"Anger Management"

By Kamaria Broussard

One fine day, Grandpa and Lulu paid a visit to Stu & Didi's house.

Didi: Stu! Pop and Lulu are here!

Stu: Hi Pop, Hi Lulu!

Lulu: Where's Drew and Charlotte?

Charlotte: In the living room!

They all walked into the living room, where Drew & Charlotte are watching TV.

Drew: Hi Dad, Hi Lulu!

Angelica: Hi Grandma.

Lulu: How come she's got chocolate on her face, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Angelica! Have you been eating sweets again?

Angelica: Daddy said it was okay to eat them.

Drew: For the last time, I was talking in my sleep.

Lulu: Now that that's settled, let's eat!

Didi: What's for Dinner?

Lulu: Pizza and Soda.

Stu was shocked and angry for saying that.

Stu: Lulu, You know that the kids can't eat that stuff yet.

Didi: Stuuu, the pizza's for us grownups, REMEMBER?!

Stu: Oh, yeah.

The grownups then proceeded to the kitchen, where they ate pizza, while the Rugrats had their usual baby food.

After dinner...

Grandpa: That was the best dinner on earth, wasn't it Lulu?

Lulu: I'm going to bed.Good Night Everyone.

Didi: Stu, if you're so worried about Lulu taking over your life, just talk to her.

Stu went to bed thinking about Lulu.He couldn't stop thinking about what Didi had said to him about Lulu.

The next morning, everyone gathered in the kitchen for some breakfast.

Lulu: Who wants pancakes?

Stu: I'll take over from here.

Lulu: No, you need to go go grocery shopping, here's a list...

Stu: Thanks Lulu, bye!

Stu left, angrily.

Didi: Oh Stu, when will you learn.

An hour later, Lulu was getting worried.

Lulu: Lou, where's Stu, he's been gone for nearly an hour now.

Stu barged into the house with the groceries. His face was all red with anger, waiting to vent.

Lulu: Oh Stu, there you are.

Stu lost his temper.

Stu: Lulu, please stop trying to control our lives, you cooked, you dressed the kids, you cleaned, heck, you've done everything a mom and dad put together.

Lulu: Awww! You never appreciate anything I do for you kids!

Grandpa: Lulu, It's not that they like you, but you go overboard sometimes.

Stu: We'll be a lot nicer to you if you stop being a control freak all the time.

Lulu: okay.

Things were much much better with Lulu and Stu.

The End

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