Dil's Emergency

By Laura Radatz

Oneday, Didi noticed that Dil didn't look well. Dil started crying and wouldn't stop, no matter what Didi did.

"Stu! Come quick!", Didi finally yelled.

"What is it, Deed?", asked Stu.

"It's Dil. He looks sick, and he has been crying since he woke up," Didi said.

"Honestly! You folks worry to much. Why in my day--", Grandpa began.

"Pop, please, not another story!", said Stu.

Dil got worse as the days went by. By Thursday, Dil's skin was as yellow as the sun. His eye whites were also yellow. On Friday morning, Didi found Dil unconscious in his crib. She called 911. An ambulance to their house and Didi hopped on with Dil in her arms. She explains the situation to the paramedics:

"I don't know what is up with Dil. First his skin turned yellow, then his eye whites turned yellow, and now even his hair and finger and toe nails are yellow."

When they reached the hospital, Dil was rushed to the emergency room. Didi went with him.

"Oh no! Now Dil's lips tounge, and entire mouth are yellow!" Didi exclaimed.

The doctor did some tests on Dil. Finally, Dr. Lucy Carmichael arrived with the results:

"Dil has one of the worst cases of jaundice I have ever seen. It's spread more than we thought. It's spread to his lungs and even his heart."

The doctor immidiately hooked Dil up to a ventilator and a special heart machine. The doctor told Didi that she couldn't promise that Dil wouldn't die. Didi stayed at the hospital with Dil that night. The next morning, he was weaker, and his heart was pumping very slowly. "

The only way to save Dil is to do a heart transplant; we happen to have a perfectly healthy heart here to give to Dil,"  Dr. Lucy told Stu and Didi, while they nodded. Dil was immediately rushed into the operating room. Didi paced the floor nervously. Finally, the doctor came back to the lobby.

"Dil is still under, but you can see him now," said the doctor.

Didi ran into the recovery room. Minutes later, Dil awoke. A few hours later, the doctor came into Dil's room.

"I have looked at the charts from the heart monitor Dil is hooked up to, and I am proud to annonce that the operation was a success. I'm going to unhook Dil from the monitor right now, because his new heart is doing just fine," said the doctor.

Within a few days, Dil's body color was back to normal, and Didi happily took him home.

The End

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