The Tweenage Rugrats In,
"The Return Of The Living Fear"
(Dark Four Version)

By Dwayne Anderson, Steve Mindykowski,
Birch Griesse & "Agent DC"

By special request of one of the contributors, "Agent DC", here is an alternate version of the Robert Benedict saga -- this time, featuring the Canadian adventure according to this person's own vision.

It was an early August afternoon at the Finster's backyard. The Rugrats were outside playing. It was Monday.

Right now, Lil and Kimi were wrestling in the sandbox. As usual Kimi was winning.

Finally, after a long match, Kimi pinned Lil.

"Winner and still champion!" said Chuckie.

Kimi stood and raised her arms in victory.

Lil slowly got up. Once again, she had been defeated by Kimi. Like all the other Rugrats, Lil had wrestled Kimi many times, and each time, Kimi won. She was so much stronger than the other Rugrats. She had already fought in the state junior championships and had been crowned champion. However, she was still learning ballet from her teacher, Mr. Mann.

"Chuckie! Kimi!" called Chazz. "Mail's here!"

Chazz came up to the sandbox and gave an envelope to Chuckie and another one to Kimi.

Chuckie opened his envelope. It was a letter from Samantha, his girlfriend.

Dear Chuckie,

I'm having fun at cheerleading camp here with all my friends. How are you doing? What are you doing this summer? Please write back soon.


Kimi opened her envelope and took out the paper inside. Written in red ink were the following words, in big printing.

"I'm going to get you!"


Kimi was puzzled. "Get me what?" she asked. "Is this supposed to be some kind of joke. And who's RB?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Chuckie.

"Some person wrote me this note saying something about getting me. What's that supposed to mean? And what does RB stand for?"

A little later, the families were reading the note.

"What kind of jokester would write this?" asked Chazz.

"Whoever wrote it, signed it with the letters RB" said Kira.

"Maybe it was Robin Banks" said Tommy. "His initials are RB."

"It couldn't be Robin" said Kimi. "He and I are good friends."

"Then who wrote this note?" asked Chazz.

"I don't know dad" said Kimi. "I don't know."

The next day, Kimi got another note from this mysterious person. It too was written in big letters with red ink.

"You'll pay for what you did to me!"


Another family meeting was held. The families were more confused than ever.

"Is this some kind of joke?" asked Chuckie. "It's probably some kind of prank."

"I'll tell you one thing" said Tommy. "It's someone who has a grudge against Kimi. But who?"

"Kimi's dealt with alot of bad people in her life" said Kira. "Remember the time she helped you kids stop Chazz from marrying Coco years ago?"

"It can't be Coco" said Chuckie.

"How about the time when Principal William Walker took over the school?" asked Phil. "He got kicked in the shins from Kimi who was the worst troublemaker he had dealt with. Now he's back at the asylum!"

"Or how about the time I dealt with this insane warden in Juvenile Hall?" asked Kimi. "He was so cruel to us! I'll never forget the name. Robert Benedict! However, now he's in..."

Suddenly Kimi stopped in mid-sentence. Everyone looked at her.

"What is it?" asked Chazz.

Kimi didn't say anything.

She remembered the time she last crossed paths with Robert:

Kimi heard Robert speak sternly to her at his trial for kidnapping.

"You took my job! You took my life! Well someday Kimberly you'll pay! Someday, you're gonna pay!"

Kimi suddenly realized the answer.

"Robert Benedict!" cried Kimi. "His initials are RB!"

Later that night, at Cactus Flat's prison, alarms were ringing. Guards were on the alert with their dogs.

The reason why was because somebody had escaped. That somebody had escaped by climbing over the stone walls surrounding the prison.

"Goodbye prison days!" he said. "Freedom, hello!"

He leaped off the wall outside the prison and ran off into the distance.

"Goodbye and good riddance!" he said. He retreated to the nearby city, stole a car, and drove off to the town where he had worked as a warden at Juvenile Hall.

"It's howdy doody time Kimi" he said. "The bad man is coming for you!"

Meanwhile, in town, Kimi was laying in her bed trying to sleep. She couldn't get Robert Benedict, her biggest rival since Julia Preston, the girl who hated her and her french family and japanese heritage.

Just then the door opened.

Kimi sat up.

"Hello Kimi!" said a man as he entered.

It was Robert Benedict.

"Mom! Dad! Chuckie! Guys!" Kimi screamed.

Robert closed the door behind.

"Your family and friends can't help you now!" he laughed.

Kimi noticed that Chuckie's bed was empty.

Benedict approached Kimi's bed.

"I wouldn't worry about this at all" he snickered. "This is only a bad dream."

Before Kimi could scream, Benedict covered her mouth with a white cloth covered with something that caused her to lose conciousness.

Kimi sat up in bed. She was still in bed.

She breathed a sigh of relief. It had all been a bad dream.

The next morning, Kimi's worst fears were confirmed when she read the paper. On the front page, was Benedict's escape from prison.

For the first time in her life, Kimi was scared.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Chazz picked it up. The rest of his family was still reading the paper.

"What?!" they heard him say into the phone. "You're going to get me because I ruined your life?! Huh? Oh! Kimi, it's for you."

With trembling hands, Kimi took the phone.

"Hello?" she spoke, fear in her voice.

At the other end, she heard a familiar voice.

"You took my job! You took my reputation! Well enjoy it while you can Kimi, because you're gonna pay! Someday, someway, you're gonna pay!"

The other person hung up.

Kimi hung up.

"You were right Kimi!" said Chazz. "It is Robert Benedict."

"What are we going to do?" asked Kira.

"I'm reporting this to the police right now!" said Chazz. "Nobody threatens my daughter like that!"

A little later, at the police station, Kimi sat with her family and friends at a desk.

"So you're saying that this man is sending threatening notes to you?" asked the police officer.

"That's right!" said Kimi. "And he just phoned me and threatened me over the phone!"

"Well don't worry" said the officer. "We'll do everything in our power to put this Benedict out of your life and back behind bars. But in case he should come for you, it is my recommendation that we relocate you to Philadelphia."

"You mean I won't be living here anymore?" asked Kimi.

"Just until Benedict is back behind bars" said the officer. "We'll pay for the neccessities. The rest is up to you."

Kimi's family and friends looked at Pierre and Anita.

"Why are you looking at us like that?" asked Pierre.

"I know what you're thinking" said Anita.

"Pierre! Anita!" said Kira. "Which is more important?! Your money? Or the safety of your only granddaughter?!"

Pierre and Anita wrote a check.

"A car will come later this morning to take you to Philadelphia for the Witness Protection Program" said the officer. "You will remain there until Benedict is back behind bars. At least, your family will be able to visit often. I'll also make sure Robin Banks is put on the case, along with our best policemen -- Joe Friday and Bill Gannon. And, when you arrive in Philadelphia, I'll make sure the police there give you around-the-clock protection. The only way Benedict will reach you is if he goes through the police line. And the instant we see him, we'll catch him. As a matter of fact, Saturday night, Robert Benedict will be making his national TV debut -- on America's Most Wanted; host John Walsh will discuss the case at length and urge everyone who's seen Benedict to call its hotline -- 1-800-CRIME-TV."

"Thank you" said Kira.

"So pack up what you need most of all" said the officer.

"I will" said Kimi.

Later that morning, an FBI car drove up to the Finster's house. Kimi came out the front door with a suitcase filled with clothes, her toothbrush and some toothpaste, her Superthing doll, and a picture of her natural father.

After she climbed in, the car drove off towards Philadelphia. Kimi's family and friends waved goodbye.

Among the agents in the car were Sergeant Friday, Officer Gannon, and Agent Robin Banks.

Little did everybody know was that Robert Benedict had heard of their plans. He drove off towards Philadelphia.

"In a few days, we will meet again Kimi" he said. "I have unfinished business with you. I'll take you away from your family and take you away to where the authorities will never get me! Nobody makes a fool of Robert Benedict and gets away with it!"

The next day, Robert drove through a small town. He drove past a TV shop with TV’s displayed along the window, but stopped and pulled back quickly when he saw his picture on the screens. A reporter was talking about him:

"This photograph is of Robert Benedict. Robert is a former warden of the local Juvenile Hall. He was fired, charged with two counts of child abuse, and sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. Kimberly Finster and Brittany Peterson were the two children that had been abused. After his trial, proceeded to kidnap the two children and several of their friends. Fortunately he was caught before he could do any harm. He was sent in Cactus Flats Prison, but has recently escaped. He is now threatening to get back at Kimberly and her friends. If you see this man, please call 911 immediately, or Crime Stoppers, at 555-TIPS."

Seeing this, Robert drove to a deserted alley. He then pulled a blonde wig, goatee, and mustache set, along with a pair of fake glasses and several other items out of a plastic bag. He put on the wig, goatee, and mustache, the fake glasses, and put on a heavy, green coat and hat. Then he continued on his way to Philadelphia.

On Thursday, the police car containing Kimi, Robin, Friday, and Gannon had almost reached Philadelphia.

"Robin," Kimi said, "I’ve been thinking. What if Robert finds me in Philadelphia?"

"Well, I don’t think he will. We told everybody that you were in Canada," Robin replied.

"Well, just pretend he did. What would happen then?" Kimi wondered.

"If he did find you here, he would have to get through the police line. You’re getting twenty-four hour protection," Robin told her.

"OK," Kimi said. But she was still a little worried.

By the time the car reached Philadelphia, Kimi’s mind was racing with ‘what ifs’.

"What if he disguises himself as a cop?"
"What if he sneaks in when no one is looking?"
"What if the police fall asleep on the job?"
"What if he catches me and takes me far away?"
"What if I never see my family and friends ever again?"
"What if, what if, what if?"

Now Kimi was more than just a little bit worried. She was scared again. And sad. She missed her family and friends already. The police car stopped in front of an old, deserted looking house in the suburbs. The house was very large.

"What are we doing here?" asked Kimi. She hoped this wasn’t where she was staying.

"This is where you’re staying," Robin replied.

"What?!" Kimi cried, "I can’t live here, this is a shack!"

"Sure looks like it," said Robin, "But wait till you look inside."

Kimi ran up to one of the windows and looked in. But all she saw was an old looking kitchen with a wash basin, some rotten, wooden cabinets, and a few other old, broken things.

"I’ve seen the inside, and it’s not much better," Kimi said. Robin just smiled. He stood by the door.

"Well, open it Kimi," Robin said. Kimi looked at the door. There was a sign on it that read:




"I’m not going in there!" Kimi yelled.

"Fine, then I’ll open it for you," Robin said, opening the door.

Kimi stepped in and looked around. She was surprised to several other children, A nicely carpeted floor with clean white walls and lamps. There was also a TV in the corner, a bunch of comfortable looking furniture, and a game cabinet.

"But, in the window…" Kimi protested.

"Follow me," Robin interrupted.

He led Kimi through the room into another nice room, and then opened a door leading to another room just a crack. Kimi looked in and saw the kitchen that she had seen before, with the window to the outside. Robin closed the door.

"Cool!" Kimi said, "So you make everyone think this is an old collapsing house that’s ready to fall apart any second so that people will stay away?"

"Yep," Robin told her as they walked back into the first room. "By the way, you'll have a little company in a few minutes."

Kimi sat down on the couch to watch TV.

"Kimi?" said a voice. Kimi turned around to see who it was.

"Brittany, Bobby, Kyle, Travis?" Kimi asked happily, "What are you doing here?"

"We all got notes from Robert," Bobby told her.

"How about you?" asked Travis.

"Same," Kimi replied. Her friends sat down next to her.

"Are you scared?" Brittany asked.

"No," Kimi lied.

"Well I am," Brittany said, "We all are."

"Well, I guess I’m a little scared," Kimi admitted. Soon it was time for bed. Kimi shared a room with her friends.

Meanwhile, Robert had nearly reached Philadelphia, a day after Kimi, Robin, Friday, and Gannon. It was then that he realized that there was a small flaw in his plan. He had no idea where Kimi would be kept. He drove to a donut shop and ordered a dozen donuts. He sat down at a table and started eating. Just then two cops walked into the shop. Robert quickly pulled his hat down and grabbed a pair of sunglasses out of his bag and put them on. But the cops didn’t seem to notice him. They sat down at the table right next to him and began eating donuts and talking quietly. Robert reached slowly reached up to his ear, and in a scratching motion turned on a sound amplifier, disguised as a hearing aid. Now he could hear pieces of what the officers were saying.

"Did you hear about that Kiki girl, B?" said the first cop.

"Yeah, the one who being gone after by whats-his-face, uh, Ronnie?" said the second cop.

"Yeah, The one who there keepin’ down west of town in the old run down lookin’ house with a sign on it the says: Danger, keep out! Do not enter! Walls and ceiling may collapse at any time! That is really a place where they keep kids who needs protection." Said the first cop.

"Oh, the one that has twenty four hour police protection and the secret trap door on the top?"

"Yeah, that one," said the first cop.

Robert reached up and turned off the speaker. The police had just told him exactly how to get to that Kimi! He could hardly believe it. He finished his donuts and drove on. He drove all around looking at old run down looking house. Each time he would drive at a distance, looking through his binoculars for the sign the police officers had mentioned. Finally he found it. He took out a pad of paper and a pencil, and jotted down its location, along with a slight description.

That night, Kimi had a hard time getting to sleep. And when she finally did, her sleep was troubled with dreams. Kimi dreamt she was being chased through darkness. The faces of her friends and family kept popping up and saying,

"Run faster, Kimi, run!"

Finally Robert caught her. She closed her eyes tight. When she opened them, she stood in a dark, slimey prison cell. Robert was in the next cell next to her. He kept slamming against the bar, trying to break through. Eventually the bars gave way. Then Robert kicked her cell open… Kimi’s eye’s opened and she sat bolt upright. In the silence of the dark room, thought she heard footsteps.

"It’s just my imagination," She reassured herself.

She laid her head back down on the pillow and tried to go back to sleep. Out from the shadows in the back of the room emerged Robert.

Kimi suddenly sat up again. She thought she had seen something emerge from the shadows.

Nothing. Kimi realized that it was her own imagination playing tricks on her.

She laid back on her pillow. She tried to close her eyes and go to sleep. But, she was scared.

Outside, a black car drove up to the house. Out stepped a man who proceeded to remove his blonde wig, mustache, goatee, fake eyeglasses, his coat, and hat.

"Here I am!" he said. "Time to put the plot into action!"

He closed the car door.

Outside the front door was a video security camera. Robert knew that he would have to find an alternate entrance.

Then he remembered a secret trap door on the top that he had heard from the police officers.

He stealthily creeped along the house to a pipe clinging to the side of the house. He began to climb up it to the roof.

Back inside the house, Kimi sat up in bed. She heard the sounds of someone climbing up a pipe. She was terrified.

Kimi climbed out of bed. She had to escape!

She undressed from her pajamas and put on her pink and yellow shirt, green skirt, and purple shoes. Then she ran out of the bedroom, taking Superthing with her.

Back outside, Robert reached the roof. He stood upon the rooftop and turned on a flashlight. Finally, he found the secret trap door. He walked over to it and forced it open.

Back in the house, Kimi opened the door where the others slept. She turned on the light.

"Guys! Brittany!" she cried. "We have to get out of here now!"

Her friends sat up.

"Kimi, it's almost midnight!" said Travis. "We're trying to sleep!"

"I heard something outside the house!" said Kimi.

"We don't hear anything" said Kyle. "Go back to sleep!"

"But...but..." stammered Kimi.

"Do you hear anything now?" asked Brittany.

Kimi listened. The sounds were gone.

"Kimi, you have to stop this!" said Bobby. "You're letting this fear of Benedict brainwash you! He can't get us here! He doesn't even know where we are!"

Kimi realized that Bobby was right.

"Sorry I woke you all up" she said. She turned off the light and walked out.

Meanwhile, the secret trapdoor had led Benedict to the attic. He climbed down the stairs to the next floor.

Kimi didn't feel like sleeping now. She decided to go down to the kitchen and get something to eat.

She went into the kitchen. Outside the window, she saw a security camera. Even now, the police were watching the house through headquarters. If the camera had seen Benedict, they would be alerted to the house.

The police weren't here, so the camera didn't see Benedict.

Kimi opened the refridgerator and poured herself a glass of juice. It was fruit punch. She drank two glasses.

Suddenly, she heard sounds coming from upstairs along with muffled screams.

Kimi quickly closed the refridgerator after replacing the juice and ran upstairs to the room where her friends slept.

The room was empty! There was no sign of Kyle, Brittany, Bobby, and Travis.

Kimi began to shiver with fear. Had something happened to her friends?

Then suddenly, someone came up behind Kimi.

"We meet again Kimi!" said a voice.

Kimi turned.

There stood Robert Benedict.

"Ahhhhh!" cried Kimi.

"Remember me Kimi?" asked Benedict as he shone his flashlight into her face. "How's that? A little bit too bright? Good!"

He turned off the flashlight.

"Where are my friends?" asked Kimi.

"I have taken your friends" said Robert. "They are all tied up now. They are my hostages. Do as I say and I won't hurt them."

Kimi didn't move or speak. She was terrified. Here she was, face to face with her biggest arch-rival again.

"Even though they are now my hostages, its not them I am after. It's you I want! I got a score to settle with you Kimi. You took my job and my reputation. Now I'm going to take you away from your family! You and your friends are coming with me!"

"Why should I?" asked Kimi.

"I got a gun in my pocket Kimi" said Robert. "Unless you cooperate, you'll be chewing gum from your mouth and spitting it through your forehead."

"You wouldn't hurt me would you?" asked a terrified Kimi.

"The choice is yours" said Robert. "Cooperate and I won't harm you. Do the opposite and I will!"

"Where are my friends now?" asked Kimi.

"Look in the closet" said Benedict.

Kimi walked over to the closet and opened it. Inside were Kyle, Bobby, Travis, and Brittany, tied up and gagged.

"You fiend!" cried Kimi.

"I've heard enough out of you young lady" said Benedict as he walked over to her. "And no Kimi, this is not a dream!"

He grabbed her right shoulder and put something over her mouth. Kimi managed to muffle a scream. This was just like in her dream several nights ago! Then she collapsed unconcious.

Meanwhile, at the Finster household, Kira suddenly sat up in bed.

"Kira what is it?" asked Chazz.

"I feel like something happened to Kimi!" said Kira.

"Kira, Kimi's in Philadelphia" said Chazz. "Nothing could happen to her there. Robert can't get her there."

Kira sighed. "I guess you're right" she said. "I'm just so worried about her."

"Everything is all right" Chazz assured his second wife.

Kira felt relieved. Then she went back to sleep.

Hours later, Kimi awoke from unconciousness.

"Where am I?" she asked herself.

Kimi noticed that her hands were tied behind her back. But where were her friends.

Just then, the trunk opened. Kimi realized that she had been put in the trunk of Benedict's car. Dawn was beginning to break.

"Suprised Kimi?" asked Benedict. "Sleep well?"

"Where did you put my friends?"

"They are in the back seat of my car" said Benedict with an evil smile. "Since you were unconcious, I had you put in the trunk."

He forced her out. "And now, you are coming into the back seat with your friends! And you can say goodbye to your family back home too!"

He opened the back door of his car and forced her in.

"You won't get away with this Benedict!" she cried.

But Benedict reacted by putting a gag over her mouth, silencing her.

"Oh yeah?! Well who is going to stop me?!" he laughed. "This time Kimi, I win!"

He closed the door.

Kimi saw each of her friends in the back seat of the car. They were all still tied up and gagged.

"As soon as a passing car comes" Kimi thought, "they'll see us in here and call the police!"

But Kimi's hopes were shattered when she saw that Benedict had spraypainted the windows black. Not even sunlight could get in. To make matters even worse, she couldn't see the front seats of the car, nor could she see the window. It was just like in a limosuine.

Robert started the car and drove off. He was planning to drive across the country to Canada where the authorities couldn't get to him.

Meanwhile, at the main Philadephia Police station, chief of police Scott Fleming wasn't in a good mood.

"You what?", Fleming shouted at the cops who was at the donut shop earlier.

The first cop said, "I accidentally told secrets about Kimi's hideaway to my partner. Then, after we left the donut shop, we realised that Robert Benedict was there."

Fleming scolded to them, "You are incompetent maggots. Until further notice, you are suspended. Right now, I got to get to that house. But first, I need to call Agent Banks."

Fleming called Banks at the Philly FBI office; then, he went to that house."

Banks knocked on the door, but no one answered. The cops searched the house, until they found that the secret entrance has been opened.

Also, Banks have found skidmarks on the street.

"Men," Banks said, "it looks like Benedict did it again."

Knowing that Benedict is a person willing to leave the country, and due to Canada's close proximity to Philadelphia, Banks have contacted Canadian authorities, warning them about Benedict. They said that they'll catch him. He has also called Interpol, the international police agency, and gave them the same warning.

10 hours later, Benedict was on I-87, just north of Plattsburgh, New York. He is only 15 minutes away from the Canadian border.

Benedict said, "In 15 minutes, we'll be in Canada, and you'll be mine forever! You hear me! Forever!"

15 minutes later, Benedict arrived at the Canadian border, near the New York town of Champlain and the Québec town of Lacolle.

A Canada Customs agent asked Benedict, "What's your nationality?"

"American", said Benedict.

"May I see your ID, please?", asked the agent.

Benedict gave her a fake ID -- an Arizona driver's license with his picture, but with the name "Richard Bronson".

The agent continued, "Do you have any firearms?"

"No," said Benedict.

"What are your plans in Canada, Mr. Bronson?"

"Uh, I'm here for a few days on holiday."

"Mr. Bronson, would you please park in the parking area and come inside the office? I have a few more questions to ask."


Benedict then drove slowly to the parking area, then he floored it and drove off on Autoroute 15 into Quebec.

"So long suckers!", said Benedict.

The Surété du Québec, the provincial police force, saw what happened, and began to chase Benedict on the freeway towards Montreal, which is 30 miles to the north of the border. Even though customs failed to detect Benedict, the Quebecois cops knew it was probably him, thanks to a warning from Agent Banks and the US FBI.

Benedict rolled down one of his windows and looked back at the police car chasing him. Unfortunately for Kimi and her friends, Benedict was prepared.

He took out a smoke bomb and tossed it out the window. It exploded, sending clouds of smoke behind him. The police car skidded to a halt and was forced to wait until the smoke cleared up. By the time it disappeared, there was no sign of Benedict's car.

Benedict cackled wickedly as he rolled the window back up. "No one can stop me!"

The cops pulled over. One of the cops said on the radio, in French, "Benedict is heading north on 15! It's a black Lincoln Continental, with Pennsylvania plates, IGV 247."

He continued to drive towards Montreal. However, he knew that the Quebec police would be looking for him. So he planned to escape across the country, eluding the authorities.

Meanwhile, back in Kimi's home town, Kira, Chazz, and their family and friends were watching the news. The weatherman was finishing up his report.

"Tomorrow we'll have sunny skies all over the nation, but expect some thundershowers tomorrow night if you live in the western region. Back to you, Bill."

"Thank you Dave," said Bill. "And in national news, tragedy struck in Philadelphia yesterday when five children were kidnapped by Robert Benedict, a former local juvenile hall warden who was charged with child abuse, kidnapping, and contempt of court. Among the children kidnapped are Brittany Peterson and Kimberly Finster."

"Oh no!" cried Kira. "Benedict's got Kimi!"

Her family and friends continued to listen to the news.

Bill continued, "Benedict was last seen heading towards Montreal, but he managed to elude the police and now his current wherabouts are unknown. If you see this man, please call your local police station. And after these words, Pat Douglas will be here with sports."

Chazz turned off the television.

"What are we going to do?" asked Kira. "That man has got Kimi and the American police can't do anything! Or the Canadian police, either!"

"I can't believe it!" said Chuckie. "I'll never see Kimi again...ever!"

Slowly, everyone believed that Chuckie was right.

Among the people in the room with the families, were the parents of Brittany, Kyle, Benjamin, and Bobby.

The next day, everyone watched the news again. There were no reports on Benedict's location. No one knew where he was.

Just then, Chuckie came into the living room. He was carrying a package. There was no return address on it.

"This just came in the mail" he said.

Chazz took it and opened it. Inside was a video tape. He popped it into the VCR. Everyone sat around the tv.

A picture appeared on screen. It was a middle aged man with grey hair, a grey goatee on his chin, and wearing a black suit and tie with a red men's shirt underneath, and black leather shoes.

"Hello Mr. Finster" he said. "Remember me? Robert Benedict?"

"It's Benedict!" said Kira.

"I have your daughter and her friends as hostages. But don't worry, I haven't done anything to them...yet."

"What's he talking about?" asked Kyle's mother.

"He'd better not hurt Kimi!" said Chuckie.

"Normally, I would make this tape to tell you that you'll never see these brats again, however, I've got another thought."

"Turn the volume up" said Brittany's father.

Bobby's father turned the volume up.

"I've decided that I am willing to return them to you, for a ransom that is. And I don't want any tricks this time!"

"That was a great trick last time" said Stu with a chuckle, remembering how he had rigged the briefcase.

"This time, I am demanding cash delivery. You delivery the ransom, and I'll return the children. The ransom thousand dollars!"

"Only one grand? That's a laugh!" laughed Dil.

"Oops, sorry" said Benedict. "I'm just getting started. A million dollars! And that's per child!"

"Oh no!" cried Chazz.

"That's inhuman!" said Susie.

"I already know your cellphone number Mr. Finster" Benedict continued. "Every night at 8:00 p.m, I will contact you by phone to confirm that you are bringing the money and to provide you with more details as to where to deliver it to me. Once you deliver the money to me personally, I'll release the children and stay out of their lives forever. Even if it takes you all month, you'll deliver the money to me. Best of all, every night, I'll let you talk to Kimi personally. But let me warn you, if you call the police at any time, you'll be bringing Kimi and her friends home in a box if you know what I mean! And I may not even do that!"

The screen went black.

"That fiend!" cried Tommy.

"Where are we going to get $5,000,000?" asked Kira.

"I know!" said Chazz.

A little later, at Pierre and Anita's mansion, everyone showed Pierre and Anita the tape.

"Right!" said Pierre. "We'll start getting the money! We value Kimi more than our money, let me tell you that!"

He walked to the opposite side of the room, moved a painting, and opened the safe behind it. Then he began to fill a large briefcase with the ransom money.

"This could take a while" he said. "I'll call you when I am finished."

"Thank you" said Kira.

One hour later, Chazz hung up the phone. He had called to airport to book a plane to Montreal, the city where Benedict had last been seen heading earlier in the week. The only flight available was leaving tomorrow.

"No matter how long it takes" said Chazz, "we'll deliver the money to Benedict and he'll release Kimi and stay out of her life, even if we have to travel across the entire country!"

"I'll call everyone to tell them to start packing" said Kira. "We're all going to do this together!"

A little later, after Kira called everyone, the phone rang again. It was Pierre, delivering the news that he and Anita had the money ready. They told her that they would be coming along with them tomorrow.

"We leave first thing tomorrow" said Chazz.

As everyone packed their bags, the doorbell rang. When Kira opened the door, outside stood Pierre and Anita, carrying a briefcase. Kira knew that the money was inside. Kira invited Pierre and Anita to spend the night.

At 8:00 p.m, the phone rang. When Chazz answered it, he heard a voice on the other end.

"Guess who" the voice said.

"We got the money Mr. Benedict" said Chazz. "We'll be leaving for Montreal first thing tomorrow."

"Excellent. And as I agreed, I'll hand the phone over to your daughter. I'd do that, except she's tied up in the back seat of my car with her friends."

On the other end, Benedict removed the gag from Kimi's mouth. Then he put the phone to Kimi's mouth.

"Dad it's me!" she cried.

"I know" said Chazz. "We're coming to rescue you, bringing the ransom money with us."

"Dad please hurry!" said Kimi. "I can't take this much longer!"

Benedict put the gag back over Kimi's mouth. Then he put the phone to his mouth again.

"The delivery should not take too long" he said. "Remember, no phone calls to the police or else! Understood?!"

"Yes Mr. Benedict" said Chazz. He hung up.

Shortly afterwards, the phone rang again.

"Hello?", said Chazz.

"This is Banks," Banks identified himself. "I heard that Benedict does not want any cops involved in the money drop. But, there's a chance that he'll take the money and run, without returning Kimi at all. With that in mind, I have an idea."

"What is it?", asked Chazz.

Banks said, "We'll have undercover cops on the case in unmarked cars. Benedict will not know the cops are eying every move. And when he picks up the money, we'll use the ace up our sleeve -- a tranquiliser gun. When he goes to pick up the money, we'll arrest him, as usual. If he remains defiant, we'll shoot a tranquiliser gun at him. The darts in the gun are powerful enough to put a grizzly to sleep."

"That's a great idea," said Chazz.

Banks continued, "I'll meet you tomorrow at the customs area at Dorval airport in Montreal. Canada Customs are already notified of your presence, and will fast track you through. Also, air fare, lodging, rental car, food and other essential expenses will be provided to you at FBI's expense. I'll see you in Montreal tomorrow. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Mr. Banks," Chazz said.

The next morning, everyone drove to the airport and boarded the airplane for Montreal.

As the gang was flying on a jet towards Canada, a special someone was worried about the incident.

"Tommy, what's wrong?", Chuckie asked him.

" I don't know; for once what would happen if something terrible happened to Kimi and the others," Tommy said, worriedly.

"You know, that's obvious. You kinda like her, don't you," Phil said while eating the airplane food.

The gang haven't seen their natural-born leader so worried.

As the plane was about to stop, Chazz's cell phone rang.

"Hello", asked Chazz worriedly.

It was Robert Benedict.

"I've been suspecting you. Don't worry, I didn't harm those brats yet. I'm just here to say that your daughter was a very special tool. Good-bye", said Benedict cunningly.

Soon Stu asked him, "Who was that man on the phone?"

"It was R.B. again. What are we gonna do if the kids got hurt?", Chazz said.

"Don't worry, I think I got a idea," Angelica said.

"You?", the Rugrats said. unsure if this was a trick or not.

As Benedict was watching a football game on TV, Kimi, suddenly, got the rope that was binding her arms together and untied the gag.

"Come on, we' re getting out of here today" said Kimi quietly.

As her gag also came off, Brittney asked her, "Do we have a plan?"

"Yeah, I want to hear it before we get old," Travis said.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Benedict opened it and the kids tied back on their ropes and gags.

"Hello,do who you have them," the kids heard from a short chubby man with a heart on it.

Benedict said, "The kids? Oh yeah. Those little maggots are right over there."

As he directed him to them,a tall woman came in.

Let' s talk about our plan on using them for the money," she said.

"Yeah,I wanna help out too," said a creature that looked liked a handsome kid as a goblin.

"Oh right, step inside", Benedict said politely.

Then, he turned to the kids and said, "This is only step one of the operation. Soon, you kids will finally be some use to me. Watch me work my..."

As soon as he was about to finish, the goblin, Tiasho accidently slipped on the kitchen floor and knocked over the cages that held the dobermans. "

You idiot, you released the dogs," said Maio, the tall woman.

While they were busy, the kids untied the gags and the ropes.

"Onward to freedom," Kimi said excitedly.

"If we some how give Benedict this suitcase of toy money, he would be too satisfied with it," Angelica said.

Pierre said, "I hope this works."

"This is the only way to save my granddaughter," Anita said.

Soon, Officer Kidd said," All right, let's move."

While they were on the road, Drew pointed out something: "Look, it seems that there was an incident."

Soon,they asked the police officers about it.

When they got in the car, Chuckie told everyone, "I know where Kimi and the others are."

Finally, the dogs were back in the cages.

" Whew, well that took care of them," Stout, the short, fat man said.

Now, let's get back to..." Benedict started to say and stopped.

Maio said with shock, "The kids! There' re GONE!"

Don't worry, those kids will be back. Well, actually Kimi, when she finds out that Ken is in trouble," a dark person said.

"You?! You're Ken?," Stout said surprised.

Dark Ken said and laughed, "Oh, yeah. Heh, heh, heh."

The squad of police cars were sitting up on a hill.

"Well,here we are," Susie said.

"Is this where those kidnappers are?" Officer Berns asked Chuckie.

"Yeah, for some reason, someone is telling me this," Chuckie said.

Then, dressed in her Dummi Bear costume, Angelica dropped the suitcase of fake money on the front step and rang the doorbell. She ran back to the others and everyone started to wait for Benedict to come out.

Four hours later, the door opened and everyone got out of the police cars.

Susie opened the door and said, "They're not here."

"Oh well, time to go", said Howard, timidly.

"Now hold on,they might be in here," Betty said.

Everyone went in and found out that the shack was empty.

Then,Dil found a note.

"Come here you guys," he said.

Tommy said excitedly, "What's it say, Dil?"

It says,

Dear Dorks,

For some reason, your children escaped from us. We'll get 'em and when we do, your money will be ours.

The Dark Four

"It seems like we missed them. Now we'll never see them again," Kira said.

Now we find the villains in the woods.

"So boss, do you know where those kids are?" Stout asked confused.

"Duh, I don't know where they are. They must be here somewhere around here," Benedict said.

"Fifty bucks say that he probably won't do it," said Maio wickedly.

Then R.B. said, " What was that?"

"Nothing boss," the crazy sidekicks said.

Tiasho said to himself, " I don't know, but maybe I should look for those kids myself and fast."

So without the criminals knowing, Tiasho ran in search for Kimi and the other kids.

Soon we see the missing kids, led by Kimi, walking in the woods as well.

"So, do you think we got away from R.B.?" Kyle said while eating an apple.

"I think so, but...," Brittany said then stopped.

Travis said, "What happened, Brittany?"

"I don't know, but something tells me that Kyle's been holding out on us," she said.

Next, she started searching his pockets.

"Aha! I should've known that Kyle had food," she said.

Bobby said, "You didn't have to do that, kid."

"Oh, come on. He probably did that for us. Where did you get them anyway?" Kimi asked Kyle.

Kyle said sheepishly," I think I picked up some from one of the trees."

Then Travis said, "Hey, why not we set camp here and tomorrow we can continue finding our parents?"

"Wow, thanks. For once, you used that rap-song-making mind in good use," Brittany said, jokingly.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Travis said.

While they were still talking, back at the cabin, the whole gang decided to sleep in Benedict's room.

"Hey Chazz, do you think Kimi will be alright?" Kira asked Chazz.

"Don't worry, Stu is figuring out a new invention to defeat and maybe capture Benedict and the Dark Four," Chazz said.

Stu was deciding and creating on something to help them out.

"Dad, what do you think?" Dil asked him.

Stu said, " Oh, I probably think that we can invent a giant drill to dig our way to them."

"If so, what would happen if the dirt got in our way and we accidentally hurt her and her little schooly kids," Angelica said, teasingly.

"They're not schooly, they're regular people like us. And besides, is 'schooly' even a word?" Phil said.

Tommy said, "There's something we can do; we can combine RoboReptar and the flying Dactar machine to create a flying mobile. With our new creation, we can scare our enemies and even give them a little ride."

"Hey, that's not a bad idea," Drew said.

"I think if we can combine parts from both machines with some help from my savings, we might actually pull it off," Charlotte said.

"Hey, since when you became a part of our operation? Don't you have calls to take care of?" Didi said.

"Well, that was because I was practicing for my business meeting," said Charlotte, embarrassed.

"Wow, thanks," Stu told them.

While listening to the plan, Chuckie looked out the cabin window and said to himself, "Don't worry, we're coming for ya."

The kids finally made camp in a clear spot in the woods. As owls hooted and a wolf howling at the moon, they were eating some apples that Kyle gave them.

"So, when will we continue to find our parents?" Kyle asked Kimi.

Kimi said, " We'll continue tomorrow. Right now, we gotta get some sleep."

"I can't -- I'm already trying to talk to them," Brittany said to her.

"How are you gonna do that? By making a walkie-talkie?" Bobby asked her.

Travis said, "If you must know, I stole a communicator from under the Dark Four's noses. With Brittany helping me, we'll be able to talk to our folks and try to make her go out with me."

"Go where, the sea?" Bobby asked him teasingly.

"Knock it off, squirt," they both said together.

Then, a mysterious voice from throughout the forest said, "With that attitude, you might be our prisoners for good."

"Who are you? Are you Robert or someone else?" Kimi said, while searching for that voice in the bushes.

When Kimi and Tiasho saw each other face to face, they both let out a terrifying scream.

"What are you doing here?" Kyle asked angrily to him.

Tiasho explained, "Before you ran off, I am so sorry for what I have done. It was Benedict who was controlling me."

Brittany said, "Look, I'm am sick and tired of your excuses! This could be a trap."

Kimi said, "Hold on, he might be telling the truth. So what's the plan, Tiasho?"

Before he could say anything else, the other members of the Dark Four came out from behind the trees.

"Hey, it seems that you found those kids," said Maio, when she was coming out from behind a stump.

"Good work, now let's get back to the cabin -- I got a little surprise for these pipsqueaks," Benedict said.

Stout said, "I know; these splinters are keeping on getting stuck in my behind and I don't get along with wildlife."

Benedict told him, "We're in the woods -- this isn't Africa."

Then, a pack of bobcats came from their hiding place too.

"See what I mean, boss?" said Stout, when he jumped in Maio's arms.

Maio said, "I'm not carrying you,scaredy-cat. You have to run and fast!"

Soon, the dasteredly villains tied up the kids and pulled them back towards the edge of the woods while they were running from those vicious animals.

"Oh, now I'll never get out of this mess," Tiasho said.

The next day, the captured kids were back at the room where they were tied up before their escape.

"We' should've never trusted elf boy," Travis said angrily.

"If we weren't listening to our 'fearless leader', we probably would be back with our folks," said Brittany, furiously.

Sadly, Kimi said, "I'm sorry that I got everyone into this mess. I guess that even heroes, or heroine, need help too."

After the kids were finished talking to each other, there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it now?" Stout asked while he was waking up from his nap.

A mysterious guy with a gray and black gangster clothes said, "Hey, check this out -- we're here about this so called ransom ya'll were planning,"

"Can we come in and check out this pad," a woman with the biker jacket and brown shorts said.

"All right guys, come on in.", Stout said to the new guests. Then, he shouted to Benedict, "R.B.! There's some people to see youI"

Benedict invited the two people in the old, cobwebbed living room and said, "So, are you here about this high-tail robbery?"

The ganster said, "Yeah, man. Do you know what this crime is all about, dude?"

After asking him that, the biker gave the young woman the signal to untie the kids.

"Well, I'm getting back at the ones who foiled my plans from the very beginning," Robert said, while he was about to tell the whole story.

Then, when the kids saw the woman, Kyle asked her, "Hey, are you saving or kidnapping us from these clowns?"

The woman said, "I can't tell you that, Kyle. You have to ask Kimi for the answer."

"From what I've seen, I can't believe she knows your name. Can you ask her how she got that gorgeous hairstyle?" Brittany asked Kimi.

Then, Kimi found out who that woman was.

"I already know who you are. Is that you, mom?" Kimi asked the female biker.

The female biker said," How did you find out it was me? I've been waiting for the day I will see my little girl again."

All of a sudden, the cabin room got dark.

A dark voice said, "Aw,so you found your mama? Awww, that's so sweet I think I'm gonna lose my lunch!"

"Huh?! You mean to tell me that the biker that we're talking to is...," Maio said.

"Her father? Wow, even your beauty can't hide the evil and ugliness of the full moon," Chazz said.

"Wait a moment -- they were trying to distract me and set our captives free," Benedict said while almost blowing his top.

The dark shadow said to the fearful parents, "Oh, you better believe it, man. Now, since we know who you are, give me one good reason why we shouldn't hurt you right now."

" Um, you wouldn't hurt two people wearing glasses Oh boy, and I thought I was the only one saying dumb stuff," Kimi said.

"Listen, you can argue until you all are blue in the face; I'm just here to say..., the dark shadow began.

Then, he changed his voice, pushed Kimi's cheeks, and said, " Kimi, I will never have a girl like you."

"I know that voice. You're Ken!", said Kimi, surprised.

Ken said, "Yes, you figured it out. Not only I lied about loving you, I also received a new pet. Come on out, Tiasho."

Then, a big creature came out of the kitchen. It was the good-hearted Tiasho, now in his monster form, ready for destroying them.

While this incident was occurring in the cabin, Dil asked Tommy," Do you think that plan is working?"

"I don't know, Dil. I'm not sure," Tommy said.

Then, the ground started to shake and all of the trees sounded like they were falling down.

"Look up there, you guys! Something's going on up there," Susie said, as she looked at the cabin's roof open up.

Back at the cabin, a metallic, clay-like machine came from underneath the cabin.

Benedict announced to everyone, "I would now like to present my gift to you. The new unstoppable, indestructible, heavy duty Ooey gooey Slush Monster."

"With this machine, your daughter will be separated from you and her friends," Tiasho told Chazz and Kira, chuckling.

Then without warning, different colored wires and cables tied up Kimi and swung her in the middle part of the beast.

"We will use to our goal for world domination," said Maio, evily.

"No! You can't do that to our daughter," Kira said.

"Well, let me tell you this -- if any one,two, or even all of her little friends defeat my helpers, your little girl will get 1,000 volts of electricity," R.B. said.

"Oh yeah. You can do us all a favor and give us the real money," Dark Ken said.

Bobby said, "You'll never get away with this, bucko."

"I believe we just did, child," the Dark Four and Dark Ken said.

Then, Didi saw Chazz and Kira thrown out of the upstairs bedroom window by Stout.

"Look out!" she said loudly.

Soon, Stu rescued them when he dove in and picked up the both of them with the help of his Dactar flyer.

"With that ugly monster and Kimi's safety on the line, there must be a way to save her," Phil said.

"How will we do that, pea brain?" Angelica said, confused.

"There's only one way -- we have to use the spirit statues Tommy drew for us when we went inside his comic book adventures," said Chuckie.

"If you think they might work, that's okay with me. We just gotta find a way to bring them here," Tommy said.

"If he want to risk everything for her, let's do it! Watch out Dark Five for the R-Guardians!" Dil said proudly.

"Yeah," said all of the other kids.

While Tommy and the other kids were setting up their plan, Stu asked them," What are you doing?"

Do you remember when we told you that we entered Tommy's comic book adventures and you thought that we were crazy," Dil asked him.

"I don't know if the small fry's plan is, but I think he's trying to get some statues or something," Angelica said with impatience.

"Statues! We're trying to save Kimi for pete's sake," said Drew angrily.

Before any of the other kids had a chance to explain, one of the police officers came up to the group.

"We got word from the police department that there is an old man with a gray beard that he has two statue things. He said that you two should have them," he said to Angelica and Dil.

As he was walking back to his squad car, Phil said like he didn't get anything, "All this time while we were waiting for a fairy or a wizard to pop up and give us our Spirit Statues, your Grandpa only gave them theirs. What a rip-off."

"How can be a rip-off if it didn't come from a store," Chuckie said.

" I didn't know that because I paid my parents for mine," said Lil.

Soon, they heard something from the top of the Ooey Gooey Slush Machine.

"Now everyone, behold my new and diabolical plan; for the first time, the kids will now have to defeat Stout to get up to me and the girl," R.B. said.

"Huumm, that's funny. It wasn't even diabolical from the very beginning," Stout said.

Then R.B. whispered to him, "If you mess up, you will never have a seat on the Villainy Throne with me. Since we got it, let the battles begin."

" Yo, Tommy. Are you gonna root for me to save Kimi?" asked Dil.

"Probably, but you know the person who's gonna help you, right?" Tommy said, playfully.

" The good, the bad, and the ugly," Dil said.

Now that's one joke I can really laugh at," Susie said.

Then Angelica walked up to Dil and pointed a finger to him.

"Listen, kid. I didn't even want to be in this mess, but now you want to screw this up," she said.

"Don't worry. You messing with a furious dog," Didi said with confidence. "So, why does the name 'Lone Hound', or should I say, 'Lone Pup' come into mind?"

Dil knew that she was trying to make him suffer or cry, but he was now as brave like his older brother.

At the middle of the green grassland, Chazz was still thinking about Kimi.

"I never had her for so long, but now it seems that this family is broken for good this time," said Chazz as he choked back a sob.

"Don't worry. Everyone is here to help us. All you need is faith that we will get her back," Kira said as he comforted Chazz.

" Well, it's time to say good-bye and good luck now," Charlotte said to Angelica.

"Remember to show this Stout character some manners on how not to be part of a kidnapping plan," Stu said.

"Don't forget to kick some patootie once you get to him," said Howard.

"Teaching him and showing him stuff Stout might have learned when he was in school", Dil asked himself thoughtfully.

"Wow, it seems that it will be easy for him and his mean cousin."

Then they both ran into the old cabin saying good-bye to everyone.

When they got to the living room of the termite-bitten house, they both became their comic book heroic selves.

Angelica was once again the queen of all felines, girls, and women, Queen Measha. She had a mask thaty covered her face and looked like a half human and a half version of her cat, Fluffy.

Dil was also transformed into Lone Hound. He was the same height, had a dog-like mask over his face, and also almost looked like a dog

"So, you're the bozos that I have to defeat," Stout said with an evil grin that almost seemed like it was crawling on his face.

"Cut the small talk and let's get it over with," Queen Measha said.

"All right, I'll start first. I will call for octopus legs!", said Stout.

Within a flash, his arms and legs became octopus legs. Stout used his arms to tie up the team.

" Run, Queen Measha," Lone Hound said.

They ran out of the way as the legs tried to get closer to them.

"Hey Angelica, watch this. Now I want the legs to be licorice whips," he said.

Then, they changed into licorice whips to Stout's belief.

"Nice going and I'll eat 'em," Queen Measha said.

By using their teeth, they chewed to Stout's knees and elbows.

"AHH!! Look what you done. Now I call for a sand-storm!" he called out to the heavens.

Lone Hound had a feeling of the change of weather.

" Queen Measha, we got to get out of this sand-storm before all small and chunky gets us," Lone Hound said.

"How dare you call me small and chucky! I'm actually big and slim just like you," said Stout, frustrated.

The wind still picked up as the sand crashing down on the kids.

Outside, Drew asked Officer Robin," What's going on in there?"

"The kids are getting buried in the sand. I hope they can get out safely.," he said worriedly.

"Wow, this is another mess you got us into, Dil," Angelica said beneath the sand.

"Hey, it's not my fault you probably didn't get popular at school or never had any powers until today," said Dil.

Dil also knew that this could be the end of the both of them.

"Ha, ha, ha! Look boss, I finally defeated them!" he said joyfully.

When Kimi heard this, she said, "Don't give up. I need you to help me!"

"Shut up! It was you who began this nightmare and it will be you who will finish it," R.B.said while harmfully striking her with lightning bolts.

Down below in the ring, Stout decided to use his new power againist them.

"Now, I command the wild animals of Africa to totally make them into smashed kid stew!" he said.

With that,a stampede of animals were now coming toward the two heroes.

"You know what kid, you're right. I wasn't and probably won't even be popular in my class," Angelica said.

"Hey, there's no time for that, Angelica; you'll be popular to me and my friends," said Dil.

"Thanks, now let's stop fat boy," Angelica said, proud to finally hear that she's popular to Dil.

Then, Stout started to hear something from the mound of sand.

"What's going on? Don't tell me that you survived," he said in amazement.

"Yep, and here's your animals back," Dil said as he threw the animals towards Stout.

When they slammed into him, he said, "Ow, that hurts. That's it, I can't have you defeat me. I, now, command to transform into Sumo Stout!"

Then, his body started to expand and shaped into a sumo wrestler's body.

"Oh boy. He's back and he ready to flatten us. Come on, let's get out of here," Angelica said.

They both flew in circles around him. Soon, he grabbed Lone Hound and squeezed him so hard he was about to burst.

"Help me, Queen Measha!," Dil called out.

"Oh,no. Maybe I have an idea to stop Stout," Angelica said.

When Stout wasn't looking and was busy torturing Lone Hound, she said, "Hey, Stout! Do you want me instead of the weak kid!"

"Wow, you look real good to take your power from instead of that puny kid," Stout said.

Stout was walking toward Angelica.

" Now, kick him while he's not looking," Angelica told Dil.

With all of his might, Dil kicked him so hard, he fell through the black hole underneath them.

"Noooo!," Stout yelled as he fell.

"All right, we defeated Stout," Dil said while giving Angelica a high five.

"We finally worked together as a team," Angelica said.

As they were leaving the cabin, the two kids transformed back into their original human selves.

"All right, we got him in our tracks," Drew said. " Oh, I am so glad you are all right," Didi said.

"So he failed to defeat those kids. I knew he was pathetic," said Maio as she was watching the tape of the so-called match.

"Don't worry. Once we meet those kids, they'll be to scared to defeat us and we will kill kimi once and for all," Dark Ken said as he smiled evily at the the weaked Kimi in the metal monster's chamber.

To Be Continued

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