Keep An Eye On The Rugrats, Amelia Bedelia

By Dwayne Anderson

Part 1: Amelia's Arrival

It was an early Tuesday afternoon at about 3:00 p.m. Everybody was making preparations for a two day vacation. Since it was Didi and Stu's 6th anniversary, the young couple had decided to take their friends along. Unfortunately, they couldn't take their kids along. They came over the agonizing decision of finding a babysitter.

"What are we going to do Stu?" asked Didi. "I've called Lipschitz, but he's lecturing this week in London."

"I bet Tony Blair would love to hear his advice on childcare," said Stu.

Didi said, "You mean Jean Chretien -- Dr. Lipschitz is in London, Ontario."

"I called everyone" said Stu. "But after their past experience with our  kids, they're not up to it."

"Lucy's doing heart surgery, and Randy's in Sydney, working on the next Dummi Bears movie," said Chazz.

Stu said, "Wow! The Dummi Bears are going down under!"

Chazz replied, "You mean Down East -- he's in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Who is willing to take care of our kids for the weekend?"

 Kira was looking in the classified ads of the newspaper.

"How about this" she said. "A new couple recently moved here. They are the Rogers family. Their maid is great with kids. And the Rogers make good neighbors in the neighborhood."

Stu said before calling, "I imagine that the Rogers are a very good family, better than the babysitter that sat the Shaw's kids awhile back. Let's give them a call."

Meanwhile, in the playpen in the living room, The Rugrats were playing with their toys. Tommy and Dil were rolling a ball to each other. Chuckie was playing with Wawa. Angelica was having a tea party with Cynthia. Kimi was playing with Superthing. Phil and Lil were looking for bugs.

 Their games were interupted when they heard the grownups conversation about the babysitter.

"What's a Roger's family?" asked Tommy.

"I don't know" said Chuckie. "Although last night, me and my dad were  watching a movie with some guy flying a plane talking to this other guy. And I heard he other guy say Roger."

 "Maybe the babysitter is a person who flies planes" suggested Kimi. "I fly with Superthing all the time.

She began to fly with Superthing again.

"You dumb babies!" said Angelica. "The Rogers Family is the name of the new family in the city."

"Really?" asked Phil.

"Yep! Of course, they don't have any kids of their own" said Angelica.

"Why?" asked Lil.

"Because they hate kids!" said Angelica as she petted Fluffy.

The kids gasped.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"That must be her!" said Didi. She walked into the living room and opened  the door.

Outside stood a young woman dressed like a maid.

"You must be..." started Didi.

"Amelia Bedelia" said the woman.

The rugrats turned to the door.

"She looks like a nice lady" said Chuckie.

"That's what she wants you to think" said Angelica.

Amelia Bedelia walked into the house. She turned toward the playpen.

"And these must be your children" she said.

The babies began to back away.

"Oh don't be afraid kids" said Amelia Bedelia. "I just adore children."

Filled with relief, the babies walked toward her.

"I will be your babysitter for the next two days" said Amelia Bedelia.

She turned to the grownups.

"So nice to meet you all" said Amelia Bedelia.

Didi asked Amelia, "So, tell us, what are your credentials?"

Amelia Bedelia said, "Here's my list; I am fully licened with the professional boards in 25 states, including this one, of course, all Canadian provinces, and several European countries. I have babysat, nannied, and/or maided the Rogers, the Shaws, the Bells, and the Moffats. The Stirling family were especially pleased with me, though I thought they were kind of goofy, especially the kids' father, who owns a TV station; his late night shows are something else, or rather, something other than 'else'."

Stu then said, "What happened to the Shaw's other babysitter?"

Amelia replied, "They said that she would rather be with her chums than with them."

 Outside, Charlotte honked the horn on the car.

"Come on everyone!" she called impatiently.

The grownups kissed their children and walked outside to the car. Didi gave Amelia Bedelia a list.

"Here are some extra chores you can do around the house" she said.

"No problem" said Amelia Bedelia.

Didi joined the other grownups in the car. They drove off to the docks where their boat to Acapulco awaited.

Amelia Bedelia waved to the car as it left. Then she walked back into the house.

Part 2: Day 1

She walked to the playpen and opened it. The rugrats walked out.

"We're going to have a swell time together" said Amelia Bedelia.

Her smile faded. "Now what am I supposed to do? Maybe I should study the list."

She looked at the list. It was divided into three parts. The first part was for today, the second part was for tomorrow, and the third part was for the day which the grownups would return.

She read the first item on the first part: "Give the babies their bottles."

She went into the kitchen, but stopped, saying, "Babies shouldn't have bottles. They might break."

Angelica entered the kitchen.

"You're supposed to give them those bottles over there" she said pointing to some dry bottles on the counter.

Amelia Bedelia looked at the bottles.

"Just right! These bottles won't break."

She looked at the list: "Give the babies their bottles. But make sure to warm them up first."

Amelia Bedelia looked puzzled.

She walked back to the living room, picked up the babies, and took them to the bathroom. She undressed them and filled the tub with hot water and soap. Then she put the babies in.

"There. Now you kids warm up while I get your bottles."

She walked back downstairs.

While the babies playfully splashed each other, Amelia Bedelia walked into the kitchen to prepare the babies bottles.

"You were supposed to warm the bottles up!" said Angelica.

Amelia Bedelia looked puzzled.

"But the list said to warm the babies up" said Amelia Bedelia.

"The list was referring to the bottles!"

"Oh" said Amelia Bedelia.

She took the bottles upstairs to the bathroom. The kids were splashing each other so much, they had splashed some water onto the floor. She took the kids out, dried them off and dressed them. Then she put the bottles in the water.

"There. Now that should do it."

She walked back to the kitchen.

"You forgot to fill the bottles!" said Angelica.

"Oh my" said Amelia Bedelia. "I forgot!"

Back upstairs, the babies were talking about the babysitter.

"She's the weirdest babysitter we've ever had" said Chuckie.

"But she is kind of funny" said Kimi.

Just then, Amelia Bedelia came into the bathroom, took the bottles out of the bathtub, dried them and walked back down to the kitchen. She filled the bottles with milk. Then she walked back to the bathroom, picked up the babies and took them downstairs and put them in their playpen. She gave them their bottles.

"Finally. That takes care of that. Now, back to the list."

She returned to the kitchen, leaving the babies to themselves. She picked up the list and read the next item: "Dust the furniture."

Amelia Bedelia looked puzzled.

"Who would want dusty furniture?"

She went upstairs to the bathroom and opened the cabinet. She found a container of dusting powder.


She went downstairs to the living room.

The babies were still sucking their bottles as Amelia Bedelia began to work.

"What is she doing?" asked Tommy.

The babies removed the bottles from their mouths and turned to Amelia Bedelia who was spreading the powder all over the room.

"It looks like Christmas" said Kimi. "Only, the snow is dirty."

"She's a very weird lady" said Phil.

Amelia Bedelia finished her work using the entire container.

"There. That should be enough dusting. What does the list say next?"

She went back into the kitchen, picked up the list and brought it into the living room. She studied the next item: "Draw the drapes before the sun's light comes in"

"I've never tried my hand at drawing before, but I will do the best I can."

She took a piece of paper and some colored pencils. She sat on the dust covered couch and began to draw the drapes. When she finished she set her picture on the kitchen table.

"That takes care of that."

She noticed Spike and Fifi scratching at the door. She stood and let them out into the backyard. She closed the door.

Amelia Bedelia returned to the living room. She smelled Dil's stinky diaper, picked him up and carried him upstairs to the bathroom, taking the list with her.

She read the list for directions on changing dirty diapers: "Use the baby powder."

Amelia Bedelia found the baby powder, and used the whole container.

"These people are nice. Now I smell real good."

She changed Dil's diaper and brought him back downstairs to the living room and placed him in the playpen. She picked up the list.

"Nap time from 4:00 till 5:00."

Amelia Bedelia put her hands to her head.

"No! I won't do it! I won't take a nap! I hate naps!"

The babies laughed.

She smiled. "Before I do, I'll make some strawberry tarts for the kids. I did see some strawberries in the fridge."

She went into the fridge where Angelica was playing with Cynthia in the kitchen. Amelia Bedelia found the strawberries. She sliced half, and mashed the other half. She mixed a little of this, and a bit of that, into a bowl. She stirred and stirred. She poured the batter into muffin pans and began to bake them.

Back in the playpen, the babies were playing with their toys. The Rugrats are getting tired.

"Let's take our nap" said Tommy.

The babies began to nap.

Amelia Bedelia came back into the living room and saw the babies napping.

"How nice. The kids love naps. They can take mine for me."

She walked back into the kitchen and studied the list: "Feed the dogs."

She opened the back door carrying a dish of Spike's food and a dish of Fifi's food. Spike was sleeping in his doghouse. When he heard Amelia Bedelia setting his dish on the ground, he awoke and began to eat. Fifi began to eat her food too after completing her duty beside the tree. Amelia Bedelia walked back into the house. She read the next item on the list: "Sow the grass seeds on the bare spot on the lawn."

Amelia Bedelia found the grass seeds. She went outside and sat on the bare spot on the lawn. She took out of her purse, some thread, and a needle. She began to sew those grass seeds. Within fifteen minutes, she was done.

"Oh! I forgot about my tarts!"

She went into the kitchen, just in time to catch Angelica eating some strawberries.

"No Angelica. Those are for the tarts."

She took the tarts out of the oven.

"Just right."

She took the strawberries and tarts, and filled the tarts with mashed strawberries. Then she topped them with sliced strawberries.

At 5:00, Angelica woke the babies up.

"So what do you babies think of the babysitter?" she asked.

"She's great" said Tommy.

"She's a nice lady" said Lil.

"She's funny" said Kimi.

"I like her" said Phil.

"You were wrong about her" said Chuckie.

Amelia Bedelia walked into the living room carrying a plate of strawberry tarts.

"Help yourself kids."

The kids took some strawberry tarts from the plate. Angelica took some too.

At 6:00, Amelia Bedelia took the kids into the kitchen for supper. She put them in their chairs. She picked up the list and read the directions for feeding: "Put the babies bibs on."

Amelia Bedelia found the bibs.

"That's cute" she said. And Amelia Bedelia put them on...herself.

"She's weird" said Phil.

Kimi giggled.

"Yeah" she said. "But she is kind of funny."

She read the list: "Feed the babies their food. It is in the refrigerator."

Amelia Bedelia opened the fridge and took out a jar of baby food and six spoons, one for each of the kids. Using a different spoon for each baby, she fed them. At the end of the meal, the babies had baby food on their shirts. She took off the bibs and made her supper.

After she ate her supper, she put the kids back into the playpen. She called Spike and Fifi into the house.

Angelica fed Fluffy and began to eat her supper that Amelia Bedelia had cooked for her.

Night fell as the doorbell rang. Amelia Bedelia opened the door. Outside stood a man carrying a folder of papers.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Charlotte's assistant Jonathan. She asked me to drop off some papers for her. She called me, telling me to tell you to file the papers.

"I can do that" said Amelia Bedelia.

"Also inside this folder, are some letters already in their envelopes. I want you to put a stamp on them."

"I'll do that" said Amelia Bedelia.

She took the folder. Jonathan handed her a mini cabinet telling her to put the papers inside. Jonathan returned to his car and drove off.

Amelia Bedelia went into the living room and sat on the couch which was still covered with dusting powder. She took each letter. She put them on the floor. And Amelia Bedelia stamped on them.

The babies watched her actions.

"What is she doing?" asked Chuckie.

"I don't know Chuckie" said Tommy. "But it looks like she's stamping on the letters."

"That's not how our dads put stamps on letters" said Kimi.

Amelia Bedelia finished stamping on the letters.

"That's finished."

She looked at the papers. She opened her purse. Inside, she found a finger nail file.

"It sure is small to file all these papers."

And Amelia Bedelia began to file the papers.

"What is she doing now?" asked Lil.

"Maybe she's trimming her fingernails?" suggested Chuckie.

Angelica entered. She had heard everything.

"You dumb babies! She's filing the papers with a fingernail file!"

"Oh" said the babies. At last, after two hours of filing, Amelia Bedelia was finished. She put the remains of the papers in the mini cabinet. Then she looked at her watch.

"Oh my. It's getting late. I'd better put the babies to bed."

She picked up the children and took them upstairs. She dressed them in their pajama's and put them to sleep. She went to the main bedroom, dressed for bed, and went to sleep. The back of her maid clothes were covered with dust.

Part 3: Day 2

The next morning, the kids woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. Amelia Bedelia fed them in the same manner she did the previous night. She took off the bibs she had put on herself and put the kids in their playpen. She looked at the list: "Play time till lunch."

"How nice. I don't get to play very much."

"She turned to the playpen and picked up some toys. Then she began to play.

"What is she doing?" asked Kimi.

"It looks like she's playing" said Lil.

"With our best toys?" asked Phil.

"It's not so bad" said Tommy. "We can still play outside in the sandbox."

The kids went outside to the sandbox and began to play.

At lunchtime, Amelia Bedelia checked her watch.

"Oh my. Play time is over. Better call in the kids."

She called the kids in for lunch and fed them in the same manner as breakfast, wearing the bibs.

Angelica fed Fluffy. Spike and Fifi ate their own food.

After the kids were back in their playpen, Amelia Bedelia gave them their bottles. Then she returned to the kitchen and looked at the list: "Weed the garden."

She went outside to the garden.

"These people sure are weird. Who would want more weeds?"

And Amelia Bedelia weeded the garden. She looked at the list again.

"Stake the tomato plants. Use Stu's saw to cut the stakes."

She went downstairs to Stu's Lab and took the saw. Then she went to the refridgerator, and took a package of steak. She went back to the garden and counted fifteen tomato plants. Using the saw, she cut the steak into fifteen pieces. Using string, she tied one steak piece to each plant.

"There. The tomato plants are staked."

The kids were watching her from the sandbox.

"She's a very weird lady" said Tommy.

"Who would tie meat to plants?" asked Lil.

"Maybe the plants were hungry" suggested Chuckie.

Amelia Bedelia looked at the list: "Dust the plants for bugs."

Amelia Bedelia looked puzzled.

She went back into the house and brought back her feather duster. Borrowing some dust from the furniture, she dusted the plants for bugs.

"There. That takes care of that."

She returned to the house.

The kids walked over to the garden. Phil approached the garden plants and turned down towards the bugs.

"She's not so bad" said Phil. "Look at all the dead bugs!"

"Yay!" cheered Lil.

The twins picked up some bugs and ate them. Tommy and Chuckie had some too. Kimi was hesitant.

"Want some Kimi?" asked Tommy.

"We like them" said Chuckie.

"Eww! Gross!" said Kimi. "You guys eat that stuff?"

"Sure!" said Phil. "Me and Lil also eat mud pies."

"Try a bug Kimi" said Tommy.

Kimi picked up a bug and put it in her mouth and swallowed it with an effort.

"Delicious!" she said.

"See!" said Chuckie. "You like them too!"

Later that day, Amelia Bedelia drew the drapes again. She placed her second picture on the kitchen table with the first picture. Then she looked at her list again: "Prune the bushes."

Amelia Bedelia looked puzzled.

She looked in the fridge. But she didn't find any prunes.

"I'll have to go to the store and buy some."

She got her purse and walked to the store.

The kids walked back into the house after eating all the bugs.

"Those bugs were the bestest!" said Phil.

Kimi was the last to enter. She had her hands on her stomach.

"Um, Chuckie, I don't feel so good."

"Maybe it was the bug you ate" said Chuckie.

"Hey!" said Tommy. "Where's the babysitter?"

"I don't know" said Chuckie.

"Let's look for her!" said Phil.

They looked all over the house. But Amelia Bedelia was nowhere to be found.

Angelica was having a tea party with Cynthia. She did not even notice that the babysitter was gone.

Kimi began to cough, until finally, the bug came out of her tummy.

"I feel all better already" she said

Suddenly, the door opened. Amelia Bedelia entered, carrying a bag of prunes.

She went outside to the bushes, and began to prune the bushes.

The rugrats went outside to see Amelia Bedelia pruning the bushes.

"What is she doing now?" asked Kimi.

"Why is she hanging fruits on the bushes?" asked Phil.

"I don't know Phil" said Tommy.

"She certainly is weird" said Lil.

"Maybe we can eat the fruits" said Chuckie.

The sun was begining to set as Amelia Bedelia finished pruning the bushes.

"There. The bushes are pruned."

She went into the house while the kids walked over to the newly pruned bushes.

Kimi plucked off a prune and bit it. She spit it out.

"Eww, gross."

"I guess we can't eat them" said Chuckie.

Amelia Bedelia called the kids into the house and began to make her supper. She put the kids into their chairs and fed them in the same manner she did earlier, wearing the bibs. She took off the bibs and put the kids into their playpen. She ate her supper and fed Fluffy, Fifi, and Spike. Then she gave Angelica her supper. She went into the living room and sat down on the dust covered couch. For the next two hours, she watched a movie on television while the babies played. She checked the list for the next chore: "Put the lights out in the house before going to bed."

She took the babies upstairs to Tommy's bedroom, dressed them, and put them in the bed. Then she went downstairs.

"I wanna see what the babysitter is doing" said Kimi as she got out of bed.

She opened the door which was left slightly ajar.

"Wait for us Kimi!" said Phil as he stood and climbed out of bed.

"We're coming too!" said Lil as she stood and climbed out of bed.

"We'll all go!" said Tommy as he stood and climbed out of bed.

"I think I'll just stay here" said Chuckie.

"Oh come on Chuckie" said Kimi. "Don't be such a scaredy cat."

"Ok I'm coming" said Chuckie as he got out of bed.

"Where are you guys going?" asked Angelica as she sat up in bed.

"To see what the babysitter is doing" said Kimi.

"Wait for me!" said Angelica as she got out of bed.

The kids went downstairs to the living room. They saw a strange sight.

Amelia Bedelia was turning out all the lights. Then she unscrewed each light bulb and put them into a basket. Using a flashlight to light her way, she went throughout the house and unscrewed each lightbulb after turning it out. She put each one into a basket.

The kids returned to bed. And just in time. Amelia Bedelia came into the room and unscrewed the light bulbs and put them into the basket. Then she took the basket outside. Using some string, she hung the light bulbs on the laundry lines.

The kids were watching her from the window.

"What is she doing?" asked Kimi.

"I don't know" said Chuckie.

"She certainly is weird" said Lil.

The kids returned to bed.

Amelia Bedelia entered the house. Using her flashlight, she went up Stu and Didi's bedroom, dressed for bed and went to sleep after turning out the flashlight.

Part 4 : Day 3  -- Return of the Grownups

The next morning, Amelia Bedelia fed the babies their breakfast wearing the six bibs and using the six spoons. She gave them their bottles and placed them in the playpen. She fed Fluffy and Spike and gave Angelica her breakfast. Then she cooked her breakfast. She ate it.

The next chore on the list said: "Put Dil in his stroller." So she did. Then she read the list again: "But first put a sweater on him." She took Dil out of his stroller and put on a sweater on him. Then she put him back into the stroller. Simple enough. She looked at the list again. "Tarnation! Your mother can't seem to make up her mind. Now the list says to take you out for a while."

She took Dil out of his stroller. "In, out, in, out, I'm pooped."

She put Dil back in the playpen. He was still wearing the sweater.

Once again it was play time till lunch time. And once again, Amelia Bedelia played with the babies toys.

The rugrats went outside to play. They built sandcastles, hunted for bugs, and played hide and go peek.

Amelia Bedelia called the kids in for lunch time. She fed the babies in the same manner she did the previous days, wearing the bibs. She fed Fluffy, Spike, and Angelica.

After lunch, Amelia Bedelia drew the drapes a third time. Then she looked at the list for the next chore, "Change the green towels in the bathroom."

She went upstairs to the bathroom.

"These towels are so nice. Why change them?"

Amelia Bedelia looked at the list.

"I must do exactly what the list says. People like things done right."

The kids were curious about the babysitter's actions. They opened the playpen and went upstairs to the bathroom where they saw Amelia Bedelia snipping here and there with her scissors on the green towels.

"What is she doing?" asked Chuckie.

"It looks like she's giving the towels a haircut" suggested Lil.

"Towels don't have hair you dumb babies!" said Angelica.

Soon, the green towels were "changed".

The babies returned to their playpen and closed it, just as Amelia Bedelia returned to give them their bottles.

Shortly before the sun began to sink into the late afternoon sky, Amelia Bedelia went into the kitchen and looked a the list. "There's some steak and chicken in the freezer; take them out and thaw them out."

So she did. The list goes on to say, "Trim the steak."

She went into the living room and took some sewing supplies from Didi's sewing machine. She trimmed the steak, with lace and ribbons and put it into the fridge.

The kids were curious to see what Amelia Bedelia was doing. Using the screwdriver, Tommy opened the playpen. The babies peeked into the kitchen. Amelia Bedelia was checking the list again: "Dress the chicken and put it in the fridge with the steak."

Amelia Bedelia looked puzzled: "I wonder if they want a boy chicken or a girl chicken?"

The kids were confused.

"What is she talking about Tommy?" asked Kimi.

"I don't know Kimi" said Tommy.

Amelia Bedelia went upstairs to the bedroom and borrowed some of Tommy's clothes. She returned to the kitchen and dressed the chicken. She put the chicken into a box and placed it into the freezer.

"Tommy" said Chuckie. "Weren't those your clothes that the babysitter used to dress the chicken?"

"Of course Chuckie. But they were my old clothes" said Tommy.

Next, the list said, "Measure four cups of rice."

She filled four cups with rice. And Amelia Bedelia measured that rice.

She laughed. "These folks make me do strange things."

She put the rice back into its container.

"While I'm at it, I'll bake some cupcakes for the kids. They've been so good!"

Amelia Bedelia put some of this, and a little of that into a bowl. She stirred and poured the batter into muffin pans. Then she put them into the oven.

Just then, the door opened. The grown-ups are back from their cruise.

"We're home!" said Stu.

The kids turned to the door and went to greet their parents with open arms.

"Oh look Stu" said Didi. "The kids are welcoming us home."

The grownups picked up their children and gave them hugs and kisses.

"Great to see you again champ!" said Stu.

"Mommy missed you so much Kimi" said Kira

"Did you have fun with the babysitter little guy?" asked Chas.

"No" said Chuckie as expected.

Everyone laughed.

"I do wish you would learn another word soon" said Chas.

Amelia Bedelia entered.

"So how was your trip?" she asked.

"Great!" said Stu.

"Amelia Bedelia" said Howard. "I noticed that all the lightbulbs were outside hanging on the laundry line."

"Of course" said Amelia Bedelia. "The list said to put the lights out. It didn't say to bring them back in."

Didi noticed the dusty furniture.

"What happened to the furniture?" she asked.

"Didn't I dust it well enough?" asked Amelia Bedelia.

"Did you weed the garden" asked Stu.

"Oh yes" said Amelia Bedelia. "I got the biggest weeds I could find."

"Huh?" asked all the grownups.

They went outside to the garden.

"Oh my! Look at all those weeds!" said Grandpa.

"The list said to weed the garden" said Amelia Bedelia. "It didn't say to unweed the garden."

"Did you stake the beans?" asked Stu.

"Oh yes" said Amelia Bedelia. She showed everyone the plants. The steaks were still attached to the plants.

"At least she killed all the bugs" said Betty.

"But why are all the plants dusty?" asked Lulu.

"The list said to dust the plants for bugs" said Amelia Bedelia.

"Did you sow the grass seeds on the bare spot on the lawn?" asked Drew.

"Of course" said Amelia Bedelia. And she showed everyone the grass seeds she had sewed.

Everyone laughed.

"Why are there prunes on the bushes?" asked Chas.

"The list said to prune the bushes" said Amelia Bedelia. "Did I use enough prunes?"

Everyone laughed again.

Everyone went back into the house. Charlotte opened the mini cabinet.

"What's with all the shredded paper?" she asked.

"Jonathan told me to file the papers" said Amelia Bedelia. "But I only had one finger nail file."

"Oh no" cried Charlotte. "You have ruined them!"

She picked up the letters.

"Why are there no stamps?" she asked.

"Jonathan told me to put stamps on them" said Amelia Bedelia. "And I stamped on them."

Charlotte started laughing.

"Why didn't you draw the drapes?" asked Stu.

"I did" said Amelia Bedelia. She went into the kitchen and brought her three pictures. Everyone looked at them, then started laughing.

"Did you take the meat out of the freezer?" asked Didi.

"Oh yes" said Amelia Bedelia.

"Did you trim the fat on the steak?" asked Stu.

"Of course" said Amelia Bedelia. She went into the kitchen. The grownups followed her.

Amelia Bedelia opened the freezer and showed everyone the steak.

"What's with the laces and ribbons?" asked Drew.

"The list said to trim the steak" said Amelia Bedelia. "And as for the chicken, I found the nicest box to put him in."

She took out the box and opened it, revealing a chicken dressed in Tommy's old clothes.

Everyone started laughing again.

"I'll start making dinner" said Didi. "Amelia Bedelia, where are the four cups of rice I asked you to measure?"

"I put it back in the container" said Amelia Bedelia. "But I measured six inches."

Everyone looked at her. Then they all burst into laughter.

"Say" said Chas sniffing the air. "Are you cooking something?"

"My cupcakes!" said Amelia Bedelia. And she opened the oven and took out the cupcakes.

"Just right. The kids have been so good for the past two days, I've decided to make them a little treat."

Drew opened the refrigerator.

"Strawberry tarts!" he excitely shouted.

"Help yourself" said Amelia Bedelia.

Drew and all the other grownups helped themselves to some strawberry tarts.

"Delicious!" said Betty.

"By the way" said Didi. "Since we couldn't take our children on our vacation, we've decided to take them out up North on a camping trip to my parent's house."

"They can have a vacation of their own" said Kira.

Just then, the grownups noticed the kids tugging at Amelia Bedelia's apron.

"It seems the kids took a liking to you" said Stu. "Why don't you come along with us?"

"I would be glad to" said Amelia Bedelia.

Drew then commented to Charlotte, "I wonder how the Rogers can take such a loony maid as Amelia Bedelia."

Charlotte then replied, "How, indeed. But, it could've been worse -- we could've hired the last babysitter who regularly sits the Bell's kids."

"Uh, Charlotte, the Bell's babysitter was our babysitter tonight," said Drew.

Charlotte answered, "Amelia Bedelia's one of the kind, that's for sure."

The End

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