Dil's First Month At Home

By Laura Radatz

"Oh Didi! You did such a good job!", exclaimed Dr.Lucy Carmichael. Didi had just given birth to a baby boy that she had named Dylan Prescott Pickles. Didi smiled at her husband. "Dil for short," she said. Dr.Carmichael gently placed Dil in Didi's arms."Hello my wonderful, sweet baby boy!", Didi exclaimed. She ran her finger over Dil's small body. Then, she looked up at Dr.Carmichael. "Well, Didi, are you ready to be weeled to you regular room?", the doctor asked. "Sure," said Didi, still hugging Dil. So Didi and Dil were wheeled to a regular room. As soon as she was settled in, she looked up at Stu. "What is it Deed?", Stu asked. "Could you please bring Tommy in here?", asked Didi. "Sure Deed," said Stu. Stu quickly went to the hospital playroom were he had left Tommy in care of the nurses. "Come on Champ," he said. He carried Tommy to Didi's room and set him on her bed. Didi said, "Tommy, I want you to meet someone very special. This is your brother Dylan! Dil,this is Tommy.".Dil grabbed Tommy's nose and pulled. Tommy began to cry. "Don't worry, sweetie; Dil is just a baby -- he didn't mean to," Didi said, comfortingly. Tommy stopped crying then. A nurse took Dil to the nursery. Dr.Carmichael and Stu went with the nurse, leaving Tommy and Didi all alone.

The next day, Stu and Tommy went back to the hospital. "Isn't this exicting,Champ? Your mommy and Dil are coming home today!", Stu said. "Well, bye Didi; it was nice having you here," said Dr.Carmichael as a nurse wheeled Didi and Dil to the car.

When they got home, Didi's parents, Minka and Boris, were waiting for them. "Hello little, um whats his name, Didi?", Boris asked. "Dylan Prescott, Dil for short," said Didi. "Hello,Dil!", exclaimed Boris. "Welcome home, Didila!", Minka exclaimed. Then, Boris and Minka left. "Aw,look at the little sprat, he's so cute," Grandpa exclaimed. Stu immediately got out the video camera and started taking home movies. Then it was time for Didi to nurse Dil. A few moments after she begun nursing Tommy on her other side, Didi said, "That's enough Tommy," as she giggled.

That night, Didi crawled into bed beside Tommy and began reading him a bed time story, when all of a sudden, Dil began to cry. Didi immediately rocked Dil.

The next day,Didi gave Dil his first bath. That day, Dil just wouldn't stop crying. Didi changed him and fed him, but it was no use. Then, Tommy came over to his brother's bouncer, lifted him out, and gave a big hug. Didi smiled, for she knew that her two boys would get along just fine.

The End

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