Sick Betty

By Laura Radatz

One morning, Betty DeVille awoke feeling sick to her stomach. Then, Howard woke up.

"Betty, whats wrong?", he asked.

"I feel sick to my stomach," Betty said.

This sickness countinued for a whole month. Finally, Betty called her doctor. Later, she went in for an appointment.

Finally, the doctor said, "Betty, you are pregnant!"

Well, Betty nearly fainted. She immeiately went home and told Howard. Then she called Didi. Later, when Betty had an ultrasound, the doctor discovered that she was carrying more than one baby. The doctor couldn't tell how many, but the doctor knew that It was more than twins also.

Extra babies mean extra predicaments, as she already had Phil and Lil. Betty called Didi, and told her the news. Didi could hardly believe what Betty had just said. Betty then called everyone else.

Meanwhile, Phil and Lil were in their playpen talking about their mom's big news.

"I don't know if I want new brothers or sisters," said Lil.

"Yeah, I don't think I'll be able to stand all of their crying," said Phil.

"Besides, we couldn't even stand Dil when he was born, and he is our friend's brother, not our brother!", added Lil.

"Right," agreed Phil.

When Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, and Angelica came over, Phil and Lil told them about their mommy.

"That sounds kind of neat!", Chuckie said.

"It won't be much fun," said Tommy.

"Oh great! Just what I need, more babies!", groaned Angelica.

A few months later, Betty had to go to the doctor. When she came home, she told Phil and Lil that they would have 7 new brothers or sisters.

"Oh great," thought Phil and Lil.

When Betty went to the hospital the next day, Phil and Lil were alarmed.

"Is mommy getting our new brothers or sisters right now?", asked Lil.

"Dumb babies! Since she is going to have seven babies, she needs to be cared for at the hospital," said Angelica.

That night, Phil and Lil just could not get to sleep.

"I hope mommy is all right," said Phil.

"Me too," said Lil.

To Be Continued

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