The Tweenage Rugrats In,
"Angelica's Important Message"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was Monday afternoon. The Rugrats were at Knuckleheadeon Studios. They were watching the new hit kids show, "The Miranda Show", starring Miranda Baines.

"Hi, welcome to "The Miranda Show!'" said Miranda. "My name's Miranda and I just got a new buzzcut!"

The kids cheered.

"Ok" said Miranda, "today, I have a special friend of mine here. And here she is!"

A twelve year old girl with black hair and glasses came onto the stage.

"Hello!" she said. "My name is Tenelope Paint, I'm Miranda's number one fan and her new best friend!"

Everyone cheered.

"I have my very own Miranda website. I will show it to you on my laptop now!"

Tenelope opened up her laptop which hung around her neck.

"It's" she said. "If you click here, you'll witness the video clip of the week which has Miranda correcting a mistaken umbrella."

"You are wrong umbrella!" said Miranda to the umbrella. "Everything you do is wrong! You're wrong!"

"She certainly told that umbrella a thing or two!" said Tenelope. "So be sure to visit my site which has tons of games to play and lots of other stuff!"

Everyone cheered.

"Ok, Adam Sandler is our special guest tonight! So stick around, we'll be right back!" said Miranda.

For the rest of the show, the kids laughed hysterically. "Hollywont Video" had films such as "Forrest Dump" (about a man who litters while important historical events happen), "Happy Gilmore 2" (where Happy fights Bob Barker AND Alex Trebek), and "The Miranda Show -- The Movie" (the same stuff as on TV, only on film). Entirely Dale talked about his school report card. Mr. Messup went to an art gallery. And finally, the Sorelosers lost a winning lottery ticket and ended up losing their house to the repo man, played by special guest Adam Sandler.

At the end of the show, Miranda said, "ok that's our show! I gotta go home and milk a grapefruit!"

Everyone laughed.

As they walked home, Angelica said, "I wanna be a celebrity just like Miranda!"

"Wasn't she in the movie, 'Big Fat Cheater'?" asked Dil.

"She certainly was" said Tommy.

Just then, they came across a flyer. It read, "Kids, do you want to become a famous young celebrity? If so, come on down to the auditorium tonight at 8:30 p.m. One lucky kid will become a famous star across America! Come up with your own slogan for our great new product, 'Hand-Some Lotion'. Sorry, only girls may audition!"

"Wow!" said Angelica. "My big oppurtunity!"

That night, the parents drove their children to the auditorium.

"There are lots of kids here Angelica" said Susie, "but I'm certain you can still win."

Later, the auditions began.

"Action!" said the director.

Lil was up on stage holding a small container of the new beauty product, "Hand-Some Lotion".

"Hand-Some Lotion" she said, "makes your skin feel like Paradise!"

"Next!" said the director.

Next was Susie.

"Hand-Some Lotion. Rub it in!"

"Next!" said the director.

A few more girls were up. But they were each turned down.

Next was Kimi.

"Hand-Some Lotion..."

But she couldn't come up with a slogan.

"Next!" said the director.

Finally, it was Angelica's turn.

"Hand-Some Lotion. Beauty is not only skin deep!"

"That's perfect!" said the director. "It's just the slogan we need!"

Angelica couldn't believe it. She had won!

A few weeks later...

"Everyone quick!" said Kimi, "Angelica's commercial is on TV!"

Everyone came into the living room.

Angelica was lying on a folding chair on the beach, wearing a two piece swimsuit. She was rubbing "Hand-Some Lotion" all over her body.

"When I want to look and feel my best, I use 'Hand-Some Lotion'" she said.

Two boys passing by whistled at her.

"Beauty is not only skin deep!" she said.

"That's incredible!" said Tommy. "Angelica, you're famous all over the country!"

"It's like a dream come true!" said Angelica.

"My little princess is a famous celebrity!" said Drew. "She'll be famous all over the world!"

Later that evening, Angelica went to NBC in Burbank to make an appearance with host Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show".

"Let's meet our next guest. She's currently starring in ads for a brand of hand lotion that's getting raves nationwide. Take a look."

After viewing a clip from Angelica's commercial, Jay continued, "Meet the Coppertone Girl of the 21st Century -- Angelica Pickles!"

Everyone applauded as Angelica came onto the stage and sat on the couch.

"Welcome to the show, Angelica," said Jay.

"Hello, Mr. Leno," said Angelica.

Jay said, "So Angelica, how does it feel being a little girl who's a celebrity?"

"I'm not a little girl" said Angelica. "I'm thirteen!"

"That's pretty young for a celebrity" said Jay. "But it must feel great to know that you are now famous all over the country. How does that feel?"

"It's the greatest feeling in the world!" said Angelica. "I'm queen of America!"

Everyone applauded.

The next day at the studio, Angelica gave her friends a quick tour around the place before she went into her room to prepare for her next commercial.

"Angelica certainly is happy about her new fame" said Chuckie.

"She's a changed person" said Phil. "Maybe she'll be nice for once in her life."

"Yeah like that'll happen" said Kimi.

As the kids continued to walk through the studio, they heard voices inside the director's room.

"What do you think of that Angelica?"

Dil took his tape recorder and recorded the entire conversation. What the kids all heard horrified them.

At the end of the day, the kids waited for Angelica along with everyone else at her home.

"Angelica, you should listen to this" said Dil.

He turned on his tape recorder.

Everyone heard the conversation he had taped earlier.

"She's got to be the worst actress in the world, but she's so bad at reading her lines that it's funny!"

"How do you like that?" asked Tommy.

"Uh maybe it's somebody else" said Angelica.

But what she heard hit her like a rotten pie in the face.

"I gotta tell you, Angelica Pickles is the worst kid that we've ever hired as a model for our products. The whole point of our auditioning was to find the stupidest girl to represent our company and not ask for a penny of all the profits."

"Profits?" asked Angelica. "They cut me off from the profits?"

"Ever since the day we hired Angelica, profits have been higher than her father's banking business!"

"What kind of monster would do this to me?" asked Angelica.

"Don't blame yourself Angelica" said Kimi. "You looked really great in the commercials!"

"That's what makes it so unfair!" said Angelica. "They're using me to further their profits! And I don't get anything for it! And they called me the worst actress in the world!"

Angelica started crying.

"I'm gonna pay those people a vist and give them a piece of my mind!" said an angry Drew. "Nobody does this to my daughter! And nobody insults my job!"

The next day, Drew burst into the director's office.

"You monster! How could you do that to my daughter?!"

"What are you talking about?" asked the director.

Drew played the tape on Dil's tape recorder.

"How do you explain that?!" he demanded. "I'm taking my daughter out of your commercials!"

"Not on your life!" said the director. "You do and I'll sue for breach of contract!"

"Then see you in court!" said Drew.

Later that day, after a short trial, Judge John Parker ruled in favor of Drew Pickles, who sued for $1,000,000. Unfortunately, the studio didn't have the money, and as a result, they went bankrupt.

The whole story was on the evening news. Revcon Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Hand-Some Lotion, pulled Angelica's ads off the air, and hired a new model to represent it.

Angelica quickly lost her fame to this new model, but to her friends, she was still famous.

And everywhere she went, people asked her for her autograph.

The End

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