Broken Leg

By Laura Radatz

One day, Didi Pickles was going to do some laundry and was heading downstairs when she suddenly slipped and fell down the steps. She landed with a thud at the bottom of the stairs. As she landed, she heard a sickening crunch, and her leg was terribly hurt. In severe pain, Didi screamed really loud. Unfourtunately, she, Tommy, Dil, and Spike were the only ones home. Stu was at an inventors convention and Grandpa was on a fishing trip.

Just then, Betty came over with Phil and Lil. She rang the doorbell, but of course nobody answered.

"That's odd; Didi said she was going to be staying home today," said Betty.

She rang the doorbell again. Still, nobody answered. Suddenly, Betty heard a scream from the basement and Spike barking. Betty raced inside and called for Didi.

"I'm down in the basement!", Didi responded.

Betty ran down the steps and almost tripped over Didi, but Spike stopped her just in time.

"Didi! What happened?", Betty asked.

"I was going to do some laundry, and then I fell down the steps, and now my leg hurts terribly.", Didi said.

Betty dashed back upstairs and called 911. Then, she checked on Tommy and Dil. Soon the ambulance arrived. Very carefully, paramedics splinted Didi's leg, placed her on a stretcher and loaded her onto the amubulance. Didi was still in great pain. Betty grabbed the kids and boarded the ambulance with Didi..

When they got to the hospital, Didi was rushed to the emergency room. A doctor came in and examined her leg. Didi was still writhing in pain. Then, she was wheeled to the x-ray room. A few minutes later, Didi returned to ER. When the x-rays were developed, the doctor told Didi and Betty that Didi had broken her leg pretty bad and that they'd have to put her leg in traction for at least a week. So Didi was wheeled away to get a cast on and get her leg in traction.

Later that evening, Grandpa returned from his fishing trip, and found Betty at the Pickle's place, instead of Didi.

"Where's Didi?", Grandpa asked.

"You better sit down," said Betty.

Betty told Grandpa about Didi's broken leg, and assured him that everything is okay, it's just that Didi will be hospitalised for a week, with her in a wheelchair and her leg in a cast for several weeks more. Grandpa later called Stu at the convention to tell him what happened to Didi.

Ten weeks later, Didi's cast was removed. Didi immediately started having physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in her leg. Soon, Didi was able to walk again.

The End

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