"The Babies Who Floated Off Into Space"

by Peter Heardgahna

Tommy was alone in his playpen playing with his blocks.

The doorbell rang. Didi answered it. It was Chas and Chuckie.

Chas put Chuckie in the playpen with Tommy, then Chas went off to visit with Stu, Didi and Grandpa.

Tommy asked Chuckie if he would like to play blocks with him. Chuckie didn't want to, he was so thirsty.

Spike walked by the playpen. He went into the kitchen.

Tommy took the screwdriver from his diaper and opened the playpen. He followed Spike into the kitchen.

Chas, Stu, Didi, and Grandpa were at the table visiting while they had milk and cookies. Tommy would get those milk and cookies for Chuckie if he could, but the grown-ups would see him and throw him back in the playpen.

Spike went over to his water dish and drank some water from it then he left the kitchen. This gave Tommy a good idea.

While nobody was looking, Tommy took Spike's bowl of water and carried it back to the playpen.

Tommy gave Chuckie the water. Chuckie looked at the water then he didn't look pleased.

Just as Tommy was about to force Chuckie to drink the water, the doorbell rang. Didi answered it. It was Betty, Howard, Phil and Lil.

Betty put Phil and Lil in the playpen then she and Howard went to visit with Chas, Stu, Didi, and Grandpa in the kitchen.

"What are you two doing?" asked Lil.

"I am trying to force Chuckie to drink the water in this bowl because he is very thirsty" said Tommy.

Chuckie was getting so thirsty that his tongue started to turn red.

"Is he sick?" asked Phil.

"Where did you get the water?" asked Lil.

"I found it on the floor in the kitchen" said Tommy.

"I am getting a little thirsty too and I wouldn't mind a drink, may I please have some of the water in that bowl too?" asked Lil.

The doorbell rang. Didi went to answer it. It was Drew, Charlotte and Angelica. Didi took Drew and Charlotte to visit with the other grown-ups while Angelica went to see the babies.

"What are you dumb babies up to?" asked Angelica.

"I am trying to get Chuckie to drink the water in this bowl because he is very thirsty" said Tommy.

"You dumb babies don't need that water to quench Chuckie's thirst" said Angelica.

"I don't, what do I need?" asked Tommy.

"You need..." Angelica started to say then she revealed to be a red ugly 5 foot alien from Star Wars. "A trip to the Unile Stars" the ugly alien finished.

The ugly alien took an aportable transporter from his pocket and transported Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil to the inside of a big spaceship 8,756,413,201,687,532,194 kilometres away from planet Earth, then the ugly alien transported himself inside the ship.

Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and the ugly alien were in a small room at the back of the ship.

"Is the this the ship we are riding in to get to the Unile Stars?" asked Tommy.

"The Unile stars is a big ball of water 512,673,815 kilometres away from here. If you drink from it, you will never be thirsty again. The other thing that happens if you drink from it is that you turn into a rat" said the ugly alien.

"Just as long as Chuckie isn't going to be thirsty andymore" said Tommy.

"Can we also go swimming in the Unile Stars?" asked Lil.

"You can but that will fill the Unile Stars with germs and nobody will ever want to rink from it again not matter what" said the ugly alien.

"We can probably also take baths in the Unile Stars too: said Tommy.

"You can but that will also fill the Unile Stars with germs" said the ugly alien.

"Just be glad that drinking from the Unile Stars doesn't fill the Unile Stars with germs" said the ugly alien.

A rat came out of the small mousehole in the corner.

"That rat is a man who drank from the Unile Stars 36 years ago and that is how he turned into a rat" said the ugly alien.

"Wouldn't it be neat being a rat because you can go to special places that babies can't go to?" asked Lil.

"No Lil" Tommy and Phil said at the same time.

"We deserve to be who we are" said Tommy.

"Chuckie is the only one who will drink from the Unile Stars because he is really thirsty" said Tommy.

The ugly alien left the room. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil followed him. They followed him down the hall then into another door just down the hall from the one they came out of. They now found themselves in the control centre.

A small green alien was in the centre of the room working the controls and two more aliens were standing at the back of the room.

The ugly alien went over to the small green alien at the controls.

"Did you ever develop the conicles for 201 thousand 0.0061 611 APS12?" asked the ugly alien.

"Ooo" said the green alien.

"You will suppose to do that 47 years ago" said the ugly alien.

"I keep forgetting" said the green alien.

"Do you mind if I work the controls for a while, you have been working the controls for quite a long time" said the ugly alien.

"Will you just stay out of this please?" asked the green alien. "I have been working these controls for over 39 years now and I am so use to it that I don't want to stop again and I have never stopped since".

"Jerk!" said the ugly alien.

"No; you are," said the red alien.

"No; you are," the ugly alien responded.

The 2 aliens got up and started to fight. This was a good distraction.

The green alien was finally off the controls for the first time in 39 years, but nobody was on the controls now. Would they hit a comet and crash the ship and everyone inside it would die? This was making the babies very worried.

Tommy climbed up into the green alien's chair and worked the controls himself.

"That looks like fun, can I have a turn, please?" asked Lil.

"After I have my turn then you 3 can each have a turn" said Tommy.

This made them forget about Chuckie being thirsty then Chuckie's tongue started to turn even more red, then he stared to grow strange looking red spots on his face.

A doctor ran into the control centre. He ran right over to Chuckie.

"Wow, a doctor, he can stop Chuckie from being thirsty in no time" said Tommy.

The doctor took a good look at Chuckie.

"Oh no! This baby is turning into an alien. He is growing these strange red spots and his tongue is turning red. Oh no! We better stop it, fast" said the doctor.

The doctor ran out of the control centre.

Just then, Tommy noticed a small glass of water sitting next to the controls. The green alien was drinking it while he worked on the controls.

"This is a good idea. This way Chuckie won't have to turn into a rat and we won't have to wait for a long time to get to the Unile Stars" said Tommy.

Chuckie grew more strange red spots then his tongue got redder then he started to grow some horns on his head.

Tommy quickly got the glass of water then he climbed down from his chair then he gave the water to Chuckie.

Just as Chuckie was finishing the water, a big blue alien came running into the control centre.

"No stop! The water in that glass is for aliens only. If humans drink it, they will explode" said the big blue alien.

"But I feel fine now and I am not thirsty anymore" said Chuckie.

"That is only what you think" said the big blue alien.

"Don't tell me it is time to be scared now already" said Chuckie.

Chuckie exploded then there was nothing left of him.

"Oh those bad aliens; they're gonna pay for this" said Tommy.

"Get with it" said the big blue alien.

"Wait til Chuckie's dad finds out what you did to him then he will be very mad at you" scolded Tommy.

"That was sure a rude scolding" said the big blue alien.

The ugly alien and the green alien were still fighting. The green alien dumped a bunch of salt and sugar mixed together on the ugly alien. The ugly alien dumped some alien water on the green alien. The green alien accidently drank the water off himself then he exploded.

"I thought only human can explode from drinking alien water" said Tommy.

"Sorry about that" the ugly alien said to the babies.

A small yellow alien came into the control centre and took over the controls then the babies followed the ugly alien out of the control centre then further down the hall then into another door.

They now found themselves in another small room. Robo Santa and the magical flying Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer were fighting at the back of the room.

"You 2 stop fighting right now please" scolded the ugly alien.

"That was sure a rude scolding" said Robo Santa.

"Well, Sadaam Hussein was only a dumb mean old hineyhead" said Rudolph.

"No he wasn't, he was an incredibly stupid idiot" said Robo Santa.

"You now know what has happened to Chuckie and now here is what happens to you" the ugly alien said to the babies.

The ugly alien opened a small door at the back of the room then he picked up the babies and threw them through that door.

The babies now found themselves outside the ship floating through outer space. They were now floating away from the ship.

"So long, suckers!" called the ugly alien then the ship flew off far away from that area and never came back again.

"Picklehead!" Lil said to Phil.

"Piicklebrain!" Phil said to Lil.

"Now you guys, all we needs is a plan to get us back to our mommies and daddies. We will never see Chuckie again. I wish there was some way to bring him back. I wish we didn't have to get in trouble with his dad" said Tommy.

"I don't know of any plans and I can't think of any" said Lil.

"Well think hard" said Tommy.

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