The Tweenage Rugrats In: "Dil The Black Sheep"

By Arasin Hughes

"Ok , Tommy you can go to the movies with your friends," Stu said early one morning.

"Can I come too?" Dil asks Tommy excitedly.

Didi said, "No Dil, you can't go because it is too scary for you to see. You would probably get nightmares all week and maybe wet the bed and we don't want to do that again.Remember?"

"Yeah, but that was when I was eight!!" Dil argued.

"You wet the bed last month and remember, you're brother never wet the bed," Stu told Dil.

"Tommy this, Tommy that, Tommy is so annoying!" Dil fussed.

" Hello? I'm right here and I need to go the movies. Mom, Dad, is Dil coming?" Tommy asked.

"NO!" His parents yelled.

Dil ran upstairs and began to cry.

Later on, Stu has created another "perfect toy".

Stu exclaimed, "I have done it! I've have created a perfect toy for the kids!! Deed! Come quick I made the perfect toy!"

"It is cool, But what is it?" Didi asks.

"It's electronic gizmo gadget that has a small TV, computer, video game, fan, DVD and a camera. This is gonna be the best toy of the year!" Stu says.

"Lets go upstairs.I think I can give you a idea to get it on the market," Didi told Stu.

Didi and Stu left. Tommy came in.

"Hey this is so cool! I think I see a TV."

Tommy went closer, but tripped over one of Stu's wrenches.

"Oh no! I wrecked my dad's latest invention!" Tommy whispered then he ran to his room.

Five minutes later, Stu yelled for Dil. Stu wasn't amused at all.

"Dylan Prescott Pickles! Come here twice the speed of 'immediately'!!" Stu Yelled.

Dil ran in to the kitchen.

"What is it dad?" Dil asked quickly.

"Do you see this?" Stu hollered. It was the toy Stu created and Tommy smashed. It had springs and wires coming out of it

"What is , er, was it?"Dil asked

"It WAS the new toy I created until someone ruined it," Stu said narrowing his eyes at Dil.

"What? You think I did it? NEVER!" Dil said

"Yes I do! You could've went into the work shop," Stu hollered.

"I did not do it!" Dil yelled.

"Well, go to your room, and don't do anything! Just lie down and think ONLY about why you have done such a thing! If you do as so much as think about anything else for even one millionth of a nanosecond, you are grounded until time immemorial ends the number of times equalling your age!" Stu hollered.

"Are you grounding me?" Dil said in a softer voice

"Yes, and starting now!!" said Stu, still yelling. Now march! Military style!

Dil ran to his room and thought about his life

"I hate being the youngest! I have no best friend, I can't see movies that are 'scary' with out my parents to say,' Dil cover your eyes its to scary for you' and when were watchin' one at home they will fast forward all of the parts that are 'too scary'. I am not five years old any more," Dil told himself.

Next Dil went down stairs. Even though he was not supposed to, he sat on the couch and started to watch TV. The announcer came on TV to plug an Emica drawing.

"The newest teen movie besides 'Emica Meets Reptar' is 'Globetrotter Emica'. One lucky winner will be in the movie. The tickets will sell after TODAY'S 'Emica meets Reptar ' And the drawing will be at 7PM, right here on this station.

I should watch it, but I couldn't win anyway because I didn't get to go to the 'Reptar meets Emica' movie. Dil thought angrily.

Hey, It's 6:50 now! If I ask dad nicely I can maybe watch it! Dil thought again.

"OK Dil, You can watch it but just this once," Stu told Dil.

"Yea!!! I have to call Tommy --" Dil started to say, but Tommy ran down the steps

"It's time for the drawing to be in the next movie!" The announcer said.

The audience cheered,"And the winner is-- Dil Pickles!!

"I Won!! But how??" Dil asked aloud

"You won because I entered in the drawing for you. And after I broke the toy and you got blamed I really hoped that you won it and you did!" Tommy said.

" Wait an minute! Tommy, YOU broke the toy?" Stu asked Tommy.

"Yes, but what happened was you left one of the wrenches on the floor and I tripped over it," Tommy said.

Stu said, "Well, since you entered in you're brother and he won, you are not grounded. Actually, it was my fault -- I should've cleaned up after myself."

The next day, the entire family went to the studio to see Dil act with Emica as they shoot the new film. Everybody was happy, and all was forgiven.

The End

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