Tommy's New Sibling

By Laura Radatz

One day, Didi Pickles woke up feeling a little sick to her stomach.She ate breakfast but threw it up later.Didi threw up four more times. Didi finally called her doctor's office."Hello, Dr. Magenta's office, how may I help you?", asked the receptionist. "I am feeling a little nauseated; could I come in for an appointment today?", asked Didi."Certainly! How about 1:00?", replied the receptionist. "That would be fine. Thank you; bye," Didi said. So Didi went to the doctor's office. They took Didi's blood pressure and lots of other stuff. "Didi, could I have your urine sample please?", asked Dr. Magenta. "Sure," said Didi. They sent it off to the lab.Dr.Magenta finally got the results."Didi,this may surprise,even shock you, but you are pregnant! "Dr.Magenta exclaimed."I can't believe it!"Didi exclaimed happily. She went home and told Stu the great news."Oh, Deed, that's wonderful!", exclaimed Stu. Didi then walked over to Tommy's playpen and said, "Guess what Tommy, mommy's going to have a baby!" Tommy smiled though he didn't quite understand. Didi then called all of her friends and family and told them the good news.

The next day, Chuckie,Phil and Lil came over."Guys,my mommy said she's going to have a baby", Tommy said."We'll get to find a storks egg!", exclaimed Lil. "Babies come from stores,not storks, Lillan!", Phil fumed. Just then, Angelica stomped over to the playpen."You Dumb babies! Tommy's mom's baby is inside her tummy!", Angelica exclaimed.

Nine months later, the babies were imagining themselves in an Okey-Dokey Jones Adventure.They were in a spiked temple room.What they were imaging was "Okey-Dokey Jones and The Temple of Doom". Just then,a huge boulder came rolling towards them.They ran and ran,with the boulder right behind them.By now,they were all try to scramble to safety. Suddenly,the boulder spoke! "Tommy,what on earth is going on?", it said. Then,the boulder seemed to sprout arms and suddenly, it picked up Tommy!Tommy found himself looking up at his mother's face.Her huge tummy was the boulder,and the Pickles' house was the temple of doom. Didi led the kids into the living room. Didi sat Tommy on her lap, took his hand,and put on her huge tummy. "See Tommy,thats where the baby is," Didi explained. The next day,The Pickles" held a baby shower for Didi. Angelica and Susie began singing "A Baby Is A Gift From Bob". At the end, everyone clapped, except Didi. Her eyes widened behind her round green glasses, her mouth formed a little of surprise. She gasped,clutched her tummy,and said, "It's Time!" In no time, Didi was getting in to a birthing gown at The Lipschitz Birthing Center. "Lucy! It's time!"Didi exclaimed." Alright Didi, you can do it, push now," said Dr.Lucy. Didi pushed and pushed and pushed until finally, Lucy said, "It's out, Didi! You have a beautiful baby boy!" Didi named the baby Dylan Prescott Pickles, Dil for short.

The End

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