Beast Wars

By Kacie Boskey

Illustration by the author


An alien space ship was heading towards Earth. In it, dinosaur aliens, only as big as human babies, were planning to take over Earth. They could control animal minds in some way. They decided to go to a forest they've heard of. They heard that a big battle ocurred there.

"Any animal that was that strong," said Alien #1, "is worth getting."

They went to the woods and searched around. They hardly found anything useful. But then, just before they wanted to leave, they found a dead body in the river. A gray wolf!

They pulled the body out. Only little less of a half of the animal was left.

They used all kinds of metals, wires, and other things to give the creature it's shape.

Part I: The Gray Wolf and the Alien

They gave it guns and lazers. The gray wolf was now a cyborb wolf! His eyes glowed green. Alien #2 asked, "Who made you be like that?"

"Spike!", responded the gray wolf.

"Who killed you?", asked Alien #2.

"Spike!", the gray wold answered.

Alien #2 then asked, "And now, that I release you, what is the first thing your going to do?"

The gray wolf responded, "Destroy him!"

The aliens gave it a name. Killer. Killer went through tough training. He wasn't good. Much. Then, he got better. Soon, he was an expert. Killer was almost ready. He wanted to get revenge on Spike right now. But, he couldn't. He had to wait 'till it was time.

Meanwhile, Tommy and his friends were out back playing. Spike was in his dog house, sleeping. Dil was taking his afternoon nap.

The Rugrats couldn't stop thinking about that wolf and what Spike did for them.

"At least we won't need to face that wolf again," Angelica said.

Didi and Stu gave Spike a new golden collar for saving the kids. All of them thought they didn't need to face the wolf again. But they were wrong. Very wrong.

Killer was now ready. He was very ready. He would attack Spike.

Part II: Spike and the Cyborg Wolf

Spike and Tommy were playing. Everybody else was inside.

Suddenly, a wolf came out! It was Killer! He saw Spike and roared several times, like Godzilla.

Betty and the others came out to see a wolf, the same wolf that was at the bridge. But, it was a robot. Most of it's jaws, one hind leg, and one front leg were replaced by wires and metal.

He walked towards Spike. The two began to fight. The wolf chased Spike and shot lazers and guns at him. But, it was brief.

Suddenly, Spike felt funny. He couldn't control it. Not at all.

His own eyes turned green. Like the wolf's. He turned against Tommy. "We got him," said alien #1.

At the same time,Didi was trying to gain control of Spike, who was snapping and growling at Tommy. "Spike! Stop!", Didi yelled.

Grandpa Lou was the one who believed in aliens. He announced that Spike is under alien control. At first, no one believed him. Then, they did. Meanwhile, the aliens programmed Spike to attack, with Killer, a local ranger station.

The two ran towards it. They ripped and torn apart several companies. They wanted to kill Killer and Spike.

The Rugrats couldn't believe what Spike was doing."Spike used to be so nice. I wonder what happened," Tommy said.

"I don't know," replied Chuckie.

Angelica told them,"Spike's under aliem control. I heard my mommy say it."

Phil and Lil gasped and said,"Really?"

"Yes," said Angelica.

Then, Killer and Spike went to the last place. This was their last assignment.

Part III: The Final Battle

The last place was by the shore. Tommy and his friends departed from their parents. They looked for Spike. They found him by the shoreline.

Their parents secretly watched. Tommy ran up to him.

"Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!", Spike growled.

Tommy said, "Spike, it's me. Tommy. Don't you remember me?"

Then, the alien broadcast was lost. Spike's eyes turned back to normal. He instantly reconized him and licked him. Killer was enraged and struck Tommy on the belly. Tommy slipped across the floor and skidded to a stop in the mud. He squinted and clutched helplessly to the wound.

Spike attacked Killer. The two fought across the ground. Spike had some mechanical things on him, too. Spike was shot all over the place. But, he continued to fight. Killer was losing. He used Spike's tricks against him. He grabbed Spike's tail and pulled him towards the river. Tommy, with his first and final effort to save Spike, pulled out a knive he found. He aimed it at the wolf. Weakly, he threw it. The knife sailed through the air. It stabbed the wolf in the back! Spike got up and ripped the main wires of Killer. He fell dead. Tommy, weak from loss of blood, fell to the floor.

When Spike turned to Tommy, he was shocked to see that Tommy was unconscious. Didi quickly took Tommy to the hospital.

Weeks later, Tommy and Spike were rewarded for their bravery.

The aliens flew away. They didn't want to deal with a wolf like that!

The End

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