said, blushing.

"Anyways," said Kimi, "On with the show! Now we're gonna descrate my stupio! I gotses some crayons to draw pretty pictures with, so my show looks good, too. And you guyses get to help descrates! Tommy, what do you want me to draw?" Tommy thought for a moment. Then he said,

"Draw a picture of Reptar fightin' Dactar!"

"OK, Reptar it is!" Kimi replied. She drew an awkward green rectangle with four lines coming out of it. Then she made a black dot for the eye. Next, she colored a purple rectangle with a funny looking purple triangle extending from the top. She drew two lines coming from the end, and a yellow line sticking out of the front as a beak. As the final feature, she drew another black dot for Dactar's eye.

"What do you think?" she asked. The babies looked carefully at the drawing. Phil tilted his head slightly to look at the picture from a different angle.

"I think it looks like a tree goin' potty," he remarked.

"I think it looks more like a lollipop taking a nap," Lil put in.

"That's it!" Kimi cried "I quit! Show Biz is not all the cheese it's cutteded up to be!"

"Someone cutted the cheese?" Phil giggled.

"No," said Kimi, "I said Show Biz is not all the ... uh, Show Biz isn't as good as peoples says it is."

"Oh," said Phil.

"Who wants to play roll the ball?" asked Chuckie.

"I guess so," the other babies replied restlessly, apparently not extremely happy with Chuckie's game idea. Just then the doorbell rang. Didi opened the door. It was Drew and Angelica. The babies groaned.

"I need you to watch Angelica for a few hours while I take care of some business down at the office, Didi," Drew told Didi.

"Daddy, why can't I go with you?" Angelica asked.

"Um, daddy's got to do grown-up stuff today, sweetie. So he needs Aunt Didi to watch you," Drew replied.

"We'd be happy to," Didi answered.

"Thanks," said Drew, leaving.

"You can go play with the babies, Angelica," Didi said, "I'll be in the kitchen fixing lunch if you need me."

"Thank you, Aunt Didi," Angelica said politely. She smiled her sweetest most innocent and angelic smile. Didi smiled back, then headed to the kitchen to work on lunch. Suddenly, Ring! Ring! Ring! went the phone. Didi picked it up and said,


"Hello," said the man at the other end of the line, "My name is Joseph Hindron, the creator the Babiwear-carebear baby clothes.

You must be Mimi Pickles."

"Um, actually, it's Didi," Didi corrected him.

"Whatever," Joe said, "I understand there are six babies by the names of Timmy, Charlie, Bill, Jill, Will, and Carrie in your care."

"It's Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, and Kimi," Didi corrected Joe again, "And there's also a three year old named Angelica."

"A three year old? Wonderful!" said Joe, "Anyways, I wanted to know if I could use your babies to act in my newest Babiwear commercial?"

"I'll think about it," said Didi, "I'll call you back when I've made my decision."

"OK," said Joe, "but be sure to call back before Saturday, or I'll already have a new person."

"Alright, bye," said Didi.

"It's been nice talkin' to you, Kiki," said Joe.

"It's Didi,"

"Whatever," said Joe as he hung up. Didi knew it was OK with her for Tommy and Dil to participate in the acting, but she needed Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Kimi, and Angelica's parents' consent. So she called up the other babies' parents. They all agreed that it was perfectly fine for their children to participate as well. So Didi called the number Joe had given her.

"Hello," said a woman's voice, "Babiwear-carebear Inc., Patricia speakin'. How may I help you?"

"Um, my name is Didi Pickles," Didi said, "Uh, I need to speak to Joseph Hindron, please."

"One moment please," said Patricia, "Joe, it's some lady named Didi Pickles on line two."

"So, are you in for the commercial?" Joe asked.

"Absolutely, Jerry," Didi replied.

"Hey, hey, hey!" said Joe a bit angrily, "The name's Joseph!"

"And mine's Didi," said Didi, "You'll do good to remember that."

"Whatever, Fifi," Joe said. Then he gave her directions to his studio.

"Be there 6:00 sharp on Saturday," Joe told her.

"OK," said Didi.

The babies sat in the playpen, playing 'simon says' with Angelica. Angelica yawned.

"This is getting boring. I'm going to watch TV," Angelica told the babies.

"You can't watch TV," Tommy said.

"Why not?" Angelica asked.

"'Acause the TV is broked," Tommy told her.

"Just great," Angelica grumbled.

"I know!" said Kimi, "Let's play TV!"

"What's that?" asked Angelica.

"It's where we pretend that this box is a TV, and we do shows and commercials and other stuff like that," Chuckie answered, "It's real fun!"

"I'll play, but only because I have nothin' better to do," Angelica groaned.

"Now, who's gonna do the firstest show?" Tommy asked.

"I know!" Kimi suggested, "Chuckie could do a singin' show and sing that really good song he singed us 'afore!"

"Yeah!" said Phil and Lil together.

"Well, uh, OK," Chuckie agreed.

"This oughta be good," Angelica snickered, "Wait, Chuckie, let me get my Cynthia tape 'acorder soes I can 'acord your song."

"Well, OK, Angelica," Chuckie said. Angelica put a blank tape in the tape recorder and got ready to record. Chuckie entered the box and began singing his song as before. Angelica recorded the whole thing. She was amazed. She had an idea.

"Wow, Chuckie, that was really good!" said Angelica.

"You really think so?" Chuckie asked, turning pink.

"Yeah," said Angelica, "but it needs more verses."

"But I don't know if I can make more up," Chuckie said.

"Leave that to me," Angelica told him. She pushed the play button on her tape recorder and listened carefully to the lyrics of Chuckie's song 'Ascared' several times. Finally, she turned to Chuckie and said,

"You got a name for this song?"

"Yeah," Chuckie answered.

"Let's hear it then," Angelica said.

"It's called 'Ascared'," Chuckie told her.

"OK, I think I got a main chorus of 'Ascared," Angelica told the babies, "Listen to this:"

I am ascared!

And I'm not ascared to say it!

No one cares!

They watch as I deslay it!

Now I know gots to stop worryin' 'bout these scary made up things!

I gots to 'member there's no such things as dragons with scary wings!

I'm not ascared!

"That's good Angelica!" Chuckie said, "But why do I need to sing that too?"

"'Acause I'm gonna have you performin' in front of lotsa babies, and I want your song to be perfect! Maybe the rest of you babies can play inersments! Yeah! But right now I need to work on the lastest verse of the song. Chuckie, you practice singin'," Angelica said.

She played the recording of Chuckie again. Chuckie continued to practice singing his song. Finally, Angelica was ready to present

Chuckie with the last set of lyrics. She said,

"OK, here's how the last verse will go:"

So next time you're ascared of the shadows you see

Just 'member this song and 'member me

And 'member what I'm 'bout to say

'Member they're just shadows, 'member it's OK

You'll find out they're just junk the very nextest day.

So you should go ahead and know that as in your bed you lay.

You don't have to have a nightlight

And you shouldn't have a night-fright,

But if you do don't feel bad, don't you see,

That your actin' just like me?

Just 'member there's no monsters, they're not real

And know your not gonna be a midnight meal!

"How's that?" Angelica asked the babies.

"Great!" said Kimi

"Wow!" said Tommy.

"I like it!" said Chuckie.

"Yeah!" said Phil and Lil at the same time.

"Good," said Angelica, "Now Chuckie, you practice your lines. The rest of you, follow me." Angelica took the babies over to the other side of the playpen.

"Alright," she said, "You guys gotta play inersments while Chuckie sings. That way it'll sound more professial. Got it?" The babies nodded, though they didn't really understand what 'professial' meant.

The next day, it was Charlotte and Drew's turn to watch all the kids. Angelica was ready. When the babies arrived, she had a talk with them.

"Alright babies," she said, "Your gonna need costumes, and all of you but Chuckie is gonna need intersments. I gotted my mommy and daddy to take us to the park 'specialy so Chuckie can sing his song and get us famous. Understand?" The babies nodded.

Angelica led them to her closet. Inside she had Halloween costumes, dress-up clothes, and normal outfits. Then she heard her mom talking.

"Well, I had no idea what the Lime Plan involved! Frankly, I expected better. All of these perfectly good clothes! Wasted!"

"Wait babies!" Angelica said, "You're about to get your trademark costume color!" She and the babies ran downstairs.

"Mom!" Angelica called, "What were you talking about wasted clothes and lime?"

"Let me show you," Charlotte said, walking to the next room, "Look!" Charlotte pointed to several boxes full of lime green clothes of every kind. Angelica stared delighted at the clothes.

"Mom, can we use some of these shirts and stuff?" Angelica asked.

"Use all you want, please," Charlotte said. Angelica picked out several articles of clothing. She then took the babies back upstairs, carrying the clothes. She then gave different clothes to the different babies. She also got a few other things from her closet. Kimi got a lime green non-sleeve bellybutton show-er and a pink skirt. Chuckie got a lime green tank top and a pair of white shorts. Phil, a lime green shirt and a pair of blue shorts. Lil got a lime green dress and a lime green ribbon. Tommy got a lime green shirt. Dil got a pair of lime green foot pajamas. Angelica put her hair up in a lime green scrunchy, like her mother and wore a pair of sunglasses.

She also wore a long lime green shirt that went to just above her knees and lime green flip-flops. Then they took their special clothes off while the searched for instruments. Angelica assigned Tommy her battery powered Cynthia guitar. Lil was assigned Angelica's pink Cynthia piano. Phil was assigned Angelica's Cynthia drumset. Kimi was assigned a pink tamborine. Dil was given a baby rattle.

Then Angelica showed the babies how to use the instruments. For Lil, she pointed out a few simple keys and told her to play them in a certain order throughout the song. One set of keys for her right hand, one for her left. Then she showed Tommy the basics of plucking and strumming her guitar. Finally, she showed Phil how to play loud and fast as well as soft and slow. Kimi already knew exactly what to do, since her instrument was simply a tamborine. Then Angelica told them exactly how the song was to be played, when they would do certain things, and that kind of stuff. Finally they were ready to practice the completed version of Chuckie's song. It went like this:

Sometimes I get ascared of things

Like monsters and dragons with scary wings,

And at night the shadows might look like ghosts

Why they do, nobody knows.

Sometimes they scare me in my bed.

Is it just me or is that a goblin's head?

I thought I saw a witch on a broom

Flying real scarily around my room.

I tell myself they're just shadows, that's all

Light making scary monsters on my wall.

And that is how I try to fight the fright

And that's how I spend each and every very scary night.

Lil plays six notes on piano, Tommy three strums on guitar, Kimi one hit on tamborine, Phil, small drumrole on snare, Chuckie picks up chorus on last note of each, babies end instrumental bridge in unison.

I am ascared!

And I'm not ascared to say it!

No one cares!

They watch as I deslay it!

Now I know gots to stop worryin' 'bout these scary made up things!

I gots to 'member there's no such things as dragons with scary wings!

I'm not ascared!

After chorus there is guitar solo, Chuckie picks up on second verse five seconds before Tommy is done.

So next time you're ascared of the shadows you see

Just 'member this song and 'member me

And 'member what I'm 'bout to say

'Member they're just shadows, 'member it's OK

You'll find out they're just junk the very nextest day.

So you should go ahead and know that as in your bed you lay.

You don't have to have a nightlight

And you shouldn't have a night-fright,

But if you do don't feel bad, don't you see,

That your actin' just like me?

Just 'member there's no monsters, they're not real

And know your not gonna be a midnight meal!

Same instrumental bridge as used in first verse to chorus, Chuckie continues holding last sound three seconds into bridge.

I am ascared!

And I'm not ascared to say it!

No one cares!

They watch as I deslay it!

Now I know gots to stop worryin' 'bout these scary made up things!

I gots to 'member there's no such things as dragons with scary wings!

I'm not ascared!

Here babies play fairly long instrumental part, Chuckie picks up vocals after thirty seconds of this, repeating the chorus (the words avove this sentence). Chuckie ends the song slightly slower and softer at end; after Chuckie finishes, Lil plays ending chords, Phil hits cymbals, Kimi hits tamborine, Tommy does one last strum, ending the song.

"Brobo! Brobo!" Angelica cheered, "Perfect! I can't wait till it's time to go to the park!"

"Angelica, sweetie, it's time to go to the park!" Charlotte called from downstairs.

"OK, mom!" Angelica answered. She hurriedly dressed the babies in their costumes, grabbed their instruments, and headed downstairs.

"My, don't you look nice!" Charlotte said quickly, noticing the outfits. Angelica smiled sweetly. Then they headed off to the park.

Angelica talked nervously to the babies the whole way. They finally reached the park. Angelica was all but ready to try out Chuckie's new song.

"Oh my gosh! You guys need a band name and stage names!" Angelica realized, "Your band will be, uh, "The Babies"! Chuckie, your stage name is, um, Chucker..." Tommy's stage name was Tomboy. Lil's stage name was the Pink Pixy. Phil's was Blue Boy.

Kimi's was Kimi Kitty Cat, or just Kitty. Dil's was Li'l Dil. Charlotte put Dil in his Kangaroo baby walker.  "I've got a 'sprise for you Chuckie," Angelica said, "Since glasses is yucky lookin', I brought you these." Angelica handed Chuckie a pair of sun glasses.

"Oh, sunglasses," said Chuckie, confused.

"They're not just any old sunglasses," Angelica told him, "They're sunglasses that are glasses to! I know, let's do a 'spirament to if they work! Chuckie, take off your glasses."

"Oh, no, Angelica, I'm not fallin' for that one again," Chuckie said.

"Grrrr, I promise I won't take them!" Angelica promised, "You can let Tommy hold them if you want!"

"OK," said Chuckie, handing his glasses to Tommy.

"Now what do you see?" Angelica asked.

"Fuzzy shapes," Chuckie answered.

"Now what do you see?" asked Angelica, putting the sunglasses on.

"Hey, I can see perfect!" Chuckie exclaimed.

"Ezacly!" Angelica told him, "Now you can look cool and still see good. Oh! I almost forgot. Put this on." Agelica placed a bike helmet on Chuckie's head.

"What's that for?" he asked.

"You'll see," Angelica replied, "Now let's practice one more time before interducin' you to the depulic. Always 'member, when your famous, you can get anything you want. But first you gotta get people to like you so they'll give it to you. Now go practice!"

The Babies played through their song one last time before they would be performing in front of other babies. Nothing went wrong.

"Alright, Babies, let's just hope everything works this good in the big time," said Agelica. Then she took the helmet off of Chuckie's head, "See, helmet hair! It looks good on you Finster, I mean, Chucker."

"Thanks," Chuckie said.

"Oh, and Baldy, er, Tomboy," Angelica said, "Wear this!" Angelica put a black wig on Tommy's head.

"Uh, OK," said Tommy.

"Now let's go find a appluadience to watch you!" Angelica cried. The babies followed Angelica to a small sandbox where a few babies were building sandcastles. There was a slide, a see-saw, and a swing set nearby.

"Please welcome to this sandbox, the hottest, bestest, coolest, most amazingest, goodliest band around," Angelica said loudly, knocking over sandcastles and forseing kids out of the sandbox, "The Babies, singing their new fit-mingle, 'Ascared'!"

Babies from all around the area stared at The Babies. Angelica backed out of the sand box and The Babies played their song, just like they had in their practice. By the end, a huge crowd of babies and toddlers had gathered around the sandbox and were clapping and cheering wildly. The Babies bowed. Then Angelica stepped out on to the sandbox and made her announcement.

"Attention babies!" she yelled, in order to be heard over the noise, "There will be another concert today at eleventy o'clock, over in the big sandbox! Price to ammision is one cookie each! Thank you!" The babies and toddlers gathered around the sandbox cheered even louder. Seeing this, Angelica continued:

"The Babies will be signing aughtographs after the concert, so you can meet them live!" If it was at all possible, the cheering increased one hundred times. It was The Babies' first concert and they were alresdy famous! The crowd gradually began to go back to playing their games. Several people came up to The Babies and asked if they could shake their hands or something. One girl even gave Chuckie a bouquet of flowers and a big kiss.

"I love you, Chuckie," she said. Then she went off to brag. This time Chuckie didn't turn pink. He turned bright red.

"OK, Babies," Angelica addressed the band, "You did pretty good. Now this will be your first pay concert, so don't mess it up! And after that your signing autigraphs, so we needs to have big pictures of your faces, so I'll take the pictures with my Cynthia camera..."

"Uh, Angelica," said Chuckie.

"What?" Angelica asked.

"We don't know how to write, so how can we sign autygaphs?" Chuckie asked.

"You silly baby!" Angelica cried, "You just make squiggles with your crayon! None of your fans can read anyways!"

"OK," Chuckie said.

"As I was saying, this is your first paying concert, and after that..."

"Wait, Angelica," Tommy interrupted, "You have to give us each one cookie or we're not doing this anymore!"

"Fine," Angelica agreed.

"Now AS I WAS SAYING after your concert, you'll signing autigraphs, so we need big pictures of your faces. We'll be selling those for a cookie each, too, so you can sign them. I'll take your pictures with my Cynthia camera. First we've gotta find the perfect backround. Hmmmmmmmm." Angelica looked around searching for the best backround for each baby.

"Tomboy!" Angelica called, "You climb that rock and I'll take your picture up there." Tommy climbed to the top of the rock.

"Now hold your guitar like your playing!" Angelica called, "Perfect!" Snap! Click!

"Alright!" said Angelica as the picture printed out of her camera.

"Chucker, climb to the first branch of that tree."

"I don't know if I can do that, Angelica," said Chuckie.

"What can't Chucker do?" asked a girls voice. The Babies and Angelica turned around to see four almost identical girls. One was black haired, one was a redhead, one had brown hair and one was blonde. The blonde appeared to be the leader.

"I can't climb to the first branch of that tree," Chuckie told them.

"Since we're the number one bestest Babies' fans, we'll help," said the blonde.

"Can we know your names?" asked Kimi.

"Oh, sorry," said the blonde, "My name's Stacie."

"My name's Tracy," said the black haired girl.

"My name's Lacy," said the brown haired girl.

"My name's Macy," said the redhead.

"How can you help me get to the first branch of the tree?" asked Chuckie.

"Girls," said Stacie. Within a minutes time, Stacie, Tracie, Macy, and Lacy had formed a human pyramid and were helping Chuckie up to the first branch. When he reached the branch, Chuckie sat down on it, pround of his 'brave climb'. The four girls got out of their pyramid.

"OK, Chucker, stand up on the branch and lean against the tree! There," Angelica said, "Now act like your singing and smile!

Perfect!" Snap! Click! Angelica's camera printed Chuckie's picture out. Kimi got her picture taken hanging upside-down form the jungle-gym. Lil got her picture taken in the tower above the jungle-gym. Phil got his picture taken sitting in a deep mud puddle. Dil got his picture taken sitting in his Kangaroo. Then it wasalmost no shadows time. Before the concert, Tommy told Angelica that each baby would be expecting two cookies --- one from the consert sale, one from the picture sale. Agelica relutantly agreed. Then it was time to start taking cookies. When standing in line for the concert, fans could shake The Babies' hands before paying their fee.

One girl shook the hand of each Baby then sadly left the line. Telling The Babies to watch the line, Angelica ran after the girl. She knocked her down and stood over her.

"You owe me a cookie!" she said, "You don't stand in that line or shake their hands unless you are going to give me a cookie and see the concert! Give me a cookie! And you still can't see the concert."

"I didn't know!" said the girl.

"A likely story," said Angelica.

"You didn't tell anybody about that rule," said the girl.

"I guess your right," said Angelica, "I'll let you off the hook this time, but if I catch you doing that again, it's a two cookie fine, and if you can't pay me then, it's time-out and a two cookie fine, understand?" The girl nodded and Angelica went back to the line. When they had admitted everyone (which took quite a while), Angelica walked to the center of the sandbox and said,

"You know them! You've seen them! You LOVE them! And now your going to welcome them to the Big Sandbox Arena for the second animal City Park Consert ... The Babies!" The crowd erupted into an explosion of cheers, whoops, hollers and whistles.

"Tomboy! Kimi Kitty Cat! Pink Pixy! Blue Boy! Li'l Dil! And last but definitely not least, Chucker!" Each baby walked into the sandbox as his or her name was called. Angelica stepped out into the crowd and the song began to play.

When the concert ended, The Babies bowed and walked out oft he sandbox. They headed to "the 'osticle coarse" to sign autographs. "The 'osticle coarse" was like an obsticle coarse from the start to the end. The only way to get up was a rope with knots tied in it, unless you wanted to climb up the side. The rope led up to a sturdy floor witha tunnle leading under it. After this was a net rope bridge, which led to a ballpit. When you get to the other sideof the ballpit, you have to dive under the balls and find a tunnle which leads to a moving bridge. When you get to the end of the moving bridge, you have to jump to the ground. The Babies would be signing autographs in the part after the rope.

The Babies stoodon top of "the 'osticle coarse", signing autographs. Angelica was trading stacks of photographs for stacks of cookies, the pictures being one cookie each. An African-American boy held a Reptar doll up to Tommy.

"Here, Tomboy, you can have my Reptar 'acause I like you a lot!"

"Thanks!" said Tommy.

"Wow!" Phil whispered, "Angelica was right! You really can get anything you want when your famous!" Suddenly, Lil threw her ribbon out into the crowd. There was a mad dive for the ribbon. A brown haired boy emerged from the commotion with the ribbon in his hair.

"Good move, Pixy," Angelica complimented, "That's the way to keep the fans interested!"

After isgning autographs for everyone at least twice, The Babies needed a break. The sat at the edge of the arena listening to Angelica's ideas.

"I think we should make a 'acording of you sing and sell it for a cookie. I think we should sell Kangaroos, as walkers like band member Dil's, and give uncle Stu all the money..."

"How would it be good for us if we gave Tommy's dad the money?" Kimi asked.

"'Acause the fans will like us more," Angelica explained impatiently.

"Oh," said Kimi.

"Anyway," Angelica continued, "I also think we should have a concert outside with colored lights."

The Babies all agreed this was a good idea. It was soon time for them to go. As soon as they were back at Charlotte, Drew and Angelica's house, Angelica rushed the babies upstairs and made a recording of them. Then she had her mother help her make posters. When they had finnished, Angelica gathered up all the lime green clothes to sell as offcial Babies merchandise.

After Angelica and her mom had gotten the lime green clothes together as ‘Babies Merchandise', Angelica called Stu to ask him about the Kangaroo's.

"Uncle Stu?" said Angelica when Stu picked up the phone, "What if I told you I knew a way to sell lotsa Kangaroo baby walkers?"

"I'm listening," Stu said.

"I just need to know how much you want to sell them for, and I need you give me about a bazillion for me to sell."

"How about fifty," Stu said.

"Sounds great!" Angelica replied.

"Well, I'd sell them for $10, to start," Stu said.

"Uh, haw about $5," Angelica suggested.

"No," said Stu, "$10."

The next Angelica began selling the Babies' merchandise. She set up a stand and laid the items out on it. She sold the recordings for $1 each, instead of a cookie each. She sold the clothes for 75 cents, hats 50 cents, and ribbons 25. By the time the stand had closed, Angelica had made $50! The Babies (except Dil) had requested a dollar each, which Angelica paid them. Then they had a concert.

Well, after about a week, toddlers started getting tired of the Babies. That's when Angelica decided to put her plans in action. The first thing she did was teach Chuckie to dance. Then she decided to put her plan to let someone from the audience sing with Chuckie. First she would have to announce the concert. So, she climbed to the top of the Big Slide. The Big Slide was the tallest slide in the park. It was so high, most five-year-olds were afraid to go down it.

"Attention!" she screamed. Everyone looked up.

"There will be a Babies concert at the Funny Shaped Sandbox right now! Amisson is free!" She closed her eyes tight. Then she jumped. She slide down the slide, bracing herself for a crash. But all that came was a small bump. When she opened her eyes, she was sitting on the ground, in front of the slide. Everyone stared. Then they rushed to the Funny Shaped Sandbox.

Everyone sat around the sandbox. Angelica introduced the Babies. Then she made an announcement:

"Babies and gentermes! Today, I am going to invite some lucky applaudience baby down to sing with the Chucker! Who wants to come?" Everyone in the audience did. Angelica closed her eyes and spun around pointing her finger. When she stopped, she opened her eyes. She was pointing a Megan. Megan looked excited. She ran to the center of the sandbox and stood next to Chuckie. Chuckie began singing and Megan sang with him.

After a couple of days, the excitement of being called down wore off, and the fans again became bored of the band. But Angelica had another plan. At the next concert, she made an announcement:

"Attention, attention! The Babies' band wants to tell you that were aseptin' a new member. Alls you gotta do is write a song for the band!" With that the concert started. After the concert, a long line of babies was waiting to admit there songs to the Babies'. First it was Dean's turn. His song went like this:

I really like

My Big Wheel's bike!

Once it saved Angelica from Spike,

That's why I like

My Big Wheel's bike!

"Next!" Angelica called. Then it was Jean-Claude's turn. His song went like this:

Ooh la la, Paris! Paris!

It is bettair than the rest!

Paris! Paris!

La City of Light is ze best!

Paris! Paris!

"Uh, I forget ze rest," Jean-Claude admitted.

"Next!" Angelica called. A girl with blue hair that she wore in pigtails wearing dark red overalls was next.

"What's your name?" Angelica asked.

"Emma," she answered.

"Let's hear your song," Angelica said. So Emma sang the "You're a Friend to me" song. When she had finished, the Babies' were amazed.

"You're in!" Angelica declared.

"Ok!" Emma agreed. But, you have to talk to my big, 10-year old sister..."

"Hey sis! Come here a sec!", said Emma.

Her sister came over.

She said to Angelica, "Hi, I'm Emma Sr., Emma Jr.'s sister. You can call her 'Emma', but you can call me my by nickname, 'Emica'."

To Be Continued

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