Dil's Adventure

By Laura Radatz

One morning, Tommy and Dil were both very bored.

"I got an idea! Let's go on an adventure!", said Tommy.

Tommy then noticed that Dil was gone. He didn't worry though. He knew that Dil was having his own adventure. Meanwhile, Dil was in the bathroom. He grabbed the toilet paper and started pulling it all off of the roll. As he pulled it, he giggled. Soon, all the toliet paper was on the floor. Then, Dil had an idea. He got Spike to come on his adventure with him. This time, they went to the basement. Spike ran over the the part of the basement that no one ever used. It was basically just for storage. It was very very dusty in that area of the basement. Spike and Dil crawled into the biggest pile of dust which reached the ceiling. They were now completly surrounded by dust. Dil giggled and began rubbing dust on Spike, even though they were both very very very dusty. After about one hour, Didi came down to the basement. She was going to clean up that dusty area of the basement and convert it from a storage spot into a family room. She was going to dust first of course, since it was so dusty. She began with the pile of dust that Spike and Dil were in. She started dusting and then she thought she heard a faint sneeze (It was Dil sneezing). She kept dusting until suddenly, she came upon two heads in the dust. She dusted faster, aand finally, she saw Dil and Spike complety covered with dust (Spike was so covered with Dust that he looked like a very old dog whose fur and grown gray! )

"Dil! Spike! It looks like you two need a bath!", Didi exclaimed.

After Dil was bathed, he crept into the kitchen were Didi was getting ready to do the dishes. The water and soap were already in the sink. He crawled right into the sink. Didi came in.

"Dil!" she exclaimed.

She changed Dil's clothes for the second time.

The End

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